My Thought Towards You

The Father speaks

(Sunday 10th July 2011, 11:50)

My thought towards you is always good; it's not thought of evil; it's thought of progress, thought of blessing, and thought of fruitfulness. That is My thought towards you. I have no evil thoughts towards you. I created you with My heart, with everything in Me, and I poured My wine on you, and I said go into the world, multiply, and subdue the Earth. That was what I said. Did I reverse it back? Did I say you shouldn't give birth to children? Did I say you should remain barren? What caused it? It was sin! It was sin that caused it. It was sin. Even though sin caused it, all the blessings I pronounced on you are still there. When sin came, it covered everything. If you recognise who you are, that sin covered all your blessings, what should you do? You'll begin to uproot them one by one. You'll begin to flush them out one after the other. If you're clean, your blessings will begin to spring up again. It takes a spiritual mind to understand all these. Many of them don't want to know. I want blessing; I want blessing; I want blessing. How many times Am I going to bless you again? I have already blessed you! Why can't you search yourself? Why can't you search where you missed it? What did you put your hands where you're coming from? What about all the pronouncements the enemies pronounced upon you? Why can't you search yourself? My Father created me, and He packaged all my blessings as I was coming to this Earth; what is happening in my life? Why can't you search yourself? This thing that is happening to me is not ordinary; something went wrong somewhere; the Father that created me loves me; that was why He brought me into this Earth; something went wrong somewhere; let me search for my Father, so He can clean away all those things that are after my life; so that the glory of God, the light of my Father will shine upon my life.

My son, many of them don't want to hear this. They don't want to hear. Are you going to manufacture blessings for them? You cannot manufacture anything My son. You cannot; only your Father will do it. If you tell them what the enemies have done wrong in their lives, they will say 'no, I want the blessing'. Oh, I've been going there many months now, many years now, I still could not get my blessing; let me go to another place. The burden you carry around, why can't you say 'God, wash this thing away from me so that Your glory and Your light will shine upon me; so that I can be as You want me to be. You don't want to hear that one. Since the first day the Father brought you into this world, the hand that carried you, the places you went, caused many things to happen in your life. All of them work against God's blessing in your life. This is what they don't want to hear. Take your time and seek the Father. Take your time and do the will of the Father. Everything you've done wrong, every hand of evil in your life, the Father will wipe all of them away. Your light will shine again. They don't know. This is what they don't want to hear. They are running from pillar to post. Some of them went to where they increased their problem again. They now acquire another problem with the one that's already in their lives because they want blessing. They want blessing!

How many times will the Father bless you? The Father has already blessed you. He has already pronounced the blessing on you. The blessing is there with you. Because of your ignorance, you abandon the blessing and begin to go the wrong way. You begin to do what you don't suppose to do. By the end of the day, you will miss it. Why the Father; which church; I don't want to go again; since I've given my life to Jesus, the problem increased again. Why won't the problem increase? What you suppose to do at the right time, you didn't do it; you're seeking for blessing everywhere. What will you do if you wear a dirty garment and want to wear a new one? You will pull off the filthy garment and wear the new one. The dirty garment is there, you don't want to pull it off, yet you want to wear the new one. You now begin to add another filthy garment to that one. The clean garment the Father wore you when you came to this Earth, because of the place you came from, the hand that carried you, the food you ate, and the places you went polluted your body. They put another garment on you. If you know yourself, you will clean, wash, and purify yourself until that dirtiness is washed away. Then when the Father gives you a new garment, wherever you go, they will know that somebody is there. If the devil and his demons see you, they will say this one is no go area. But you don't want to hear that one. You don't want to hear. Those who have ears, let them hear that when the Father gives, He doesn't take it. The Father is not a wicked Father. He is never a wicked Father. Even though you go to the wrong place, He will still rescue you. If not because of the Father, you would have gone. Though you're not doing His will, He still watches over you saying, this is My son, this is My daughter; I will not allow them to destroy him because I know he will know Me one day; when he knows Me, I will cleanse him; I will purify him; he will be Mine. That is how it is My son. It takes a spiritual mind to understand this. They don't want to know this.

Are you serving your Pastor, or you're serving your God? If the Pastor says it will happen tomorrow, and it doesn't happen, that means he is a liar. Then you will leave there and go to another place. However, if the Pastor urges you to know your Father, to cleanse and filter yourself so that your Father can bless you, you say you don't want. The problem is still there. Everyday sin; the Father Himself is not a wicked Father; I am going to another place. You finish yourself! The Father is not two, not three; He is One. It's only one channel, no other. If the Father asks you to do something, you will still do it wherever you run to. If not, peace will not reign. If not, you will not see what you're looking for. The devil has done it; he has sealed it. Your Father alone has the power to loosen and clean it. Those who surrender themselves to the Father are blessed. They've made it.

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"Seek the Lord while He may be found, call upon Him while He is near. Let the wicked forsake his way, and the unrighteous man his thoughts; let him return to the Lord, and He will have mercy on him; and to our God, for He will abundantly pardon." Isaiah 55:6-7

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