Christ The Solid Rock

Jesus speaks

(Sunday 16th January 2011, 11:10)

My Hope is built on nothing less
Than Jesus' blood and righteousness.
I dare not trust the sweetest frame,
But wholly lean on Jesus' name.

On Christ the solid rock I stand,
All other ground is sinking sand;
All other ground is sinking sand.

Had I known! Supposing I had known! I wish I had known! Time has already passed. Had I known, I would have done this, I would have done that. But time has already passed. Then you’ll begin to gnash your teeth because you remember all the works you’ve done. You built on ordinary ground that will not benefit you. Now you begin to gnash your teeth, had I known! Had I known! My son, sing that song again. As you’re singing it, begin to understand each word that is there.

Are We talking for nothing? Are We just singing all these for nothing? Are We saying it for nothing? Do you know who is talking to you? Jesus. Yes, it’s Me My son. I’m the One talking to you. There is no other ground. Every other ground that is not from Me is a sinking sound because you’re not just talking about nothing. It’s a reality! Those who tasted it before knew it. They’re there gnashing their teeth. Had I known! Oh, had I known! I wish I had known! I’m telling you My son. All My children, whatever they say to My servants, they don’t know it’s Me they say it to. Forget about these earthly things. Forget about money. Forget about everything. By the end of the day, where is your soul going? Honour your father and your mother. Where is the father you’re honouring? Do you think the word is just there? If you cannot honour your earthly father, the one you can see, how will you honour your heavenly Father, the One you can’t see. Then you fail. All these ones We’re just saying it’s very painful because they don’t show all these children that are just coming how to honour their father. When all of you are saying these children don’t know how to respect their father. Do they respect their earthly father? If they don’t respect their earthly father, how will they respect their heavenly Father they don’t know? It’s very painful. That is why My Father and I are concerned. If the children you gave birth to cannot honour you, how can they know their Father in heaven? Do you think the Ten Commandments are just there? So you think My Father just gave it like that? It’s deeper than the way you’re seeing it. If you cannot honour your father on this earth, how will you honour the One that is in heaven? Did your earthly father created himself? Was it not Somebody who created him before he could give birth to you? Do you know how He worked it out? How do you produce a baby? Is it not ordinary water? Is it not ordinary milk? How could water and milk form a human being? Everything We are saying, do you think We’re just saying it? Let Me just give you five to six generations to come, they will not know anything about My Father and Me if it continues like this. This is why We keep talking and talking. If it continues like this, they will forget about My Father and e. That means what happened in the time of old will happen again.

Do you think I just come this morning? When I came this morning, as you were singing My son, as you were praising Us, I am happy. Both of you know Us, you’re doing Our will. But do they know Us? Even those you’re telling, do they know Us? Everything We are saying will come to pass, it’s a reality. Those who tasted it before, they’re still there. They are gnashing their teeth. They are crying every day. If you want Me to take you there, I will take you there and you will see them. They are gnashing their teeth. Those who call Us, those who praise Us with their heart, those who pour their heart that it’s my Father I need, We know them; people like you. You don’t have any other person; you don’t have any other thing to think of. It’s only Me and My Father you think about everyday and I know it. If it hasn’t happened now My son, it will happen. I give you peace. I give you peace and no one can take it away from you. Whoever tries it, I will strike that person. Nobody! I’m telling you now and I mean what I’m telling you. When you choose Me in everything you do; you choose Me and My Father. You think We are not seeing you? Where will that devil come from? I will scatter them. They should go and learn what is good. They should go and learn what is right. They should know what is good. All of them, their own is to do evil upon evil. What does it take you to do good? Does it take anything away from you? You are not spending any money for you to do good. It’s your heart! It’s your heart. I will not do evil; I will do good! It doesn’t take anything away from you. Your soul will be happy. It will increase your days. Immediately you choose to do evil, everything you do will spoil. Even the seed you haven’t brought out will spoil. It will corrupt everything; it will corrupt your land because you choose to do evil. When you choose to do good, it will follow all your generations. The example is there, isn’t it? It will follow you anywhere you go, because of the good seed. Anything you plant will germinate well; it will produce good fruit because you choose to do good. It is a good thing to do good. After good, what is the opposite? When you choose evil, you and everything you have will destroy. I have told you before. I am telling you again. Let them do it!

