Almighty God Is Coming

Jesus Christ and the Father speaks

(Sunday 29th May 2022, 11:30)

Jesus speaks

The Earth is full of evil everywhere. There is nothing to compare her evil. Almighty God is coming! My Father is coming! He is coming! He is coming in a whirlwind. All of you are fighting Christians for them to commit sin continually. You must know you cannot fight Almighty God. Woe to every Christian that joins others to do evil. My son, tell them. Tell them! Almighty God is coming in His anger. I cannot describe the fight. If Satan wins all the glorious Pastors, can he win Almighty God? Can he win My Father? You're afraid of evil people, and you gave yourself back to demons. Why can't you stand and say, ‘even if they kill me, let me die for God, let me die for Jesus, let me die for my Father because there is another life after death’? Now, Satan has won all of you. Where will you be when Almighty God comes down to fight? Where will you be? It's never too late. My son, tell them your Father says it's not too late. He is coming very soon. It won't be too long. Many people will die! Many people will go down. Many people will follow them. There is no mercy for anyone if He comes. I came to this Earth to reduce sin, not to promote it. I suffered! I bled and died! If there were sin in Me, I wouldn’t have resurrected. You call yourselves Pastors and Christians, and you promote sin everywhere. My Father will not spare any of you.

My son, tell them they're failures. They have failed. My Father will not look at anyone when He comes. Nobody can disgrace My Father and Me. He will not remember their work because they've disgraced themselves. They're among those people that will go down. They're among those Almighty God will grind into pieces. If they die, they will face torment. The time is nigh. My son, tell them. Those among them who want to change can change. And even if they change, They'll still look at their level spiritually. It won't be automatic because if somebody changes from evil to good, it will take some years before the spirit of evil can leave him. Can the spirit disappear from you before Almighty God comes? He will come and judge the Earth in different forms. Nobody plays with My Father. The Earth belongs to Him. You know what that means for you who claim to be a Christian, who claims to be a believer to join others to do evil. You know that your body will be okay whenever you live in holiness, but you know how you feel whenever you do evil. Now, you join others to do evil and put Almighty God in a corner. Will Almighty God see shame? You and your generation will see shame. Tell all of them My son.

The Father speaks

When I led My children to the Red Sea, before Moses raised his rod, I first came down and touched the sea with My feet. I stood on the sea, and every spirit disappeared. The moment I touched it, it turned to ordinary ground. But the children of Israel didn’t see any dry land. They couldn't see Me. That's why I gave the power to Moses for them to see it and believe. Right from the beginning, I Am a Miracle Worker. Before the children of Israel entered the sea, I was there looking at them. For a physical reason, I instructed Moses on what to do so that the story would be there. Moses was a sinner! He might touch the sea with his rod, and the spirits could refuse to honour him. I went down to the depth of the sea and spoke to them to allow My children to pass through. I created them, and they wouldn't disobey Me.

If I want to judge this Earth, I will come down and touch the Earth with My feet, and none of you will see Me. My son, tell them they're all foolish. Jesus Christ is not coming alone. I Am coming! I Am the Mighty Man-In-Battle. I Am the Creator of everything. You only know what I tell you. If I could bring Jesus Christ to this Earth, and He walked among you as a Human Being, what do you think I did before I created the Earth? I revealed what I did to human beings like you. That's why you can see the stories in your Bible. There are certain things I didn't reveal to anybody. I Am a Human Being like all of you. I Am a Man, but I Am a Spirit. My power is unsearchable. All of you built caskets everywhere, and you call them houses, yet you claim there is no God. If I spread My hand, everything will become piles of rubbles. You will not see anything on the ground anymore. All of you have heard about the tower of Babel. Many things happened that were not recorded anywhere. Won't you run away from such a Person? If you have the power as you claim, why can't you stop people from dying? Nobody can adjourn the spirit of death. I have programmed it that My children would live until a certain age and die. They will die at a ripe old age. Lucifer knows this. He knows that nobody can adjourn the spirit of death. That's why he lures all of you into sin so he could kill you prematurely. You're the one that will maintain yourself so that the spirit of death will not visit you before your time. Death is fixed! Nobody can adjourn it. Satan knows this; that's why he acts upon My Word to kill all of you because of your sin. He knows how to force you to die prematurely. He will cause your Spirit to commit sin so he can kill you.

When I keep shouting that you should run away from sin, you think it's a joke. While you're committing sin, some people may clap hands for you. Who will suffer for it? My son, tell them I Am coming. Whatever you know how to do, continue to do it. You cannot sit inside your house that you don't want to commit sin anymore but fail to vomit the ones in your body. You're lying because the spirit will torment you. You will be like a drunkard. Are you not the one who will walk to the shop and exchange your money for alcohol or any other intoxicating drink? After you're drunk, you'll begin to speak nonsense from your mouth. You will not be okay until it washes away from your system. It may take you some days. You can speak whatever you like. You can do whatever you want. You can even sleep with your own daughter because you're drunk. That's how the spirit of sin works. The spirit will hold your Spirit and soul and pushes you to act because he knows it's an abomination to your body. After you've done his bidding, your eyes will clear. You'll begin to shed tears. Who are you shedding tears for? Why can't you run away from the house and run to a man of God that something is living inside you, that you need prayers? Oh, he had children before he married. Oh, she had children before she married. All of you will have children before marriage. Is it My will? How many will I overlook? My son, tell them that they should not play with their lives as Christians. Judgement is awaiting all of you.

You may stand and begin to judge, asking who is this again. Yes, who is this? I Am the One! You cannot see Me physically; that's why I send human beings like you. My son, if they like, they can send any message to you. Tell them to send the message to Me. Anyone who visits your website, reads this message, and begins to speak nonsense will see Me because I live in their body. I've been speaking and speaking. All of you will see more things on this Earth. Strange things will happen! Some people will remove their shoes and run. They will see spirits chasing them physically. People will think they've run mad. I told you before. You know how to do evil in the corner. I Am the Almighty God. I will allow the spirit to come out physically and torment all of you. If you're running and people cannot see who is chasing you, they'll think you're mad. Then you'll open your mouth and confess. You think you're dealing with Almighty God as if you're dealing with a baby. Am I a baby? Praise the Lord; praise the Lord; God spoke to me. The same God will disgrace all of you publicly. You should wait and see. I Am the Almighty God.

The time I gave to all of you is over. You will see it now. Where you went and acquired your power, they failed to tell you it would expire. I have no limitations. My power doesn't expire. You went somewhere and acquired power so you can charm Me. Can you charm Me? I Am the Almighty God! Can you charm Me? You cannot charm Me. I only gave you the chance to do whatever you want because I know your cup will soon full up. You're using the power, and others emulate you. There's no good man of God anymore. There is no good Christian anymore.

The Earth is Mine and the fullness thereof. This was exactly what happened in the Garden of Eden. I said I could control the sins of My children. What happened by the end of the day? When evil begins to befall all of you, you'll know that I Am the Almighty God. Any of you who knows Me should come out. If you know Me, come out and describe what I look like to the people if you've seen Me before. Do you think I Am like your priest who did charm for you? You killed him so that your secret wouldn't be exposed? My son, tell them nobody can charm Me. I Am a Spirit. You will close your door, and I'll enter. I Am coming. There is no delay anymore.

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"Seek the Lord while He may be found, call upon Him while He is near. Let the wicked forsake his way, and the unrighteous man his thoughts; let him return to the Lord, and He will have mercy on him; and to our God, for He will abundantly pardon." Isaiah 55:6-7

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