He Will Do As He Said

Holy Spirit speaks

(Tuesday 16th August 2011, 22:35)

I will praise You, O Lord. I will praise you with My whole heart. I will spread Your Good News to the whole world. Who is like unto You Jehovah! Who is like unto You My Father! Among other gods, who is like You! You are wonderful, O Lord. You are excellent. You are worthy to be praised. You are King of kings; You are Lord of lords. You are the Great I Am That I Am. You are the Great Deliverer. You are All-In-All. Every work You have done is sealed and perfect. No one can compare Your work with any other work.

The work You do is perfect and permanent. The work My Father does is perfect and permanent. His work is a Holy work. Every of His work has no comparison to any other work. His work is final. His work is glorious. His work is unbeatable. The work of My Father is perfect. His work is unbeatable. He is Final. He is the last Bus Stop. That is My Father. No work He cannot do. Nothing He cannot do. That is My Father. He is Everything. He is the Originator. He is Everything. Everything He says He wants to do; He will do it without looking back, without hesitation, without fearing anybody. That is what My Father can do. He will do whatever He says He will do. I Am the Holy Spirit! I Am the Holy Spirit speaking to you tonight. I Am the Holy Spirit. My Father will do every work He says He'll do. Whenever He speaks, He fears nobody. He doesn’t fear anybody! That is Him. He is the Self-Existing Father. He can do whatever He wants to do, and nobody challenges Him. That is Him! If He clues you what He wants to do, you have to work on it immediately. If He says this is what He wants to do, you have to work towards it and begin to say Daddy, please, the things you say we shouldn’t do and we’re still doing them, we don’t want to see your anger; please forgive us. If you know the work of the Father; if you know what He has done before, and He tells you what He’s about to do, then you should begin to pray, 'Father, forgive us; have mercy upon us'. But you think He’s performing a drama. When He’s saying it, you think it’s a movie; He’s acting a movie. When it comes to reality, then you'll know the Father is the One speaking. Yes, that is how they were speaking before; that is how they’ve said before. That is why They’re telling you people that when you’re serving God, know the God you’re serving so that whenever He speaks, you will know the Father is the One speaking. The Father is not dramatising; He is not acting a movie. The Father is not acting a drama. I Am the Holy Spirit telling you this. He’s telling you what He's about to do. The Father is not performing any drama. He’s telling you what He's about to do because the Father is annoyed. The Father is annoyed. Enough is enough.

On whose side are you! Do you belong to the Father or to that thing (Satan)? That is the question! If you belong to the Father, people will see the seed of the Father in you. Anywhere you enter, they will say we always see this man clean and holy; we’ve never seen any ‘but’ in him. People will testify to it. But you say you’re inside the Father, every testimony that comes out of the mouth of people concerning you is evil; nothing good. And you say you’re inside the Father! Did the Father teach you what you're doing? The Father is annoyed. The Father is annoyed. He is not a wicked Father. He that created this Earth for His children to live loves it. He loves this Earth because His children are here. He is joyful whenever He sees His children in happiness. He loves it! But whenever He sees them dying, He hates it; He doesn’t like it. He doesn’t like it! The Father is annoyed. The Father is annoyed. If I say the Father is not annoyed, I Am lying. The Father is annoyed; that's why He said everything He said. And you know He will do every word that proceeds out of His mouth. If I were you, what would I do? I will not partake in this destruction that is coming. I will not partake of it! Father, have mercy! Any area I know I‘ve done wrong, what do I do? I will begin to wash myself clean so that I will not be among; my home will not be among because it will happen! It will happen. It will happen suddenly when nobody believes. We are not saying a different word; We say the same thing. It will happen. It will happen. You cannot see Us. You cannot see Us because We are Breeze. Therefore, nobody bribes Us to speak. Because you cannot see Us, nobody bribes Us to speak. We are speaking from the source; We are speaking the reality. We are speaking about the whole world. We are speaking the message of the world as a whole, the message of life, the message from the source. It will happen. It will happen. It will happen. It will happen! It will happen. My son, it will happen. I Am the Holy Spirit sending you this message. Did I say I Am the Father? Did I say I Am Jesus? I Am the Holy Spirit. The Three of Us are in the same body. We don’t work separately. We don’t speak different words. We speak the same word. We speak the same word for you to know that We mean business because this Earth is Our own. We are the Owner of this Earth. It’s Our own. This Earth is Our own. Hence Our children are here; it’s Our own.

