My Judgement Is Set

The Father speaks

(Monday 1st November 2011, 08:06)

I have set My judgement, and it will come to pass. As you're doing whatever you're doing, you must ask yourself a question about how you'll feel if somebody does the same thing to you. Is the Father a wicked Father? I have set My judgement! If you fall into their category, you know where you're going. There is no reverse! My son, I have set My judgement, and it will come to pass. Whoever falls into the category will find himself to blame. Whoever falls into the category of destruction will find himself to blame. No amount of prayers will reverse it. It's your heart! You will live well if you change your heart; favour will come to you; you will not see any evil. But if you say you want to do evil, you don't want to change; you know the category you belong to. It's not about prayers; it's about the renewal of your heart. It's to renew your heart! My son, you cannot stand in the gap for anybody. You can never stand for them. All of them are doing evil. No matter any amount of prayers you pray, it cannot save them because they choose to do evil. All of them have signed to do evil. All of them that fall into this category will find themselves to blame. If you do what is good, you will have the reward. If you do what is bad, you will also have a reward. It's a result! What happens if you sit for an exam? You will either pass or fail. If you pass, you'll be happy. If you fail, are you going to blame your teacher? Your teacher has taught you everything. This is My main message this morning My son. Your teacher is the one that knows everything. He taught you everything, and when the exam came, he set an exam for you because you have to move forward. As he's teaching you, you will be on alert. You would listen attentively. Whatever you didn't understand, you would ask your teacher. You cannot go on your own way! If you do that, that means you don't want to move forward; you want to go backward. You don't want to go to the Promised Land your Father promised you. You want to go back to Egypt.

My son, I used Egypt as an example. I purposely set it so that My children would go there sometimes. I used everything as an example. Egypt was a dark place. It was a place of evil. Nobody knows Me. When the Father brought you out of Egypt, you want to go back there. What do you think would happen to you? You will destroy yourself. The teacher taught you everything so that when you got home, you would do revision. When the time for the exam comes, you'll pass. But when the teacher was teaching you, when he said one plus one, you were doing your own business. You said because the teacher said one plus one, you too would say four plus four. You rebelled against the word of the teacher. You're a rebellious child! The teacher that taught you knows more than you. What were you supposed to do? You would listen attentively. As you wanted to rebel against the teacher's word, will anyone blame the teacher when evil befalls you? Out of all the students, somebody must pass. If the teacher doesn't teach you well, nobody will pass.

My son, some of My children choose Me and say they will never do evil. Come rain, come sunshine, they will not do evil because they know I will feed them. That's why whenever I look at what many of My children are doing, I will say let Me still give everybody a chance when I think of the good ones. However, this time around, there is nothing like that. If I allow the rain of calamity to fall on this Earth, I will pick My children that trust in Me. If I say rain should destroy this Earth today, I know how to protect My children. I could remove them from this Earth and sustain them in the air until the water has destroyed everyone. Then I'll bring them back again. I will do it! I have various ways to destroy them. They think they have power. They're saying, 'my Father is a merciful Father'. They don't know what they're doing. I'm telling you that I have set My judgement that will bring peace on this Earth. I will wipe all of them away. Many atrocities are going on that you know nothing about. You only know the ones you can see. You will never believe the atrocities that go on in different holes. But when you see them outside, they're like angels. Many evil going on that nobody can talk about. My son, I Am the One speaking. I see all of them. You will never believe the evil that's going on. If I reveal some secret for you, you will cry. What the Father doesn't want to see, they're doing it everywhere. People are doing evil, My son! I will carry out My word, My son. It will happen, My son. Everywhere is full of evil. It will happen.

When the Father chose you and blessed you, you now forget about the Father. So, the Father that blessed you is a wicked Father? You now abandon Him and go your own way. I hear all their prayers, My son. I know that if I give them what they're asking Me, they will not remember the Father again. I need their heart. Look at all of them that are serving Me. I opened a channel for them, for My children to bless them, and they turned it into something else. They think the channel I opened for them is by their prayers. If I choose you and I open the door for you so that My children could bless you, you too have to bless them in return. Most of My children need it. Give it to them and let them be happy. You now keep everything to yourself. You now say the Father is a wicked Father; let me go and add to myself. You have now added to the cloth the Father gave you. That means the Father doesn't know what is good. That means the Father doesn't know what is good!! You are the one that knows what is good! Isn't it! Do you know more than the Father! You said the trouser the Father gave you is too short. You now went and added to it so it would be long. Whenever you're coming, the trouser will be rolling on the floor for people to know that somebody is coming. The Father knows why He said you should wear those trousers because you're a servant. You are a servant! Dress yourself like a servant! If they give you the honour, where is the Father? The Father gave you three-quarters of a pair of trousers to wear because you're a servant. The Father is the Father. He is the All-In-All. You now wear trouser that is longer than the one the Father is wearing. You are coming back to meet Me. You are coming back to meet Me! I know this Earth will not swallow you. You will drop all those things and return to the Father when the time comes, and I will tell you. If you go to the market to buy something, you will go back home no matter how long you stay there. You will not remain in the market forever; you will return home. Look at you; I asked you to go and buy something; I didn't tell you to buy everything you bought. We sat and communed together before you went to the market. I told you what you should do before you left. Why did you go and do your own? You will receive the punishment. No matter how it is, I will punish you because you bought what you shouldn't have bought. I will punish you! There are different categories of punishment. Yes, you may not go to Hellfire; you may go to Heaven, but there is punishment for you. I Am the One speaking. You will not go to Hellfire; you will go to Heaven, but punishment is still awaiting you. If it results in you going to Hellfire, you will go. If We consider you and you go to Heaven, We will still punish you for it. The honour they're giving you here is supposed to be there as well. We are watching you as you're working. Don't you know millions of people are there? Millions of people are on My throne. Many of My children came here; they did not commit any sin, but the enemies killed them. They're on My throne. We took them because their hands are clean. They are with Me. Do you know how many of them are there? Do you think We are begging you? You do yourself good to be there.

My son, the prayers you prayed will not save all of them because those doing evil are more than those doing good, and I will show them who I Am. I Am the One speaking. Nobody will believe that the Father can do this one on this Earth again. Nobody will believe it, My son. I Am going to do it! I Am happy. I will do it on this Earth. I Am the One that owns it. Are they giving Me food? Are they bribing Me? I do them good, but they choose to do evil. I will do it, My son. I Am the One! Nobody, no one pushes Me aside. My son, atrocity is everywhere, in every corner of this Earth. Even My children I chose!

My son, the message this time around is like the time of old. It's by fire! Whoever doesn't want to do it will die! There is no mercy this time around. Oh, the Father understands. No, the Father doesn't understand! It's your heart the Father needs. If you don't follow it, you know where you're going. Now it's My Son and Me. As He came because of them and they don't count it as anything; My Son is angry. He said Father, this time around, We would not leave them! My Son and I are together. We are in the battle together. We will accomplish it through the Holy Spirit because all of you are foolish. Three of Us are One. They don't know the Father they're serving.

I Am All-In-All. I Am the Old Man. One child will say he wants to tell Me the story of My life. Do you know how I was created? Do you know when I was born? Do you see the water I drank? Do you see the hand that carried Me when I was born? Don't you know that you've failed? I Am the Old Man. 

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"Seek the Lord while He may be found, call upon Him while He is near. Let the wicked forsake his way, and the unrighteous man his thoughts; let him return to the Lord, and He will have mercy on him; and to our God, for He will abundantly pardon." Isaiah 55:6-7

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