Daily Judgement

The Father speaks

(Wednesday 12th December 2018, 09:30)

Whatever you do on a daily basis, you’ll be judged by it. It doesn’t matter either you’re a Christian or not; you’ll be judged. In the spiritual realm, there are people who judge every one of you every day, and they live on this Earth, but you cannot see them because they’re Spirits. Whatever happens to you physically comes as a result of whatever judgement they passed on you. This is why you must live your life every day based on the Law that guides this Earth so that you can have peace. However, if you’re passing through torment, and you call upon Me, I will look down and see to whatever judgement they passed on you. I have power to stop them because I Am All-In-All. If I stop them, I will come down and teach you holiness so that you can stop whatever you did that make them passed evil judgement on you. I Am the Almighty God. I Am the Great I Am That I Am. I Am the Originator. I Am the Authority. Jehovah is My name. I Am the Great Oldman. I Am a Mystery. None of you knows anything except what I reveal to you.

When I created this Earth and brought you to live in it, I set a boundary that thus far you can go. If you go beyond that boundary, it will trigger their judgement, and you’ll feel the impact in your body physically. As you’re passing through it, I will come down to see what happened. I will teach you what to do and how to eliminate the signal so that they won’t torment you further. This is where the confession comes in. Until you open your mouth and confess, this is the only way they’ll stop tormenting you. I will then teach you holiness. If you obey My voice and everything is good for you, if you go back again and do whatever you did before, they’ll torment you again. And if they’re tormenting you and you cry to Me, I will not rescue you anymore. You must understand that every sin you commit affects everything around you. As the odour of your garment enters everywhere in your house, so also every sin you committed. It will affect your husband or wife; it will affect your children; it will affect your job; it will affect the ground upon which you tread. It will affect absolutely every area of your life!

If you’re committing sin, you must remember that there are some people whose lives are connected to yours and they’re Spirits, living in the spiritual realm. Whatever evil you do makes them feel uncomfortable. And you must pass through whatever judgement they pass on you. For example, if you’re sick and you go to a healer for healing, he may ask you to sacrifice an animal to appease the demons that control the sickness. If the demons accept your sacrifice, that means it’s enough to atone for the sin you committed, and you’ll receive your healing, but for a while. If they refuse your sacrifice, that means your sin is more than the sacrifice you gave; you’ll surely die. Even if they accept your sacrifice, that doesn’t stop them from tormenting you further. You only adjourn your torment. They’re still coming back to you. Remember that My Word says you shall not serve any other god. I Am the only One you shall serve. Though they have the power to kill you, but based on the food you’re giving them to eat, they’ll allow you to live. They’ll come back in threefold to torment you because they know you’ll give them food to eat. You’ve built a house for them! Your body and that of your generation become their house. They will keep tormenting you so that you can keep feeding them. If you have nothing to give them, they’ll take whatever they want from you. They can kill your children or suck your wife’s pregnancy. They will never forgive you.

If you steal money from the company’s account and nobody knows about it except one of your friends, you’ll confide in him because you know they can sack you. Whatever your friend demands from you, you’ll keep giving it to him. If he demands ten pounds today, he may demand twenty pounds tomorrow. This is how they are. This was why I stopped the sacrifice of goat and pigeon in the time of old because I was the One that created them, and I was the One that designed the food they eat. Holiness is the only thing that will make them give you peace. They will hold everything about you to ransom. They’ll freeze all your blessings. Some of you, even as they froze everything that concerns your life, you fail to cry out to Me. Even some of you, as you’re crying, think I have another blessing I’ll give to you. I have already given them all your blessings because they’re the caretakers of this Earth. They control everything. The only way you can live and have peace is by living a holy life.

Only My Son Jesus Christ can atone for your sin that you won’t feel the impact, that you won’t lose anything. This was why I brought Him. But you choose to go on your own way. You’re sacrificing the blood of goat and pigeon which I abolished, and you’re even sacrificing the blood of human beings both physically and spiritually because of what you wanted, power, money and fame. Remember that the impact of everything you’re doing is very deep to the extent if My Son wants to atone for it, it’s not easy for Him because He feels it in His body, He feels the pains. He is saying: “This was why I came! Why are they still using human beings as sacrifice after My Father has used Me?” If He wants to atone for the blood of any human being you killed, it’s not easy for Him. It’s as if you take everything away from Him because that person is human being. Though His blood is superior and holy to the blood of that person, yet, power will go out of Him. If you can remember the woman with the issue of blood, yes, this was what happened to her. When she touched My Son, power went out of Him, and He felt it. All of you are committing sin because of money. All of you are running after vanity upon vanity, and you sow evil seed into the lives of your generation. Your children will pass through the torment and you too will come back and pass through it. You will still cry to Me again! This is why I told every one of you not to swear because if you swear, you don’t know you’re the one that committed sin in your previous life and your generation is now paying for it.

