I Am The Owner Of This Earth

The Father speaks

(Sunday 18th December 2011, 23:05)

As it was right from the beginning, so it will be until the end. As it was right from the beginning, so it will be until the end. It belongs to Him. He can never run away from it. He is the One that owns it. As He stood and created it in the beginning, and He's been maintaining it, that's how it will be until the end. He is the One that owns it. The Father is the One that owns it.

If you acquired a piece of land, either you bought it, or somebody gave it to you, and you wanted to plant something on that land, you cleared the bush and planted whatever you wanted. After you had worked hard and planted everything, as it was growing, you were happy because you knew it would bring you food to eat. Not only to eat but also to give to others as well. People saw it growing, and they were happy with you. When it grew to the stage of bringing food, you couldn't see any food on it. You waited a little while, yet no food could be found on it. What happened? It is a waste! If you think of all the hard work you've done and the money you've spent, you're not happy. What then should you do? You have to uproot everything, clear it off and burn it with fire so you can plant something else on that land. You are the owner of that land, and you can do with it whatever you want. You planted a seed, it grew, and you came there without you seeing any food to eat. It was just there, useless without any food on it. You can even decide to plant another seed different from the one you planted before. Whoever sees you will ask you, 'oh, Mr Radiant, we saw that you cleared your land'. Yes, I cleared it because I want to plant something else there. It's your land; nobody will question you what you do with it. You are not afraid of anybody. The purpose of you planting it is wasted.

What are you leaving it for? An empty head! The word of the Father is true. The word of the Father is powerful. Hold your heart and hold your Father. You have the choice. Whatever the Father says you should do, do it. If the Father says you should drink only water, He knows the reason for it. Do not say you've been drinking only water and you want to eat heavy food. The Father says you should drink only water so that your body can be light because He needs the body. You are the owner of your belly. You can decide to eat heavy food. But when you drink water, your body will be light, and if He says you should jump, you will jump. If He uses one finger to lift you up, you will follow Him. But if you eat heavy food, if He says you should stand up, you will fall down because your body is heavy. What happens? You do yourself harm. Do you follow the word of your Father? No, you do on your own; you commit sin. Do not commit sin; run away from sin; flee from everything that represents sin; but you said no. You are the owner of your life. Then go on and commit sin. It's very sweet. But the body that commits sin can never move with the Father.

My son, rejoice and be happy. If you're doing the will of the Father, you have no problem. Be inside the Father all the time. If the Father tells you what He wants to do, He will do it. Do not be afraid. Whenever I plan what I want to do, I will carry it out without looking back. Things will be tough. My son, what is today's date? 18th December 2011! Things will be rough and tough. Whoever has a child will not remember that the child is crying. Where are you running to? You will run into your death. If death is chasing you and you're running away, you will run into your death. But you knew the Father sustained you all these days, and you said you have your life to live. Why then are you running? Where are you running to? Things will be tough and rough. My son, things will be rough. If I don't do what I want to do now, that means I don't know what I'm doing. If I don't do what I want to do now, that means I don't know what I'm doing. If I could create this Earth and brought My children here and started the work right from the beginning and now leave it just like that, that means I don't know what I'm doing. Because it was Me right from the beginning; I Am the Owner. I cannot abandon it and allow it to be destroyed just like that. It is time for Me to prove Myself because all those who died did not come to Me. Why then do I keep quiet? Why do I keep quiet? It's now I will prove Myself, and those who remain will know Me. Where will you run to? Is it inside the church you have spoilt? Is it there you will enter? The Father you don't want to see; you destroyed everything. Is it now you want to call the Father? You have to filter yourself. You have to learn what it takes to serve the Father. That is those who will remain, those who will surrender. They have to start again from the root. What does it take to serve the Father? Before then, things have spoilt. My son, I told you it's very easy to destroy, but to repair is very hard. Before they begin to gather things together again, it will take time. I have done what I want to do and sealed it. I have spoken to you a lot about it. Whoever has an ear, let him hear. What is the essence of speaking and speaking if those who're reading it count it as nothing? You should wait and let the action begin to happen. You are reading it, but count it as nothing. After all, the Father is the same Father since all these days; is it now He wants to destroy; the Father cannot do anything. You should wait and see. Leave them and let them continue to build. Let them extend their hands and legs; anywhere they know they can go, let them go. Let them begin to join things together. As they're joining it together, the Father is separating it.

