I Am About To Do Something

The Father speaks

(Monday 2nd May 2011, 08:30)

What happens then if you do something and there is no outcome by the end of the day? Zero; you fail. If you went to school and attended lectures, what would you do when you got home? You would open your books and do a revision. Then you would know if the teacher has taught you well or not. What happened when the exam came? You passed. As you were doing your revision, you found out that your teacher made a mistake. When you got to school the following day, you told him you found out he made a mistake concerning what you were taught yesterday. The teacher would then say yes, it was a slip of the tongue. It happened because you read your books when you got home. Because you learnt, when the exam came, you passed.

My son, this is the time all of you will know those who call themselves Pastors. It’s now you will know because all the Pastors are going (death). I said they're going! You’re looking at Me! Who do you think is speaking to you? I said all of them are going because they're the ones who fed all My children with wrong doctrines. They fed all of them with wrong doctrines. They taught all My children what I didn’t send them. They fed them with wrong doctrines. You’re looking at Me! The whole world is full of Pastors; everywhere is full of Christians. Then what happens? Did you teach them love? If you taught them love, would you see a fight? If you taught them love, would you see riot? Did you teach them obedience? Then why are you looking at My face? Do you think I just want to speak? I Am the One speaking to you My son. I Am the Almighty God. Jehovah is My name. I Am speaking about those who call themselves Pastors. Somebody was swimming inside evil; you saw him and couldn’t rebuke him; you kept quiet. You’re nursing it. You’re nursing it. Another person did the same thing, and you also kept quiet. He said, well, let me go there (the church) because I’ll have peace. You and I are the same. When they came, they began to generate. They now have their forum, the forum of evil in the body of Christ. Is that why My Son destroyed Himself because of you, to do evil? Even right there in the church! The church now turns to a place of fire. Nobody wants to enter anymore. If you tell My children about God, what do they do? They say, oh, you Christians have come again. In the time of old, they entered by themselves voluntarily. They ran after them. I will follow them; I will abandon my work. Do you know how many of My children abandoned their work and followed My Son? Oh, I am free; let me follow them; my life is good. They abandoned everything. Why isn't it so now My son? The church now turns to a place of fire, a place of war, Armageddon. Right there in the church! My son, judgement will take place in the church. It will take place from there. I told you yesterday; I said people would fall down inside the church and begin to die. Through this, you’ll know who is serving Me. Whenever the Pastor teaches you something, you will go through your Bible whenever you get home. This is not what the Bible says; it says to love your neighbour as yourself; don’t do evil; don’t harbour somebody in your heart; don’t kill a fellow human being. Don’t do evil to anybody. If somebody is down, carry him up. If you see some food to eat, give some to the one who has nothing to eat. If you can’t afford anything to give to that person, show love to him. Won’t this world be a better place for you to live?

