Cleanness And Holiness

To Ourselves And To God

For God did not call to uncleanness, but in Holiness. (1 Thessalonians 4:7-8; Psalm 18:20; Exodus 28:36)

The life of man on this earth is all about the food he eats. All your hard work every day, your labour and all your toiling, the reward, your benefit, your gain is the food you eat to your belly. Anywhere you go, the food will follow you; the food is your life. The food you eat give you power and strength to work and to move from one place to another. Whenever you are asleep on your bed, wherever the Spirit leads you to, it is the power of the food you eat that moves you around. You and the food are one. The food is the fuel for your spirit, soul, and body. Your body cannot function well without good food. Good food makes your soul to be happy. People that have some extraordinary power to do evil, it is effective because of the bad food they’ve eaten, either physically or spiritually. There are some bad foods; after you’ve eaten them, the reaction will take place immediately in your system because your system rejects the food. If you eat any bad food and your system doesn’t reject it, which means something has happened to you. Automatically, your spirit accepts the spirit of evil that is in the food. For example, witchcraft. Most people that have the spirit of witchcraft got it through the food they ate. That is why as a woman of God, you must teach your children how to pray or release the blood of Jesus into any food before eating it because there is power in the blood of Jesus Christ. It doesn’t matter who prepared or give them the food. Prayer is very good. The blood of Jesus Christ is a fire to the devil. Nothing is better for a man than eating and drinking, and that his soul should enjoy his good labour. This also was from the hand of God according to King Solomon - (see Ecclesiastes 2:24). The Almighty God spoke about the food we may eat into our body, clean and unclean food - (see Leviticus 11 and Deuteronomy 14) because He knew how He created them. He knew what is good for us. He is a careering Father because He loves us. There are some foods in the market, they look good in the eyes, but they are not good for our health. Some have expired; some have been in the shop for so long; they’ve exposed to dirtiness. The seller wants to make his money, so he doesn’t care about the wellbeing of the consumer. As a woman of God, your house also is a house of God. Let holiness start from the food you give to your household to eat. Trust the food you cook because your body is the temple of God. (Psalm 93:5 - Your testimonies are very sure; holiness adorns your house, O lord, forever).

In the time of old, there are many laws God gave to His children about food. The flesh that touches any unclean thing shall not be eaten, it shall be burned with fire. And as for the clean flesh, all who are clean may eat it - (Leviticus 7:19). And you shall be holy men to me. You shall not eat meat torn by beast in the field you shall throw it to the dogs - (Exodus 22:31). A dog is an unclean animal for you. In your house, if you keep dogs as pets, you know what that means to you. Nowadays, people kiss and leak the tongue of a dog in the name of “I love pets”. All these laws, if any one violated them that time, you may be dead. Today, many people are violating them and are still alive. I want you to examine such people by moving close to them and you could see strange things happening to them either physically or spiritually. There are different testimonies of animals eating people everywhere. Hospitals are full of different incurable diseases. They don’t know how people contacted them. Some viruses are not supposed to live in the body of human beings, yet they found them in the body of human being. Jesus said, Do not think that l came to destroy the law or the Prophet. I did not come to destroy but to fulfil - Matthew 5:17. For I say to you, that unless your righteousness exceeds the righteousness of the scribes and Pharisees, you will by no means enter the kingdom of heaven - Matthew 5:20. There is some food in the market that are very cheap, the seller knows what he’s selling, but you as a buyer don’t know what you are buying. You are a woman of God; you are the apples of God eyes; keep the Commandment of God in your house. Let your soul and your spirit rejoice in the Lord. Eat good food and be happy with your soul in all your works; that is all you have on this earth. Food is good, but not every food is good for your health. (You can study the following Scriptures: Leviticus 10:10; Isaiah 5:22-23; Isaiah 1:16-17; Hebrew 12:10; Romans 1:4; Isaiah 35:8-10; II Samuel 22:21; Psalm 24:4; Psalm 51:7)

