I Am The Same God Of Old

The Father speaks

(Sunday 17th April 2011, 10:30)

Many of My children don't know Me. They don't know Me! If they know Me, if they know My worth, they will tremble whenever My name is mentioned. They don't know what I did before. They don't know Me. They don't know what I can do. If they know Me, when they mention the name of their Father, they will bow down. All power belongs to Me! All power belongs to Me! What is that thing I cannot do? Tell Me and let Me know. Somebody bought a piece of land, cleared the ground and built a house for His children to live; if anything is faulty in the house, can't He replace it? Somebody that built a mighty house bought all equipment into the house, if any of that equipment is faulty, can't He replace it? He that has the power to build the house can't He replace just equipment? What then are you people saying? Tell Me! If you want to build a worldly house, don't you know how long it will take you and how much you will spend on it? You that built that mighty house, if any chair is missing in it, can't you replace it? Then why are you sorrowful when they mention the name of your Father? You know what you're supposed to do. I want you all to know My value. Many of them don't know My value. They just go there (church) for going sake.

If you know My value, if you know your Father, you will fill with joy and happiness. If you know your Father, no demon will terrorise you. Because you take Me like nothing, you respect the clothes you wear more than Me. If you take Me as your Father, real Father that created you, that is All-In-All, who is capable of doing everything, no any devil, no any demon will step your door. But because you respect the food you eat than your Father, you don't know what you're saying when you talk of your Father. You mention your Father's name and swear. You mention your Father's name and do anyhow. If you know your Father you're serving, you will not mention His name anyhow. If they mention the name of your Father, all your being will shake. You will prostrate for your Father because He is able. He did it in the time of old. Those who were there testified. They witnessed what happened. He is the same Father today. Nothing He cannot do.

Where is the problem? My son, I don't see any problem because what I did in the time of old was more critical than all these ones. They feared Me! They didn't tell anyone to fear his Father. When they saw what I did, they feared Me. Nobody, with all their powers, whenever they mentioned My name, they reverenced Me. What are you nursing? What problem do you have that your Father can't do? It's because of the way you take Me. If you're serious with Me, you will see Me. If you know I can do it, if you boast of Me, I will do it. You respect the clothes you wear more than Me. You respect the food you want to eat more than Me. I Am the One that owns you. If I say today, I don't want you; you are no more. Today you want to go to Jericho; tomorrow, you want to go to Jerusalem; the day after tomorrow, you want to go elsewhere; if I don't permit you, can you go? If you sleep and can't wake up, can you go? What do you know? What do you know?

My son, I Am still telling you again. What I'm doing with you here, many people don't understand. I Am the God of old. I Am the God of wrath. I Am the God of fire. I Am the God of signs and wonders. I Am the God that kills. I Am the God that destroys. I Am the God that creates. If I say today, I don't want it; if I say today, I want to destroy it, I will do it. That is Me. If I say this water be still, it will remain still and will not move. Nobody, no power will make it move. It's Me. It is My handwork. All of them, they take Me as nothing. My son, all of them are just going there; they don't know the God they're serving. They take Me as nothing. They respect their cars, they respect the clothes they wear more than their Father, and they say they're serving Me. They don't know I Am the One that did it before, that I can still do it again. I can do it again! I can cause darkness on this Earth for several days, and nobody will see each other. I Am the One that will do it. If I want to do it, I will do it. I will prove Myself to them that I Am the same God that did it in the land of Egypt. Is anything hard for Me to do? I Am here on this Earth; I Am there in Heaven. This Earth is My place. I tour everywhere every day. Nothing happens that I don't know. I know everything.

My son, somebody will call you and your wife that you're doing nonsense. Who told you? All these things I'm doing here, if anybody wants, let them come and challenge Me. I still repeat it; let them come and challenge Me. I Am telling you now, those of you who are here to know the Father you're serving. Know the Father you're serving. The same God of Abraham, the same God of Moses, the God that did signs and wonders in the land of Egypt, is the same Me. I Am the One! I Am the One! I will never change. When I sent Moses a message, he didn't challenge Me. I empowered him, and he went without looking back. He suffered. At the end of the day, what happened? Those who did not obey him, what happened to them? I destroyed them.

Let Me just tell you today; those of you that are here, I Am your Father. For the past 40years now, I've been in this world suffering. People were pushing Me around because I hid Myself. Now I come out to prove Myself. I use this body as My covering because no one can see Me. I hide Myself inside this body. I Am the One speaking, and if you doubt Me, I will prove Myself to you. I will appear to you, and I will punish you for it. I will speak and speak; nobody challenges Me when I speak. You people have the privilege; you have the opportunity.

I Am the God that makes a way where there is no way. When all the hope is gone, I will do it. What is that thing you're nursing? Ask yourself a question. What is that problem that is too big for your Father to solve? That problem you're nursing in your heart that makes you push your Father aside. Can you solve it by yourself? If your Father could do it in the time of old, can't He do it again today? Have you heard about many of them in the time of old? Even when they were written off not to have a child, what happened to them? They had children. When I made a promise, did I break My promise? If somebody who was old, who couldn't even walk, could be pregnant and had a child, what about you? Where is the Father? Is He not the same Father today? When I say this is what I want to do, I will do it. Only just believe. Let everything in you be in the Father. He will do it. When you push the Father aside and begin to honour the things of this Earth and begin to run from one corner to the other when the Father does it, how can you know it's the Father that does it? I Myself will begin to look at you because you don't trust the Father can do it. I will stay back and begin to watch you. You will begin to run around. Before you realise it, it will be too late. You are serving the Father that you don't know His character. You don't know what the Father can do. But the Word is there for you. The Word is there for you, what I did before. That is why I said if anybody mentions the name, you should bow down and roll on the floor for your Father. It is Me the One who speaks and do it. If I speak, I do it. I don't fear anybody. I don't respect anybody.

My son, if you do it well, I will praise you in public. And if you do Me anyhow, I will disgrace you. I have told you before. I don't hide anything. If you call Me with your lips, I know. If you call Me with your heart, I know. I know the end from the beginning. I told you before there is somebody that is challenging you people. If you take your Father as Number One, that thing will not challenge you. He will not challenge you because he knows this one, that the Father is everything; we have nowhere to enter. But if you say you choose this one, you choose that one, and you don't remember the Father, what happens to that thing? He will begin to trouble you. Since you've chosen us before your Father, we will take everything; we will begin to do our own performance in your life. I told you they don't have mouths where We are. They respect Us. They are My handwork. If they see Me, I'm the Number One. They have no right to come near. If I Am the Number One in you, they have no right to go near you. I'm telling you the secret now to tell people. If they look at you that the Father is far from you, they will begin to trouble you; they'll take over everything. If they see that the Father is Number One in your life, they will run away. You are reading it there in the Bible that somebody went to war without ammunition. You know how it is. If I tell you to go with just a few people that you will win, what happens? If all others come with thousands of people, you will still win because I'm the One that said it. Let everything you do be in the Father. Rely on Me! If you rely on Me, you will see what I'll do.

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