Be In Charge Of Your Body

The Father speaks

(Sunday 8th January 2023, 11:00)

If somebody prepares a load for you to carry, and you know you have some pains in your body, he cannot force you to carry it. If he forces you, you know what that means. Sin is more than a load, the load that you can't see that weighs down your journey. It doesn't weigh down your journey alone; it also makes you omit many benefits along the journey. This isn't what somebody tells you but what you experience in your body. What I'm telling you now is more than a message. All of you aren't babies that expect somebody or that I should send down a powerful person from Heaven who will begin to touch and roll your head for you to fall down. No! The time of falling down is over. You will fall down with the demons in your body and get up with them. You will decide by yourself that you'll not feed your body with the kind of food you're eating. Be in charge of your body. I Am the Almighty God. Jehovah is My name. I Am the Great I Am That I Am. I Am the Originator. I Am the Creator of this Earth. I Am the Authority. I Am the Originator. Nobody understands Me, but I know Myself. Nobody will force Me to speak or not speak. I speak whenever I want to speak, and nobody controls Me. I control Myself. Nobody owns Me; I own Myself.

If you know that the type of food you’re eating is sweet and good for your body, continue with it. However, you will manage whatever you see. There are some earthly foods; if you eat them too much, they can cause sickness to your body; how much more is the food of sin you're eating? You acquire them into your body. It's not only food; it also concerns the words that come out of your mouth, the clothes you wear, where you go, what you do, and everything about your life. There is no other message or sermon. I'll continue to speak the same message I've been speaking before. Be in charge of your body. Don't emulate anybody. Somebody is doing this, and I want to do it too. If you know that it won't weigh you down, that means you're more than capable. That means My Spirit in you is more than the spirit of sin which is in you. Other people may see it as a sin, but you may not see it as such. That means you're in charge of your body. Oh, she doesn’t put it on because of sin; we cannot hold her down because of it; let us go. But if you emulate somebody, and they see that you do it in a way of sin, they will hold you down. Whatever you do, if they look inside your heart and know that you do it in a way of sin, you commit sin. This year, be in charge of your body. Don’t let anybody push you to and fro. Don’t let anybody begin to roll your head. Don’t emulate anybody because you’ll incur sickness from there if you're not careful. Powerful spirits of sin will use your body as their prey. Be in charge of your body. If you’re in control of your body, you’re locking the door of your heart against every evil. Even when you lie down on your bed, you will see them. You will speak to them; they cannot enter you because you’re in charge of your body. This is what I speak; this is what My Son speaks, and this is what the Holy Spirit speaks. This is My word for all of you this year. If you emulate anybody this year, you’ll partake in whatever evil that befalls that person. Being in charge of your body means walking and working with Almighty God. I Am the Almighty God.

The charge of your body is from your body to your house, from your house to outside, and from outside to the church. People may look at you that you’re suffering yourself. Don’t mind. You know what you’re doing. For example, you’re invited to a party where they serve alcohol. You ask them to give you a soft drink or water as you get there. That water you drink cleanses your body. But those who drink alcohol think you’re foolish. By the end of the day, you will all leave and go to your house. All of you are Christians together, and you’ll appear in the church again. Is that the kind of church I choose? You’re killing yourself! If a little child insults you, you’ll calm down and be looking at him. Even if it’s your place of work, as you keep quiet, he may think you’re afraid of him. But you know what you’re doing. As you stay calm, Somebody will bypass you and punish him. But that day, you didn’t do anything. I told you to fold your hands and let Me fight for you. You didn’t merit that kind of insult from him. The Person who sees you and him who is invisible will go and fight for you. That’s why you must refrain your mouth from every evil word. Supposing as it happened, if you utter any bad word and something happens to him, people will hold you ransom. Be in charge of your body. Leave everything for Me. I’m going to fight for you. This is the example of Christians I choose, even inside the church.