You're making your money in a crooked way, in a way that is not good. Somebody asks you how you made your money. Instead of you to say ‘my friend, I don’t want you to come; I entered it ignorantly; supposing I knew, I wouldn’t have entered inside; please don’t come; if you can see any way to save me, I will appreciate it.' However, you tell him to come and enter because you know where you’re going and want to take him along. Supposing I saw somebody who showed me the way of Christ, I wouldn’t have entered; I love my life; I don’t want to die now because my Father prepared a place for me; how can I get out of this mess; it’s a mess; I don’t have peace. Instead, you begin to bring people in. If the Father didn’t love you, would He bring you into this world? Do you know how many years you are supposed to live? You cut your life short because of money. My son, they are hovering everywhere. They are hovering everywhere! My son, the space (sky) is full. It’s full of self-destruction because it’s not yet their time. They can’t go there. When the time of judgement comes, they will go straight to Hellfire because you’re the one that killed yourself. The space is full; they are roaming up and down. Their spirits have no rest. On the final day, they will usher them in; they’ll go in there because they died prematurely. What happened to you? You're the one that caused it? Yes, it’s me that caused it. You loved money; go there. That thing will begin to laugh; we got him. My son, I don’t pity those ones because you caused it yourself. You wanted money. Is your life not more than money? Do you know how I created this body? If you look at yourself, you can stand properly; you’re okay. The fuel in your body is circulating properly. I mean the blood. It’s circulating in your body. Can you buy the blood? If you don’t take blood from another man’s body, can you buy it in the market? So the doctors cannot manufacture blood? The herbs I created are what they can buy and eat so they can produce more blood. Can they create a soul? They use My handwork to practice what they can do. It’s My handwork. If they can manufacture blood, let them do it, and I will see. They can only give you a supplement. If you eat this one, it will allow your body to produce more blood. I Am the One that created all those things. I boast of Myself. It’s Me that created all of them because I love you. Now you want to destroy your soul because of money. I created birds. I created the chicken. I created meat and fish everywhere for you to eat so that your body can last. I told you already about the air you breathe in. Can you buy it? It is Me! Can you buy it? Then what are people doing? My son, you will see. This time around, there's no too much talk. I have said it, and you’ve heard about it. You will see. Somebody is pursuing me! If you wake up in the morning and see an Archangel stand before you, you will surrender. They will tell you why they’re killing you. My son, that’s what is going to happen. Especially all those heads (the leaders), you will see them. They are the ones that taught all these children wrong doctrines. If it happens everywhere, they will know I’m the One. I am the One My son. Ha, that big man slept and couldn’t wake up; before he died, he was screaming, ‘please leave me, don’t kill me.’ Because they will speak out. My son, I am the One that’s speaking to you. My angels will kill all of them with the sword. That is what I’m about to do. They will strike all of them down. Am I making sense? You, you’re calling Me with your lips, not from your heart. We’re talking about God the Father, the real God; not God by mouth that you used to teach them; you went to put your hands in all those evil things so that you could gather money. You failed to tell My children the truth. You! My son, if it begins to happen in different places, don’t complain. If I don’t want to do it, I will not say it. I have given them enough grace. The time has come for Me to take over. That's why I told you to tell them to renew their minds. Change your heart and follow your Father because it’s coming. The Armageddon you’re talking about is coming. The Armageddon you’re talking about is going to take place right now. Your Father is coming and will begin to slaughter all of you. Can you create the Earth? Can you create a human being? Can you create a chicken? There is no hen around here; produce chicken and let Me see. No! Produce egg without a hen. Manufacture egg and let Me see. A hen is bigger than a bird. An ordinary bird that flies in the sky; you should produce its egg and let Me see. How much more human beings! I have told you before that what I’m doing with you here is not common. That is why, if anybody is speaking, if you speak to that person and he doesn’t listen to you, just keep quiet. That one that came here is a baby, but when trouble comes, won’t he run? That time he will know he’s a baby. When trouble comes, why are you running if you’re a baby? They’re telling you about your Father; it’s like you’re not convinced. If the people are running, don’t run; stand there because you’re a baby. My son, I don’t want to talk too much. I’m just telling you what is about to happen. My son, My son, you can’t see what I’m seeing. There will be peace in the whole world. The whole world will be silent.

My son, do you think I created this Earth and then turned My back against it? So, I see everything that's happening? I know everything that's happening. Secret killing; open killing; atrocities upon atrocities. How many should I even count? Even those who carry the microphone, those who stand in the pulpit; if I reveal to you what they’re doing, you will open your mouth. And the devil is using it against them. All these children you open your mouth to speak to will never hear your word because you, you don’t hear the word of your Father. You are not in the will of your Father. The devil is using it against them. All the preaching; you’re just talking. They will not listen to whatever you’re saying because you, you’re on your own. You are just mentioning the name of the Father in vain. All these ones will not listen. Whenever they leave, they will go and do what they don’t suppose to do. Because you, you’re not doing the work of the Father. You’re just doing it with your mouth. You’re on your own. How do you call that thing (the devil)? When I said you shouldn’t quarrel, I know what I’m saying. Whatever you do will be used against you. You are calling the name of the Father in vain. If you’re not calling the name of the Father in vain, you will not quarrel. If they don’t see anywhere to enter your life, they will feel the pain. They will say, ‘upon the ones we did, we don’t see anywhere to enter them; let’s go back; leave them alone.' What happens then? They fail! They will go away from you. Most of My children don’t suppose to be alive today. My grace keeps them alive. They are inside Me as if they’re not inside Me. It’s My grace; if not, they shouldn’t have been alive by now. You are preaching My Word for nothing. You are speaking My Word for nothing. And all those things you’re doing, they're using them against you. My son, there is no medicine anywhere. Nobody will do any magic for you. This is a reality. If you cleanse yourself, nothing will be attached to you. No evil will come near you. It’s a reality! There is no magic. Somebody will begin to do magic for you; he just wants to eat your money. If you want to make it, be in your Father. That is all. Be clean and holy as your Father. That is all. Take every worry away from your heart. If they look at you that you have no worry and no trouble, they will leave you alone. But if they see worry and trouble in you, they will use it against you. He is worried; he wants a wife; he wants children; he wants money; he’s troubled; let’s begin to give him what he wants. If you filter yourself and say, my Father, You're the only One I want; they will look at you and forget about you. Nothing they will use against you. No magic. They know that all those things are perishable. They will lead you to Hellfire. If you trouble yourself because of any of them, they will give it to you. If you’re doing business, you will never make it because you’re not in the Father. If the business begins to fall, you’ll begin to trouble yourself. Even though you go to the Father, your heart is not there. Because you think the Father cannot do it for you, you’re troubling yourself. The business will fall. Then you’ll begin to run helter-skelter. Oh, where will I go; I need money. You will go to where you don’t suppose to go. Please come; my business is falling. Yes, because you’re not in the Father. When you wake in the morning, my Father, You're the only One I have; everything I have belongs to You. What happens to your business? You will begin to see favour upon favour. If you have no money and want to buy some stocks, somebody will give you to go and sell it and come later to give him the money. Your store will fill up. This man, how do you do it? You know how you do it. It’s the favour of your Father because you choose Him as your Number One. Anywhere you go, doors will begin to open for you. Are you a woman; you’ve written yourself up; no marriage anymore? Let me dress the way I want to dress; I don’t care. Then you see a handsome man whom you’re not even up to the shoe he wears. Then he says to you, come, I love you and I want to marry you. You will look at yourself and say how this person can love me; is something wrong with me. He says I love you; I want to marry you; tell me something about yourself. Then you will scream and run. Oh, something is happening here; somebody wants to use me for ritual. No, he doesn’t want to use you for anything. It’s because he loves you. You see yourself that you’re useless, but Me, I beautify you. You don’t see yourself. But I beautify you. Then you’ll look at yourself in the mirror and thank your Father. Who told you I would not beautify you? He does not see you; he sees another person entirely. That is what I can do. That is what I can do for you. If I can’t do it, I will not say it. That is what I can do. When I promised them in the time of old, those who were old, didn’t they give birth to children? I proved Myself. When Zechariah was dragging with the Angel, what happened? He doubted it couldn’t happen. He became dumb. So, you don’t believe your Father can do it. My son, I Am the same God. The same God is going to take over now. Did I preach this kind of message to you last year?

