A Righteous Man

The Father speaks

(Saturday 6th November 2010, 17:45)

Who is a righteous man? Who is a righteous man? He who does not repay evil for evil, who does not think double of his fellow human being, who does not suspect his fellow human being, he is a righteous man. Because you know who you are, because you know your Father can rescue you. That person is a righteous person. As long as you think double of your fellow human being, you have sinned. Immediately you think like that, you put it into practise. Do not think evil of any man. Love everybody equal and leave the remaining battle for Me. When you do good for somebody, will he kill you because of the good you do for him? I will never allow it to happen. You will never kill anyone because he does you good. You can only make allegations against that person. Nobody can kill you because of the good you do for him. That is why I say don’t think anything negative of any man. Be free with everybody. Anybody you want to do good for, do it and forget about it. Whatever that person wants to do afterwards, it’s left for him. Besides, you know that nobody can touch you. Isn’t it? You know it. That was why I asked you that question, ‘who is a righteous man’. The person who does My will, who obeys My Commandments, who does what I said he should do, that man is a righteous man. That was why I sang that song, whoever wants to go to heaven after death must take his Bible in his hand, love his neighbour as himself. Do everything that is in the Bible. Then you’ve made it. Don’t think of anything. Not only when you fornicate, not only when you lie, not only when you backbite; the thinking of you heart is sin. Don’t think anything against anybody. Nobody can kill you for the good you do. Is it so easy? I said you should go and do good. Because you do it with your whole heart. If that person thinks negative because of the good you do, leave him for me. Don’t think any man can arm you. Never! Those people you think can never do you evil are the ones who will do you evil. This is what We are saying! If your wife, who produced children for you, who prepared your meal could arm you. Is she not your bone of bone? Is she not your flesh of flesh? If she could tie you down not to make it, how much more outsiders. After Me, your wife is the next person to you. After your God, is your wife or your husband. Can you think your bone of bone can do you evil? If that one can arm you, how much more somebody else. Don’t think anything negative about anybody. Are you listening to Me? If you do that, you are committing sin. Whomever you want to give something to, give it. Are you listening to Me? Because when you were discussing with My daughter, I was hearing what you people were saying. Anybody you want to do good for, do it. Expand your hands. As you expand your hands, I will continually bless you. Treat everybody equal. Do it and forget about it. Except I warn you not to do it. Then, there is a purpose for it. I am the God that knows the end from the Beginning. Just do good. It shall be well with you.

Do you see the difference? When somebody destroyed it, another person is rebuilding it. Who has the ultimate power? That’s why I sang that song. When you destroy it, when you spoilt it, when you do it in a way that nobody can ever remember him as a human being, when you destroy and turn everything upside down, and you can never repair it. There is Somebody there who can repair it, to make it better than what it used to be. Both of them, who are you going to respect? You have to be happy because you have the Greatest. You have to be happy everyday.

You don’t see what I see. If you see what I see, you will be happy. Weeping may endure for a night, but joy comes in the morning. You should be happy. Why are you sorrowful? The One in you is more than the one in them. Why are you sorrowful? Why are you so bitter? They are human beings. Am I a human being? I’m not the one you can see. I’m not the one you can beat. Nobody can beat Me. Nobody can chase Me away not to come and visit you. You are My son and you know that. I reveal for you to revive, for you to know how you should move, for you to know how you should talk, for you to know how you should fashion your prayers because prayer is My food. Yes, prayer is My food. Prayers and praises are My food. That is the weapon you will use to cane the enemies. That is their cane if you want to defeat them. When you begin to pray and praise, the atmosphere is no more conducive for them. They will run away. I know what I’m saying. If you want to defeat demons, prayers and praises will burn them like fire. No matter how a situation may be, if you take it to God in praises and prayers, you will win. Because the Egyptians you see today, you will see them no more. Praises and prayers will defeat them. They will run away.

