Counterfeit In The Church

The Father speaks

(Saturday 3rd July 2021, 13:00)

I permit you to bow down to Jesus Christ alone, nobody else. I Am speaking concerning Christians, those who received the Light, those who received the Word and are convinced in their Spirit and soul that He is a true Life from Me. He is the only Life I permit all of you to bow down to. Nobody else! Nobody can change My word. When I said you shouldn’t bow down to any other god and any image, I know why I said it. You don’t bow to any other power apart from My Son and Me. If you bow down to Me, then you bow down to My Son and Holy Spirit. None of you understands the things of the Spirit. I Am the Owner of every Spirit, both good and bad. I created both physical and spiritual Spirits. I created some Spirits and gave them the power to manifest themselves in various ways. They can change to anything. They can appear to you physically. None of you knows how they manage to exist. That’s why you must search all Spirits before you bow down to them. Every word that comes from Heaven, which I release to you, is powerful. If you read the Bible even though you didn’t give your life to Jesus and you’re convinced in your Spirit that it’s My Word, the Holy Spirit will come down to you immediately because My Word carries power. As you have given your life to Jesus Christ, Three of Us will come and dwell in your body. You also have the power to renounce Us. How do you renounce Us? For you to go into your closet, into your darkness and accept another god into your life to come and work with you. Why then did you give your life to Jesus Christ? My son, I want you to publish this word to every Christian. Why did you give your life to Jesus Christ? I Am the One that brought down My Son. As a Christian, before you jump to the New Testament, go back to the Old Testament, and read everything I did with My children before I brought Jesus Christ. Why did you give your life to Jesus Christ? Were you in sickness? Were you in poverty? Were you in any problem? Why did you give your life to Jesus Christ? Do you want to go to Heaven? Why did you give your life to Jesus Christ? This determines what you’re looking for.

As a child of God, as a Christian, you want a good life, you want peace, you want every good thing to happen to you. The first thing is holiness because holiness will bring all the above. Why did you give your life to Jesus Christ because you’re now adding problems to the body of Christ? My son, tell them they’re giving Us work!!! I Am the Almighty God. Jehovah is My name. I Am the Creator. You children of this Earth, you’re giving My Kingdom and Me more work!!! You’re giving Us extra work to do. You’re adding the body of sins to the body of Christ. All of you should know and choose why you gave your life to Jesus Christ. Which road are you following? If you gave your life to Jesus Christ because of riches, riches would come to you in a dirty way. I have said and explained before that all of you have your assigned blessing before coming to this Earth. If your blessing is not coming forth, that means something is wrong somewhere.

If you want to relocate from one part of the world to another, and there’s no house around your new location, you must build your own house. The first thing you’ll do is to look for the source of water. Without water, you cannot live because water is the source of life. If there is water around you, you can then build your house as you please. As a human being, no matter how powerful you are, you don’t have the power to create your own water. None of you can create water, and water is the source of life. I gave all of you water to keep you alive. What are you looking for? I Am speaking to all Christians right now. If you want to make Heaven, there is only one way, not two, not three. Before you make Heaven, your name is written there already. While you’re on Earth, you’ll live a life of peace because you follow My Word and Ordinance. All of you should go back to My Word and begin with Genesis. None of you has any reason to complain. I created everything and was happy. I knew My Spirit and Soul were in you. No matter what you would do, I would see it, either good or bad. Though My Spirit is in you, it will only affect you, not Me, if you do what's bad. That’s how I created your body. However, you give Me extra work to do. To leave My own way and follow your own way, you give Me extra work to do. You forget I Am the Owner of your Spirit, soul, and body; you’ll still come back to Me. Is it not good for you to follow the way I ask you to follow? Why did you do it? I did it because of your children. They wanted a miracle; they wanted money; they wanted everything. Are you their Maker? Are you the Creator? Are you Almighty God? As I created them, so I created you. Are you Almighty God? You shouldn’t go and enter any evil society because you want to perform miracles.

Every time I speak about my Jesus,
He is the Owner of my soul.
Every time I speak about my Jesus,
He is the Owner of my soul.
He is the Owner; He is the Owner; He is the Owner of my soul,
He is the Owner; He is the Owner; He is the Owner of my soul.