My son, I Am humming because I know what I see. I Am humming, and My humming doesn’t have any end because I know what is about to happen. I hum again. I hum again. Who will you ask? There are some things you see that you can’t laugh and you can’t cry. If it happens, you'll just be humming. You cannot open your mouth and close it. What do you call that? Surprise! My son, I don’t want to speak again. Nothing I will say that's more than the ones They’ve told you. Nothing I will tell you more than the ones They’ve told you. I shed more light on it for you to know that We mean business.

I don’t want to speak again because I know how it is in Me right now. I know what I’m saying, and I know what is about to happen. Nobody prays for it. My son, have you been to a massive farm where the entire bush is cleared, ready to be set on fire? Have you seen it before? You have cleared the bush and are just waiting for it to dry to set fire on it. One day, as you get there, surprisingly, you see that somebody else has set fire on it, and the entire bush is burnt. You begin to wonder because what that person did is not good; it means harm to you. You have not prepared the seed you want to plant. You haven’t prepared anything. What happens? You who serve the Father, when they’re telling you what to do, you say no; you’re not ready. Do you know if the Father will come tomorrow? That is the meaning of what I’m telling you now. Yes, you cleared the land; you wanted to set it on fire, but somebody got there and burnt everything without your notice. Maybe you’re still looking for money to buy everything you would plant. That is why before clearing the farm, you should have prepared everything ready. But you've not prepared anything; you’re still waiting for tomorrow; you’re waiting for tomorrow; you’re waiting for tomorrow. That is what is about to happen. If you call yourself a Christian and the Father said He will come one day unexpectedly, what then should you do? You will prepare yourself because He can come at any time. If He comes, oh thank You Father; You have come to take me home; I know the place You prepared for me is far better than this place. If you’re not ready, what happens to you? My son, I don’t want to talk too much because you’ve heard so much about this matter.

My son, We’ve told you before not to trouble yourself. No evil will befall you as long you don’t cross the line We said you shouldn’t cross. Be inside the Father every day. Be at the place We put you because if you cross your boundary, We will remove Our hands. If you cross your boundary, you will receive punishment. It’s not that We won’t rescue you. We will rescue you, but you will receive the pains because when you cross your boundary, those who’re waiting for you are there. They are there! That one is still fighting hard to take those that belong to him. As We're fighting and struggling for the Father and Son to take Their own people, he too is struggling to take his own. He will say no, don’t listen to him; don’t follow him; he is lying; the Father cannot come; the Father will not come; He will not come; we are the Father; we are the ones ruling; come. He has taken their heart. He is ruling their heart My son. He is ruling their heart. That thing (Satan) stand firm ruling their heart. Before they know, time is gone. This truth; only a few people will believe it. All these ones We’re telling you, many of them will not believe. They say he’s speaking by himself. How can! How can! So you’re saying how can? But you call yourself a Christian. Don’t you know what has happened before? If you say ‘how can’, that means you fail. That means you fail! There's no plenty of words to speak anymore. If you know yourself, anywhere you know you offend somebody; any area you know you offend somebody, go and apologise. I am sorry my friend; I am sorry my sister; I am sorry my brother; all those things I did to you, please forgive me; I am sorry. Settle yourself. Settle your heart. All those you offend, settle them, so you will know where you belong. When it happens, if the Father decides to take you, you will go to that place He has prepared for you; that beautiful place. Oh, if I can come back to this Earth to tell others what I’m enjoying; this place is beautiful; people have been saying it, but I thought it’s a lie; if I can come down to tell them they should know the Father; if they know the Father, it will be good for them. But if you fall into the category of those who go to the other side; ha, if I can have the opportunity to go and tell others not to come here; this place is a place of torment; this place is really fire; if I can see somebody to speak to them not to come to this place; this place is fire! It is two roads; good and evil. The one you know how to do while they’re clapping hands for you; wickedness; do it, there is a reward for it. It won’t be too long; it won’t be too far. We mean business. It's Our work. We are the Ones that gather to do it. We are the Ones doing it. It's Our work. My son, you have the privilege because we mention Our name to you whenever we're speaking. We are the One! When I say We are the One, you know Who is speaking. We did it; We created it; We manufactured it; it wasn’t an easy job. Do you think We will leave it like that to destroy? We cannot leave it and allow it to destroy because We own it. That thing (Satan) can never win Us. He cannot win Us! We have the power! We have the power; he can never win Us. If We start Our own now, they will run. They will run! They can never stay around. But they have taken those they want to take. They cannot stand when We’re talking. We don’t fear them; We only pity those who follow them. When We’re talking and commanding, they cannot stand; they cannot stay because they’re destroyers. I pity those who follow them. It’s a pity!