If you open that Bible, starting from the Book of Psalms, what do you see there? Let Me tell you something: You see this Book, everything in it are very important. That is why I told you at the initial stage, whatever anybody tells you, if it’s not in this Book, then it’s not from Me. Is that not what I told you? Nothing lost in it. It’s human being like you I used to write it. It was the things that happened to them you see here. They are human being like you. That is why I told you and I’m still telling you to write down everything, and I have My reason for it. Because those I inspired to write this (The Bible) are human being like you. Are you not human being? When I’m dealing with you in this closet, when nobody sees you, nobody knows anything about it. If you don’t say it out, nobody will know. However, if you bring it out, then people will know, people will see it. If these people covered it, would anybody know? Nobody would know. That is why you see each person I dealt with. It’s the same Me. I am the God of yesterday. I am a God of today. I am forever. It’s the same Me. It’s Me. I reveal the secret of secrets through My children. I reveal the secret of secrets. I can use you the way I want to use you. I can show you all mysteries. Do you know My son John? I opened his eyes to see. He saw many things. They are all there in that Book. Isn’t it? If they don’t say it out will you know? The ones I gave power, I gave them power. Do you know about Elijah? I gave him power, I gave him the authority. It’s Me. Nobody will question Me. I do it the way I want. I can turn you to whatever I want to turn you to. It’s Me. Whatever name they want to give you, let them give you. Just as I’m dealing with My daughter right now. I’m taking her somewhere. She’s My vessel. I chose her. It’s Me. Nobody will ask Me. Nobody will question Me. It’s Me. They look at her like a common person, they look at her and say who is there. Those I used her to speak to, they count it as nothing. As time goes on, they will know. They will come across the same word again. Instead of them to work on the word I spoke to them through My daughter, they would wait until their time have passed. They use it to eat food. They look at her situation, they said look at them. Because neither you drive a jeep nor live in a mansion, they don’t know I use foolish people to reveal secrets. The people they think are foolish, I use them to reveal the secret of secrets. That’s Me. I know who they are. Because you count them as nothing, but they are something in My hand. When I used them to speak to you, you count it as nothing. You will receive the punishment because I will ask you at the end. You think they are talkative. Are you a talkative? If I seal your mouth can you speak? I’m the One that control it. Even if I’m inside you, if I don’t give you the go-ahead, you can’t speak. You will be there like a dummy. You can even cry and cry for the Holy Spirit. If I want to prove Myself, for you to know I have power, the Holy Spirit will be there, and you can’t speak because I will seize Him. Powers belong to Me. You should know. It’s not something to boast about. It’s Me. It’s not by you. You can’t provide it by yourself. It’s Me. I do it the way I want to do it. I’m proud of it. When I come down, I reveal secret for you. I don’t reveal secret for you to be sad. I reveal it for you to be happy and to know your stand so you won’t walk blindly. If I don’t reveal, it’s like you are blind. I reveal so they won’t defeat you. I let you know what is coming so that before they come, you will stand and wait for them. I that reveal the secret to you too will be there. If I don’t reveal it to you, if I fight the battle on your behalf, you won’t know. You won’t know what I did for you. What did I ask you yesterday? I asked you to look around if you could see something. You said you see nothing, but I saw something. There are many wars in My children’s life. They enter inside many, they ate many, and they couldn’t see. Their eyes are blind, they can’t see anything. There are some people out there, who equip themselves everyday to do you evil. You call yourself a Christian, you go to church, and you are weak. If anything touches you, you will fall. Yet, you say you’re a Christian. You swim inside sin, you eat inside sin, you do everything inside sin, and you say you’re a Christian. When the devil strikes you, you’ll fall down. You say ah, I’ve prayed, I always go to church; my Father didn’t even tell me when this evil is coming. You deceive yourself! You call yourself a Christian. Are you a Christian? Is it a name? If you’re a Christian, you won’t do all I asked you not to do. When people see you, they will know you’re a Christian. The devil will try you, when they come, they will know. You too will know and they will flee. But a Christian by mouth; if they just touch you, you will scatter. I go to church everyday, I pay my tithe, I give my offering, why don’t my God look at me. Just look at yourself! I’ve said it before; the journey is not easy, it carries a lot of weight. If you obey one, you mustn’t disobey the other. If you obey one, don’t think that’s all. You must obey all. Everything is in the same way. If you’re a giver, and because of that you think you can continue to sin; you are happy because you always give and you believe you are going to heaven. No, to hellfire you will go because you did what I asked you not to do. Do everything I asked you to do so it can be well with you. The devil and the demons are there. They will try you in one way or the other. Don’t fail. These are all the things they will use against you. Don’t fail.

