I Need Your Heart

The Father speaks

(Tuesday 9th August 2011, 00:10)

Christ is our cornerstone,
On Him alone we build;
With His true saints alone
The courts of Heaven are filled;
On His great love our hopes we place
Of present grace and joys above.

O then with hymns of praise
These hallowed courts shall ring;
Our voices we will raise
The Three in One to sing;
And thus proclaim in joyful song
Both loud and long, that glorious name.

Here, gracious God, do Thou
Forevermore draw nigh;
Accept each faithful vow,
And mark each suppliant sigh;
In copious shower on all who pray,
Each holy day, Thy blessings pour.

Here may we gain from Heav'n,
The grace which we implore;
And may that grace, once given,
Be with us evermore;
Until that day when all the blest
To endless rest are called away.

Do you know how to do it more than Him? He brought His Son to buy them. He brought His Son to buy His children. He brought His Son! That was why He closed His eyes when they were nailing Him because He knew that through Him, He would get His children back. What do you expect the children to do then? This is the Father, and this is His Son Jesus. All of them are supposed to reverence His Son. They will begin to do the will of Jesus. Whatever He says they should do, they will do it because He dropped dead because of them. He wants all of them to hold Jesus, to do whatever He asks them to do. Then when you do the will of Jesus, what then does the Father do? He will be happy because as you're doing the will of Jesus, you're doing the will of the Father. They will begin to live in peace. That was why I sang that song. My son, go and read that song again. I didn't sing it anyhow. You will begin to experience love, peace, blessing everywhere because you're doing the will of the Father.

Go and bring an axe and let Me butcher you. Bring Me an axe! Do you think I'm joking? Go and bring an axe and let Me butcher you to know how you feel. You are neither dead nor given anaesthetic so that you won't feel the pains; you're alive. The body is living! Let Me begin to cut you; let Me begin to nail your head. If you mistakenly pierce your finger with a needle, how will you feel? How much more for somebody to nail you with a hammer while you're alive! My son, I Am just like you. I brought you out of My body. That is My Son! I felt the pains when they were nailing Him. I closed My eyes and didn't want to look at Him because I knew I would get them back through Him. I thought I was doing them good. I didn't know I was doing them evil. I that sent My Son to come and die knew He had the power to come back to Me. My Son came back to Me. They thought I was foolish, that I didn't know what I was doing. My Son is with Me! They only killed the body; they only killed the flesh. I brought My Son back by My power. My Son is with Me. If I want to do wonder now, I will release My Son to come, and they will see Him. My Son is with Me. They are just serving themselves; they're not serving Me. They don't know Me! They don't know Me! My son, they don't know Me. They don't know what I can do. My Son and I are on My Throne. I told you My son, what I'm doing with you here is not common. It's not common! I know what I'm doing. If anyone wants to make it, let him know My Son. Let him know My Son and do what He asks them to do. Hence they don't know Me! My son, I'm not talking twice. I'm not talking twice; I'm not repeating My word. I know what I'm doing. I repeat My word because of what you people are going through and what is happening on this Earth; nobody believes the Father anymore. Is He not the same Father? He is the same Father! That is why I'm always saying, believe Me, I'm the One speaking. Every word I speak, I mean it, and it will surely come to pass.