Let Me tell you this. All other gods are useless. They may deceive you; they may do everything for you, yet they’re useless. Why did I say you’re giving Me extra work to do? As a Pastor, you went and acquired grade one power from Lucifer to work upon My children. As you’re working with this power, you didn’t know that part of the demons possessed My children. You made My children not to see the way of holiness. You began to deceive them by performing your fake miracles and doing good because Satan deceived you that you’ll make Heaven. Satan will never take you to Heaven! I Am the Almighty God. Jehovah is My name. Satan will never take you to Heaven. He will only take your Spirit and begin to show your followers that you’re in Heaven. In the same way he used you to deceive your followers, he will also deceive them by showing them a counterfeit angel. That’s how he will continue to use you until I tell him to stop. Why? Because you cannot face judgement until your body enters the ground. You cannot be judged until you’re buried on Earth. The very moment the ground receives your body, your Spirit will depart from this Earth. Everything you’ve done physically will be played back to you. Though you did everything in the name of Jesus Christ, but you destroyed a lot of things. How can I tell My children that everything you did was evil? Nobody can see Me! You can neither see Jesus Christ nor Holy Spirit. Unless they appear and speak through the body of a human being that this Pastor that’s performing miracles is fake. How then will they believe? It’s a lie; they want to destroy his image. Imagine a man of God who destroyed so many women and children in his church; don’t you know he has put another powerful spirit in them. Now you can see the extra work he’s given Almighty God to do.

A child was clean and holy, and she was defiled inside the church. Husband and wife came to the church to seek My face. The little problem they had, four percent of problem they had now turned to ninety percent in the body of Christ. Are you adding souls to the body of Christ, or you’re telling them not to go to church anymore? Those who have such experience will never speak out so that they wouldn’t kill them. They will tell people to remain in their house, not to go to church anymore. Why? Because they went to the wrong church. Now tell Me the kind of judgement I should give to that Pastor. Tell Me because everything he’s been doing, travelling here and there performing miracles, doing good, I gave him a chance because that’s what he chose. We cannot stop you from doing whatever you want to do, but We’re waiting for you. The so-called money you’re giving to people, and you claimed is what they wish for; was it clean? All the money is dirty because it’s not from Me! The very moment you gave your life to that demon, whatever he gives to you isn’t clean; it’s dirty. The air that you breathe in, I gave it to you. If I want to take it away from you, you’ll die. Satan gave you the power, but you’re swimming in the water I gave to you because he cannot create water. You’re breathing the air I gave to you because he cannot create any. You were enjoying yourself and pollute My children. What did you think you do to the body of Christ? You gave Me more work to do. I would stir many people’s Spirits to speak, but the children cannot hear because their ears are blocked already. Though you’re dead with everything you did, you’ll still come back and torment your followers. Why? Because you gave yourself to demons! They saw you as their god.

The demons can use anybody to quote the Bible. Why? Because I didn’t put any barrier or restriction on it. Anybody can read the Bible, both sinners and saints. Demons can read the Bible. I Am breaking things down for all of you to understand. If I put a barrier or restriction on it, none of you can make Heaven. I Am the Almighty God. The Bible is opened to all sinners. There is nothing to indicate that if you’re a sinner, don’t touch the Bible. I did this so you can come to Heaven. Satan seizes this opportunity and begins to use the quotations in the Bible to deceive all of you. I want you to pick these quotations and use them for your life while you focus on Jesus Christ so I can lift you up. As you do this, I will look down and see where you’re coming from; I will then repair the foundation of your life so you can live in peace. That’s where confession of sin comes in.

My son, tell all of them that anyone in the household of God who sees evil but fails to speak out is going to Hellfire. Tell them! Everlasting torment will be their portion. Either you’re a Pastor or an ordinary member, if somebody does evil and you see it, instead of you speaking out, you cover your mouth, you’re going to Hellfire. All of you are going to Hellfire because you’re the grade one murderer in the church. Speak out and stop going to that church immediately. I Am the Almighty God. I Am looking for clean souls. I Am not looking for money. I Am not looking for wealth. I Am looking for pure holiness. Why did you go to the church? What are you looking for in the church? Did you gather people together to commit sin? A body of evil in a body of Christ? Who is Christ? I brought Jesus Christ to this Earth for holiness, not for dirtiness. Anytime you mention the name of Jesus Christ, it must be for holiness, and He will come to you. You mustn’t mention His name to do evil. Every one of you that partake in it will hear it very tough. Every one of you who patronise Pastors, every church member that patronises Pastor will go to Hellfire. As a Christian, before you attend a church for a week, My Spirit in you will tell you if the Pastor is genuine or fake. You will know! But you choose to remain in that church, and evil begins to join evil in your body. You begin to experience what you’ve not experienced before. Can’t you know that the one who called himself a man of God is not a man of God; he is a demon. He is not for the light but for darkness, and the darkness will come to you. The little light you have, they’ll take it away from you.