My son, it’s not a sweet message, but it’s a sweet message to Me because I tasted it before. I supposed to do evil, but I could never do evil. I chose to do good. Why can’t you do good? Why can’t you choose to do good? You choose to do evil. You choose to do evil. Why? Put every other things aside, follow your Father. Do the will of your Father first. That is the first thing. That is the first priority. That is the first thing. Every other thing will follow. Let the Father be the First in your life. Let Him be everything. When you wake up in the morning, say Father I thank you. Even if you don’t say a long prayer, remember your Father. Before you open your mouth, We know. All your heart, every organ of your body, We know everything. When you wake up in the morning, you complain and complain. After your complaint, then you say Daddy I thank you. Is that a prayer? I’m seeing everything. You’re just praying for yourself, not Us you’re praying to because you’ve already complained before you say Father I thank you. In your heart, you say let Me pray so that They don’t say I didn’t pray. Is it Me you’re praying to or My Father? I worth more than that, how much more My Father? That thing, that prayer you prayed it’s not for Me, how much more My own Father. Is it My Father you’re praying to? The prayer you prayed is not for My Angels, how much more Me or My Father. Tell them! When they wake in the morning, they will complain and complain. If you sleep and you can’t wake up, can you talk? When you wake up in the morning, you begin to say, this morning today now, I don’t know how everything will be. This and that is happening to me. Did you wake up by your power? They should learn how to do things right. By the end of the day, the truth will tell. Why are you complaining? Why are you complaining? You are a pastor, a man of God; you stand before the altar and begin to complain by saying, Oh, the congregation does not come today. If it’s only one person that comes, count it as happiness. Is not you they are serving. You are complaining and crying because of the money you want. If it’s only one person that comes, be happy. Treat that one person as if you’re treating millions of people. Don’t ignore that person. Be happy! Draw that person closer to you. Let him be happy. As he’s happy, We are happy too. Is it because of the money you want to eat that day? Is it because of tithe and offering they want to give to you? Don’t complain! It’s not your work. Is it your work? It’s not your work. It’s the work of your Father. If it’s only one soul that comes that day, We are happy. If it’s only one soul that comes, and he does everything that is required of him, he’s clean and holy, We are happy. If it’s only one soul, the day We come and bring an end to everything, We will take him along. We are happier because of him, than a crowd of people that is full everywhere and all of them are corrupt. My son, you know what I’m telling you now. It’s like a basket of orange and all of them are bad. When you hired a lorry, you filled the tank with petrol, you hired somebody to drive it to bring all the oranges from the farm. At the end of the day, they are all bad. You just worked for nothing! My son, the same orange I illustrated for you now, let there be two good oranges among the bad ones; it will be very hard for you to bring them out. You need to search very well for them and after you might have brought them out, you’ll clean them properly before you can keep them because the bad ones have corrupted the good ones. It’s a hard work! As these bad oranges are, so are all My children. They are all corrupt because the corrupt ones are more than the good ones. That is why you see them pray and pray, shout and shout. We can never dwell in a dirty place.

Choose your Father first. Do what you supposed to do for your Father first. Be clean and be holy. It’s holiness We need. Do it at the right time. What are We saying? You leave your children behind and you’re going to the church. Who are you churching? The children are the ones that supposed to be at the front. Then when you’re praying and crying in the church, your children are at home doing their own thing. Is that what they taught you? What happens at the end of the day? When they bring home bad character, you’ll begin to bitter. Oh my Father, what happen to me? Is it the Father who did it to you? You know it’s good to praise your Father, then you put the children aside. You didn’t teach them. How will they know what they supposed to do? When they bring home bad news for you, you begin to mourn. Is it your Father that did it? It’s your foolishness! My child, this is what you’ll do in the morning; this is what you’ll do when you’re awake. Even if they don’t have My knowledge, they will know this is how my father and mother are doing it, and they too will do the same. When you’re praising Me in the morning, the children will join too. My father always calls upon God. We are not seeing the God, but we too will call upon Him. If they are on their own, they’ll do the same thing. Wherever they are, if they’re in the hostel, when they wake up in the morning, they will first of all acknowledge Me. Daddy, I thank you; good morning my Father. They are not seeing Me, but when they greet Me I’m seeing them. Do you teach them? When there is any little problem, they’ll bring out the knife. Have you ever taught them that my Father says “Thou shall not kill”? Knife became their God. When you were training them, did you include Me in your daily bread? Am I your daily bread? Television is what they used to feed them. In the morning they listen to the news and forget about Me. What do you want them to do? It’s what you used to feed them, that’s what they will do. It happened there. When the child is watching it, he’ll do the same thing because you didn’t teach him the way he should go. You too will follow the way you taught that child. At the end of the day, you’ll begin to cry because of corruption! Corruption begins to meet corruption because you’ve made a mistake. When you come, they’ll ask you what killed you. My children killed me; stress killed me. You killed yourself! Because you didn’t teach the children the way they should follow, you’ll go to hellfire. You will go to hellfire! Your children killed you. I am serving you well; they didn’t give me peace. How did you do it? We will open your book for you and show you how you did it. You came to the church and did everything you supposed to do; you gave alms and did everything, your heart was at peace. But what happened? The children are what you supposed to labour for. They are what you supposed to work for. You neglected them. What happens then? You will go to hellfire. You will burn! Because that one soul you destroyed, do you know how many millions he will corrupt? Only that soul can destroy a whole city, he can destroy the whole land. But if you train that soul in the way of God, he can save millions. I’m telling you My son; it goes a long way. If they want to do it for Me and My Father, let them do it well; let them do it right, so it can be well with them in their evening time. If not, they are wasting their time! Cry everywhere. Why are they crying? They are crying because they missed it! No way! They missed it. All of them missed it. Look at them. What they supposed to do, they didn’t do it. They missed it in every area. I’m telling you My son, they missed it. They did not do what they supposed to do. They deceived themselves. They failed! Let them go and ask their great-grand-fathers how they did it.

