Confession, Deliverance, And Baptism

The Father speaks

(Tuesday 29th November 2011, 13:10)

My son, when a baby is born, he is clean, pure and holy. As he is born into this world, he is born into dirtiness, feeding in dirtiness, clothing in dirtiness; nothing about him is free from dirtiness again. There is no trace of light in him anymore because everything about him is dark. Yet, he is still a human being. When he’s born, anybody that sees him will rejoice. They will carry him like an egg, but there is nothing good in him because the parents are not doing the will of the Father. The hand that carries him, the cloth they wear him and the food they feed him are all dirtiness. This is not a matter of a day or two, not a matter of a year or two, but goes on for several years.

If you plant a mango seed, as it begins to germinate, people will see it. Either you water it or grows on its own. If rain falls on it every day, the seed will germinate on its own. You’ll tender it every day like a child. You wouldn’t want anybody to touch it. As it’s growing, your hand can still hold it. However, if it grows to a certain stage, you cannot hold it anymore because it’s overgrown. It now turns to a tree. You cannot just uproot it; you’ll need an axe. You cannot use an axe to cut some trees anymore; you’ll need a saw. Even if you use a saw to cut it, you cannot uproot it because the root will still be there. If care is not taken, it may grow back again. If you want to uproot it completely, you then need a bulldozer. You’ll make sure you remove all the roots, so you won’t see the trace of it again. After you remove it, you’ll throw it into the fire and burn it. Even the ground will have peace.

If you’re teaching somebody about the Father, this is a Father this person doesn’t know. Suddenly he heard that people are going to the church and he followed them. My son, do you know that many of them that go to church did not give their lives to Jesus? There are many of them! Oh, I know how to sing; if I go there they’ll allow me to sing; praise the Lord, Sister Lucy knows how to sing. She’ll begin to sing but she has not given her life to Jesus. Some people have given their lives to Jesus, but they still do what they shouldn’t do. If you give your life to Jesus Christ, you’ll not do everything you’ve been doing before any longer. In a situation where you say you gave your life to Jesus and you still do what you’re doing before, you even do them more; what happens then? You give the demons and devil that are inside you necklace to wear; you promote them; you give them rank. That is why you see evil everywhere. You’re saying oh since I’ve been going to the church, my problem remains the same. Yes! Was Jesus Christ an evil man? Do you think Jesus Christ is just the water you’ll pour into a cup and drink? Oh, I’m thirsty; I want to drink water. Jesus Christ is not the Person you’ll use anyhow. Hence you give your life to Christ and you still do the things you’re doing before, that thing that is afflicting you will still continue to afflict you. You even give it rank because you didn’t accept Jesus Christ into your heart, into your bone and marrow. If you accept Jesus Christ into your bone and marrow, you’ll not do everything you’ve been doing no more because as they mention the name of Jesus, every knee must bow. You did not accept Jesus Christ into your heart. You’re only going to the church because of what you want to eat. You give the devil rank; you promote him. Oh thank you; you give us a shelter to live; you can do whatever you want to do, it doesn’t affect us. Who are you going to blame? You blame yourself. The Father that says good also says bad. When something is good, He will say it’s good and when it’s bad, He will say it’s the. If you do good, you’ll see good and if you do bad, you’ll also see bad. You have given your life to Jesus Christ, but you still do everything you shouldn’t do. This is the body in which the whole ranks of demons dwell; you say you’ve given your life to Christ. Some of them did not even give their lives to Christ! I was in that church before; I’ve given my life to Christ. Whenever the pastor makes an altar call, she’ll say she’s given her life to Christ. All is a lie! What then should the Pastor do? Because the Pastor himself is not strong enough! If he is strong enough, if he knows what he’s doing, with the song he will sing and the sermon he will preach, that one that said she’s given her life to Christ will jump up from her seat and come out because the song he’ll sing is not just an ordinary song. The Father will put the song into his mouth and that demon that torments that person will jump out and begin to behave anyhow. If you ask her how long she’s been in Christ, she will speak because the fire inside the Pastor will torment the demon. But if everywhere is cold like ice water, the demons will have peace. If you begin to teach about holiness, they’ll ask you if your own is different. Yes, your own is different because they don’t want to drop the load they carry. You’ll begin to blame the church you attend because you always go there with the bags of demons you carry around. If you want to come out of it, you’re free to come out. How will I come out of it? Here are the steps to come out of the snare of Satan.