Why is the rate of sickness so high? Why are you in Christ and different kinds of sickness are coming to you? Because you’re not in the right place, because you fail to read My Word and know what I said concerning you. You depend on your Pastor. You want holy water; you want anointing oil. You want what will help you to make it immediately. How did I create the Earth? I created it by word of mouth. That’s how I created everything. That means My Word carries power. As you read it, it will heal you. You just need to be convinced in your heart. That’s all. You’re inside the church, but you’re falling and falling into sin. Why can’t you read your Bible and call upon Jesus? Why can’t you read the Bible and say, Father, have mercy upon me? But all of you believe in what your Pastors are teaching you. You fail to read your Bible, but you go and meet a man of God to deceive you. You don’t know the source of his power. As you see them, they have so many people working for them. They hijack the Spirit and soul of people. Immediately you have the spirit of sin in your body, they’ll reveal themselves to you, and you’ll think it’s Jesus Christ. Every time you’re watching the movie of Jesus Christ, who do you see? You see a human being! Human beings like you acted in the movies. If you see anybody in the spiritual realm, the content of his word will tell you who he is. Anybody can wear a white garment. It’s not Jesus! You can go to the market and buy a white garment. It doesn’t mean that everybody that wears a white garment is a holy person. If you have your money, you can go to the market and buy a white garment. Anyone can put on a white garment, and it doesn’t matter whether you’re white or black. For instance, if some women want to go out, they’ll put on a wig. Is that the hair they were created with? No. The spirit could also manipulate everything and put on his body, and you’ll think you’ve seen Jesus. Oh, I saw Jesus; He spoke to me. Why? Because he has access to the Bible! That’s why I told you to try every spirit and know which one is from Me. The spirit is now using so many men of God to destroy My children. My son, I will never deceive you; there is a lot of work to do in the body of Christ. There is a lot of cleansing work to do in the body of Christ because of all these fake Pastors.

When a Pastor is judged, and he’s burning in Hellfire, and you believe in him that he’s your father, what do you think is happening to you? Every of your way will be wrong, wrong, wrong. The person in whom you believed is burning in Hellfire, and the part of his spirit lives in your body. Because the demons have led him to Hellfire, where he’s lamenting, they will come back to you, and whatever you lay your hands on will not prosper anymore because you’re his follower. You’re the follower of the evil man! Oh, this is part of our people. They will come and deal with you. Your way will never be good because you’re among the people who patronised him while he was alive. Yes, he mentioned the name of Jesus Christ. I didn’t put a restriction on it. If any man is mentioning the name of Jesus Christ, We want to see the content of the words in his heart. We want to know the percentage of it in your heart. That’s the only way things will go well with you. When things are not going well with you, We’ll look down and see what you’re doing and tell you not to do them anymore. I Am the Almighty God. I Am a Teacher. I Am a Preacher. I Am a Changer of every bad to good. My son, ask them again; what do they want? What are you looking for? Why did you give your life to Jesus Christ? All of you pollute the Earth for Almighty God. Tell them, My son!!! You give Us extra work to do every day. The church is smelling!!! You patronise evil Pastors. Tell them! Whatever you know about any man of God that’s not good, speak out and leave the church. That’s the only way your name will be written in the Book of Life. If you speak out, another person will not fall into the trap.