That song I sang for you, go through it again. The Father is not stupid. The Father knows what He's doing. You're the one that doesn't know what you're doing. You cannot know more than the Owner. If you form something, it's in your hand. If somebody sees it in your hand, he knows it belongs to you. You are the one that formed it; you know how you formed it; you know what you used to form it; you know how it took you to form it; you know how it will last. If somebody wanted to buy it, it's either you'd say I give you two years guarantee, or I give you ten years guarantee, or I give you everlasting guarantee because you know how you made it. You who created it know how long it will last; you know how it will be; and how strong it is. If you want it to last, take this oil and continually apply it to it so it will last. But he threw away what you gave him to use to it so it would last immediately he got home. How then will that thing last? It will perish. So I Am not a talkative. That was why I brought Jesus. Through Him, I will get you. Everything you've done before will be forgiven because of Him. Emulate Him; do everything He asks you to do. Here on Earth, you will have peace; you will enjoy. Anytime the Father says you should come home, you will be happy. You will not say, Daddy, I'm not going. Even you yourself, as you're doing what He asks you to do, He will clue you a lot about that place. So if the Father asks you, let's go, you will not hesitate. You will say, okay, let's go. You will be happy. But if you're not in the Son, how can you know the Father? If you're not inside the Son, how can you know the Father, how much more what awaits you over there? Because if you're inside the Son, you will know a lot about the Son and the Father. The Son does not do of His own; He does the will of His Father. Whatever the Son teaches you, that is the Father. Then if you don't know the Son, how can you know the Father? You don't know the Son; how can you know the Father?

As I was saying, you have now sold that thing you made for somebody and gave him the condition. This is the medicine; this is what will make it last. As he got it, he threw the medicine away. After a short time, it began to spoil. He starts looking for you. Oh, I bought this thing from him; now it's spoilt. What about the medicine he gave you to apply to it? You said you threw it away. You are foolish! You are stupid! I gave you both together so it would last. You cannot know more than the owner. The owner of that thing knows how he did it. If he tells you how to use it and you don't listen, then you're on your own, and it will backfire. If it backfires, you have no excuse because your ears were opened when you bought it. Whatever you see, you'll manage it. You that sold it for him have received your money. You will keep quiet as he's talking. If you like, you may give him an alternative. Even he didn't accept the alternative; he began to go from place to place. Look at what I bought; it didn't last upon all the money I spent on it. But you didn't tell them you failed to adhere to the condition he gave to you. You did not do what he asked you to do. You missed it! Because you wanted to go on your own way, what happened by the end of the day? You fail!

My son, are you panicking because of anybody? Don't try it. Don't ever try it because I your Father don't panic, how much more you. Do My will; that's what I tell you to do. Don't panic because of anybody. Remain focus! Remain focus! Any message I give you to send to them, sit down, send it, and focus. A time is coming; all of them will remember your word, the word of your Father. It's not you; it's your Father that gave it to you. Don't panic because of anybody. I've told you a lot. I've told you a lot and a lot. That is why I don't want to speak sometimes. I've told you a lot. Don't panic because of anybody. Don't trouble yourself. Be happy in Me. Be joyful in Me. Do My will. That is what I tell you to do. Don't cheat anybody. Don't say what you're not supposed to say. If you don't have anything to do, enter this your house and begin to sleep. Listen to the word of your Father. That is all. If it's happening there, what do you do? Close your ears! Close your ears as if you don't hear what they're saying because when you were speaking, when you were preaching to them, even those who claim they're inside the Father, they ran away.

Do you think it's very easy? It's not easy to do the will of the Father. It's not easy, and it's very easy. If you choose to do it, it's very easy. You're eating some food before; if you say you don't want to eat it anymore, will they force you? Can somebody put the food into your mouth? My son, I told you not to eat some food in this house. Are you eating it? No, you're not eating it. I will not eat this food because my Father is in me; as I'm eating the food, it's my Father that's eating it.

Are they the ones that created themselves? How many times did you visit the hospital? The doctor will now begin to examine you, diagnose medication and begin to cut you with a knife. When the Father brought you into this world, He brought you without sickness. They don't know the food they're eating inflicts sickness upon them. It's the food they're eating My son. I Am the One speaking. The food they eat brings different sicknesses to them. How did the Father create the soil? When you plant a seed in the soil, it will germinate, grow and bring good fruit. What makes the soil not bring good fruit? Because it’s not fertile! Why is it not fertile? Because there is no water! Why is there no water? Because rain does not fall! What makes rain not fall? Because there is famine! What brings famine? It is a sin; evil! The Father now gives them punishment. Since you say you don’t want to know Me, I will punish you; you will turn back and know Me.

