Cleanse Yourself

The Father speaks

(Monday 1st January 2018, 01:00)

If you’re going on a journey and discovered you’ve taken the wrong route, no matter how far you’ve travelled, what will you do? You will turn back to your starting point and start your journey again. I Am the Almighty God. The Great I Am that I Am is My name. Nobody can fault Me except I fault Myself. I Am a Holy Father. I Am not a dirty Father. I set the rule and I cannot break it. If I break it, then I commit sin. I Am a Mystery. Nobody knows My way. My way is a way of holiness because everything about Me is holiness. If you want to see Me, be holy. If you’re dirty, then you’re far away from Me. Cleanse yourself! That is My message to all of you. Let Me ask all of you one question. Are you willing to cleanse yourself or do you want Me to come down and cleanse you? You will die if I come down to cleanse you because you cannot stand it. I did it before and I Am not afraid to do it again. Therefore, I give you the chance to cleanse yourself.

I know that all of you have sinned and come short of My glory. This was why I sent My Son to die so I could use His blood to cleanse you because I love you, because I created you from My body. If I close My ears to your cry, that means I Am a wicked Father. Before I can accept you, I have given you My Son as soap, sponge, water and towel to cleanse yourself before you can see Me. How can I wash myself with soap, sponge and water? Jesus Christ My Son whom I slaughtered for you is the Solution. If you go into the kitchen and your mother just finished cooking her soup. She told you the pot is dirty, and you wear white garment. If the pot stained your garment, you will pull it off and wash it. We are talking of spiritual not physical. Without Jesus Christ, you cannot wash yourself and be clean. If you wash yourself with Jesus Christ, you don’t go back to that pot again. If you do, your sin will be doubled again. No matter how you wash a white garment, if you wash it several times, it cannot be clean anymore. If you’ve confessed your sin, you’ve used the blood of Jesus Christ to cleanse yourself. Now you know the difference between good and evil. If you go back again into your sin, your name will not be erased from the book of evil because you purposely go back. You don’t take advantage of My Son because it wasn’t easy for Him when He came.

If I ask any of you who live in London where you enjoy everything to leave and go to a remote village in Africa where they’re naked. They have nothing. They have no fire until they strike two stones together. They kill animal and eat it raw. That is the worst case. Will you go there? This was what I asked My Son Jesus to do because of all of you. Will you go there if I asked you? You cannot compare the place He lived in Heaven with anywhere on this Earth. Will you go there because all of you take My Word for granted. I Am the Almighty God and I Am a Man like you. What other message do you want Me to send to you more than the ones I’ve been sending through My servant? If you’re living in U.K or America or Australia, in a place where there is no scarcity and I told you to leave because I want to send you to a remote area on this Earth, because I have a big project to carry out there. Will you go? Here, you’re enjoying everything, drinking clean water; but there, there is no water. The only water they have is full of viruses and that is what you must drink. You will eat animal raw because there is no pot and fire to cook it. Can you live in such kind of a place! That is how I can compare the coming of Jesus Christ to this Earth. Upon everything He did, they still killed Him. There is no any other message I will send to all of you than the ones I’ve sent before. I Am a Holy Father. Be holy because I Am Holy. If you’re not holy, the other person (Satan) will torment you. If you do it well, I will praise you. Automatic blessing will come to you. Satan has no power over you because he works with sin. Holiness is the key to Heaven.

As My servant, if you pity My children, then you carry their load. If you take anything from their hands, you also carry their load. You’re taking evil money from their hands and accepted them as they are. Do you have another heaven you’re leading them to? Are you working for yourself? I, the Almighty God don’t care if you build mansion for them and gather them together to serve Me. If you gather together inside the rain to serve Me, after all, you’re not going to sleep there. Holiness is all I need. After you’ve danced and danced, you will go back to your house. Why should somebody extract you and use the money to build a tabernacle of sin? Go into your Bible and see what I did in the lives of the Israelites. They did not build My tabernacle with sin. A lot of things happened which they couldn’t put down in the Bible for you to read. Whoever had a grudging heart, I instructed Moses to remove his or her money from the offering. This was why I asked him to tell them to bring the contribution for the tabernacle willingly. If I had allowed sinful contribution to be part of what they used in building the tabernacle, Satan would trouble My children. This is why it’s very easy for a camel to enter the eye of a needle, and very hard for a rich man and all My servants who preach prosperity to enter Heaven. You are telling governors and those in high position to bring money for you to build My house. Do you know what they did before they acquired that money? The money they’re supposed to use to feed My children; they said they’re going to give their pastor. They are doing good for pastor and people are suffering because you want to build tabernacle for who? I Am not a wicked Father! My children are crying and complaining as they lie on their bed. This is tough, we’re suffering, nobody even tells us the reason for our suffering. Their heart is bleeding every day and you fail to give your heart to Me, so I could ask you to tell them to shake evil away from their lives, so I could do what I want to do in their lives. Every day by day, they’re grumbling on their bed. I’ve said it several times that I Am coming, and I Am coming.

All those people you’re taking money from, Satan is using them to torment My children. You’re in a position of power, why are you afraid to repair the road? Why are you afraid to give clean water? Why are you afraid to create work for My children so they wouldn’t enslave themselves? You cannot do it because you’ve entered covenant with Satan. Before you entered the position, you went somewhere and did something, and Satan is now controlling your heart. What you did was spiritual not physical. If you went somewhere and do something before you entered the position, Satan will not give you peace. All he will put into your heart is women, castles! He will advice you to spend the money on things that will not profit My children. Even if people are cursing you, you don’t care. You’re saying after all, your children will not suffer again. But you will die! After your death, do you know the lives your children will live? You have sown seed of evil. You have poured hot water in your front and the water will burn you as well. Evil cannot do good and good cannot do evil. If you entered covenant with the devil, how can you do good? Any of My servant who allow such people to bring the money into My house has allowed Satan to torment My children because their lives cannot be good. The more they pray, the more Satan will torment them. You should go and interview some of them and they will tell you what they pass through on their bed. You went to the church and came back, and Satan started tormenting you. Even while you’re there in the church, demons possessed the seat where you’re sitting. Because the money they used in building the church is devil’s money. Who will deliver the church? Who will deliver the seat? Tell Me! Even the ground upon which you stand, demons possessed it. Who will deliver the ground? The air you breathe in while you’re in that environment, demons possessed it. Who will deliver the air? Every prayer you’re praying, you’re only wasting your time. When you get home, you also face torment. Instead of Holy Spirit to visit you, demons followed you from the church to your house. The highest evil is right there in the church. Some people think they will see peace if they remain in their house. You cannot see peace neither in your house nor in the church unless you choose the path of righteousness. I will not join them, I will not eat their food. Satan will also tell you, you will not join them; do you have your own company where you will work?

I desire holiness from all of you. Cleanse yourself. If you like, cleanse yourself; if you like, remain as you are. My Word is My Word and My work is My work. Whenever I start My work, there is no turning back. If you want to live in peace, do My will. If you don’t do My will, My peace will be far away from you. Every Word I decreed will surely come to pass. I have said it time and time again that I will not give you the grace I gave the generation of Noah because it took four generations before I carried out My assignment. This time around, it’s a different ball game entirely. I Am a Fisherman and before I catch My fishes, I must prepare a place where I will keep them. I do not act anyhow, I plan My things carefully. I Am the Almighty God. All of you should go and cleanse yourself.

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"Seek the Lord while He may be found, call upon Him while He is near. Let the wicked forsake his way, and the unrighteous man his thoughts; let him return to the Lord, and He will have mercy on him; and to our God, for He will abundantly pardon." Isaiah 55:6-7

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