A Believer

The Father speaks

(Monday 3rd May 2010, 14:00)

Who will speak and make it come to pass when I have not said it? I Am the Beginning and the Ending. I Am the only One that can lead right. I Am the Unquenchable Father. I Am the Authority! I give peace that no man can give. I give joy that no man can give. I Am Unbeatable God, and no one will challenge it. I order the path of the righteous. I make a way where there is no way. I make the crooked path straight, and I Am a Great Deliverer. My load is very light to carry and whoever drinks of Me will thirst no more. My blessing never adds sorrow; it’s unlike the one the world gives. Who can cage you? Who can ride on you? Who will condemn you when I’ve not condemned you? Who will contend with you? All powers belong to Me. I Am the God that searches every heart. I Am the Great Judge. Your way is not My way, and your thought is not My thought. The word of your mouth doesn’t move Me.

Who is a believer? He who obeys My Ten Commandments, he who builds My Word round his neck like beads, he is a believer. People are just wasting their time going to church. They shouldn’t bother themselves going there if they don’t do My will. Tell them to give their lives to Me totally and surrender all to Me. There are two kinds of Christians: The one who goes to the church and listens to what the Pastor says and follows it. Another one who goes to the church and listens to what the pastor says but doesn’t follow it and follows My Word. Some Christians go to church for going sake while others go with their heart and as well obey My Word. I Am the Way, the Truth and the Life. I give eternal life. Tell them to change their ways now so that later, they will not say they haven’t heard. Are you serving Me with your lips? If You play with Me, then you’re playing with fire. I Am the God of Anger, and I come with anger. Those who tried Me saw My wrath. I Am not a wicked Father. Choose whom to follow; either you follow me or the words of people’s mouth. Heaven is real My son. I don’t speak because I want to speak. Those I love, I chastise them. Tell those who’re playing with My Words that they are playing with fire. If you don’t know, then you don’t know. If you are ignorant, you know you are ignorant.

My son, if you know how I ordained Marriage, if you know how powerful the Spirit that guides marriage is, you will bow. I purposely did it because it’s not a day journey. Marriage is the best thing on earth, for both couples to be happy till the end. When both of them are young, when the woman begins to have children, her body will begin to change. She may later have ten children, and despite the changes in her body, her husband will still love her. I made it that way. If My children remain under My umbrella, they will enjoy marriage till the end. Because My children don’t obey Me anymore, their marriage is broken down. Sometimes, a man has to submit to his wife because of love. It doesn't matter if a woman is older than her husband, that doesn’t mean she should break My law. Because they’ve gone their way; therefore, Satan controls marriages nowadays. If I know that one of them wants to kill the other, I will separate them so that they will go their different ways. Only on a special ground do I allow separation. Now they’ve turned everything upside-down. I created man out of Me but I created a woman out of the man, and as a result of this, the man has a big heart.

Since the day I created human beings, their heart is evil, and I regret creating them. Most of them are evil! Their heart intends to kill and destroy. They are evil! I Am a covenant keeping God. The covenant I had with Abraham is still working till today, and that is the covenant many of My children are enjoying.

I give peace, the peace that man cannot give. I give joy, the joy that man cannot give. I Am the One that has the final say. I Am the Great Deliverer. Who will battle with Me? When I shut the door, no one will open it. I Am All-In-All. I Am a God of hope. I Am a covenant keeping Father. The truth is bitter, but you must speak the truth and wait for your time. Their thought is not My thought, and their way is not My way. No, he’s not my heart's desire; my God can’t choose that for me. I look at the end and the beginning, but you look at the way it will fit you. Seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all other things shall be added unto you. You went to the market to buy things, and you could not carry all the things you bought by yourself. He who provided money for you to buy, can’t He provide a vehicle for you to carry what you bought? I make a way where there is no way. All those things they’re running after are nothing. I Am not a man that I should lie or the son of man that I should change My mind. Choice! You can choose to buy this cloth and choose not to buy it again.

My son, what happened to My children in the land of Egypt? They cried to Me. What happened in the Wilderness? They changed their mind. What happened then? It led them to destruction. You prayed to Me, and I gave you what you want. Later you said you don’t want it again and you threw it away.

