I Am A Righteous God

The Father speaks

(Saturday 27th February 2010, 08:30)

I Am a Righteous God. I Am a Faithful God. Nobody can have mercy on Me. Nobody can feed Me. I Am everything. My Word is one, not two. My Word is settled in My throne. No one can add to it. I Am proud of Myself. Nobody knows Me. I come to exist by Myself. Nobody will direct what I want to do. Nobody will control Me. If anyone speaks what I do not say, that person will pay for it. My reward I will give to those who are faithful to Me, who do My work quickly. I Am the Judge. If I judge, nobody will ask Me a question. I Am the One that has the final say. There is just a limited time. The time is near, and it is approaching. Whoever wants to do My will, let him do it now. I order the step of the righteous. I know My children. I know those who serve Me. Are you going to follow the smoke? Are you one of them? Choose now; there is a reward.

You can only lead horses to the river; you cannot force them to drink water. My children, they all know My Word. They know what they're doing. The time is coming when everybody will give an account. Many of them are churching themselves. They are worshipping themselves. Some pastors pastor themselves. You cannot choose money and serve Me. The love of money is the root of all evil. It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter My kingdom. Tell all My children.

The problem most men of God have is that A is doing it this way; let me follow. However, they forgot they're going somewhere. They forgot who called them. They forgot they're not doing the work for themselves. They forgot that this race is not their race. I will ask them if they don't change their way now. The prayer that was answered wasn't by their power. If I look at them, I will not answer them. I look at My children; that's why I come down to answer their prayers. I Am not a wicked Father. If I see My children's blessing, I come down not because of any man. I hear the voice of My children, including those in prison. It's not because of any man. What are they preaching to My children? If they don't direct My children aright, they will give an account of everything. So many of My children know My Word more than the so-called Pastors. Sometimes they say they heard from Me when I did not speak to them. They formulate it. They all have double minds. If they don't change, I will disappoint them. They don't preach My Word to My children. They turned My house into a marketplace. They marry themselves there. Wrong doctrine!

I am everything. If you do My will, I am happy. I want you to tell My children My Word. I created everything, including the devil. They turned everything against My children. They will all go to Hellfire. Do you want to visit there My son? I will take you there. I Am coming soon! Do you know about Noah? I destroyed the whole world, and I regretted it. They will begin to receive the punishment here and continue on My throne. I will begin to judge them from here. They put Me aside My son. They painted kings and queens. They are all coming to Me.

Sarah almost missed it because of what she did to My son Abraham. Moses My son suffered so much. He is here with Me, including his brother Aaron. Miriam missed it because of what she did to My children. She was the One who gathered My children against Me. I'm still paying them - the Israelites for what they did. Some people said if they kill so many people, they will have a reward. It's a lie, not Me! I made My covenant with Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, and nobody else. I sent My son - Jesus, to teach them everything. He suffered a lot because of them. He is right here. Look at Me My son. He's sitting down at My right hand.

My son, please don't miss it. Hell is real! I sit down comfortably, and I command. I commend those who put fire every day. The fire is burning, none stop. Many of them think they're coming to Me. They will never see Me. Three gates lead to My throne. And you must pass through all of them before you can enter My kingdom. Those who enter the first may not enter the second. Some may not even enter at all. Please My son, don't miss it. I have given you freedom. I love you so much.

Are you afraid? Speak My Word with boldness, with a strong mind. Don't look at anybody's face. Who has an ear, let him hear. Forever, My Word is settled in Heaven. My Word, right from the beginning, right from the foundation of the Earth, is settled. The Word is there. Very soon, the truth will come forth. My son, tell them, don't trouble yourself. I've told you before. You are not the One who spoke the Word. It's already there. The One I love, I chastise. You cannot serve sin and serve Me. You have to purge yourself if I have anything to do with you. I told Moses to tell My children to consecrate themselves for three days. You are enjoying yourself, and you are crying to Me. They should continue to commit sin.

