Celebrate With Wisdom

The Father speaks

(Wednesday 1st January 2020, 11:00)

If you sow little and reap plenty, don’t be proud. It’s not by power; it’s not by might; it’s only by My Spirit. This is high time for you to celebrate the new year with sense. Ask for wisdom. Ask for wisdom. My son, tell them that I said they should celebrate with wisdom. You’re celebrating the new year every year. You’re celebrating without asking Me ‘Father, what do you want me to do this year?’. I didn’t say you should give Me anything. Ask for wisdom! If something is good for you, ask for wisdom. Don’t bring out yourself. Don’t bring out yourself in various ways. Many of you enter into temptation because of your character, because you think you’re wise; because you want to show off yourself. You prayed to Me secretly that I should bless you, I should open the door unto you. I answered your prayers not because of your righteousness, but because of My grace. What did you do after I opened the door unto you? You eat and rub your mouth with your hands. I looked at the day you gave your life to Jesus Christ and compensated you. When some of My children were making a caricature of the name of My Son, you stood and gave your life to Him. Though you’re not perfect, I blessed you so you could serve Me in peace. If I thought of your holiness and righteousness, I wouldn’t bless you because your righteousness is filthy before Me. I blessed you so you can be close to Me, so you can make Heaven. If you don’t have money, will you have time to go to church how much more to make Heaven? Because you gave your life to Jesus Christ, I bypassed your sins and the sins of your generation and blessed your handwork so you could care for your wife and children. Not only that, so you could also have something to give to My servant in your midst. But what did you do? You now began to enlarge your project. My son, send this message to all of them! You enlarged your project to the extent the money I gave you to take care of your wife and children isn’t enough for you anymore. When the evil ones saw you, what did they do to you? They began planning evil against you. When a hand touched you, you’re crying to the Father. This is why I’m telling all of you to ask for wisdom before you celebrate a new year. I Am the Almighty God. Jehovah is My name. I Am the Authority. I Am the Originator. None of you can fault Me at all. If you fail to remain within your territory, you’ll manage whatever you see.

When you cannot manage the little I gave to you, you’re looking for quick money, and you were duped. You’re now blaming the Father. If I didn’t give you anything, will you see the one to give them so they could dupe you? When I overlooked your sin, sustained your work for you so you could take care of your wife and children, you’re thinking how to enlarge your coast in evil. You’re seeking quick money. You even failed to thank Me for the little one I gave to you. If your focus is on Heaven, you’ll be contented with whatever I give to you. Even if you don’t go to work for a week, you’ll be satisfied with the one I gave to you. But you wanted to multiply what you had in a twinkling of an eye and hereby entered into temptation. When you entered into temptation, you’re now throwing words of bullets to Me. You change! As you’re celebrating every new year, you change, but I never change; I remain the same. My Word remains the same thing. I planted My Word right from the beginning, and it has taproots everywhere. It increases every day. Whenever you give your life to My Son, I would come to you and carry all your sins and sorrow. You change, but I never change. All about Me is holiness and that’s what I want you to be until you leave this Earth. You’re changing because of the food you want to eat. When I met some people a few years ago, they were vibrant for Me but when I saw them recently, they’ve changed. If I bless you, it’s a chaos and if I don’t bless you, it’s a chaos. What else do you want Me to do? What do you want Me to do for you? If I bless you, your service for Me will diminish, and if I don’t bless you, your service for Me will diminish as well. What else do you want Me to do for you? Those of you who confessed your sins went back into it again. I cannot revoke My Word! I cannot revoke My Word because if I do it, I do Myself harm. I can only have mercy upon you. This is why I bless you on this Earth. I cannot have mercy on you and take you to Heaven. All of you should open your ears and listen to Me! I have mercy on you so you could work and take care of your wife and children. My mercy doesn’t take you to Heaven. My mercy only gives you peace on this Earth. Therefore, you must work for it if you want to go to Heaven.