Then the Lord said to Moses, go to the people and consecrate them today and tomorrow, and let them wash their cloth
- (Exodus 19:10). So Moses went down from the mountain to the people and sanctified the people and they washed their cloth - (Exodus 19:14). And he said to the people be ready for the third day, do not come near your wives - (Exodus 19:15). As women of God or children of God, we need to take care of our body and our homes, especially we women because the way God Almighty created us. Our body is so very sensitive that we can quickly contact infection. It doesn’t matter how many clothes you have, if you fail to wash your body and you put on a new cloth, the odour or the dirty will still be there. If you don’t take care of your body, how will your house look like? You may take care of your body, but leave your toilet unclean. The visitor may arrive unexpectedly to visit you. Your kitchen may be untidy. There is no any excuse as a woman for your kitchen to be dirty because your kitchen is very important to you. That is where all your good food you bought is stored. The state or condition of your kitchen will determine how your food will taste. Your kitchen can turn your good food to bad food because of the dirtiness. Do you ever know that everything you have carries both your image and your odour? It doesn’t matter the kind of job you do. You may use perfume to baptize yourself every day as you go to your work. People may see you as an Angel. You may look so very clean and beautiful with nice smell. Cleanness is part of your life. Make time for yourself and your home. Let good odour always come out of your house because cleanness is nearer to holiness. As a woman of God, take care of yourself for your husband. It is not about makeup, perfume or wig to cover your head. Your head carries the glory of God. Wash your hair with soap. Your bra and underwear are very important because you wear them directly to your body. They carry odour because of sweat or heat that comes from your body. If a woman has a discharge, and the discharge from her body is blood, she shall be set apart seven days and whoever touches her shall be unclean until evening - (Leviticus 15:19). (You can also study Leviticus 12:1-4). As a woman of God, do not wait for a man of God to tell you to fast. You can choose to cleanse yourself privately with Jesus - (Matthew 8:2-3). Declare fasting to purify yourself and your soul and your spirit will look like a new born baby. You can feel the power of the Holy Spirit all over you because you are holy for yourself and for God. As you are cleansing your body physically and spiritually, you are pulling off the dirty garment from your body. Then He answered and spoke to those who stood before Him saying take away the filthy garments from him, And to him He said see I have removed your iniquity from you and I will cloth you with rich robes - (Zechariah 3:4). He who overcomes shall be clothed in white garment and I will not blot out his name from the book of life, but I will confess his name before My Father and before His angel - (Revelation 3:5). Let your garment always be white and let your head lack no oils - (Ecclesiastes 9:8). Because you don’t wear earrings or makeup anymore, so you want to dress anyhow as you want from your husband and for God, after all, it was an ordinance of God that we should not wear them. You are very wrong! When you were born as a little child, you were beautiful and pure, yet no any attachment in you. You can use your husband as an example. He is looking radiant every day, yet without makeup. All these worldly things cause dirtiness and unholiness to God in the body of Christ. And I said to them whoever has any gold let them break it off. So they gave it to me and I cast it into fire and this calf came out - (Exodus 32:24). All this attachment to our body makes us become idolized, unclean and unholy in the presence of God. Then Gideon said to them I would like to make request of you, that each one of you would give me the earrings from his plunder; for they had golden earrings, because they were Ishmaelites - (Judges 8:24). There is a power in every word of God because He is our Creator, we carry His image. Sometimes we don’t need to ask questions, especially about God and His words. Thank God for our Lord Jesus Christ, who came to save us and gave us a second chance so we could learn and repent from all our evil ways. Take care of your body because you carry the Spirit and Image of God.