You, when you’re doing somebody evil, how do you feel? A human being like you, is it good if you do him evil? This person is like me; he has the same flesh as me; this thing I’m doing to this person is not good. You have already concluded in your heart that you’re a wicked person. Then how do you escape the wrath of the Father? How can you escape the wrath of the Father when you've judged yourself that what you’re doing is not good! How will you escape the calamity that will befall you? Put yourself in that person’s shoes. They are promoting you, and you’re dancing. You are tormenting somebody like you. How do you feel? If I’m lying, my son, go and take a spoon; put it into the fire and then put it in your mouth to know how you feel. Go and put a spoon into the fire and see how it is. How will you feel? It will burn you! That's what they’re doing to people. That's what they do. It's wickedness, and My Father says enough is enough. It is wickedness! What will it profit you to do all this wickedness? What is your gain? By the end of the day, you will cry an everlasting cry that has no end. We are still speaking to you to change your heart, but you say they’re speaking nonsense. They're speaking nonsense! They're speaking nonsense; it can’t happen.

My son, We’ve told you a lot. Peace will reign in your life. Peace will reign in your home. You will never lack; you will never borrow. Once you’ve chosen to do Our will, We will shelter you. Once you’ve chosen to carry out Our assignment, nothing will happen to you. Nothing! Nothing will happen to you. As you’re carrying out Our assignment, We will do your own for you. Did you beg Me to come? We will do your own for you. Since you’ve chosen to publish Our Word to them, We will do yours as well. If they like, let them read it and work on it. If they like, let them use it to eat food. That doesn’t concern you; you’ve done the one you can do. Leave the remaining work for Us because We’re not speaking anyhow. We're not speaking anyhow. Leave the remaining work for Us. It is spiritual. He said, let there be light and there was light; let there be darkness and there was darkness; let there be, and it was. The same Father that said let there be light, and there was light will also say let there be darkness, and there will be darkness! The same Father! It’s very easy for Him to do. If somebody creates something, what is the opposite of creating? To destroy! When all of you are jumping up and down shouting ‘blessing, blessing, blessing, blessing, blessing, blessing’; is the Father not the Owner of wealth? Where is the blessing? The Father is the One that owns the blessing.

Are you more knowledgeable than those who lived in the time of old? Do you know how much wealth they had? Do you know how much gold they had? Who has it? Is it not the Father? My son, do you know the riches of those who lived in the time of old? The wealth they had, who has it now? Who can boast about himself and say this is what I have; let him come out and speak? The riches of the time of old, those who reverenced the Father, you know the wealth they had. It was from the Father. The Father blessed them. The Father blessed people to bless them. It was the Father! The Father makes a way where there is no way. If the Father says this is what He wants to do; My son, do this one for Me; as you do it, even if you don’t have anything, people will come from different areas to bless you. He will make everybody around you to come and bless you. That is the Father for you. That is what the Father can do. Then why are you troubling yourself? Why are you panicking? You jump up shouting ‘blessing, blessing, blessing’, and you forget the things the Father asked you to do! The things the Father asked you to do, what He requires from you, you’re not telling them; you’re not teaching them. Then you’re shouting ‘blessing, blessing, blessing’!

What you give to the Father is what He'll give to you. He always feeds you and clothes you; He always does everything for you. What does the Father request from you? It’s your heart! Where do you put your heart? So you’re robbing the Father? Do you think the Father is a fool? You are calling His name; He still gives you the grace that My son will repent; My daughter will repent. You give all the things They give you to the dogs, to demons. Are you wiser than the Father? But the Father has the power to destroy you.

Your word is yes and amen!
Your word is yes and amen!

What is the meaning of that song? No challenge, no option. Yes! That is all. Then you will go ahead and do it. Whenever He asks you to do anything, there is no questioning. This is what I want you to do; yes, Sir. Yours is just to say ‘yes Sir; I will do it. No challenge, no option. Whatever He will do whatever He says He'll do because He has done it before. You see it there in the Bible. He has done it in the time of old. Any word that proceeds from His mouth, nobody jokes with it; nobody plays with it; nobody eats with it because He will do it. What do you do when you know His word right from time?

Things I used to do, I do them no more.
Things I used to do, I do them no more.
Things I used to do, I do them no more.
There’s a great change since I know my God.

Great change since I know my God.
Great change since I know my God.
Great change since I know my God.
There’s a great change since I know my God.

Yes, you give your life to Jesus. Yes, you’re serving Him, but nobody tells you the truth; nobody tells you the reality. Somebody now explains to you the consequences of the things you’ve put your hands on. What will you do? You will change immediately. However, you say it doesn’t matter. After all, my Father is a merciful Father; He gives us grace; don’t mind them; our Father is a merciful Father. What are you doing? You are trading with your Father! You are trading with your Father, and He will not spare you.