The money you have isn’t enough for you to buy a car. If I know you need it in your house, I know how you’ll do it. With the little work you’re doing, I know how the money will come. Nobody will give it to you, but out of the little work you’re doing, you’ll buy it from there. You’ll not know where the money comes from. If I didn’t tell you to buy it and you go ahead and act on your own, when the little money I gave to you to care for your wife and children isn’t enough, you’ll be crying to your Father. Because your mates have bought cars, you want to buy too; because your mates have built houses, you want to build a house too; you hereby fall into temptation. If you do anything without My consent, you’ll manage whatever you see. By the end of the day, Satan will screw you and lead you far away from Me. All of you in the church fall into this category! Through this, if you see someone who’s committing sin, you cannot open your mouth and speak to him because you fall into the same category as him. If you bend down looking at somebody’s anus, what happens to you? Somebody else is looking at yours too. If you do anything secretly and think nobody knows, you’re only deceiving yourself. Satan is seeing you! Whatever you do, Satan sees you. You don’t need to advertise yourself; he sees you. You’re like somebody who rubs himself with faeces or sprays perfume. He’ll be the one to introduce you to everybody. That’s how it works. You’re celebrating every new year. I want you to celebrate holiness. I want your holiness today to be more than yesterday. Every one of you is falling because the preaching of money is more than holiness. If the preaching of money is more than holiness, what happens to holiness? Money can come from any source, but holiness has only one source. Money can come from anywhere; wealth can come from anywhere; even children can come from anywhere, yet, I created them all, but holiness has only one source. If a woman has an incurable illness and the doctor tells her she couldn’t have a child because of her illness, I can tell her she could have a child, and nothing will happen to the child. That’s what I can do! Many people are producing lots of things which aren’t through My channel. All those things carry sin. What I do alone is pure and clean. I said there would be no barren in My land, but some people are there without children. Why? Because of their sin. Whatever spirit lives in your body, either good or bad, if you give birth to children, they’ll also follow them. But if I purposely ban that spirit not to enter the child, he’ll be free. If you use your own mind to go elsewhere seeking for a child, either through your doctor or spiritual means, you know what that means. What is pure is pure; what is holy is holy; what is corrupt is corrupt; what is sinful is sinful. Sin has no other name than sin. And anything that is sinful carries demons. That’s how I designed it from the beginning and that’s how it will remain. What’s good can turn bad by the end of the day because of sin. What’s bad can turn good but it's not an easy job. If you pour red oil into a white cloth, it’ll take you some time before you can wash it clean. And no matter how you wash it, it can never be as new again. All of you are like this. Even though you give your life to Jesus Christ, the scar of sin remains in you until you die. Tell them My son! No matter how you give your life to Jesus Christ, no matter how you serve Me, there is still a comma in you until you die. You’re not pure anymore. It’s like a girl that was defiled, you cannot compare her with the one that’s undefiled. Yet, both are girls together. Anyone that has committed sins and received forgiveness through Jesus Christ, the scar of sin remains in him until he dies. Unless you climb the ladder to Heaven, that’s when the scar will be removed from you. That’s what’s called triumphant. While you’re here on this Earth, instead of you to fight so you could triumph in the end, you’re still digging a hole of sin for yourself. Some of you, when I thought you’re on the right path, the time I come down to check your life again, you’re already in a hole of sin. What do you want Me to do?

A Pastor in the church through whom My children gave their lives to Jesus Christ and received their deliverance, they’ll bless him in return. Did they do you evil? By the time they blessed you once or twice when the money begins to come, you’ll fail to fast and pray. You thought the power you had just came on its own. The power didn’t just come like that. The power came because of your commitment to Me. But when the money came, that’s when you know you want to travel somewhere for a celebration. You don’t even ask Me anymore before you act. You’re going down every day and your heart is full of arrogance. You’re saying, ‘are they the ones feeding me; are they the ones looking after me?’. Somebody will call you and you don’t even have time anymore. A servant of God must always be available for My children because they depend on you. I reach My children through you. As a Pastor, if you pray and somebody receives his deliverance, you shouldn’t think you’ve made Heaven. I can only reach them through you, that’s why I gave you the power. It’s not what you can be proud of. You’re celebrating the new year. As you’re celebrating the new year, you’re approaching the time of your judgement. I don’t call it death; I call it judgement because you’re alive wherever you go. Though the people on Earth will not see you anymore, I see you wherever you go. The time I used to send you a message that I’m coming to kill is passed. Use your tongue to count your teeth. Look at yourself and look at where you started. I don’t beg anybody to rectify himself anymore because a lot will happen. Whatever you sow you shall reap. You that have given your life to Jesus Christ and tasted the Holy Spirit, you shouldn’t equalise yourself with those who haven’t tasted Him, those who’re blind to the truth of My Word. As for you, you’re not blind anymore. You should stand like the Disciples of Jesus Christ who stood after they killed Him and preached My Word until you heard about it today. All of you are celebrating money, not Jesus Christ. My son, tell them the church of God is now a business centre. The message all of you are preaching isn’t what I expect from you. I don’t know either you’re going down or going up. You carry your cross in your hands! Whatever you do, that doesn’t stop Me and My Son from doing Our work. Your own life is in your hands.