My son, I’m telling you all this to tell My children, because you’ve tasted it. You’ve learnt a lot now. Everything I’m telling you now, not because you’ve done anything wrong. However, I’m telling you to tell My children. You’ve learnt a lot. The devil will stand to challenge you. God said they shouldn’t do this, why are they doing it? They will use it against you. What is their work? They have no other work than to destroy. They don’t sleep. The devil doesn’t have any other work. They are in categories. Their mission is to destroy. They can destroy what is good in a twinkling of an eye. They move from place to place. Theirs is to destroy, not to build. Therefore, you who call yourself a Christian should equip yourself. Forsake sin; do the right thing at the right time. It shall be well with you. The devil will not even come near you because you are a no-go area. They themselves know their boundaries. I’ve used an egg to make an illustration for you before. Does an egg have a hole? Because it has no hole, no ant can enter inside. I’ve told you about tat My son before. As I’m speaking to you right now, the devil has nothing to hold him down. The mistake he made that people wanted to capitalise upon to bring him down just because of vanity upon vanity. Apart from that, there is nothing else to hold him down. I’m seeing him as I’m talking to you right now. They will never use anything against him because he knows his right. He knows what he supposed to do. Wherever he goes, he goes with his wife. They do everything together to avoid trouble, so they won’t give him a name that is not his own; because the devil is very crafty. Immediately they could bring him down, that is it. Even though he doesn’t do it, as far as they could bring him down, they will be satisfied. What will you do? You have to be wise. You have to be wise. I’m telling you this to learn more, for you to know the kind of people you associate with, for you to know how to speak. You should know what you discourse with people so they won’t use it against you. The devil’s is to destroy. Theirs is to bring down what is good, to pull down a man. They are very active in that area. That is why I’m telling you My son. You have to be very careful. This world is not a place you say you can live in it as you see it. All these special people are hotcake in devil’s hand. If they can bring down one, they will be promoted. I’ve spoken to you a lot and you’ve learnt a lot. Nobody will condemn you.

Do you know kola nut? If a worm eats it and create sour in it, then you take it to the hospital for treatment; if they treat the kola nut and the sour is no more there, they fail to remove the worm out of the kola nut, what do you think could happen again? Then what are you asking Me! I don’t want to say anything concerning that side. Just focus your attention on your own because what I will say that people won’t take seriously, what I will say that people will not do anything with it, I don’t want to say it anymore. I want whatever I say to be active. I don’t just want to say My word for saying sake. What did I say last time? I said wherever you go, it’s the same Me you will meet there. Now they are coming back to you. So, when I say something, that means I don’t know what I’m saying. I don’t think I can tell you any other thing than the ones I’ve told you before. Therefore, close that chapter. I’ve told you, you shouldn’t carry another person’s load. Be careful! They will bring problem that is more than this one to you. They know everything, but they don’t want to tell you. They are pulling your legs because they want to hear from you. Any word I say and they don’t believe Me, you just be on your own. When you’ve been battling with your own life, who asked you how you’ve been doing it. Some even said you were lying because they don’t know what you were passing through. They said you were lying. It was something done in thick darkness and it takes a powerful person to know unless I give you the wisdom and knowledge. They will only look at the surface and begin to blame you. They don’t know what is there. That is why those people are very wicked. They would say if I do it like this, he will suffer the punishment, people will blame him, and nobody will suspect we are the one who did it. My son, I will punish them! I will punish all of them. They did their own in the dark, I will do Mine in the public. I will punish them publicly. I will do it! You begin to eat somebody silently and then push him out to go, and he began to suffer. People began to blame him. They were asking themselves what’s wrong with this man. They never knew there was somebody behind it. You carried all the blame and put it on the man’s head. Let them come! Let them come and attack! Let them hire themselves and come. When I gave them their own time, they finished their mission. This is My own time. I’m doing Mine now. They finished theirs, isn’t it? I’m doing My own now. My son, get up; stand up and sit down! During their own time, I sat back and I gave them time. They’ve finished theirs. This is My own time. Let them come! Why are they crying? Why are they in panic now? Was it today you people separated? Why are they crying now? Because I’ve stepped into the situation. So many things were deposited in your body. Many of My children as well, so many things were deposited in their body. So many bullets and arrows were deposited there. If they start to deal with it now, they could still go far. Some of them, in their heads, there are loads of bullets that weaken them. Nevertheless, I can remove them. If I remove them, won’t they come back again? This is why I’m sending you this kind of message to them. If they could do what I say, that woman will run away. What happened in that house you have lived before? She confessed it openly. Nobody will believe you My son. Many of My children die in silence, they die in fear, and they die in heaviness because of their problem. You can come out of it with a word from your mouth. My son, you will testify! You see it now. The worst she can do is what she’s doing now. Children; you don’t take care of my children. Children will grow and be on their own. Don’t trouble yourself My son. You cannot turn back the hand of the clock. It is too late! This is exactly what some of My children could have done. They’re looking for somebody who will say something. I’ve told you to be careful. Even their children know what is going on. They know who is behind the case of their father. However, I can still do it. If everybody in the house gathers together and call upon Me, I will come down. Something will happen. There is no other solution to any problem than prayer. When you pray, I turn things around and it’ll become a brand-new. Something that is condemned, when I stepped into it, people will know it’s Me. Because every work I do, you will know it’s Me. I’m proud of Myself and the glory returns to Me. Many of them have wasted time a lot and they’re still wasting time. They’re still wasting time asking questions, how am I going to do it. Don’t they know what they supposed to do? Let Me tell you My son; everywhere they went, all the men of God they visited, they all knew the root of the problem but they are afraid. All of them are scared, they don’t want to carry problem on their heads. Be careful! Some of them, their own case is a mere case, yours is more serious. They took their memory away, but yours is more serious. I delivered you because you remembered Me I’m your Father, that you will not die in this situation like this. You have to thank God. Some of My children, they took their memory because memory goes with glory. Since they have no memory to do anything, everything they supposed to do, they couldn’t do them. All the blessings are what they took from them. You can’t achieve anything when you have no memory. You preach, you heal, and you do everything. Can you do all these when you have no memory? That is the glory, which is the blessing. They took everything away from them. That’s what they did to them.