The one that died, the same demons that gave him the power promised him Heaven, but they lied to him. Who is the Owner of the body? I Am the Owner! I Am the Owner. Since he died, They’ve not judged him. I told you They would judge every soul that died. They don’t hurry. His soul has now departed from this Earth. This is the time I want to do My work. But My pain is this; though he goes to Hellfire burning, what about all the damage he did. He did a lot of damage!!! He knew it very well. He knew everything he did. He knew everything he did. Before he entered, he was a natural preacher, a genuine one. He was with Me before he entered. He knew good and evil. That’s why he could use the Bible to cover everything he was doing. As he was doing it, My Spirit was still telling him that this isn’t My way. Change, We can still receive your soul; destroy everything you have; tell them that Almighty God has visited you that you don’t want to perform any miracle anymore that you want to live like a beggar; We will receive your soul. I spoke to him every day because he’s still a living being; he has not died. If you’re alive doing evil, you still have the opportunity to change. I speak to the Spirit and soul of many of the so-called Pastors that are inside evil every day so that people could learn from them before they die. After they’re dead, nobody will know what’s happening to them anymore. Even if My Son Jesus takes people to Hellfire and they come back and tell you what they see, it will not change anything here. It will not change anything on Earth anymore because the damage is already done. It’s straightforward to say that what does it profit a man to gain the whole Earth and lose his soul. Satan is saying even though he goes to Hellfire; I used him to gain many souls. It’s very painful, My son. It’s very painful because I don’t want to cry. It’s very painful.

Can Satan stop Jesus Christ from existing? None of you understands what I’m saying. I have told you before that there are different levels of sin. Sin is different from sin. Though they’re all sins, but their percentage is different from each other. The people will only see the good side because everything is about money, money, money. The money you claim they’re giving you to spend, where does it come from? Where does it come from? The demons use one stone to kill millions of birds. Now you see why people don’t want to respect men of God anymore. Satan has destroyed men of God because My power is no longer with them. You cannot sell your soul to two things. You cannot serve two masters. You have to follow one. They follow the spirit of demons and use the Word of God to carry themselves. When they’re reading the word of God to you on the pulpit, all of you are happy. But they’re laughing at all of you because they know they’re using your glory. You and your generation will never make it. None of you knows how I do My work. You don’t know how the spiritual works. I Am telling you what existed in Heaven that still works today. Whatever is of the Spirit is very powerful, either good or evil. Satan knows everything he does, and he knows the source of many things. None of you knows. The only thing I want from you is the holiness of this Bible. That’s the only way Satan will not come to you. Immediately your heart is dark; Satan will chase you. If you have anger in your heart, your dream will not be good when you lie down on your bed. Every darkness is not from Me. Your dream will not be good because something is happening in your heart. I want everybody to do everything in good conscience. That’s the only way you can see My face. That’s why I brought My Son to this Earth. You're watching the movies of Jesus; yes, He came to this Earth, it’s a story. Because you cannot see Him anymore, they use human beings to represent Him in a movie to understand how He lived. That’s how Satan uses Jesus Christ to act in the church. Oh, I saw Jesus Christ while I was sleeping in the Synagogue. Who told you? Jesus Christ just appeared on the screen. Who told you? The same demon that initiated him was the one appearing on the screen, and all of you thought it’s Jesus Christ to convince all of you. Now, the damage is done already.

As a Pastor, just a little thing will send you to Hellfire. If somebody tells you that he saw him in Hellfire, will you believe? It’s hard for a church member to destroy another man of God because such a person is going to Hellfire. My son, tell them again that if any of them goes to a church and what he sees in the Pastor's body isn’t in line with My Word, he should speak out. If he can confine in the Pastor, he should do so. If not, he should leave the church immediately and tell the next person to him. For you to destroy souls and the souls are still alive while you’re already dead, you know what that means. For a man of God to be sleeping with people, what do you think is sleeping with them? He has destroyed the souls of these people. Even though he’s dead, he will continue to sleep with them because it wasn’t him; it’s the demon that initiated him. That’s why I ask why you are giving Me extra work to do. As he will burn in Hellfire, They will tell him everything he did and show him the damage. The motive for doing it isn’t necessary because the damage outweighed the motive. Can you go back and change everything? You are the demon because you turned yourself into a demon. None of you has the power like Me. Jesus Christ that came to this Earth isn’t a counterfeit. He was born in Heaven before I brought Him to this Earth. He is My Son. He qualified for it; that’s why Satan couldn’t do anything to Him. He didn’t sleep with anybody, either physically or spiritually. Never!!! He didn’t even kiss anybody. Never! Everything He did was done in good conscience, not for anything concerning sin. If He had done it, He wouldn’t have risen from the dead. No single sin lived inside Him. And if anyone wants to do like Jesus Christ, he cannot unless I give him the power, unless he’s born for it. And if you want more, I will send it down from Heaven to you to do the work in the body of Christ, not to seek the face of demons. They will tell you what you’ll do every time to renew the power. You’re now using the children of God to renew your power. That’s why I said he caused a lot of damage in the church. And if there is anyone who worked with such Pastor before he died, such man must seek My face until he dies. Whatever restitution he needs to do, he must do it immediately. What a damage in the church of God!

