I Am The One That Send You

The Father speaks

(Saturday 26th March 2011, 14:00)

If you're faithful, you're faithful to yourself. If you're not faithful, you're also doing it to yourself because you're serving the Unseen God. Your God is not a man; your God is God. The God you can neither see nor hold nor complain to physically but sees everything you're doing. He sees everything you're doing! That word is very big. It's not just a small word; it's very big. You are serving a God that is telling you to do this and do that, don't do this and don't do that, yet you cannot see Him, but you're willing and obeying Him. Don't you know it's a very big word? If you can be faithful to yourself! You are faithful to yourself because that God you're serving, you cannot see Him, and you're faithful to Him, following His Commandments. That means you're faithful to yourself because the God who said you should do this and that, you cannot see Him; you listen to His voice, and you obey Him. What do you call that God? How do you see it? I want you to speak about what I'm saying now.

For God that you cannot see to command you, and you're obeying Him, what do you see to that one? That means you do it to yourself because there is a reward for it as you're doing it to yourself. There is a reward for it! If you still do the one He asked you not to do, you're doing it to yourself, and there is a reward for it as well. You are doing it to yourself because there is a reward for it. After all, I don't see the God I'm serving; He said I should do this and do that; let me do this one; He doesn't even see me; let me do it! Who are you doing it for? Is it not yourself? Because the God you're serving that you cannot see is inside you. He is inside you!

You cannot see God, but He sees you because everything you're doing, you're doing it to yourself. If you're not doing it to yourself, take a knife and cut yourself; will it not be painful? Answer this question! Will it not be painful? That is your Father you're serving. I don't see the Father, and they said I should do this one; let me do this because nobody sees me; after all, I am here alone; I am here in my closet; nobody sees me; when I finish, I will come out by myself, and nobody will notice I was there. Doesn't your Father see you? He sees you! He sees you!

Yes, that is what We are saying. Do this one, don't do that one. Sit down, don't stand up. I will stand up; after all, the person that said I should sit down is not here; let me stand up for a minute. Sit down; don't stand up. I will stand up; after all, the person who told me God said I should sit down is not here; let me stand up for a minute; if I stand up for a minute, I will sit down when the person comes back. When the person came back, he now met me sitting down. While the person was away, I was standing up. Yes! The person who told you to sit down was away, and you stood up. While he came back, you were now sitting down. While the person was away, there was Somebody there recording everything you were doing. Somebody commanded him to tell you to sit down. However, you thought he was away, and you stood up. Somebody was there who recorded it, and the record is there for you. Whenever He opens the book, He will tell you everything that took place that very moment. That is why I said you're serving the God you cannot see, and you're following the voice of that God; there is a reward for it.

My son, if nobody rewards you, if nobody recognises what you're doing, Somebody will reward you. Nobody here on Earth will reward you; they will only make a bad comment about you; they will only spoil your mind. But Somebody will reward you. Listen to what I'm telling you. Somebody will reward you. Sometimes you will look and say, 'I'm fed up, I don't even know what to do; upon the one I'm saying, nobody even listens to me'. I Am the One that sends you! Are you hearing me? You're doing the work for Me. Stand up and look at My face. I Am the One that sends you, nobody else.

I that send you is the One that will praise you; I am the One that will reward you. Don't think all these ones will reward you. No! They will only spoil your mind. They will only make you derail from the good road on which you're walking. Don't think anybody will reward you. Don't think anybody will call you and say, 'oh my friend, my Pastor; I see all your messages; God is with you'. No, they will not! Because they know your mission! They know you're there inside the truth. That word you're saying is doing what? It's hitting them. They will only condemn you. But I will never condemn you because I know you're doing the work for Me. That word you're telling them, though they're not doing it, they hear it in their ears, and I will use it against them. Do you hear what I tell you? Don't ever bitter in your heart one day. I don't even know how I'll do it; upon all these ones…. No! I've told you before; if it's only one person; if I don't even see anybody, I know you've told them. Because by the end of the day, you're the one I need. It's your heart I need. It's you I need; I don't want you to fail. Don't be weak in your heart and body.

If you look at everything, you'll be weak. If you look at everything and you're weak, what about Me, your Father? I'm asking you. What about Me? All My children are gone. Should I be weak? I Am not weak. Nothing changes Me. Nothing changes Me. I Am not weak. I Am happy; I'm on My throne. I can wipe it off. I can perish everybody now! If I want, I will create another one today. I will never be weak. I can do like this today; you know what I mean. It doesn't take Me anything to lay another foundation. Nothing changes Me. As nothing changes Me, nothing will change you. Be strong in Me every day. Be strong in Me every day because this Earth you are is not your own! It's not your own. There is a place for you. Don't be weak! Keep on telling them about My word. Don't be weak. Don't be weak. I don't want to see any weakness in you. I don't want to see any bitterness in you. The work you're doing is My work. You're not doing it for yourself. You only follow My instruction. Whatever I ask you to do, do it! Don't look back. Don't look at anybody's face. You may stand in the midst of people and speak for hours; they will say you speak nonsense by the end of the day. Don't care! They may be laughing at you, don't care. What you're telling them is not nonsense. It has happened before. You are not the first person. You are neither the first nor the second nor the third. Don't care. When they told them the good thing, the right thing, they were all laughing and saying, 'look at this person'. By the end of the day, those who laughed, what happened to them? They were all perished!

You are not the first person My son. I don't want you to bother your heart. Preach My word. Tell them about Me! Whoever signs to obey it, let him obey it. Whoever signs to do good, let him do it. Whoever signs to do evil, let him do it. There is a reward! There is a reward because I Am here; I never move; I never destroy. Nothing changes Me. That is Me. Because when I was doing it, nobody was there. Nobody knows the secret. I Am the One that knows the secret. I Am the only One that knows how I did it. I know how I did it, and I know how long it will last. Nobody else! No one! Don't kill yourself. Don't destroy yourself because there is abundance there for you. If you get there, you will say I said it. While I'm speaking with you here, you don't know My value; you don't know what I'm telling you. I'm encouraging you so you won't miss it, because there, there is nothing like another life; there is all. That is why I said you're serving a God you cannot see, telling you to do this, and you obey Him. If you can be faithful to your God here, what about there? Whenever He says sit down, you sit down. Whenever He says stand up, you stand up. Whenever He says jump up, you jump up. If you can be faithful to your Father here, the Father you're not seeing, what about there? I said it before that this place is what? It's a trial because if you're there, there is no wickedness. No wickedness there. That's why I want to filter all of them! Any wicked one will never go there. You know where the wicked ones go. The wicked ones go to that side! That is the way I did it! I told you there is something good and something bad, because that place (Heaven), no bad ones will go there. There are no bad ones there. Everyone is Saint together. The bad ones know where they're going. I Am the One that did it. Nobody can question Me. I know why I did it. If you sign evil, you know where you're going. You killed him, you killed her, and you think you've done it all. You that killed him, you know he's going to meet his Father. You that killed him, you're going to Hellfire. While you were doing it, people were hailing you; they crowned you here. However, the torture you will go through is everlasting torture that has no end. He that you killed is going to meet his Father. His Father will welcome him; He will welcome her. Your own torment is everlasting. Tell them about Me! Never allow anything to weigh you down. Don't let anything diminish you. Tell them about Me. I give you My peace. 

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"Seek the Lord while He may be found, call upon Him while He is near. Let the wicked forsake his way, and the unrighteous man his thoughts; let him return to the Lord, and He will have mercy on him; and to our God, for He will abundantly pardon." Isaiah 55:6-7

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