I will tell them I Am the God that did it in the land of Egypt. I Am God. I purposely allowed My children to go to the land of Egypt. While they were there, they began to be fruitful. When I wanted to prove Myself, they came out mightily. No single hair dropped from their head. None of their belongings was lost. They think this Earth just came to exist by itself. If people haven’t gone there and seen things by themselves, could they come and speak about it? Heaven is real! Heaven is real! You cannot compare this Earth to Heaven. Heaven is real. It’s a beautiful place. My son, it’s real. It’s a beautiful place. You cannot compare here to there. If anybody says he doesn’t believe, just leave him alone. But you have heard about the Father and His kingdom, yet you don’t believe in Heaven. They will use that one against you. You know the Father created this Earth, and He brought Jesus Christ. You don’t believe in Heaven, but you know about Jesus Christ. You know the mystery, but you don’t believe in Heaven. Where did Jesus Christ go? You don’t believe in Heaven. Where did Jesus Christ go? But you heard about Jesus Christ. He descended and ascended. Where did He go then? He came through Mary. You and I know that Mary was an Angel. If you’re telling them, they will think you’re saying nonsense. He came through the family of Jesse. He did what He was sent to do. When His time came, He left. Where did He go? When your time comes, they will use it against you. They will show you Heaven and Hellfire, but you will go to Hellfire because you don’t believe in Heaven. If there are no Heaven and Hellfire, can people begin to say it? Can people be talking for nothing? All those big men that they saw Jesus Christ and abandoned their career and began to do the work of their Father, so they didn’t know what they were doing. They knew there was gain in it. They knew there was an everlasting gain that no one would take away from them. They abandoned their earthly work. They left their earthly profession and followed the work of the Father. They were tormented, locked in the prison. A lot of things happened to them because they knew there was a reward for them. They took the work seriously. They told many people about the Father. When you look at them, they lived like slaves. Where they lived, you will not even hear their voice. Everything was peaceful. Then you, you say you’re doing your Father’s work, you carry the whole name and put it on your head. You carry the entire wealth and put it on yourself. You begin to exploit the children of God. You’re preaching a negative message so that you can make it; you want to buy cars. You forget about the Father. My son, I give you peace. There's a time for everything. I’ve clued you what’s about to happen. Renew your mind, change your mind. If you’re in the Father, follow the Father. If you’re not in the Father, choose where you belong because something is about to happen. That is all. So that they won’t say the Father did not tell them and just come and kill them because the Father loves His children. 

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"Seek the Lord while He may be found, call upon Him while He is near. Let the wicked forsake his way, and the unrighteous man his thoughts; let him return to the Lord, and He will have mercy on him; and to our God, for He will abundantly pardon." Isaiah 55:6-7

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