If rain doesn't fall, will the ground yield good fruit? It will not yield good fruit. My son, everything that happened in the time of old that you’re reading in the Bible didn’t just happen; it’s for My children to learn a lesson. They were not animals; they were human beings like you. There is nothing better than natural. There is nothing better than the way the Father created it. Now you’re doing everything on your own. You begin to manufacture fertiliser and use it to plant your seeds. All those fertiliser you’re using to plant the food you’re eating will affect you. It is a chemical, and it will affect you! Yes, it will affect you.

The Father created everything. This plant will grow and yield good fruit; it will take you two months or one year or three years before you can eat it. Wait for the time the Father set for it to ripe for food. Wait for the time! Don’t manufacture anything on your own because all will fail you. All those things, all those chemicals they put in all the food they eat, is what you see in their lives. I want to do my own; I want it quick-quick; I want it now-now. Are you an animal? Are you not a human being? My son, if a woman gives birth to a baby today, give that baby fertiliser to eat and see how the baby will look like. He will grow and will not be okay. Even the brain alone will grow to become a fool. My son, you know how he will look like! He will grow abnormally; he will speak abnormally. The Father did everything stage by stage. If you give birth to a baby, there is a time he’ll sit; there is a time he’ll crawl; there is a time he’ll rise to hold something; there is a time he’ll begin to walk; there is a time he’ll begin to speak. As it is in a human being, so it is with the seeds you plant. If you plant your seed, it takes some days before it will begin to germinate. It will take few months before it will yield fruit. As it’s growing, the root grows deep into the ground and takes natural minerals to make the plant grow well. That is how it will grow until it produces fruit for you to eat. If you say you want to apply fertiliser to it so it can germinate and produce fruit quickly, as you’re eating it, all the fertiliser remains in your body. The Father that created you knows how it took him to create you and how he created every cell in your body. Nothing is too much, and nothing is too little. There is a way He did it. This is the seed I created; it will grow and produce fruit for you; when you’re eating it, it will nourish your body. It's not to apply fertiliser to it for it to grow quickly. That is why it causes many problems for them.

My son, if I say I should continue on this matter tonight, you will not go to bed. It damages a lot! It damages a lot. Even the animals they give the fertiliser to, they should look at the lives of the animals. They should check their lives, how much more human beings. As the Father created human beings in His image and put His Spirit in them, He put so many things in that body, and if you apply something else to it, many things will begin to come out of the body. Your Father doesn’t like it. There is nothing better than natural. There is nothing better than the way your Father created the Earth and created everything for His children to eat. Do you know more than your Father? My son, I purposely keep quiet. There are many things I don’t want you to eat. They are good to eat, but they’re not doing it the way I want it. They begin to do it on their own. There is nothing better than natural.

For example, look at chicken My son. How does chicken come out? How did the Father create chicken? If a hen lays an egg, she will cover it for some weeks until she hatches it. The chicken will begin to move until it begins to feed itself. If you’re eating chicken, some things in it nourish your body. Some things are inside that chicken because it grows and feeds itself with natural food. As you’re eating it, it will nourish your body which the Father created. It will nourish your body. Instead of it nourishing your body, this one you're eating will give you poison. It will give you poison! I Am the One speaking! It gives you poison. That's why you see different sicknesses everywhere. Do you know more than your Father? Do you know more than your Father? You want to make money. What do you want to make? You want to make what will destroy your soul. What do you know? If you're eating natural food, you will see the taste of what you’re eating. As you’re eating it, your soul is happy; your spirit is happy, and it nourishes your body. Instead of it to nourish your body, this one you're eating, the chemical will begin to bring out what it’s not supposed to bring out in your body because you’re feeding yourself with poison. My son, who will you tell now that will believe you? Who will you tell? Don’t you see outside? Don’t you see pollution outside? Go back to My word and check My children who lived several years. Give Me the story of those who took a knife and began to remove something from their body. Tell Me! No one. Why? Because they lived naturally!

