I Am Coming Soon

The Father speaks

(Sunday 1st January 2017, 02:10)

I Am the Almighty God. I Am not a talkative. I have spoken My word and nothing I will speak which I’ve not spoken before. If you believe Me, you do yourself good, and if you disbelieve Me, you do yourself harm. You are not the first people I created to live on this Earth. I have created human beings to live on this Earth several times long before you came to exist. The generation of Adam is the last, and you’re the generation of Adam. I asked Noah to build an ark, he built it, and it satisfied Me. It came to a point where he was even fed up with everything. At My own appointed time, I came down and wiped all of them away. Noah and the flood is a story to all of you because none of you was there. But what I will do in your lifetime will be a reality for all of you. Those of you who survive it will live to tell your children and your grandchildren. I Am not a wicked Father! All of you are wicked children. Since I’ve been warning you, who among you bother to ask Me, “Father, what should we do”? You will not ask Me because all of you are foolish, and you count My word as nothing. That's how you people have been doing. You turn My prophet and I to liars. I Am not a liar. Whenever I speak, I mean business. I Am not a wicked Father; that's why I always warn and warn before I do anything. Whatever I do, the impart will be there for generations to see.

The generation of Noah was better because all of them came back to live on this Earth again. But as for you, you’re going straight to Hellfire because no one makes a caricature of My Son Jesus. You cannot give your life to Him and die and still expect Me to send you back to this Earth again. No, you’re going straight to Hellfire because that is where you choose. Every year, you’re celebrating New Year, you’re celebrating your sorrow, you’re celebrating your death. All of you would gather together and be holy for a night. What about the remaining days of the year? Will only one day do you good? No, it will do you harm.

That's how they’ve been speaking; that's how they’ve been speaking; Prophets of doom. When it happens, all of you will know if My messenger is a Prophet of doom or a Prophet of reality. All of you are stupid! The animals you kill and eat are better than you. All of you have no brain. The brain you have is to do evil, not to do good. The generation of Noah had nothing, but this time around, all of you have everything. Everything you use to surround yourself is My ammunition. I can use your tiny mobile phone to fight you. I can fight you even on your bed. I can fight you in your kitchen. I can fight you inside your toilet. Even with the food you eat, I can fight you. What about your transport systems? They are My warriors. Yet, your own hand made all these things. I have not talked of My invisible warriors, who will fight you that you cannot see.

All of you are foolish. I Am the Creator. I created good and evil, but I created you to do good. What I created for My own use, that Lucifer My son released from where I caged them now became a thorn in your flesh. I came down and gave you My Law so you can have peace. You say you want to go on your own way. Are you the one that created yourself, or I Am the One that created you? You claim you know more than I do. I said you should not sacrifice bull anymore, and I gave you the blood of My Son Jesus. Even after His departure, I continually send My Prophets to warn you so you could come back and follow My Law. But all of you refuse.

Many of you claim you’re serving Me. You're serving Me in sin, in wickedness. You will prove to Me who taught you wickedness when I come. Am I not the same One who killed the children I brought out of Egypt? Am I not the same One who sold them as slaves the second time? If I could do that to My own children, how much more those who don’t know Me. I will not give you the long grace I gave to the generation of Noah. When I come to you, you will prove to Me who is more powerful. In a family of ten, it will remain two or four because all of you are going. My wrath will sweep all of you away, and there will be silence throughout the whole Earth. I have prepared the cup of My wrath for all of you to drink. You will drink, and it will intoxicate you.

I gave you Law to follow, but all of you abandon My Law and embrace the law of your kings and queens, the law of your presidents and prime ministers who Satan himself rules. Are they the ones that created you? Are they the ones that gave birth to you? I gave birth to you. I carried you in My womb. I Am the Owner of this Earth, and none of you will tell Me how to run My kingdom. As I like, so I run My business. I only pity all of you; that's why I’m warning you. I created Hellfire, not for you, but for My disobedient angels. But all of you choose to go there. Before you drive a car, you must acquire a driving licence. You cannot just acquire it like that; you must sit for the test. After you’ve sat for the test, if you pass, you’ll be rewarded with a driving licence. After you acquire the licence, you will be thrown into prison if you drive and kill somebody. I gave you Law to follow, as a manual, as a guideline for your daily life. All of you claim My Law is burdensome; it’s too hard. But this is the only way you can have peace on this Earth. I chained all of you together. Whatever a man does will affect his entire generation. Supposing it will only end with him, it could have been better. But it will go a long way. Generations upon generations will suffer for whatever atrocity he commits. That's why I gave you My Law so that a son will not have to suffer for the sin of his father. Did I do you harm? All of you do yourself harm by neglecting My Law. You give birth to innocent babies with sickness, even in My church! A child with no fingers, a child with no toes, even inside My church. This is an abomination to Me! But I gave Moses an Ordinance on how to appease leprosy. I even gave you the blood of My Son Jesus. What is leprosy doing in My church? How did it get there? As a mother, if indeed you’ve given your life to My Son, demons cannot impregnate you to the extent of you giving birth to a baby with leprosy. Your doctors may give it another name, but I know what is leprosy because whatever I didn’t create cannot exist. You have committed abominations upon abominations, and Satan is paying all of you back. Until all of you go back to the basics, none of you will have peace.

Are you not feeling the heat? All of you should look around the whole world and see what’s happening. If you’re approaching a burning fire, you’ll be feeling the heat from afar. That's what all of you are experiencing right now. As you’re celebrating your New Year, you’re approaching My fire, and when you get there, it will burn and consume all of you because of your wickedness. Your Pastors will tell you again and again that ‘it’s a year of blessing, it’s a year of promotion, it’s a year of breakthrough’. Let Us wait and see who is right or wrong between your Pastors and Me. Your promotion and breakthrough will not give you peace. They will not take you to Heaven either. They all end on this Earth. I set the Earth in motion, and I know when it will melt away. But before it melts away, I will prove Myself again that I Am the same God of old. I Am the same God that proved Himself in the land of Egypt. I Am Jehovah, and I Am proud of Myself. All of you are waiting for your Jesus, who will appear in the sky and take you to Heaven. If you’re the one that created that Jesus and the Heaven He’s taking you to, you will tell Me. He is My Son and cannot bypass Me to do anything. I sent Him to this Earth, and the Earth didn’t swallow Him. Why is the Earth swallowing all of you every day? Everywhere is full of churches. Everywhere is full of Christians. Christians die every day, yet, none of them come to Me. They always die and go to where they choose. If those who gave their lives to My Son died and didn’t come to Me, why then did I send My Son? No one makes a caricature of My Son and go free because what I did for all of you wasn’t easy. This is why I Am coming. Do you believe I Am coming? I Am coming to all of you. Do you know Me? I Am the Man of War. I Am the Mighty-Man-In-Battle. I Am the Originator. I Am the Great Ruler. I Am the Creator.

Enough is enough! I will not speak to you more than this. I Am not a talkative, but you will not know what to do if I don't speak. A thief doesn’t send a warning letter that he’s coming to visit you. He comes when you don’t expect. So will I come to all of you suddenly. But I Am not a thief; this is why I Am warning all of you. Now, if I fall upon you suddenly, I Am not at fault because I’ve warned you enough.

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"Seek the Lord while He may be found, call upon Him while He is near. Let the wicked forsake his way, and the unrighteous man his thoughts; let him return to the Lord, and He will have mercy on him; and to our God, for He will abundantly pardon." Isaiah 55:6-7

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