My son, you see all these amenities they’re enjoying everywhere, do you think their fathers just sat down and began to do it by themselves? We gave them wisdom. They consulted Us and We gave them wisdom. I’m just telling you now. All these ones they enjoy, if they didn’t give Us Our honour, We wouldn’t have supported them. You are passing under water. Do you think they just did it like that? If We were not with them, they couldn’t do it. Don’t you think if their heart was of the devil, he would destroy them? Do you know how long they did these ones? We were the Ones. My Father owns the land. When He gives you the go-ahead, you have no problem. If He didn’t give them the go-ahead, they couldn’t do it. I’m not talking about nothing! It’s My Father’s land. We are the Ones that own it. They honoured My Father. They reverenced Him, and they told Him what they wanted to do. My Father said go ahead, I’m with you. Everything went smoothly. You are eating and you’re eating anyhow, what you don’t know how they did it. You don’t even remember that Father. My son, I’m just telling you and I know what I’m telling you. Who give knowledge? Who give wisdom? Who give understanding? Who give power to work? Who give power to build? They will never know, and they will never understand. Before they will know, My son, it will be too late. It will be too late. Let them begin to say what they don’t know. Let them begin to talk anyhow. Whenever they wake up from their bed, they’ll begin to talk nonsense. But I’m telling you the reality here. If My Father and I want to destroy this earth today, I will let you know. I will tell you! But not now. Not now! Not even now! Let them begin to enjoy their handwork. What are they doing now? They are enjoying their handwork. Let them enjoy their handwork. I’m just telling you. There are still faithful ones that choose Us but they are few. There are still faithful ones like you. That is why We come down and talk to you, that you should guide your heart. Don’t trouble your heart. Even if it sounds today, that today is the day, you’ve prepared your heart, isn’t it? You have no problem. We will just come and hold you by the hand and take you; you will be there forever. Don’t trouble your heart My son. Because you’ve prepared it. You have cooked the soup and it’s done. Don’t add more salt to it; don’t add more pepper to it. You have cooked the soup, you have settled everything. Just begin to maintain it. As My Father says you should do, do it. Don’t stress yourself. Who have ears, let them hear.

My Father loves marriage. He established it in heaven. There is no marriage in heaven, but My Father established it there. When you marry here, the record is there in heaven. That is why when any man treats his wife anyhow, My Father knows it. The broken marriages are not the will of My Father. This is why We talk about choice. When you choose, do you know what surrounds it? When you’re taking the vow, do you know what you’re saying? My Father taught you before. They think they’re just swearing. After they’ve joined you together and you’ll say you don’t want to marry again. When they divorce, do they undo the spiritual part of it? When you take a vow, you want to break it and you just break it sharply like that. Don’t you know there are Angels that guide it? That is why it is very important to know that both of you are meant for each other. If you are meant for each other, if the woman behaves anyhow, you’ll still love her because you’re meant for each other. No matter what she does, even if she can’t bear you a child, you’ll still love her. If you choose the one that is not meant for you, there will be hatred. Just because of something little, it will crash. But when both of them are together, there will be unity, love, harmony, and peace. They don’t know. They turned marriage to business.

If He speaks, who will challenge Him? Nobody! He has already done it for you because it’s only Him that have the final say. Why do you trouble yourself? He will do it. Just accept it’s done.