My son, tell them they shouldn’t believe in Pastors; they should believe in the Word of God because Pastors are human beings. Pastors commit sin in their closets every day. You don’t know what they’ve put their hands on. Don’t believe in Pastors!!! Believe in My Word. Believe in the power of the Holy Spirit, and I will come to you. If any Pastor is speaking of holiness, believe in that Pastor. If he’s speaking it both physically and spiritually, you will know. Those around you will see the kind of life he’s living. If a Pastor is speaking about holiness, there must be evidence to prove it. You cannot just be listening to the word of holiness he preaches while the kind of life he lives isn’t in line with his word. He is a deceiver! He is deceiving all of you. That’s why all of you must read My Word and begin to know the life of the Pastor in whom you believe. If you believe in a Pastor and fail to read your Bible, I will never reveal anything to you. If you believe in My Word, I will now reveal your Pastor to you. If you see it, go and tell him if you can. If you cannot, carry your Bible and leave the church immediately. Right from the beginning, I use My servants to heal My children. If you have a dream and see your Pastor touching your hands and legs where you have pains, you’ll receive your healing when you wake up. Through this, you’ll know He is a genuine servant of God. But if you see him doing otherwise, through this, you will know he has been cut off from Me already. Many Pastors are cut off from Heaven! I cannot use them anymore. They are dead. They are cut off from Heaven already. Why? Because they sold their spirit, soul, and body to demons! But what do they do to you, the members? They use you to fill the church. Every ritual they do make the church full up. If you, a member attend such a church, you incur evil upon yourself and your family. You will carry trouble to your family. Is this the kind of church I choose? That’s why I ask again what you’re looking for. Do you think Pastors can solve your problem? They will increase your problem. Jesus Christ alone can solve your problem. Inside your house, you can be holy as you read your Bible. I will lead you to the right church where you’ll serve Me. Many Pastors are using your glory. All the wealth they have came from your glory and soul. They’ll take every good thing I gave to you. Oh, when I went to church, my problem increased. Is your Father a wicked Father? My Word says I am glad when they say let us go to the house of God. What is there in the house of God? Joy and peace. Then if you don’t see joy and peace in the church, you know what to do. If you go to the church, your health will improve. Joy and peace will surround you. It is not about wealth. As you’re praying and praying, I will look down and see what I gave to you initially. If you’re in the right place, I will connect you. But if you’re not in the right place, I cannot connect you. As many of you who attend such evil church, you cannot see good. They will take every good of you.

All of you who call yourself My servants should not take Me for granted. Even though I’m using you to send messages to My children, that doesn’t mean you’re qualified. All of you must work upon yourself. You must work upon your past sin; else, Satan will come and magnify it again. All of you are dear to Me. As you’re dear to Me, let your body be dear to Me as well. Follow all rules and regulations in My Word. All of you left the Old Testament and jumped to the New Testament. You want to perform miracles. Money cannot buy miracles because it is a thing of the spirit. It comes from Heaven. And if you’re not qualified for it, if you’re not created for it, you cannot have it. There are many gifts in the body of Christ. I gave it as My heart desired. You should encourage My children. Tell them to exercise patience in Me. If you gave your life to Jesus Christ and you’re passing through one predicament or another, you shouldn’t think that the solution will come overnight. I will take My time to heal you from the root so that whatever plagues you will not plague your children and their generation. If you’re in London and your root is in Nigeria, I will travel down to your village and put everything in order. I cannot ask you to travel down and do anything. I will do it for you spiritually, and if you pay attention to your dreams, you will know. Oh, I saw a man who gave me water to drink in my dream; I saw a man washing my head with a sponge. Why? Because you follow the holy way. This is My principle. This is how I do My work. I Am not a wicked Father. I Am a Holy Father. But if you follow the evil way, you will also see it spiritually in your dreams. Satan uses Pastors to preach holiness in the church, but they fail to do accordingly. They use holiness to preach counterfeit in the church.