A Pastor that started preaching holiness now turns back preaching about wealth. He begins to turn the Bible upside down preaching to cajole My children. I keep quiet looking at all of you. I pity you because you don’t know where you’re going. No one is planning to go to Heaven in the church of God anymore. All of you are celebrating the Earth. If any Pastor wants to rise and begin to preach about holiness, you’ll call him a hungry Pastor because you know he’ll lead My children to Heaven. If you speak that to him twice, he’ll succumb because demons have their own powers. I cannot see the Father I’m serving. Those who supposed to appreciate the work he’s doing will begin to throw the stone of words to him. They’ll speak what will pepper his heart so he could join their bandwagon. His heart will begin to fall. What happened to Peter when he lost focus at the heart of the sea? He began to sink until My Son rescued him. The Pastor will later go back to his co-Pastors and join them. They could see the fire in him. This is why they discourage him so he could be like them. They know he’ll lead My children to Heaven, and they could even see all the trophies that await him. All of you should know that Satan torments you in different ways. If he sees you’re following the right path, he knows how he could use people around you to discourage you so his hand could touch you. All of you should know that right from the beginning when I call Noah, it’s not a sweet and smooth journey. By the end of the day, it became a sweet journey for him and his household. When the water came and swallowed everybody, did it kill Noah and his family? But when he started with My work, he passed through torment. The same thing happened to Abraham. Everyone I called always passes through one torment or another because it’s a battle. This is why I’m telling you My dear son that I Am the Almighty God and even if nobody listens to your message, remain focus. Forget about them and I will crown you in the end.

Some of you are saying, ‘oh, since I’ve been serving the Father, I’ve not seen anything’. Why should you see something? When you fail to remove your hands from evil, why should you see something? I deal with holiness, not with sin. The Word that comes out of My mouth will never return to Me empty. I overlooked your sins and bless you. But you’re putting your hands to where you cannot reach. By the end of the day, you’ll end your life in sorrow. People served Me in the time of old even with their empty belly. Why did My Son produce food for the people to eat? Because there was nothing for them to eat! When Moses brought My children out of Egypt, there was nothing for them to eat and I brought food down from Heaven. Am I not the same God? Why do you want to manufacture food by yourself and even refuse to thank Me for the one I gave to you? You prayed to Me to bless you. They awarded you a contract and you executed it with peanut. You used fake material throughout. You spent more than half of the money to enrich your own pocket. Did you spoil your handwork or not? By the end of the day, you’ll go to the church to give testimony and do thanksgiving. The person that awarded the contract for you lost money. He is crying and in pains. Everybody begins to blame him. If you’re the one that awarded the contract for somebody, what will you do? Will you be happy and award another contract for that person again? You’re telling people that Almighty God has blessed you, and you’re happy. You even went to the church and cooked for everybody. You’re more than armed robber! There is a curse upon you and everyone that spend the money most especially your household. Before they could award a contract for you, they might have estimated everything you’re going to do. They know you’ll have your profit as well, but not the way you plan it in your heart. They’ll tell you everything they need, and the kind of material you should use. But you’ll do it in your own way and go to the church and celebrate because I have blessed you. Those you fail to give money in the church including My servant who has long throat will begin to plan evil against you. So, you have all this money, how much did you give to me? You now have enemies physically and spiritually. If Satan comes and attack you, you’ll be crying ‘Almighty Father, Almighty Father’. You’ve already celebrated your Heaven on Earth. My son, tell them they should wash their hands clean. This is the journey I want. I have no problem if you have wealth, but you should have it in a clean and pure way. My son, I told you before that a Pastor cannot eat with his full belly and buy a private jet. I told you before and I repeat it again because you must lay a good example for My children. You’re not working; you’re a servant of God. Your private jet is waiting for you in Heaven. In a nutshell, celebrate the new year with wisdom, knowledge and understanding. You shouldn’t eat today and forget tomorrow. If I bless you, I want the blessing to continue. In a situation whereby you’re blessed and nothing comes in until you finish spending what you have, that’s not from Me. And if I bless you and you fail to spend it judiciously, another one will not come. And if that happens to you, you cut yourself away from Heaven.