To maintain best personality in the body of Christ or maintain no record of offences or crimes in the Christian race, wash your hand clean from every dirtiness or stain as a woman of God. For example: money issues, records of offences or crimes. If you are gifted in settling disputes among people, you have to allow the Spirit of God to go before you. If you are elected to be in charge of money in your church or in your place of work, do not spend the money you don’t have. Church money is God’s money. And you shall take no bribe, for a bribe blinds the discerning and perverts the words of the righteous - (Exodus 23:8). You shall not steal - (Exodus 20:15). In your place of work, if you spend any other money apart from your salary, you commit sin. Keep yourself far from a false matter do not kill the innocent and righteous, for l will not justify the wicked - (Exodus 23:7). You shall not afflict any widow or fatherless child - (Exodus 22:22). You shall neither mistreat a stranger nor oppress him - (Exodus 22:21). Whatever talent God gives to you, as a woman of God, you must allow the Holy Spirit to control your mind. Before you make up your mind to buy anything or settle any dispute between two people, make sure you have the assurance or confidence of what you are doing. The devil can use you to ruin a company or separate husband and wife or to destroy people’s home in the name of bank manager or mummy in the Lord or sister in the Lord or adviser, because you lack Holy Spirit. Do not move by the spirit of money; let the Spirit of God control you. As a peacemaker, do not jump into conclusion of any matter immediately, no matter how the person narrated the story to you either good or bad, let the Holy Spirit direct you to speak. Not every problem you can solve instantly. Most problem people have is spiritual and you cannot solve it with flesh. How can you deal with spiritual matter when you are flesh? You need the Holy Spirit to reveal the misery to you. You can refer them to God by prayer and the word of God. That is why as a woman of God, you need to read your bible all the time and learn what the word says about you as a child of God. The word of God is your weapon and sword. A weaker Christian is a prayerless Christian. Sunday-Sunday Christians never open their Bible to learn. They depend on the man of God. They don’t know what the word says about them. Study your Bible. You need to use those words whenever you’re praying. Some people don’t even know that their problem is spiritual. At this very junction, you need our Saviour Jesus Christ to help you shine a light on it for you. For the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness of men who suppress the truth in unrighteousness - (Romans 1:18). Do not judge because somebody is your friend, your brother, your children, member of your church, family members or your Pastor. Anybody can make a mistake because we are all flesh. As a woman of God always speak the truth anywhere you go; do not stop. As you are doing that, you are advertising our Lord Jesus Christ and God is watching you. Behold you desire truth in the inward parts - (Psalm 51:6). Do they not go astray who devise evil? But mercy and truth belong to those who devise good - (Proverbs 14:22). As a woman of God working for Jesus Christ, you need wisdom, knowledge and understanding of His word. How can you have all these ones? Through the Holy Spirit of the Lord. Talk to Holy Spirit in prayers; He will answer you and give it to you. It is your Father’s work. Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you. For everyone who asks receives, and who seeks finds, and to him who knocks it will be opened - (Matthew 7:7-8). Jesus Christ said l will not leave you as orphans; l will come to you - (John 14:18). This is He who came by water and by blood, Jesus Christ not only by water, but by water and blood, And it is the spirit who bears witness because the Spirit is truth. For there are three that bear witness in heaven, the Father, the Word, and the Holy Spirit, the water and the blood and these three agree as one - (John 5:6-7). After your judgment, anybody can abuse you, because at that moment their eyes are blind to the truth of God because the devil has marked them for destruction. If she accepts your judgement or advice, she can escape the wrath of God through you.