As a church member, you know that what your Pastor is doing isn’t right, yet, you sit down there. He uses his counterfeit message to tie you down. What are you supposed to do? Carry your Bible and leave the church immediately. Satan gains wisdom every day in destroying the children of God. Many of them who use My Word to cover their face and do otherwise in their closets, My son, tell them that I Am waiting for them. If you die, the judgement will take place. The demons you initiated yourself to only end on this Earth while your soul is alive. But when you die, it’s now you and Me. But My cry is the enormous damage that would be done in the church through you. If any of you falls into this category, you know what your Pastors are doing, even though if you’re ordained to do evil like them, you must open your mouth and set yourself free. Like father like son. As your master, so you are. What good will you bring to the body of Christ? As your master is there burning in Hellfire, you will carry on with his assignment. My son, tell all of them that if you’re praying for any man of God who died if he is lamenting in Hellfire, your prayers don’t go anywhere. You do yourself more harm than good. You’re wasting your time. What do you gain from your father? Open your Bible and tell Me where Revelation and Judges are! You don’t know anything, yet you’re a Pastor. What are people saying about your Pastor? What kind of revelation do people see concerning your Pastor? I Am the Almighty God and will never lie. There is no hidden thing in the body of Christ.

All the miracles and healing will end one day. Jesus Christ came; He lived thirty-three years and died. All of you are foolish. Every work you do without Jesus Christ is in vain. You must take permission from Him before you do anything. Holiness is holiness; sin is sin. If you commit sin to the extent you’re controlled by it, then you’re a demon. You’re not committing sin; you are a demon. Many Pastors are not committing sin. They are demons! All of you should stop running from pillar to post. I Am the Omnipresent God. I Am everywhere. Remain in your house and seek My face. What brought sickness? The caterpillar that eats your crops on the farm, what caused it? Read My Word, and you’ll know what it says concerning all these things. Pray, and I’ll come to you. I Am the only One you will love with your Spirit, soul, and body. Some of you love your family members. As the Pastor uses his members to quench his thirst for wealth, your family members are also eating your glory spiritually because they have the spirit of witchcraft. You love your sister, yet, she has donated all the produce of your farm. You’re only working for nothing. If you remove your hands from sin and pray to Me, I will reveal the source of your problem to you. You don’t need to run from pillar to post. Right there inside your house, I will visit you. I Am not a wicked Father. Love no one with your Spirit and soul.

I did not bring Christianity for miracles. I brought it for holiness. All of you should read your Bible. If I could annoy and destroyed the Earth with water, did I do it because of miracles? No! I destroyed it because of evil. If something is not going well with you, remove your hands from sin and cry to Me. The same God that Pastors use to preach in the church is right there with you in your house. You don’t need to run helter-skelter. Some of you have grown to the extent of praying in the name of your Pastor. The God of Pastor Paul, the God of Pastor Peter. If you’re praying in the name of the God of Pastor Paul and Paul has sold his soul to demons, what do you think will happen to you? The same demons that initiated him will come to you. That means you’ll serve demons all the days of your life. If you call the god of Pastor that serve demons, you will never make it in life. The only God you should pray to is the God in Heaven, the Jehovah Almighty God who brought His Son to this Earth. I Am the One. I Am the only God. The God of Jesus Christ. My Son said My Father and I are One. Don’t call God the God of any Pastor. Will the Pastor feed you? Will he clothe you? If he doesn’t believe in the God of Heaven and you’re praying to his god, what will happen to you? Demons have different names. Before the Pastors climb the pulpit, they invariably invoke the name of their gods. All of them that come to the church today take all their glory, take all their blessings; let my cup fill. But you’ll be dancing useless dance in the church. Immediately the atmosphere has changed for that demon; all your prayers for that day will be in vain. For you to be in that environment alone, you’re finished. If God is the God of Pastor Paul, what about you? That means God is not your God. All of you are foolish. Go and read your Bible, and you’ll see what I did to the kings that served idols. I destroyed some, and some were overpowered through war. Nothing comes to you ordinarily. It comes out of your disobedience. Disobedience gives birth to sin.