If two people agree together, then they can do business. If they disagree, they cannot do business. I Am watching them! The Father is everywhere. It is very dangerous to offend the Father. My son, I cannot speak what I cannot do. I Am the One speaking. Every word I speak, I mean it, and I will do it. Nobody can see Me, but I Am seeing all of them. The Father has to speak through somebody, and He does not speak to anyhow person. Only the One that has a clean hand, that is the person the Father can use. They may look at you that you're nothing, you're wretched, you have nothing; that is how they categorise you My son. They don't know they've failed. There is no road where they put their eyes. The Father is not looking at anything; He is not looking at the physical; He is looking at the spiritual. You are in your car, and people are looking at you; you are on your own because you're not doing the will of the Father. I know what I Am saying. My son, they're looking at you that 'who is there'. That person 'who is there' is the One the Father is using. I know what I Am saying. As time goes on, those who look down on you will come back to you. For them to know they're very far from the Father. They're not doing the will of the Father. They're very far! Until all of them purge themselves, else it will be too late because a lot will happen. People will look at it as if it just wants to happen. During this year that ends, a lot of things happened. Yet, you cannot compare it with what will happen in the coming year. Many people died this year. But you cannot compare it with what will happen in three days coming that We're about to enter. I call it three days because it will pass away quickly. Everybody is hopeless; they don't know where to go again. Everybody is hopeless; they don't know their Father. It's only when you know your Father that He will give you hope. But you don't know your Father! Who are you going to meet again? That's why I say nowhere to go because you don't know the Father that gives you hope and assurance. They think they're the ones that own themselves. They think they are the ones that created themselves. They can do everything. They can manufacture; they can do magic; they can do everything. Where is the Father!

My son, I Am the One that owns this Earth. I Am proud of Myself My son. I Am not afraid of anybody. I can clear this Earth as one clears grass, and I will plant it again! I will make them suffer. All of them will suffer before they go. I know what I Am saying. If I say there will be peace, then there will be peace, and if I say there will be no peace, there will be no peace. A lot will happen because they don't know the Father. You started the fight. You know how to fight, and now We are fighting. You know how to fight! Let Us fight it together. Will you see the Father? No! You don't know the Father; you don't know about peace. The Father wants peace, but you don't want peace. The remaining ones will say they don't want to fight again. They will surrender. I remove My hand away from them.

As I'm caring for them, they don't want to know Me; then I remove My hand away from them. It's not easy My son. I told you that you would cry. Is that not what I told you? They will blame different people, but the Father is the Source. They forget about Me! That is why I take the most sensitive thing that will touch them, which is money. If there is no money, there is no happiness. If there is food and there is no money to buy it, will you steal it? What makes you have a strong head, I take it. I have not finished yet; I will take everything. If you want to buy a weapon, where is the money to buy it? Go and buy it because you know how to destroy; you know how to fight. A lot will happen My son! What is the way out? Where is the way out?

Oh, all of us are serving God; we know God; this is not God; it is not God. You are serving God! Are you serving God? Do you know your God? Your God that owns your fathers and forefathers, do you know your God? Count the aliases of your Father; count the names of your Father and let Me hear! Which God are you serving? Count the names of your Father because what your Father has done before, they gave Him names. Where did all those names come about? Tell Me! Why did they give your Father those names? You don't know your Father. You don't know where your Father lays His head; you don't know where He lays His hands; you don't even know where He places His feet, and you're saying you're serving your Father. Which Father do you know? Tell Me your Father's name and let Me hear.

My son, when you mention My names, I Am happy. That is what I did before. If I tell the situation to stop, it will stop. If I say it should carry on, it will carry on. Can you fight more than Me? I Am the Producer of food. You know My name! What do you know? What are you serving? Is it your Father you're serving? If you know Me, tell Me My names and what I can do. I Am a Father that makes a way where there is no way. I produce water where there is no water. That is Me! What is money? The Father is the One that owns wealth. Since they say they don't want to know Me, I remove My hand. I fold My hands. I told you, nothing will go well again. Is that not what I told you? This is the heart of the whole Earth. That is why I start from here, and it's touching all of them. They think they know something. What do they know? I fashioned the heart of all My children to come here. Do they think they just come here? You now say you're proud. Instead of everybody to wake up and reverence Me so that peace will reign, you begin to do evil. My son, it is enough. The next message is how to know the Father, how to maintain the holiness of the Father. That is for those who will remain. How to escape the wrath of the Father; how to do the will of the Father for you to escape the wrath of the Father; that is the next message. That is if you do it. If you close your ears and serve another father, if it's not this Father that is speaking you're serving, then you're serving another father. That father you're serving will come and rescue you because you don't know the Father you're serving. The Father you are looking up to there is the One speaking to you. That means you've failed. There is no other father elsewhere. The only Father is the One speaking. I Am the I Am That I Am. I Am the Authority. I Am the Ancient of Days. I Am the One speaking. I Am the Great Deliverer. I Am the One speaking My son. They don't know the Father they're serving. They don't know the Father they're serving. I give you peace. I give you peace. I give you peace. 

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"Seek the Lord while He may be found, call upon Him while He is near. Let the wicked forsake his way, and the unrighteous man his thoughts; let him return to the Lord, and He will have mercy on him; and to our God, for He will abundantly pardon." Isaiah 55:6-7

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