If somebody introduces me to Jesus Christ; I will follow him and enter inside the church. If the pastor makes an altar call, I will come out. They may ask me to recite a prayer and I will. It’s my heart! I will recite it and say, God, this is the step to a new life; this is a step for me to come out of darkness; this is an opportunity for me. Everything I’ve been doing before; I will do away with them. If I’ve been eating like a glutton before, I will reduce my food because through it, the devil is afflicting me. If I’ve been speaking recklessly before, I will reduce my speech because through it, I’ve sold myself to everybody and Satan is attacking me. If I’ve been abusing people before, I will stop it. Yes, that is how you want to be because you always abuse people. Since the day you give your life to Jesus Christ, you’ll drop everything. You’ll drop everything! You’ll drop everything because you want to move forward. You’ll let everything go. What happens then? You don’t know anything about the Word of the Father. The Pastor will now select you because you’re not the only one that may come out that very day. If you’re the only one, he’ll find a special time and begin to teach you. As he’s teaching you, you’ll be responding to it. The Pastor will, first of all, call you and interrogate you about your life. There may be something you want God to do in your life. God cannot just rush and do something for you. Through this, the pastor must take up his position and begin to interview you. You have to flow with him, and you must not hide anything. How many pregnancies have you aborted before? How many places have you been to seek for a husband or a child? How many lives have you destroyed? Satan will use all these ones against you. Oh, I’ve not used a knife to slaughter somebody before. But there was a place you went and used the word of your mouth to destroy somebody. The devil will use it against you. You entered a series of marital appointment with people. I will marry you; I will do this or that. The devil uses all these ones against you because he does not seek for life but destruction. He’s seeking to tie you down. All these are your personal issues. What about the family you come from? Maybe your father and mother fall to the category of those that serve wood. They would call upon all types of gods. My son, you know them. They will call upon them to come and guide you. All those gods they’re calling are inside your head. Oh, as my son is going, let this one follow him; let that one follow him. They use all these ones to protect you. Then how can you come out of it? You must open up to the man of God you visit. This is what my father used to do; I grew up to meet him serving this or that; I grew up and see the shrine there. Do you think the shrine is just there? A shrine is to worship an idol. As you’re confessing all these ones, you’re receiving your deliverance. The Pastor will still tell you to confess everything, not to hide any because all those things won’t leave like that; whichever one you hide will remain inside you. As you’re confessing it, you’re receiving cleansing. Some counselling may take many days. I Am the One speaking My son. I Am the Almighty God. If you want to take your time, book an appointment for her another day; let her come. If you need to write down some, write it down. If there is a need for restitution or reconciliation, follow her to that person. Follow her to go and apologise so that all the bolts they’ve tied would loose, so she could be free. If not, they’re following her.