Can you do anything behind My back? Can you do anything that I won’t know? Either you’re white or black, as long you’re human being, nothing you can do that I don’t know. You sold yourself to different demons because of fame and money. After you’ve done whatever you want to do, you’re going to face torment wherever you go. And your children and their generation will continue to pass through it here because if sin is pregnant, it will give birth to sickness and death. No matter how much you fill this Earth with wealth, you will die. I want all of you to live like little children.

When I created Adam and Eve, though they committed sin and I passed judgement on them, but the sin they committed cannot be compared to the sin you’re committing today. Yet, you’re calling Me Father, Father. Who is your Father? If I Am your Father, you’ll hear My voice. My Son told you that I know My sheep and My sheep know Me. I know My children, those who call Me with their heart. Even though they’re calling Me with their heart, they have brothers and sisters; they have father and mother. They cannot force them not to commit sin. Because they love Me, if I bless them, they’ll still give part of it to their relations that are committing sin and the demons will come and attack them. Are you listening to Me! How can I serve my Father and cut myself away from my family? You don’t know that the hands of those you call your family are dirty! Because you call them your family, the demons will come and attack you because you love them. This was why in the time of old, if one person committed sin in a family, I would wipe all of them away because all of you that come from the same family are connected to each other. As it is for good, so is it for evil. If I allow only the person that committed sin to die, the spirit will enter the remaining member of his family especially the sin you purposely committed. My Word will never go empty without accomplishing its mission. The earlier you know, the better for as many of you that are reading this Word. This Word is not a book; it’s not food, it’s your life. You cannot see it to buy anywhere! No matter how well you’re educated, no matter any Spirit I gave to you, no matter how talented you are, if you don’t follow this Word of Mine, all your life is in vain. You will come to this Earth and go back in an evil way because you fail to abide by My Word.

Many of you will convert peoples’ property to yours. If you see a bag of money on the road, you’ll say Father has blessed you. Which Father? Is it your money? Instead of you to take it to the nearby police station, so that the owner can go there and take back his money, you’ll take it to your house. This is why all of you don’t have peace. You’re breeding demons every day, and you call them children. I don’t trouble Myself because I have laid down the rules right from the beginning. If you give birth to demons, will they give you peace? They will not give you peace. They will only be the ones to torment you the more. It is high time for each and every one of you to cleanse yourself.

If you meet a man of God who tells you what to do, you’ll say the Law is too hard that you cannot abide by it. That means you’ve chosen to go to Hellfire. If you want to know a true man of God, judge him by the word that comes out of his mouth. If he tells you to go and confess your sins, so that the demons can return back to wherever they came from, so that you and your generation can have peace, this is My true servant. If you can do this, Heaven will rejoice because of you, and I will use every power to fight for you. If every one of you can atone for your sins by confessing them out, return everything you took from people, you’ll have peace. Some of you embezzled somebody’s money, and you ruined the company. You used the money to build your house. Return the house back to the rightful owner so you can live in peace. Yes, you embezzled money, if Satan wants to take revenge on you, though you cannot pay back the money anymore, he may inflict your children and their generation with incurable sickness. Any of My servants who is not careful to deal with such a problem as I ordained it, the demons can kill him. I have already set the rules right from the beginning, and there’s nothing anybody can do.

No matter what you want to become on this Earth, if you hold on to My Word, anywhere you go, demons will bow down to you. Anywhere you enter; hence your hand is clean, you’re a winner. I will sleep on My bed and have peace because I know that My son and My daughter hearken to My voice. Satan can jump any pillar he wants to jump as he asked My Son to jump down and He didn’t hearken to his voice, so also, I want every one of you not to hearken to the voice of Satan no matter any challenges you face. Look at your mate; he has built ten houses. If you don’t have any money, why should you go and build a house? Cry to Me, and I will look into the bag I gave to you. If there’s no house inside your bag, I will make somebody build the house for you. Out of the little penny you’re giving to people by doing good for them, I will make somebody give you thousands of it. But Satan holds your heart not to do good for people, and you become a wicked person. You give no alms to anybody, and your blessing is attached to the alms I asked you to be giving to people.