Even My servants, the ones that I look unto don't know Me. I Am not a wicked Father My son. Don't miss it. I Am grieved. I Am annoyed My son. The death of My Son is only the grace they have. That is only the grace. It's not that they don't know what is right and what is wrong. Why do you choose not to follow them My son? There are many of them. After, they will say, have mercy on Me. They just want to do it. There is a reward. Only My pain; let them tell My children about the truth. I am a Holy God. Whoever wants to come to Me must purify himself. You cannot do My work the way you like. No, it is wrong! I Am not in the mood to speak many words My son. Speak My Good News to My children. Prepare their hearts towards Me. Let them know their right from their wrong. That is all.

They led them astray. The leaders led them astray. They are not looking in My direction. I know My sheep and My sheep know Me. They hear My voice when I call. I Am the Authority. I Am the One that has the final say. Nobody directs Me. I Am the One who directs. Nobody controls Me. I said it before nobody controls Me. Everybody will give an account of himself. The One you heard, how did you use it? How did you use it?

Yes, they know I Am All-In-All. They just want to do things on their own. I Am the Great Shepherd. There are many innocent people there. They just direct them to the wrong path. Have I not told you this before? Preach My Word raw. Are you afraid of who sends you a message or who you will deliver it to? Tell them boldly about My Word. The consequence! Are they doing it for their own selfishness? Are they pleasing the man of God? Tell them peacefully, not by quarrelling. Take it one by one. It will enter their ears. Even My servants will listen to you.

What did I ask you to do before? I ask you to preach My Word everywhere. Nobody will hold you. I Am the One that sends you. They can say anything they want to say. I Am the One that sends you a message. A faithful servant has a reward. I've told you before; there is a reward for you. I've told you before, never let your heart deceive you. Walk with Me diligently. There is a reward for you, even on this Earth. I've told you, do not follow them. Do not follow the smoke. You know the good thing, and you know the bad. I showed you an example of those who missed it. I talk to you. I speak to you in a language you will understand.

Leave them for Me. There are still faithful ones there. That is why I said you should preach My Word. There are many camouflage Pastors. There are many fake Pastors. I know them. I Am the One that will judge them. All the powers belong to Me. Are you emulating anybody different from My Word? Don't go to any route that is different from My Word.

I Am the One that created the devil. He was My angel. He tells Me every weak point of everybody. He reports them to Me. When you enter the trap, he will use it against you. There is nothing I can do. Tell My children to be holy. I'm the One that hauled him to this Earth. He wanted to rule over Me. I hauled him into this world.

There is a difference between plants and animals. I have them both. I have a covenant with one, and I don't have a covenant with the other. You are the seed of Abraham because I have a covenant with Abraham. Do you see where a mother will hear the cry of her baby and not come down? That is you and I. Anywhere I hear the cry of My children, I come down.

My covenant with My children is everlasting. Mind you: only those who serve Me faithfully. I rescued most of them just by grace. I sit on My throne, and I command. Look at the gates; they are one, two, three. They cannot enter. You teach My children the wrong doctrine. You call My name in vain. All My prophets denied everything, and I used them. They suffered so much. The words I spoke through them is in the Bible. I Am a Warrior, the Mighty Man-In-Battle. No one will deliver them from My hands. They use My name in vain. I'm looking at them. I see everything. Those who're using My name in vain, let them continue. I will pay them back. They will go to Hellfire.

My son, you want to be like Me. You are flesh, and I Am a Spirit. You know it My son. You can't be like Me My son. My grace is sufficient for you.

When I Radiant asked Him what about Jesus, that He was able to do extraordinary things. He gave me the answer below.

Because that was the purpose for which I sent Him; that was the mission I sent Him to accomplish. But My grace is sufficient for you. 

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"Seek the Lord while He may be found, call upon Him while He is near. Let the wicked forsake his way, and the unrighteous man his thoughts; let him return to the Lord, and He will have mercy on him; and to our God, for He will abundantly pardon." Isaiah 55:6-7

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