As children or women of God, keep yourself from every form of immorality; control yourself. Too much of everything is a sin. You were made for your husband alone. The devil knows your heart more than you do. He knows what you love most. Some women cannot rest for a minute without having sex with their husband. If their husband travels, they will have sex with their husband on the phone. It is a spirit of a demon. The day your husband cannot reach you by phone, what will happen? You may be a choir mistress, senior usher, assistant Pastor or a woman of God, even PA to the Pastor. You may have the opportunity to go and preach or to sing in different churches depending on the talent God gave to you. It may take you two or more days’ journey. If you leave your husband and your children at home to work for God, it’s very good. However, remember that anywhere the children of God gather together, the devil is also in their midst. The devil uses people like you. Now there was a day when the sons of God came to present themselves before the Lord, and Satan also came among them. And the Lord said to Satan, “From where do you come?” So Satan answered the Lord and said, “From going to and fro on the earth, and from walking back and forth on it.” - (Job 1:6-7). As women or children of God, no matter how Holy Spirit uses you, always let the thought of your husband be in your heart and be very careful because you will meet different people especially men. As an anointed woman of God, anointing is flowing through your ministration or through the song you sing, people may receive a miracle through your preaching, some are trying their best how to connect to you. These same people don’t know the tittle of your message when you’re preaching. They were thinking of how to close to you. They may ask you to give them your phone number or any form of identity. O woman of God, I love your message; it was very powerful; can I please have your number for prayers. You are so very happy for them to have your number. For them, it was different motive; in return, they know that after all you need money. I say then walk in the Spirit and you shall not fulfil the lust of flesh - (Galatians 5:16-21). The spiritual gift of God in you is not for sale! You cannot sell Holy Spirit. It is a gift and not everybody has the opportunity. Then they laid hands on them, and they received the Holy Spirit. And when Simon saw that through the laying on of the apostles’ hands the Holy Spirit was given, he offered them money, saying, “Give me this power also, that anyone on whom I lay hands may receive the Holy Spirit.” But Peter said to him, “Your money perish with you, because you thought that the gift of God could be purchased with money! - (Acts 8:14-21). Because of this very particular matter, a lot of heroes of God, men and women have lost the glory of God because of money and fame and pride. There is no miracle in the church of God anymore. The devil knows what can defile your gift or can make your gift not to function anymore. Because in the body of Christ, every gift you have is a Spirit of God, it’s not your power. The devil knows your heart. In every of your preaching, always use your husband and your children as an example. If you don’t have children, at least you have a husband. Speak about holiness from your heart all the time. Let them know you as a married and real woman that has the fear of God. It’s not because you are the most beautiful woman, it’s because of the anointing that’s upon you and the word you are preaching. The devil is not happy! Marriage is honourable among all, and the bed undefiled; but fornication and adulterers God will judge - (Hebrew 13:4). Adulterers and adulteresses! Do you not know that friendship with the world is enmity with God? Whoever therefore wants to be a friend of the world makes himself an enemy of God - (James 4:4). My dear sisters, many heroines, women of God fall into this very category. Some of them are in the pull of hellfire crying. The words of God never change or fail. When our Saviour came in the flesh, He did not change the word and He is with us in the Spirit and the word still remains as it was. The word is a lamp to our feet and Jesus is the lamp. The sin of a mother can destroy the life of her children. The sin of a Father can turn blessing of a whole generation to a curse, yet they are praying every day and nobody tells them the root of their problem. Unless they seek the face of God deeply and God reveals the mystery to his servant, they will never know. (Read Ezekiel 18:3-32). Therefore submit to God. Resist the devil and he will flee from you. Draw near to God and He will draw near to you. Cleanse your hands, you sinners; and purify your hearts, you double-minded. Lament and mourn and weep! Let your laughter be turned to mourning and your joy to gloom. Humble yourselves in the sight of the Lord, and He will lift you up - (James 4:7-10). So rend your heart, and not your garments; return to the Lord your God, for He is gracious and merciful, slow to anger, and of great kindness; and He relents from doing harm. Who knows if He will turn and relent, and leave a blessing behind Him—a grain offering and a drink offering for the Lord your God? - (Joel 2:13-14). As women or children of God, anytime you are in the present of God, be focus and give your heart to Him; table every secret matter from your heart to Him, let tears flow from your eyes to Jesus, He will carry the load for you, He will give you freedom, He will give you a new garment to wear, you will sing a new song in the presence of the whole congregation. You may see yourself that nothing is wrong with you and your children. No one is holy like the Father. He did not create you to lack any good thing. As a woman of God, with your position in the house of God and the anointing that flows through you, the devil also knows your weakness. Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil walks about like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour - (I Peter 5:8).

My beloved sisters in Christ, in everything, run the race of cleanness and holiness for yourself and for God Almighty and by the end of your journey, our Lord Jesus Christ will crown you. It does not matter the position you hold, you may be a pastor, choir, usher, elder, deaconess or church member, God judges everybody equally. In everything, have the fear of God and let the Holy Spirit control you. Thank you so much for reading. Our Lord Jesus Christ will neither leave you nor forsake you in this journey. God bless you.

Pastor Blessing Agnes Onome Jesudairo
London, 29th November 2013.

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"Seek the Lord while He may be found, call upon Him while He is near. Let the wicked forsake his way, and the unrighteous man his thoughts; let him return to the Lord, and He will have mercy on him; and to our God, for He will abundantly pardon." Isaiah 55:6-7

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