If the father that gave birth to you is still alive and still continue to do his incantation for you every day, the problem will continue. It was through it he fed and clothed you. If that be the case, you will call or go to him. Good morning daddy; I have something to tell you. That’s if the relationship between both of you is very good. You will tell him about the Good News of Jesus Christ. He may shout and be angry. Tell him the real life. Daddy, since all these days, I was in darkness; somebody told me about Jesus Christ; now I am in the light; I want you too to come out of this darkness and join the light. You will tell him everything Jesus Christ has done before and the place you’re going when you die. Oh, daddy, if you try it, your life will change; Jesus Christ will change your life; all those things you’re serving are what is causing the problem in this family and will cause a problem for all of us. If he says he will think about it, you will tell him not to waste too much time. Daddy, do not waste too much time because I have accepted Jesus; I want to tell you that when you’re praying to that thing, do not mention my name because I have given my life to Jesus; I cannot serve two gods together; I have separated myself; I have given my life to Jesus. He may shout and get angry, do not mind. That word you said will go a long way because the god he’s serving heard you too. As you said it, you have separated yourself from it and any word he speaks to that idol concerning you will backfire because the idol knows you’ve broken the covenant. You have to remove your heart from your father and switch to Jesus Christ totally. They will not take it kindly; they may want to do something. That was why many of My children that gave their lives to Jesus Christ were killed because they didn’t separate themselves from that idol. They were still connected to it spiritually. Once you separate yourself, stand on it; in your word and action, let it be visible. Let every word that comes out of your mouth be about Jesus Christ. Even the idol will tell him that somebody is troubling them. He may say ‘oh, you’re not my son again; I disown you’. Then you have freedom. My son, that is about the tree I am telling you. If it’s your father or mother that is serving the idol, tell him or her that you’re inside the light. You will explain to them that supposing you know, you could have given your life to Jesus Christ a long time ago; all the things that happened couldn’t have happened to us; you will not slaughter any animal again. Tell them what it takes to serve Jesus, in joy, not in sorrow; in happiness, because Jesus has used Himself as a Sacrifice; there is no need for any other sacrifice again. That is all. You will now come back to the church. The Pastor will tell you again not to hide anything from me because darkness and light can never be together. If you have done business with somebody before that led to any problem, you have to speak it out. If you were the one that embezzled the money but said they duped you, the stain will remain inside you. As you keep it to yourself, the devil is there looking at you because you’ve not touched that area. They are inside your body in different ranks. Failure is there; disappointment is there because you’re the one that caused it to yourself. Don’t hide anyone; if you hide anyone, you’re doing yourself evil. As you’re telling the Pastor, you’re telling the Father. Maybe you have eaten somebody before, speak it out. You may think it was meat you ate in your dream, that means you’re a witch. After everything comes deliverance. They should not hold anyone in their heart. If you tie a goat to a tree, that goat will try several times to run away but it can’t because you tie it to the tree. If you now untie it, the goat will still be there thinking you still tie it down like before. Tell them, as they’re confessing out their sins, they should know that Jesus Christ has set them free. Once you’re been set free, you have to free yourself. You have to forgive yourself.