My son, things have spoilt. Where will I start telling you things? It's not every time I speak. Sometimes when I’m annoyed, that's why you see Me groaning. Where will I start? Where will I start? They have done physical and spiritual damage to this body. That's not how the Father wants it to be. You are producing everything, yet there is no peace. Why can’t you think and know where you missed it? Let us reverence the Father; let us acknowledge the Father so that rain will fall on it when we plant our seeds and reap plenty. We ourselves will not be able to harvest it, and even if we hire labourers, they won’t finish harvesting it because we do the will of the Father. Now that you’re doing everything quick-quick on your own, are you satisfied? You can never be satisfied. You are doing everything on your own; you give sickness to your children. Different sickness everywhere! Oh, come and heal me. Which food did you eat? Is that the food the Father said you should eat? The chicken you're eating, do you know how they prepared it? If my Father says I shouldn't eat chicken now, then what will I eat? Everything is polluted, especially in this country. Nothing is natural. You eat every food, but you forget I Am inside your body. They are doing it on their own. They know more than the Father. They can create everything. They can do everything. They can manufacture everything. As you’re manufacturing it, it’s failing you. Yes, you can manufacture everything.

I won’t say you shouldn't eat chicken, but not every time because too much of everything is not good. If you buy it, dry it properly. Wherever you go to buy food in this country, all of them are the same. All their food comes from the same source. I cannot say you should put an empty pot on your cooker and drink water every day. You can eat, but not every time because the chemical is too much.

My son, if you give birth to a baby, from day one, she will have short hair or nothing at all. As she grows, the hair grows as well. As time goes on, you’ll begin to plait the hair. As she grows, the hair grows too. What happens to the hair when it grows? It will become long. When a woman’s hair doesn't grow, will she go and borrow some from somebody? Not at all. Since she can't borrow somebody’s hair, what then is the alternative? She can cover it with a cap. What else again can she do? My son, did I create Satan to be Satan? Why is he Satan? He chose to become Satan. Now that he’s Satan, what does he do? He employs so many people to work with him. He uses many tactics to lure them to himself. He uses what people are fond of doing to lure them. That is what he does. Oh, they always like this one; let’s use it to entice them; they will come to our kingdom through it. Yes, because they’re not in their Father. Most of them are not in their Father. If you look at yourself in the morning, you’re going to that place (the church) because of your Father; are you going there because of what you want to wear? If you look at yourself, take your bath, tie your hair and go on your way, who cares? You are going to serve your Father. Who is looking at you? You will now go the extra mile to look for what you’ll use to decorate your body. Now your heart is inside what you wear. Yes, I’ve captured him; I’ve caught her; because their heart is in that thing they wear, not in their Father. He now uses that one against all of them. No matter what you put on, your mind is not supposed to be in it. Your mind is supposed to be in your Father. When the day breaks, you wake up at 4:00 am, and church service begins at 9:00 am; you finish your bath and begin to brush your hair until time past. You have not finished that one and still thinking about how you’ll paint your face because your heart is not in your Father. Tell Me; is your heart inside your Father? Your heart is not in your Father. Before you wake up in the morning, your Father and Satan are watching you too.