As I was right from the beginning, so I Am. I never change My mouth. I still hold on to My word. The church I choose, from your body to outside, is in charge of your body. You are the church. The food that you cooked, that you know it’s not sweet, why did you cook it for people to eat? Let me give them to eat; I will later cook another for my wife and me. You’re a criminal! Put your hand in the same food you cook. Let everybody join you and eat the food together. You will stand on the pulpit, preach whatever you want, and go back and do something else. Will you free from My wrath? My son, that’s why evil dominates everywhere: Pastors don’t practise what they preach. Every single sin you commit gives birth to children. Everybody around you will partake in it. That’s why you see sin piles up everywhere. Have you seen how bacteria multiply? Do you know that sin multiplies more than bacteria? Hence the sin enters inside the father; the son will say this is what my father does. Before you know it, sin will begin to give birth to children. That’s how it will continue for generations. You can kill bacteria. You cannot kill sin because they’re spirits. They’re like human beings. They multiply more quickly than bacteria. How can this Earth be a peaceful place for you people to live? Can you now see the chaos?

The weakness of what Satan did to this Earth, he used the people of the Earth to enforce various laws. If you cannot abide by these laws, there won’t be any work for you. Where is the Law of God? I fold My hands and watch. I Am the One that created you. If the law of this Earth be like a fire for you that you put your trust in it because you cannot see Me, you cannot manage what will come to you. I Am the Almighty God. If you like, bow down to the law of this Earth. Whatever anybody sows shall he reap. Some people have money full everywhere, yet they cannot enjoy their money. Doctors use them as an experiment because their bodies are full of demons. All those demons are sicknesses. And as many people that touch that money, they will also incur illness. That is the Law I put there right from the beginning. There is higher sin; there is lower sin. There is a higher demon; there is a lower demon. If you submit yourself to the word of God, walking in God’s way, you’re free from every wrath of demons. I also give the demons the power to fight. I didn’t do all these works for nothing. No, you will suffer for it. Some people die after the death of their parents. Why? Because it pains you. Why did they die? Oh, he committed suicide because his parents died. Why did they die prematurely? These are the people who should have enjoyed until ripe old age. Oh, my father was ninety-something years before he died. Didn’t he try? But yours died prematurely. Why should your parents die, and you follow them? Because no key locked the door of their lives! I Am the One speaking. I Am the Almighty God. They were floating around in money. But somebody was there looking at them. You know you don’t deserve it; I know what I’ll do to you. If you surrender yourself to the bosom of the Lord, He will be in charge even before evil comes. There is a way I will do you that evil will not happen to you. Why did it happen so soon? They thought they were in charge.

No single soul on this Earth is in charge of his life. No one! None of you is in charge of your life. I, Almighty God, Am the Earth and the fulness thereof, and everything that lives in it. I Am the Owner and the Controller. My son, I’ve explained this to you before. Those who study can only study. They cannot change anything. They even increase the evil of the Earth. Don’t commit sin if you want to change the Earth so it can yield its increase. Don’t commit sin. Let the Earth have peace. Let the sea have peace. Let the valley have peace. Live your life in peace. Everything I created, go there, look at them and leave them as they are. Don’t change them. Don’t carry evil to yourself. This is the same word I speak every day by day. Death is death. You cannot change death. If you’re destined to live a hundred years and go where you’re not supposed to go, you do what you’re not supposed to do with your mouth and leg; it can reduce to thirty years. You will die! If you go and acquire the spirit of witchcraft, you will die.

There is no other word I will speak to all of you. Many of you who lie down waiting for My Pastors to deliver the message, not from Me, are just wasting your time. The word, the message I asked you to tell people, is about holiness. Go back to your Bible. Being in charge of your body is the message for this year. Your body is the temple of Almighty God. Don’t allow anything to penetrate your spirit. Don’t allow your anger to linger if you're angry with anybody. Settle with that person immediately. If you allow your anger to linger, you’ve already allowed another spirit to penetrate your spirit. Then you commit sin. All of you can now see how the work of God is hard. It is more than a book. It is more than education. I Am the Almighty God. Even the blessing I gave to you, there is a way you will use it that will turn to sin. The Earth and everything inside belong to Me. This year, there is no other message than to be in charge of your body.