Why was Jesus Christ baptised? To fulfil all righteousness! He lived and ate like a normal human being. As He was baptised, He renewed Himself. After all these ones have gone, then you will baptise that person. Because Jesus Christ was not a human being, two things took place the day He was baptised. He was a Spirit but at the same time a human being because you could see Him physically. As the baptism was going on, the spiritual took place as well. The Father reconfirmed it that He was His Son. The baptism of water is important, but the baptism of the Holy Spirit is more important. Some people may be baptised in water; if they fail to open up, those things will still be there. Some of them, as they baptised them in the water, the Holy Spirit would come upon them immediately. Therefore, after you’ve baptised them, you’ll now teach them about the Holy Spirit. Without all these ones, you cannot do the will of the Father. You cannot cast a demon out of somebody when you yourself are demon carrier. That is why you see demons challenge some people as they wanted to cast them out. You are a Pastor; why is Satan reminding you of the sin you committed many years ago? Because you have not done away with it! You are a Pastor casting demon out of people; there is a place you will go that a high hierarchy demon will challenge you. Go away; you that stole meat inside the pot. People may think it’s now you stole meat inside the pot. They may not know it was when you were a little boy that you did it. Because you did not release yourself from it; you did not tell your Pastor that you stole meat from inside the pot so you can be free. My son, that is why you see people die silently because they refuse to open up. As you’re speaking it, you’re receiving your deliverance. If you refuse to speak it out, you’re covering up your sin. If you hide it from your Father, who are you going to tell? If you’re a man, you might have impregnated many women before and did abortion for them. You now wake up one day and say you want to be a Pastor. Yes, the Father is happy to see those who will preach His Word. If you wash yourself clean, the Father will accept you. But you cover up everything you’ve done. You have destroyed somebody’s life and she can never have a child again. She is there swearing for you every day. You cage that thing in your body and did not speak it out. You did not confess it out for the demon to go away from your life. You now begin to do deliverance for people. You are holding something in your hand, and you want to set people free. When somebody comes to you for confession, telling you what she’s done before, your conscience will judge you immediately because you’ve done the same thing before, but you covered it. Oh, my sister, if we’re in Christ, we become a new creature; old things have passed away. Look, I have done the same thing before, but God forgave me. She will be surprised. She thought she’s useless before. She’ll now see herself as a human being because she could see that God could forgive her. If she sees another person that’s down because of the same problem, she’ll have a word of encouragement to tell him or her. But if you cover it, the demon will be happy. My property is with you; oh, don’t speak it out. If you speak it out, they’ll humiliate you. My son, that is why I told you that as My children die, they go to Hellfire. Why! They carry the sin of several years along with them. They hold it in their heart. If you don’t tell anybody what you’ve done, you cannot forgive yourself. The Father, His Son and Holy Spirit are not wicked. They are Loving Father. They are jealous Father too. You cannot carry two things together. You have to leave one. If the devil is afflicting you, search yourself. Think about what you’ve done wrong. What have I done; my Father is not a wicked Father; He sent His Son to die because of me. Ask yourself a question! Nobody can help you to confess your sins. If you know you love the situation you are, you should remain like that. By the end of the day, nobody will tell you to come out of it. You will die and go to Hellfire. You can only lead the horse to the river but cannot force it to drink water. If not, My children that were vibrant for Me, preaching on the street and inside the bus, when they died, why did they go to Hellfire? Because you cover up something there! The devil will hold what you cover up against you. You cover something up and you’re shouting about your Father. You have double spirit! Anything can happen to you. Anywhere you enter, you can cause death to millions of people because you claim you’re inside the light but live in darkness. Because of you, millions of people can die. You claim you’re inside the Father, you’re not inside the Father; you’re inside darkness. My son, I told you yesterday what happened to Jonah. He wanted to kill everybody on the sea. Why? Because he disobeyed Me. This was just because he refused to deliver a message; how much more the sin you committed and hid in your heart. The sin that put people to death; the sin that destroyed generations; you carry it in you and begin to walk around. Why can’t you open up? You brought sorrow upon that family. Why can’t you go to them and apologise that you’re sorry?

My son, deliverance is very important. If they refuse to open up, even though they’re inside the church, they can easily go back because that thing is still inside them. Their lives will never move forward. That thing will continually tell you that he’s still there; you can sneakily go and do it and the Pastor will not know about it. You only tie yourself down! Once you confess it out, Satan will not remind you of it again. But if it’s still there, you will not know that’s what is causing your predicament. Oh, you know we’ve been coming a long way; you can still go and do it; the Pastor will not know anything. Are you reading this Book (the Bible) as a newspaper or as a novel? If the Father sets you free, you are free indeed. It’s a choice for you. But if you don’t want to be free, you will remain there. If whom the Father sets free is free, why is it that all the children are still having problems? Because they don’t want to be free! The Father brought His Son and they killed and buried Him. He ascended back to the Father. The Father played His own part, why can’t you play your own part? Why can’t you let go? Everything you have done, every lie you have told, why can’t you release yourself so that the devil will go his own way? What did you do? What did you do? Where did you go? Which covenant did you enter? Don’t allow anybody to force word into your mouth. If you cleanse yourself, you will be in your house and blessing will come to you. But if you say no, you hold grudges in your heart, you will remain there. Don’t cover any sin! Whoever covers sin will not prosper; he will always see evil and disaster because you don’t allow the devil to be put to shame. Nobody knows your heart, only the Father. But you’re putting your children into trouble. You will suffer it by the end of the day. Anywhere you like you may go. You were seeking for a child, where did you go? Where is the child you gave birth to? What happened to the Word the Almighty Father used His children to tell you? You ignored it because you were looking for a child. You knew the truth but neglected it because of what you wanted to eat. Now you’re tormenting in Hellfire. The time you supposed to go to the Father to say, Father, here I am; you refused because you were looking for the things of this Earth.