Nobody will question Him. Nobody will say to Him why do you do this one. Nobody will flog Him. Nobody will cage Him. He is the All-In-All. Many of them are doing it by themselves. They missed it. It doesn’t matter; it’s only this one; it’s only that one. You think it’s only this one and it’s only that one. Do you know how far it will go? You’re saying it’s only this one. My son, look at many of them. There are churches everywhere. As churches are everywhere, so also evil full everywhere. Why does evil full everywhere? They confessed their sins, but they never forsook them. We and they, who is saying the right thing? Is it not Us? My son, if you take two groups of people, those who will fall into your category will not be more than two. Those who will go to the other side will be more than fifty. But all of them are Christians. They don’t know everything they are doing is what is prolonging their blessing because somebody is there pulling them down so they won’t move forward. He is pulling the rope saying, you can never leave me because we are together. You can never leave me! You can never leave me because you’re my property. But you say you’re Jesus’ property. Tell Me where Jesus Christ committed any sin. If you’re in Jesus, you will not commit any sin. You will do as Jesus Christ did. My son, everything We are going to tell you in this house, about this your journey is all about holiness. You’re not going to say you did not make it. We are seeing everything you’re doing. Do the ones you can do. Whosoever has ears, let him hear. But the time will come. We will ask you. Didn’t My son tell you this one at a certain time, a certain day, a certain week, a certain month, and a certain year. We will quote it for you. The record will be there. Those who are reading My word on your website and contact you, whenever they read your reply and see the context, they will not call you again. They will run away. Don’t trouble your heart. If you send text message to them that God wants to bless them now, this place will fill up. Blessing, blessing, blessing! Is it not the same God who created the blessing also created the other side? Don’t trouble your heart. Whoever wants to work with you must dwell in holiness and righteousness. Whoever doesn’t want to do it, let him leave. We are not concerned about the crowd of people. If it’s only one person, We will honour him. We will crown him. We will give him his reward. We will welcome him and give him his seat. When you carry the devil’s property and they’re chasing you, why are you crying? You claim you know more than yourself. My son, We revealed a lot for you, isn’t it? I have told you that whatever We tell you in this house, whoever We use you to speak to and does not listen to you but go elsewhere will still meet Us there. Nobody will tell them the secret of secrets We’re telling them. They can give you a Bible quotation to read, but We know the beginning and the ending. We know the solution. We know the right thing at the right time. The truth is good, but bitter. You must say it. Nail it on the head. Let them know that this is the truth. If they like, let them take it. You will be afflicted here and be tormented there. Here on earth, you’ll be afflicted because you carry their particle. There in hellfire, you will face everlasting torment. Why can’t you be with the Father? Why can’t you obey Him? If it’s only on the ground, on the floor you can lie down to sleep that will make you have peace; by the end of the day, where you’re going, the blessing that is there has no measure. You will look at yourself and ask, ‘is it me’. Here on earth you will have peace. You will open your door to sleep and you’ll have peace. No devil will trouble you. My son, you know what you passed through recently. Was it your power that made him not to harm you? Do you know what's supposed to happen before? Immortal God! Invisible God! How Great Thou art!