If your children go to school and you know the implications of what they’re teaching them, amicably, go to the school and speak to the teachers. Tell them they should not allow your children to run mad. Tell them you’re from a Christian background, a Christian home. Tell them that Almighty God created man and woman so that when they grow up, they’ll produce children. He didn’t say a man should marry a man or a woman should marry a woman. You want to kill us with everything you’re teaching my children. Please remove the names of my children from this subject. We know that Almighty God created man and woman right from the beginning. My children are asking me the questions I cannot answer, and it’s diabolical to me and my religion. It’s diabolical to my life. You want to kill us. Please, omit my children from this subject. If you want me to write to the MP so the whole world will hear it, I will do it. It’s like you want to change the food I’ve been eating before. This is poison to me. It’s poison to my spirit and soul, not only me, but to my entire generation.

My son, you can see how implicative it is. The demons want to reprogram the lives of the children. They want to reprogram the spirit I keyed into their lives from the beginning. They want to reprogram the wife or husband I’ve prepared for them because they accepted it. Satan said that since they threw their God away and accepted this offer, I would reprogram their lives. My son, it’s very easy. It’s like exchanging one’s glory. First of all, no children for them. If a man marries a man, what happens? They will adopt children. They changed everything. You have to know what’s coming to that generation. What all of you look at as a mere thing is more than that. You're lying if you think Satan doesn’t know what he’s doing. That’s why if anybody speaks about it, they will imprison him. High-hierarchy demons brought this matter and threw it to the whole world. This thing has been there right from the beginning. However, nobody gave them any chance. What happened now? Because the church is cold. When My children chase after money, it allows the demons to bring out some laws they couldn’t bring out before. My Spirit is not there to oppose it. I Am a Spirit, and I will also use a human being to act. Hence, you’re chasing after money and wealth, and you’re not there for Me to act through you; this gave the demons a chance to bring out evil laws. This was why Satan gave many of My servants the message of prosperity, preaching about wealth. The Spirit of God in them grew cold. Satan said to himself, this is the time we’re going to strike. He gave powers to the leaders of the Earth. Then what happens to your coming generation? What happens to your children? The innocent children that don’t know anything about this will believe it’s true that a man can marry a man or a woman can marry a woman. Whatever any of you see on this matter, you will manage it. I Am the Almighty God.

The message of this year is to be in charge of your body. If anything happens in your place of work, if they impose any law, you cannot keep, pray to Me. I Am a God who makes a way where there is no way. All of you know what My Law says. Any law they want to introduce to implicate you, that will make you go far away from your God so that Satan can send sickness to your generation, reject it and pray to Me. This is exactly why Satan threw it to the whole world, to the hungry ones who’re looking for money. My son, to be a Pastor is not for the things of this Earth but for the things of Heaven for you to know the judgement awaiting all of them that fall into this category. They allow the church to grow cold and make My children suffer. The Holy Spirit is there roaming about seeking whom to use. Who is willing to work for Almighty God? I cannot suffer o. My husband, are you going? Woman, they said you’re a helper to your husband. Are you a helper to your husband for the work of God or the money of this Earth? If I don’t take money home, my wife will ask what I have brought from the journey of three days. Let me do it so I can give my wife money. Oh, my husband, welcome; where is the money? Your husband went to preach the word of God. How come his bag is full of money? Where did he see money? Did I rain down money from Heaven? Do you know there were people in the time of old who suffered for My work? I gave them the things of the spiritual. The Pastors gave them to the congregation, and the congregation blessed the Pastors with material things. That’s how I did it.