If you’re sleeping in the night, satisfying yourself (sexually), you must know that something caused it. A demon is sleeping with you. Satan is satisfying you. Something caused it! It’s either you caused it by yourself or somebody injected it into your life. There is no problem that Jesus Christ cannot solve. If your flesh is more than the Spirit, all these ones will happen to you. Malice, anger, hatred, backbiting, all these are works of the flesh. As you’re doing them, you’re calling demon to enter your body. They will use your body to satisfy their need. You will begin to cry. Why are you crying? Because you opened the door for them! As it is stated there (in the Bible), that is how it is. Unless you burn all your flesh and allow the Spirit of the Father to take over; anywhere you are, they will not think twice before they know who you are. If you see evil you’ll run away. When it’s time to speak the truth, even if they want to kill you, you’ll say it and leave there because the Spirit of the Father is inside you. He will use you to repair people’s lives. But when you say you’re an usher, you’re a chorister, you sing like an Angel, but all these ones are inside your body, you’re wasting your time; you’re working for nothing; you are workers of iniquity. You are working for nothing! By the end of the day, They will weigh you. If they see you’re not right standing, your leg is shaking, you’re going to Hellfire. Because you don’t change people’s lives; you don’t contribute to people’s lives; you contribute to the destruction of lives. What then is your work? Oh, I’m a singer; they cannot sing without me. They cannot sing without you? The song you sang, what did it do in people’s lives? You cannot lie because they will play everything back for you to see. That sister is a Christian, but I don’t like the kind of word that’s coming out of her mouth; I don’t want her to abuse me; please let her go. What do you call that? The demon of abuse is in your mouth because you don’t know there’s power in your tongue. Oh, that sister is coming; she always speaks about God; please let her come; sister please pray for me; this is what I want to do tomorrow and I know if you pray they will answer me. Yes, you can contribute positively to people’s lives. But you only know how to curse people and as you’re cursing them, it’s happening in their lives. The people that person should have helped could not be helped because of the word that’s coming out of your mouth. Oh, let me call sister Grace; she may be busy now reading her Bible; let me call her and distract her; I will start with my own issue; oh, sister Grace how are you. Maybe you’re studying the Word of the Father before, everything you’ve studied has been taken away from your memory because of the word you heard. She is not an ordinary person; she knows what she’s doing. Maybe you go to bed after that. Satan will now come and begin to attack you because of the word you’ve heard. Oh, I could not sleep yesterday; somebody was attacking me; all my body is paining me. What did you do yesterday? When you used all your time for worldly talk, what happened to the Word of your Father? Do you think it’s an ordinary word? But you used all your time for the things of this Earth. You cannot switch off your phone for a minute. You don’t know they’re using all your conversations to renew the covenant of failure in your life. The covenant of failure in your life must be renewed. If you put a pot of yam on the cooker, if the water dries, you must add water to it until it’s done. It’s the same way. If a covenant of failure is inside you, you must renew it too. Before you speak anything in this world, your conscience will judge you either what you’re about to speak is good or not. You cannot just open your mouth and speak. Something must lead you to speak. The Spirit of the Father will tell you don’t do it, but you’ll say you must do it because she’s done something to you before. Because the flesh is more than the Spirit of the Father in you; you’re weak. Oh, I cannot go inside light; I like this place I am; I like inside darkness. Who is that person? She is a demon.

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"Seek the Lord while He may be found, call upon Him while He is near. Let the wicked forsake his way, and the unrighteous man his thoughts; let him return to the Lord, and He will have mercy on him; and to our God, for He will abundantly pardon." Isaiah 55:6-7

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