If your heart is in your Father, immediately you wake up, clean up yourself, dress up and take your Bible; you’re on your way because your heart is in your Father; not what you want to wear. But if you begin to paint your face, and they (demons) get hold of you with everything you put on, you're there (Hellfire). You are going there! But if Satan looks at you and sees your Father is the Number One in your heart, he cannot pull you to go there. But you choose that thing that you wear! My son, it’s like when you love money more than your Father. It’s the same thing My son! You see many of them, they say they’re going to church, but they go there because of the clothes they wear. The Father is not in their heart. If the Father is in your heart, the cloth you wear will not matter to you. What is your motive behind it when you put on clothing? It’s very important. Once the Father is Number One in your heart, the clothe you put on will mean nothing to you. For millions of them, the Father is not in their heart. Can somebody carry My daughter to spiritual water? Absolutely not! She cannot wear cloth anyhow. Somebody that wears and opens her body, there is a reason behind it. You're going to share yourself with people, but you say you’re going to church. You that put on long earrings, there is a reason behind it. You know why you put it on. You're going there to show off yourself so that people may look at you. You that wear the shoe with high-heel, there is a reason behind it. You're not going there for your Father; you’re going there for people to look at you, to look at what you wear. Your heart is in all those ones more than your Father. The devil looks at your heart. He knows you love what you wear more than your Father. Through what you put on, he will take you there (Hellfire) because the Father is not in your heart. My son, it’s about your heart. For many of them, the Father is not in their heart. I have told you before; if you enter the church, 99% of people are possessed. They are possessed! The Father is not in their heart. They have double spirits. They are working in two dimensional way. If your spirit is one and the Father is inside you, demons cannot come near you. If they bring that thing from the underworld, before you touch it, the spirit behind it will vanish because you’re a fire; it cannot stand you. Before you touch it, they will run away. The spirit that binds it will disappear.

My son, whatever you wear, your thought towards it shows who you are. You wake up in the morning and say you want to go to church. Not only church My son. You are a woman, and you want to go out; if you look at yourself, you’ll know that what you put on is not suitable for you. You will put on a cloth that covers your body. You will put on the cloth that’ll make people see you as a child of God. You will present yourself well. It’s not how far; it’s how well. My son, the Spirit of the Father is not in all of them. That's why demons use them anyhow. The devil uses it against them. There is no fire in them. Nothing is there My son! Nothing in them. The Father created the children in different categories. Are there not some with long hair? They don’t go to church, yet they are not possessed. Why can’t demons use it against them? Is it not their natural hair? It’s their hair! The Father created white; He created black; He created many other races to prove Himself. My son, you see many of them, whenever they put that thing on their head, they look like marine spirit. As you see them, that is who they are. They now show it physically for you to see it. But if you say no, you don’t want to put on those ones, that you want to remain natural; can anybody trouble you? Nobody will bother you. You will present yourself the way people will address you, to spread the Good News of your Father. You are a man, and you say you are a Pastor; you barb your hair and leave your beard; you now give yourself a name. My son, I Am the One speaking. What do you call that one? Whatever you do, what's behind it matters. Are you doing it for your Father, or you’re doing it for fashion? It’s a fashion My son! It’s a fashion. Even the hair on their head! Dress the way people will address you so that the glory will return to your Father. Don’t do it on your own. I want to be different from people. When Jesus Christ came to this Earth, did He create anything that people emulate? Good character! He did not create His own style. He did not shave His hair one kind so that people will say when Jesus Christ was on this Earth, this is the kind of style He used to have.

My son, there is evil everywhere. There is evil everywhere. Forget about hair; forget about clothes. There is evil everywhere! There are some of them, they dress well without any comma, but they're evil. They are evil My son! They are evil. They keep it to themselves. The Father alone knows their heart. If they speak, they speak like an Angel. They speak as if they come from there (Heaven), but all is a lie. All is a lie! They are polluters. They are serpents. They are angels of disaster. They will come to you like slow poison. They will eat you. You will now fall and scatter. You will say, ‘look at the person I put my hope’. Can you put your hope in human beings? You can only put your hope in God alone.