Many of them will not believe you if you tell them about these things. Are they the ones who created Me or I’m the One who created them? Are they going to teach Me or I’m the One to teach them? I Am Unbeatable Father! Who created good and evil? Is it not Me! I Am Unaffordable God. Can you afford Me? Never! To where are you running? I see everywhere. I see beyond the depth of the sea. You can never afford Me. I Am Unstoppable Father. I choose whomever I want to choose, and nobody will ask Me. I search every heart. I Am Unpredictable Father. You cannot predict Me. You cannot control Me. You cannot do away with My Word. You cannot obey some and neglect some. Serve Me carefully; don’t serve Me carelessly. All My Words are for your own good. None of My Words is useless. My son, you’re not like them. I Am a Holy Father. Don’t give Me dirty food to eat. Don’t pollute Me. It’s Me you give food to eat. I Am inside your body. Look before you buy and before you eat. Polluted and unclean food! There are clean and unclean animals. Slaughtered and none slaughtered animals. Do you know how they preserve them?

Do you know why I’m laughing? Many of them go and buy whatever they see. When My Son came, did He change My Word? He only changed little things there, “Do not revenge”. All My Words stand till today. You do as you want and eat as you want. Nobody doubts My Word. New Testament! What happened to the Old Testament? Are they not My Words? Nobody doubts My Word, and nobody can’t bear My Word. All of them will bear My Word. Anybody you tell about Me who takes it as a joke, leave him. Everybody will carry their cross. My Word can never change. A preacher is coming. He is coming again. Preacher! There is a price each one of them will pay. A time is coming, had I known, had I known. The perishing time! A lot of people will begin to cry ‘had I known’, but it will be too late. This is why I come down to teach you everything. None of My Word changes. I used My son Jeremiah the Prophet to speak a lot, and it came to pass. Check Jeremiah 14. Everything he said came to pass. They mocked him.

Had I known is coming! What is happening now? It’s crashing gradually. When it begins to happen, a lot of things will begin to take place. They are cutting down on everything right now. Whoever is spending £5 will begin to spend £3. What is the meaning of tribulation? It’s coming to an end. My son, I’m preparing you. With tooth and nail, I’m preparing you. Let them pursue the things of this world. Even though no one listens to you, I don’t want you to miss it. I Am Milk and Honey. I Am the Water of the world. Whoever drinks Me will thirst no more. Let them seek the things of the world. I Am Unbeatable Word. I Am Unforgettable Word. Whoever seeks Me finds Me at the right time.

I want you to tell My children about Me. There are so many of them in the church following after miracle. They know My Word, but they don’t follow it. A lot of them are in the church; they pursue worldly things. If you don’t know, I’m telling you now. I surrender, I surrender some; I surrender, I surrender some... Not all! You cannot give My glory to an idol. I Am a Jealous Father. Remain focus; give your heart to Me. I will do it. I own you. Give your heart to Me. What is the meaning of giving your life to Jesus Christ? Even if somebody offends you, you must forgive.

What is tabernacle? Who are the people that are supposed to enter there? There is some part of that tabernacle I destined some people to enter. If I don’t destine you to enter there and you enter, you will die. I do not dwell in a dirty place. I search every heart. I search every heart. I search a place before I enter there. I Am a Holy Father. You give honour to whom honour is due. There is a time for everything. Whom I love I chastise. I Am the Father that gives, and I Am the Father that takes. All powers belong to Me. I search every heart. I weigh everybody. I will look, I will weigh, if I give it to you, will it take you away from Me, that is Me. If I give you a little and you can’t control it, what if I release plenty to you? Money is the root of all evil. Those who search for Me shall see Me. They shall see the Lord. The things of this world will fail those who choose them!

My son, do you know that many of my children are somewhere preaching My Word. They have no water to drink, and they are there because of Me. They lie on their belly, praying to Me concerning My children. They are there; they don’t even know what will happen in the evening. They don’t know how to feed themselves. I Am a Father; I will always send people to them.

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"Seek the Lord while He may be found, call upon Him while He is near. Let the wicked forsake his way, and the unrighteous man his thoughts; let him return to the Lord, and He will have mercy on him; and to our God, for He will abundantly pardon." Isaiah 55:6-7

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