I gave different talents to My children when they’re coming to this Earth, but demons hold your talents in the spiritual realm. They’re using your talents to build houses to live, but you’re living like a beggar here. What do you want Me to do? People are judging you every day in the spiritual realm! Your blessing is wasting somewhere. Your blessing carries your name. What will you do if I open your eyes to see the blessings of generations in the spiritual realm? Because I have already given the blessing to you and your generation, even though you don’t make it, your children that are coming may make it. I cannot betray you because your name is already attached to your blessing and I cannot transfer it to another person. Imagine one person each left one-million pounds unspent in the spiritual realm up to five generations; you know how much money that is. But all of them lived a poverty life here until they died, and their blessing is there in the spiritual realm. Until only one person is clean and holy, then the door will blast open. That one person will begin to enjoy everything. The blessing may be money; it may be children, it may be peace. I have revealed a lot of secrets to all of you, yet, you’re going on your own way. You want to do quick action. Every one of you that wants to do quick action should remember that vanity upon vanity, all is vanity. You will cut short your life here, and you’ll pass through torment there. If you don’t give your life to Jesus Christ, if you pass through any shortcut to make your living, you’ll face torment wherever you go, and your children will also face judgment here because you do what you’re not supposed to do. I have already assigned those who will torment you there.

If you commit sin here and I don’t assign those who will torment your soul so that you can come back to Me, that means I don’t know what I’m doing; I don’t know how to protect My handwork. My handwork is not fake; it’s real. As I Am real, so also, you’re real. Remember that I brought you out of My body. All of you existed in Heaven before I formed this Earth and brought you down to live in it, and I still want you to come back to Me. I cannot form this Earth and just bring you here without setting the boundary for you that thus far you can go. This is why whatever dream you dream will tell you either you’re working well with Me or not. Every day-by-day, follow every dream you dream. If your sin is too much, it will block your dream, and you can’t remember anything. This is why in a household, from husband to wife and children, somebody must have a meaningful dream. Any dream you dream triggers something good or something bad. Follow it and do accordingly. If it means for you to fast and pray, then follow it up. If you dream, you know where your dream is coming from because you’re not a foolish person. You know what you did before you slept either through your mouth or through your action. Work upon it! I Am not a wicked Father. The Earth is Mine and everything in it. I Am the Almighty God. I always speak and speak. This was how I spoke in the time of old.

Those who know that I Am the Almighty God through the story they read from their forefathers are still on this Earth. Their fathers passed through torment, and they see it. Now, I don’t deal with just one family; I deal with the whole world. Anyone that chooses Me as a Father, I will also choose him or her as My son or daughter. If he or she gives Me peace, I will give him or her peace. If he or she wants peace, I will lead him or her to those who will lead him or her to the path of peace. This is My Word. Hence there’s something in your body that makes you to commit sin; you’ll not have peace. My Word is very important. You shall not commit sin with your mouth. You shall not commit sin with your ears. You shall not commit sin with your hands. You shall not commit sin with your eyes. If your eye makes you to commit sin, take it out. I Am not saying you should remove it physically, but spiritually. Watch what you see. If it’s your mouth, speak less. Mind what you speak. Reason before you speak because your mouth can tie you down. Fear Me! Follow My Word and My Law, and you’ll have peace everywhere. If you don’t have the load of demons, they will not come to you. Even if they come to you, they’ll see nothing to take from you because your hand is clean. But if you have their load, they will deal with you. They’ll take part of your life away from you. That’s when you will cry. And whenever you’re crying, they’re happy especially if you give your life to Jesus Christ, how much more if you don’t give your life to Jesus Christ. They will use you and your generation as their dwelling place. They cannot live on their own. They are everywhere. Human beings like you in the Bible, you can go to where they lived. They were examples of good and evil on this Earth.

You cannot walk far away from Me and think you can run to come back to Me, no; you must also walk back to Me. You cannot fly back to Me; you must also walk back to Me. If you walked a thousand mile far away from Me, you must also walk a thousand mile back to Me. As you’re walking back to Me, you’re cleansing yourself. It’s not automatic! As far you’ve gone away from Me, so also far you’ll walk back to Me. Your action, your word, everything about you will tell people that you’re with Me. You shouldn’t wait until all your life is finished before you come back to Me. Your age will determine what I’ll do for you. If you’re old before you come back to Me, I will only rectify your life so that your generation will not suffer the consequence of your sin. However, you must be ready to pay the price. I may not be able to save you because your life is over. The only thing I can do for you is to send you back to this Earth through your children after I have atoned for all your evil on their behalf. While you’re alive, while you’re still vibrant, do My will. I Am the Almighty God. I Am the Great Deliverer. I Am the Great I Am That I Am. Anyone that wants to have peace should live and abide by My Word alone. I give you peace.

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"Seek the Lord while He may be found, call upon Him while He is near. Let the wicked forsake his way, and the unrighteous man his thoughts; let him return to the Lord, and He will have mercy on him; and to our God, for He will abundantly pardon." Isaiah 55:6-7

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