If you put your hope in a human being, you will fail. Don’t even put your hope in any Pastor. I Am the only One you can put your hope in. That's why whenever I’m speaking, I Am always proud of Myself. I Am the One speaking. Whatever you do, if you do it too much, if all your being is in it, they will use it against you. But if your heart is in the Father, the remaining things will just add up to it. Let your heart be in the Father. My Father, You know I’m going to the church; hope I’m okay like this; this is the cloth I will wear. You make it simple! But if you do it and as you enter, people are looking at you from afar; as you’re speaking, all the words of your mouth is not complete because you’re the one they’re watching. The Father is not in your heart. Before you enter, people have already condemned you by saying, ‘this one does not even dress like a child of God; he does not speak like a child of God’. Then what are you going to do? You want to win souls. How can you win a soul? The way you are, everything inside you; how can you win a soul? If you look at yourself, you’re not different from them, from those in the world.

My son, those in the world are now in the church; 99% of them have double spirit. That's why if you see a child of God put on a wig, they will say, ‘oh, she’s putting on wig’ because that is what they use in their spiritual world. But if you’re on fire, if you're inside your God and your motive for wearing it is not like them; they cannot do you anything. Your motive behind it is very important because your Father is watching your heart; He’s looking at your heart.

It is like a man that opens a church and calls himself a Pastor; He wants to serve his Father. Everybody knows you're a Pastor. What is the work of a Pastor? You gather your Father’s children together to give the Father. People think that’s what you are without them knowing you have something behind it. You now go somewhere to do what you’re not supposed to do to gather money because you’re looking for money. You went to do lots of things, and people began to troop in. They don’t know there is something behind it. People think you’re doing it for your Father, but the name is yours; you’re doing it on your own. The glory doesn't return to the Father. You are doing it for yourself, and you will pay for it. That is how it is! That is how it is.

You are a woman; you put something on; you put it on to show off yourself to everybody in the church. If people see you, they’ll begin to look at you. Their heart is not in what the Pastor is preaching. Then are you serving your Father? What is your motive? Your motive is to distract people. You're saying in your heart, ‘this one I put on, as I’m going there, all of them will be watching me; they will not listen to that Pastor’. You fail! Then whom do you call that person? Demon!

My son, it’s very simple to enter My kingdom because you’re practising it. If you do what is wrong, I always tell you. It is easy. What is going on in this your house, supposing it’s some people, they will not listen to Me again. They could have gone to hire a big hall so people could come. Yes, people will come; but you don’t wait for your own time. They will come because the Father will speak. You will begin to be proud, throwing yourself around. People will come. But if you don’t wait for your own time, whatever you see, you’ll manage it. When the church is not moving forward as expected, you will then look for another alternative so it can move forward. That is how you see all of them. What is bad in it My son if this church, that church, and another church, three of them gather together to serve the same Father? Is the Father different? It’s the same Father; He’s not different. In the same street, there will be one hundred churches. In the same street! Everybody is doing their own. This one is preaching about holiness; that one is preaching about this one; that one is preaching something else. They will be imagining what’s happening to them. Is that what the Father says they should do? Why can’t everybody be one? If one sees the other, they will not greet each other; co-Pastors; because your church is full and mine is empty. Is your Father different? Is it not the same place you’re going to? It’s because you’re doing the work for yourself. There is no love again. Two sisters in the same house will say, ‘come, my Pastor is good’; the other one will say the same thing. Are you serving your Pastor, or you’re serving your God? The Father is looking at both of them. If you don’t come to my church, this is what will happen. There will be quarrels inside the house. This one is a Pastor, and the other one is a Pastor; God is at the centre. Then two sisters are quarrelling inside the house because of Pastors. But God is One. What does the Father want? Is it not the heart? Then what are We saying? What happened in the time of old? They all worked together. Whatever touched one touched the other. They gathered together! Whenever one had a problem, that means all of them had a problem. They would gather together to pray for that person. They passed the message across to each other. But what is happening today? It’s the talk of the town. Christianity! Christianity! Christianity! Is that what the Father wants? Then who will you tell that will believe you, that you’re telling the truth? Because everyone claims they’re doing the right thing. You are doing the right thing; this one is doing the right thing, and the other one is doing the right thing. Who is doing the wrong thing now? Nobody wants to learn. Because you’re doing it well; this one too is doing it well, and the other one is doing it well. Who is doing the wrong thing? Nobody wants to admit his mistake. The end shall tell.