This was how they did it in the time of old. We were speaking as if We were playing. We were speaking and speaking. It was like a play. People were eating and laughing. When the time came, it happened when some were eating. It happened in different places. The Father has not changed. The Father has not changed. My son, do not drag words with anybody. It may happen today; it may happen tomorrow; it may happen now. Don’t drag any word with anybody. You know what the Father can do. As you know the Father, nobody knows the Father like that. You know what He can do. Don’t drag any word with those who are already lost. Be focussed! I Am the One speaking to you. I Am Holy Spirit. Be focussed! Because those who want to perish will perish; those who want to be alive will be alive. Their talk will never stop the Father not to carry out His assignment. Their word will never stop the Father from doing what He wants to do. He has already planned it. I Am the One speaking. The Father has planned it. He has planned it My son. The remaining people will learn a lesson the hard way. Is Our word different? The remaining people will do what? They will learn lessons. It doesn't take anything away from Us. It doesn’t move Us because many people are there (in Heaven); We’re dancing together every day. We are clapping together. We sing together every day. That place is busy! We have many of them there. We sing, eat, and dance together every day. We still want Our children here to go and join them. Those who are willing from their heart, let them come. Those who don’t want to come, what happens to them? They know where they’re going. This is not a matter of dragging you. It is your choice. My son, We have many of them there. People like you are there. Millions upon millions are there. That place is not empty! They are happy over there. No sorrow, no pains; every day is for singing hosanna and hallelujah. That place is wonderful My son. My son, many people have missed that place. My son, if you go there, you will never dream of coming back to this place. This place has no comparison to that place. My son, that place is glorious; it’s wonderful; that place is too sweet. My Father took His time to mould that place. It is perfect. You cannot compare it with anything on this Earth. He created many different things there. If you get there, you will see it My son. My Father perfected everything there. It’s a glorious place because He knows His children are coming there. Many of His saints, many of His children He brought into this Earth to do His work hanged here; they did not come back again; they went somewhere else. My Father sent many people to do His work; they’re Angels to come and work here. They hanged! He sent them a message, and they didn’t go back to give the report. Before He brought Jesus Christ, He sent many of His Angels to this Earth on assignment; many of them did not come back. They hanged! They turned to another thing before He brought Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ finished it all, and My Father crowned Him. He crowned Him! When Jesus Christ stands, who is that person that will stand before Him? His presence alone is dreadful. His presence alone is fearful! Even the garment He puts on alone, you cannot stand. You cannot stand! You cannot stand. My son, I will come another day and tell you many stories about Heaven. Come here and shake My hand. Well done! Well done! Well done My son.

My son, if you die and you don’t have the knowledge of My Father or Jesus Christ, you go to a place of darkness. It’s like a form of this Earth, but it’s a place of darkness. It is not hell, but it’s darkness. Until the Father comes to tell them about Himself, they will continue to live in darkness. When the Father come and introduce Himself, then they will receive light. That light is the knowledge of God. That place is darkness. They don’t know anything about God. My Father will now come and introduce Himself as the One who created them. They will receive light immediately. Now, after they know the Father, He will try them. They will set exams for them; that’s what will determine either they’ll pass or not. Those who pass, those who do the will of the Father will be taken up to Heaven. Now, they’re still in darkness. They are in darkness; they don’t have the knowledge of the Father. When you don’t know your right from your left, you’re eating and drinking anyhow. That place is darkness. It’s a place of darkness. Right now, they think they’re enjoying; but it is darkness. Until the Father comes and introduces Himself to them, they will remain in darkness. He will tell them He’s the One that created them. Because you didn’t have My knowledge, that's why you're here. If you have had My knowledge, this is not where you should be. Those are the people who didn’t hear about the Father before they died. But if you hear about the Father through your ears and you’re still doing evil, you lie; when you die, you will go to Hellfire. If you hear about the Father, about His Son Jesus Christ through your ears and you’re not doing Their will, you lie; when you die, you’re going to Hellfire. If you hear about the Father, about Jesus and everything and fail to obey, nothing will make you go to that place of darkness when you die. When you die, you’re going to Hellfire automatically. You are going to Hellfire. Straight! Nothing will stop you. 

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"Seek the Lord while He may be found, call upon Him while He is near. Let the wicked forsake his way, and the unrighteous man his thoughts; let him return to the Lord, and He will have mercy on him; and to our God, for He will abundantly pardon." Isaiah 55:6-7

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