Many Pastors are alive, but I have rejected them already. They are waiting for their judgement. I have said it before. I don’t hold you that you should serve Me until you die, but Satan does. You can choose to give your life to Jesus Christ and do His will; you can also choose not to serve Him anymore, and He will never trouble you. However, if you choose to follow Satan, he will never leave you alone. You don’t dare live him because he uses you to destroy. That’s why it’s tough for many Christians to confess their sins. Satan chains you down, but Jesus Christ doesn’t chain you down. Almighty God will never chain you down. It’s your choice. Satan will force you to remain with him. You cannot leave him because he has vowed right from the beginning to destroy My handwork. That is his motive. He will never leave anyone that falls into his category because he uses him to destroy people. The one that died said they should bury him in the church. Satan will continue to use his image to destroy people in the church. He is no longer on this Earth, but the demon will continue to use his spirit to destroy people. Before he died, he has already initiated some people. Through his name, the demons will continue to act. If any of you think you know something, you don’t know anything. All of you don’t know anything. Almighty God alone knows the things of the Spirit. If I carry out some spiritual assignment, you yourself will be afraid, My son. If I tell you that all the people who worship in such Pastors church, I will never use anybody physically to heal or deliver them. I will do it spiritually. If I use anybody physically, the demons will kill him. Any Pastor that wants to heal or deliver such people will die. The demons will kill him because all of you are sinners. I will do it spiritually through Jesus Christ. They hold many people ransom in the church. That’s why you hear that many people die mysteriously inside the church. Any Pastor that wants to deliver such people will die.

When I said they give Me extra work to do in the body of Christ, you think it’s a joke. If the demons enter any man, there’s no life for such man anymore, especially when you know their secret. Nobody can either heal or deliver you. Only Almighty God can heal and deliver you. If I do it spiritually, let them go and arrest Jesus Christ. My son, tell them again that I said many of them who know their Pastors are using strange powers to work in the church; I Am waiting for them. I will deal with you and your generation because you follow them to do evil. You increase evil in the church. The church is supposed to be a peaceful place, a place of prayers, a happy place. Why has it turned to the synagogue of Satan, where sin abounds? You carry evil assignments out in the name of your Pastors. You’re going down while your Pastors are going up physically. My son, tell them, all the Pastors, their wealth is only for a moment. I Am waiting for all of them. All of you who know so much about your Pastors and fail to speak out because you’re afraid I will deal with you. Jesus Christ said you should preach the Good News. Which Good News are you preaching in the church? All of you carry bad news everywhere. You carry bad news, and you’re not afraid of the Person that will destroy you for staying there. You can only be scared of the One who will kill your Spirit, soul, and body. You shouldn’t be afraid of him who has no power over your life. Speak out and leave the church. If it means for you to relocate and move away from that environment, do it. If you know that your life is in danger, you can relocate to another country for a while. They’re afraid of you revealing their secret. They add extra work to the body of Christ. They invoke different sickness to the life of people. Satan can never give you anything, and you go free. All the wealth he gave to you, all the things you’re buying, where do you think it’s coming from? If he only takes their glory, it would have been good. As he takes their glory, he replaces it with sickness and all manner of problems. There are different problems inside the church. The same demons that inflicted the illness on them also have the power to call some of the sicknesses away from their body. Then the Pastor will say he has healed them.

All these spirits that initiated them, where are they from? Through this, you will know that the origin of Lucifer isn’t from here. He came down from Heaven. I created good and evil. The only way all these things will not come to you is by following the way of holiness. That’s the only way you can wash your hands clean. All of you should encourage each other in Christ. My work is about long-suffering. Why? Because you were born in sin. You weren’t born in holiness. Even the womb that carried you was sinful. But My grace is enough to carry all of you until the end. I Am not a wicked God. I know that all of you are on a visit to this Earth. When your time is over, you will come back Home. All the demons that torment you will never torment you anymore. You’re flesh; that’s why sin came in. Sin didn’t just come to you; your handwork drew them to you. Every sin is a sickness. Some lead to sickness, while some don’t lead to sickness. Some of them are in your body, though you’re not sick, but you must advertise them to people. For example, a man that sleeps around with different women isn’t sick. Anyone you sleep with will carry your image. This sin doesn’t lead you into sickness and death, but you’re leading people into darkness. You’re sending people into sin. Your own sin is stealing. You’re using your computer to cheat people. You don’t kill, but you steal, fraud. It’s a powerful sin. The same thing that leads to armed robbery also leads to fraud. All of you should learn and do what’s good so that the Earth can give you peace.

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"Seek the Lord while He may be found, call upon Him while He is near. Let the wicked forsake his way, and the unrighteous man his thoughts; let him return to the Lord, and He will have mercy on him; and to our God, for He will abundantly pardon." Isaiah 55:6-7

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