Three People work together, Father, Jesus Christ and Holy Spirit. Since the beginning of this Earth, who have you seen before? You only saw Jesus Christ and just for a few minutes. You will never see Him again unless in the Spirit. Everything all of you do, you do it by faith. You’re serving Me by faith and it’s dangerous ground. Either you do it well or not, you don’t know especially if you don’t have the Holy Spirit in you. If your sin is too much, the Holy Spirit cannot dwell in your body. Without faith, you cannot please Me! Either you please Me or not, you don’t know. You’re dead because you’re committing sin. If anybody comes to you, you’ll not believe because you think you’re doing it well. If I call you My son in the morning, I can call you My enemy in the evening if you don’t do it well. Death is inevitable and the wages of sin is death. Nothing concerns Me. Children come to this Earth every day. My happiness is for you to come to this Earth and leave in a ripe old age. And if you leave wealth for your children, not the kind of wealth that will make Satan torment them. Who among you can die and leave wealth that Satan will not torment your children because of what you’ve put your hands? It’s happening there, you go; it’s happening here, you’re there. You don’t even ask what’s happening. Everything is about money. If somebody is giving you free money, do you think he doesn’t know what he’s doing? Any money they offer you, if it’s not genuine, it carries demons. And anyone that spend in such money is bound to commit sin. No matter how you give your life to Jesus Christ, if they offer you the money which isn’t from a clean source, you must commit sin, even if it’s from your Pastor. If a Pastor adds something else to do My work through which he makes his money, every member of that church must commit sin. Whoever refuses to commit sin will be tormented until he leaves the church because the money is evil money. This is the result of anyone that laid the foundation of his church on demons. But you refuse to read your Bible. My Pastor says, my Pastor says. If your Pastor goes to Hellfire, he’ll carry you along because you’re the children of Pastors. Any message your Pastor preaches, go back and search your Bible. If it’s not there, then it’s not from Me. Every Word in it is about holiness and if you read it and you don’t understand, pray to Me and I’ll reveal to you. If you just follow the word of your Pastor, you’ll go to Hellfire. All of you are strangers on this Earth. As you’re counting the years since Jesus Christ departed, so also, somebody else will count the years of your departure. This is how it will continue until the day I put an end to the Earth. Your Spirit can never melt, this is why I Am speaking and shouting. Whenever you die, I’ll put you to the category in which you belong. And if you fall to the category of tormenting, there’s nothing I can do. Though I’ll feel it in My body, there’s nothing I can do. As you are, so Am I. I tasted everything before I began to produce you. I passed through everything before. Nothing happens to you that hasn’t happened to Me before. I Am the Owner of My body and I know how it is. If you think you know more than yourself because you’re on this Earth, you know where you’ll find yourself. I keep speaking because you’re on Earth. What shall it profit you to gain this world and lose your soul? Not only your soul but your generation after you will also face the consequence because they’ll be treated like an outcast. Anywhere they enter, demons will begin to introduce them. This is why you see a generation of poverty. Somebody will owe too much until he couldn’t repay. He’ll die with it. His generation will begin to face hardship because everyone he owed will collect the money from his generation spiritually. As they’re collecting it from them, they cannot do anything good physically. Right from the beginning, bad is bad and good is good. Nobody can swap it. As the hair of your head is separate from your head, so also your ear and your eye. I brought all of them together as a package to live in your body. Any evil you put your hands, you cannot come out of it. I sent My Son Jesus Christ to you so you could have peace. Do you have peace?

I believe as a Christian, if you wash your hands clean, you will know before any evil comes. Your Spirit will be like a little child. If you’re sleeping, you’ll feel awake. In a situation whereby something wants to happen to you, and you don’t know, then something is wrong somewhere. That means you’re far away from your God. You’re far away from your God! If your wife is pregnant and it remains just three days for her to lose the pregnancy, you will know. You will know that you’re about to lose something, how much more something that will lead to the death of your whole family. A man of God and his children are heroes. My son, I told you before. Evil cannot just befall you. Who is that witch or wizard? Who created witchcraft? Am I not the One? Aren’t you the apple of My eye? Am I asleep? My son, ask them; Am I sleeping? You are the one that doesn’t care. A man of God by mouth. You shouldn’t behave like everybody. You should click to your Father spiritually. Anywhere you want to go, put it into prayers. My son, tell them they shouldn’t think this is Europe and evil cannot befall them. I Am the Almighty God and the whole Earth is Mine. If evil befalls you, you caused it by yourself. I Am interested in you because you come out of My body. This is why I love you. Nothing on this Earth I love more than My children. So also, as a child of your Father, nothing you will love more than your Father. If you can maintain this contact, you’ll make it and I will be happy. I give you peace.

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"Seek the Lord while He may be found, call upon Him while He is near. Let the wicked forsake his way, and the unrighteous man his thoughts; let him return to the Lord, and He will have mercy on him; and to our God, for He will abundantly pardon." Isaiah 55:6-7

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