If anyone calls himself a Christian and lives in ignorance, he prayed and prayed and he’s not making it; if he contacts you through reading the words on your website, or calls you, or contacts you physically; if he neglects what you tell him, there will be a problem for him because he knows the truth. Because he knows the truth and denies it; that means you people are lying. We are God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. You cannot do Us the way you like and go free, because somebody will torment you. As many of them tasted you and neglect whatever you tell them, they will never know peace. I know what I’m saying. Whatever you ask them to do, if they don’t do it, the devil will use their life as his dwelling place. I have told you now. I have told you because they think you’re doing nonsense. They don’t know who you are. They don’t know Those who are with you. Because this house is My house. It’s My house; My Father and I, and Our Companion – Holy Spirit. Don’t be afraid. Don’t be afraid. Don’t be afraid. If We want to prove Ourselves to you, We will give you three days and come to repeat every single word you might have said in those three days, for you to know We are with you. The opportunity you have, it was My children at the time of old that had it. It’s very rare. When We come to you, when We make you Our dwelling place, you will do more than exploit. I know what I’m saying. Everything you’ll have is not the way the worldly people are having it. Whatever blessing We give to you will never add sorrow because you’re going somewhere. We are dealing with you for you to make sense. If We just give everything to you like that, you’ll miss it. We know what We expect from you. We want you to bring them to Us. You will never beg, you will never borrow. If anybody says they want to come and attack you, let them come. When they come, they will hang outside. They can never enter this house. When you’re walking during the day, you’re with fire. Everywhere you go, you’re with fire; fire surrounds you. Because We are fire, you too you are a fire. We can never die. I can never die. You know Me. I died the last death and I will never die again. No matter how rugged that place may be, I will enter. Whatever you want, just continue to ask. We will do it for you. When We see that you need it, We’ll give it to you. Not the way the worldly people give. The purpose We brought you into this world is more important to Us than anything. We don’t want to give you what will make you wander away from Us. Many of them missed it. They begin to follow the advice of the worldly people. They forget about Me and My Father. I don’t want to mention names. There are many of them. Many of them that will come to you, tell them peacefully what the Father wants, what the Son wants, and what the Holy Spirit wants. Three of Them work together. It’s holiness We need. Everything they’ve lost will come back. It was the devil that took it away from them because of their sin. They will never believe. You have been praying and praying for many years and you’re not getting any answer. Why can’t you ask yourself question what is going on. You eat everyday. You know where the source of your food is coming from. You are wearing clothes everyday. The clothes you’re wearing, where do they come from? How did you manage to buy the clothes and where did you buy them from? So, the Father you’re crying to is a wicked Father. He brought you into the world for you to suffer. Why can’t you ask yourself question what’s going on. If you’re clean and holy, He will make your heart His dwelling place. He will tell you what’s wrong, and you too will tell others. However, you don’t want to learn. You use cotton wool to block your ears. Those who told you, you said it doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter; he’s talking of his own. The Immortal God. The Invisible God. The only Wise God. He knows it before He does it. He does not ask for an opinion from anyone. Nobody encourages Him to do it. He knows why He does it. His word will never change. It will remain forever. Does He seek opinion from anybody? That means all those who are highly educated, My Father doesn’t seek for opinion from them. So, this earth did not just exist by itself. It was somebody that created it. You know Somebody created the earth. But they are saying this earth exist by itself. They came here, they lived anyhow life, they talked rubbish, and they are in the wrong place. They are in the wrong place because they knew more than themselves. They didn’t want to learn. Many of them on this earth, they are still following that side. He created you; He brought you into this world; He nursed you; He’s feeding you; He’s clothed you; He does everything for you. Do you exist by yourself? You do not exist by yourself. Whatever has beginning also has ending.

Is there anything too hard for Me? Yes, I loved it to be in a certain way. If My purpose for which I created it is not being met, then what is the need for it to continue to exist. What is the need! I am the One that created it and I am the One that will also take it away and there is nothing anybody can do. Let Us create! Let Us do this, and it was done. We did it! There was a purpose why We did it. But it turns into another thing entirely. However, those who choose Us, those who say yes, this is my Father, those who recognise Us and listen to Us shall be saved. They will be with Us. We are talking, We are shouting, We are preaching every day, yet, the wickedness continues to multiply.

My son, do you know that even Angels came to this earth in the form of man to preach. They counted them as nothing. They didn’t know they were Angels. They were not born like a human being, but there was a way they came. They had no families, no native land. People didn’t know where they came from and where they were going. They didn’t know they were Angels because they chose the wrong one. They even spoke evil words to Angels. They didn’t know! What did the Father tell you? Even if the Father comes, you will never recognise Him as the Father. All of them! Give me, give me, and give me. I want this one, I want that one. Is the Father a wicked Father? Was He not the One that created everything for you? If He doesn’t want to give it to you, why did He create it? Will the Father come and eat it? Have you seen the Father one day? Who is eating the food? Who is wearing all the clothes? Who is driving all the cars? Why are you crying and crying to the Father as if He’s a wicked Father? You will open your mouth wide and begin to talk. If We open the book for you, you will not be able to speak anymore. Right from the day one you came into this world, you’ve been committing sin. You are swimming in sin; you’re eating inside sin; you do evil upon evil. Yet, you’re still abusing your Father. If the Father wants to destroy you today, can’t He do it? Then you forget all the evil you’ve done. You forget all you’ve done. You forget all the people you’ve destroyed, many people you’ve given problem too. Is it the Father that is now holding your blessing?

My son, the ones you’re doing, as you’re doing it, let peace reign in you. Be happy. Never let Our word seize from your mouth. Nobody will do you evil. We’ve told you that before. The opportunity you have, nobody has it. Those who see her, they know. Though she’s your wife, and at the same time she’s not your wife. It is My Father. I know what I’m saying. I give you My peace.

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"Seek the Lord while He may be found, call upon Him while He is near. Let the wicked forsake his way, and the unrighteous man his thoughts; let him return to the Lord, and He will have mercy on him; and to our God, for He will abundantly pardon." Isaiah 55:6-7

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