My son, My daughter I used to speak, I’m the One speaking, not she. I use her to speak the secret of secrets. No other person will challenge Me. I’ve told you before. Let them go anywhere they want to go and nobody will even speak the one I speak because it’s Me. I’m the Root. I’m the One speaking. I am the Father, I am the One inside My daughter, I am the One speaking. Let Me tell you something: Sometimes Holy Spirit speaks through some people, though it’s Me. I’m the One speaking now. This is why I always boast of Myself, I always tell you I’m the Father, the Almighty. If the Father and Holy Spirit speak, which One will you believe most? So, you believe Me now.

I am happy because I’m inside My daughter. I will never change. I will never die. Every word I speak will come to pass. It will come to pass. That is why I’m happy. Follow what I asked you to do. Don’t trouble your heart. Never trouble your heart. The things I said you should do, do them. Follow the way of truth. That settles it. I am not two; I am not three; I am One. I scatter Myself around. I’ve told you before. I can speak to uncountable people at the same time. I can appear to millions of people at the same time. It’s Me. It’s the same Me. That is why those who come and try Me, they ran away. Those who come and try Me, they ran away. Those who come and try Me, I mean My daughter, they ran away. Don’t think because she’s your wife and talk to her anyhow. I know she’s your wife. She will never do you any harm. She will never talk to you anyhow. That is why you have to respect her. She deserves more than respect in your hand. It’s not easy. The way I created her, it’s not easy. I purposely put a heart of a baby in her. This is why she can never do you any evil. I’ve told you before and I know why I did it. She deserves more than respect from you because since she enter your life, your story changed. It’s Me. Yes, it’s Me. Can people hear this outside, that My wife is revealing secrets to me inside the house. It’s not your wife, it’s Me, I am the Creator. The ones you know you can publish, publish them; the ones you can’t publish, write them down and put them aside to be published later because I’m taking you people somewhere. I never change.

What do you know about the Holy Spirit? Holy Spirit is My Messenger, He’s My handwork. If I cannot go, I will send the Holy Spirit. It’s Me. It’s the same Me. If I cannot go, I will send the Holy Spirit to go. It’s the same Me. God The Father, God The Son, God The Holy Spirit. For you to know that the wife I give to you is not ordinary person, has she missed one day without praying? What did I tell you? If she hasn’t prayed, I will send the Holy Spirit to go and remind her. That is the work of the Holy Spirit. He is My Messenger. It’s the same Me. When I come, as I come now, you can hear Me, isn’t it? That is why I told you, whatever she says, believe her. Don’t use man’s power to disbelieve her because she’s more than a man.

Did she do it by herself? I’m the One. It’s not what anybody should boast of. It’s Me. I did it the way I wanted to do it. I created her to be how I wanted her to be. It’s not a matter of fasting. She only fast if she wants to and I’m always with her. Come and embrace Me again. Anybody who do you evil do himself because I’m with you.

I’m just thinking about those I spoke to through My daughter. They supposed to be happy and apply it immediately. They used it to eat, they used it to work. Look at those I spoke to, they’re pursuing things of this world. Very soon, they will regret. They will regret. I search every heart. I know the heart of every man. Who supposed to tie their belt didn’t tie their belt. They’re using it to play football. What they were asked to do, they didn’t do it. Which category do they belong to? Things of this world! If you give gold to somebody, only the one who values it can keep it. You know how it takes to get the gold. It’s very hard. Can you pour water into a leaking vessel? However, if you block all the holes, the water will stay. You are not fasting, you are not praying, how can you block the hole? You are there thinking of this and that. It doesn’t matter. Everybody with what they believe. Don’t waste your time. It’s like you are wasting your time. The truth will tell, you will see it. It won’t be long, you will see the truth. Let witches and wizards come to this house, can they come? It’s a fire. Those who went to hire power, they saw Me. When they told you to fast and pray, they’re crying. I wanted to go; I just say I should tell you because I’m seeing everything.

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"Seek the Lord while He may be found, call upon Him while He is near. Let the wicked forsake his way, and the unrighteous man his thoughts; let him return to the Lord, and He will have mercy on him; and to our God, for He will abundantly pardon." Isaiah 55:6-7

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