I thank God for my life; everywhere I enter, people honour me; everywhere I enter, people hail me; everywhere I enter, people do me a favour. This one says ‘I thank God for my life’; the other one says ‘I thank God for my life’, but the Father says no one is doing His will. You are praising yourself. Have you finished the race for you to know if you finish it well? Why are you praising yourself? You are praising yourself; this one too is praising himself. Who then is not doing the will of the Father? This Earth is turning upside down. The Earth is crashing down, and you all call yourself Pastors. Who is not doing the will of the Father? Everyone is praising himself. But the Father says no; all of them that die are going there (Hellfire). Then who is doing the will of the Father, and who is not doing it? Ask yourself the question.

My son, if a woman covers her head, she shows respect to her God. She covers her head to honour her Creator, to honour the Father. If a woman does not cover her head, she dishonours her God. What is the meaning of glory? To honour the Father. My son, those who knew Me in the time of old, the women who served Me in the time of old honoured Me with everything. I Am not even after this one now. I have let a lot go. I Am after their heart now. It’s their heart I want. Though there are still some faithful ones, they respect Me till today. They respect Me with everything. They don’t want something to carry them away. If you cover your head, you focus on your Father. You don’t put anything on your head so that people will begin to watch you. I have told you before. You now do one nonsense hairstyle on your head, and everybody is looking at you. Oh, they’re looking at me; I am more beautiful. That thing now says, oh, her heart is in what she put on her head. Because they love that thing, they now initiate them through it. It’s not supposed to be like that. Because they now honour that thing, their mission going to the church is to show off themselves. People are watching me; the style of the hair I do, that’s why people are watching me. Whatever you do that is too much, you’re not inside the Father; you’re on your own. You are on your own!

My son, it’s not only a wig; even the cloth you put on is part of it. You put on caterpillar; you put on cankerworm; you put everything in your body, and you’re walking like somebody who's going to war because you buy expensive cloth. Are you going there because of that cloth or because of your Father? By the end of the day, if they ask you the title of the message for the day, you’ll begin to scratch your head. Then if a demon strikes you at night, you’ll say you’re inside your Father. Oh, he just came back from the church yesterday; he slept and did not wake up. Are you inside your Father or you’re going there because of the cloth you wear? They ask you what road leads to Heaven, if it’s a narrow road or the other. You cannot answer because of the cloth you wear. You just bought expensive cloth, that’s why you go there. If they ask you which road leads to Heaven because there is a Heaven and Hellfire; it’s just a common and simple question; you cannot answer. You now begin to look. The devil will now say this is what we’re saying. You are not inside the Father. Come here! Take from my hand. He is a Christian; he is a Christian. Is he a Christian? What are you preaching to people? You are a woman, and you’re preaching. As you’re preaching, people are watching you. People are watching your back. You know how to speak grammar, but they're watching your back, watching your whole body because you open down your body. What are you preaching? Are you preaching about your Father? What does the Father say about your body? He says your body is His temple. Then what are you preaching? You are showing yourself to everybody. Is that what the Father taught you? Father, I give all my body to you; everything I have is Yours. If you know that your whole body belongs to your Father, then what do you do? You will take care of it properly in a way that nobody will see you and complain about anything because all the glory will return to the Father. The Father is the One that owns you. The Father is the One that owns you, but your body is for the public. They now watch you like cinema. They begin to watch you, and you say your body belongs to your Father. You fail! Because your Father is not after all those ones; it’s your heart the Father needs, not what you put on. Your Father is not after that. 

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"Seek the Lord while He may be found, call upon Him while He is near. Let the wicked forsake his way, and the unrighteous man his thoughts; let him return to the Lord, and He will have mercy on him; and to our God, for He will abundantly pardon." Isaiah 55:6-7

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