As a Pastor, you don’t scratch your head because of what you’ll preach. From the beginning, the Pastors don’t write what they want to preach. If you’re a Pastor and writing what you want to preach, then you’re not a Pastor. If the day breaks, take your bath and dress up. The Holy Spirit will tell you what to preach. You don’t write anything. As you’re preaching, it will begin to rhyme with My word. You don’t write down anything! Right from the beginning, the servants I chose never wrote down anything. I told them to go and deliver a message. That’s all! I spoke to them one-on-one. I spoke to their heart and ears. O, I’m going to the church; God, what am I going to preach; no. I will be the one to give you a message. My word for all of you this year is to be in charge of your body. Don’t emulate anybody. The Earth is crashing down. Your living on it also affects its structure as well.

I told you before that I set spirits in critical places on this Earth. As a president on his throne has various ministers to be in charge of that country’s affairs, I also put spirits in charge of critical areas of this Earth. You chase some spirits to enter inside the grave. What are you looking for? You want to know everything! If you climb some mountains, the spirits I put there don’t see women’s nakedness. That’s an abomination to them. If you go there and they see you, they’ll move away from there. They can fight you. You corrupted all of them. Many things are going on that you people don’t understand. Yes, when I created Adam and Eve, they were naked. Why did I give them animal skin to cover themselves? You shouldn’t expect them to be naked forever. When the time comes, I will still give them clothes to wear. When they knew the difference between good and evil, I quickly gave them clothes to wear to cover their nakedness. If children are naked, do they feel ashamed? No! They don’t care. That’s how I created everybody, and when the time reaches for them to wear clothes, they will wear it.

As I said before, some spirits don’t see women’s nakedness. If it happens, then their mission in that environment is finished. They can enter that person’s body, and she’ll give birth to them. That’s why you see women gave birth to some strange creatures. As they were there, they were innocent, but you went there and corrupted them. When the spirit told Eve what to do, what happened? The spirit showed her something, and she then went and showed her husband. When you introduce strange things to the spirits which they didn’t know before, they’ll come to the Earth. You will give birth to them as children. In everything I created, the Spirit I gave you is more powerful than every other creature. You can carry them in your womb and give birth to them. They can kill you because I also gave them their powers. They can kill you because you cross your boundary and because you committed sin. This is not a matter of science. What I’m telling you now has nothing to do with the physical things of this Earth. It has something to do with the spiritual things of the Earth. Nobody can put an end to it. Nobody can stop all the kinds of sins coming out of different corners. Unless you say your body is My temple and you stay away from sin, this is the only way they’ll run away from you. This is the remedy. If you have My fear, the demons will also have your fears because I have the power to control the demons. I Am the Controller. I also have many People working with Me.

All of you should put in more effort. If you’re preaching your word to entice My children so they can give you money, go ahead and continue with it. If you hear from Me and preach to My children so they can be holy, continue with it. There is a reward for it. If you’re preaching your word, preaching lies so they can give you money, continue. What I want from every one of you is to preach to My children so they can repent while they’re still alive. This is My word to all Pastors. I hear every message you preach every day. You preach some message to meet neither My needs nor My children’s needs. You only preach so that people will know you’re preaching. All your messages are meaningless. Every word in the Bible comes from different Prophets. From Genesis to Revelation, most of them are Prophets. It’s not just word of mouth. If you think you’re a Pastor to cajole My children because you want to gather the things of this Earth, there is a reward for you. Every message you preach that doesn’t bring My children to Me, that doesn’t give them peace, you have a case to answer. Be in charge of yourself, from the servant of God to the children of God. When they come to the church with all their attires and limousine, let their heart tear whenever they go home because of the message you’ll preach to them. You have never given anybody a cup of water to drink, but you can wear the most expensive garment to the church. I said it before that I would judge Pastors based on their congregation. My son, tell them that judgement is coming, and people will lose their souls like chickens. 

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"Seek the Lord while He may be found, call upon Him while He is near. Let the wicked forsake his way, and the unrighteous man his thoughts; let him return to the Lord, and He will have mercy on him; and to our God, for He will abundantly pardon." Isaiah 55:6-7

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