Disaster Is Coming Upon The Earth

The Father speaks

(Friday 6th February 2015, 00:26)

Why do you carry this load alone? Why do you face this affliction alone? Jesus Christ is waiting for you. Until you open your mouth, until you call upon Jesus Christ, that is when He’ll come and fight every battle for you. The battle every one of you faces every day is the battle of God. I Am the One that created every spirit on this Earth, both the good and the bad. You cannot face any spirit by yourself. It may be an ordinary famine. Famine is a spirit. Hunger is a spirit. If you’re hungry, turn to Jesus Christ and He’ll feed you. If He gives you food to eat and somebody takes the food away from your hand, that means you’ve wronged that person. He that gives you food will make sure the food reaches your hand. If He gives you food and the food doesn’t reach your hand, that means somebody is there struggling with you. He that started a good work will accomplish it because the blessing of the Father never add sorrow.

He lives in me
He lives in you
He makes my life joyful
He lives in me.

The same Spirit of God He puts in the body of mankind is the same Spirit that Jesus Christ uses. Three of Us are together. Without the Holy Spirit, Jesus Christ cannot work. It is the same Holy Spirit that connects the Father and Jesus Christ together. If you don’t connect to Jesus Christ, the Father can answer you, however, somebody is there who will take it away from you. If you accept Jesus Christ into your life, all your blessing is secure. Jesus Christ is the Security for your blessing. Somebody is there who roams about like a lion. Only the name of Jesus Christ will make him run away because you have sinned and fall short of the glory of the Father. The only Person that can atone for your sin is Jesus Christ. Many of My children go to the church and still don’t understand the Trinity: God The Father, God The Son, and God The Holy Spirit. They are confused and the Pastors also cannot explain to them how Three of Them work together. If you offend One, you offend Three of Them. The same Spirit the Father uses is what Jesus Christ and Holy Spirit use. If you offend Holy Spirit, you offend Almighty God. If you offend Jesus Christ, you offend Holy Spirit, you offend Almighty God. That is why you have to be holy in everything. If you serve One of Them, you also serve Three of Them together. If anybody says He serves God but doesn’t believe in Jesus Christ, he is like a man living in a house without a door. Yes, the rain will not beat you, but there is no door. A thief can enter at any time because of your sin. Even though there is no door in that house, if you don’t commit sin, the Father can ambush the thief on their way to your house. If you commit sin and run into that house, if you remember Jesus Christ, the automatic door will come because Jesus Christ is the Door. If a thief stole your property, if you quickly acknowledge Jesus Christ, the thief will return to you whatever he has stolen. That is the assurance of Jesus Christ. The measure you give to Me I will give to you also. If you commit sin and I block a thief from stealing your property, how will you know you’ve wronged Me? The same Jesus Christ you abandoned that made you commit sin, if you turn to Him, He will retrieve your property for you. There is a way you can retrieve it back. If you turn to Jesus Christ in time, you will retrieve it back. However, if you wait until the thief has gone far, you cannot retrieve it back, but the Father can still give you another one. Some women cannot give birth to children anymore because they’ve wasted their lives. This is why you see some of them go for adoption. Everything on this Earth is time. If you waste your time and waste your life, what you should have done in the morning, you cannot do it anymore. However, as you confess your sins, We will take you to Heaven. Teach others not to make the same mistake you made. Through your body, others will learn. The Earth is Mine and everything in it. I Am proud of My blessings. You are the one that wastes your life.

When Mary was pregnant without intercourse with a man, by the law of that land, she should have been stoned to death, but she was happy and praised Me that ‘Blessed am I among women’. She didn’t say, ‘Oh Father, I am going to die’. Why? Because she was sure she did nothing wrong! She knew it was God and she was happy. With joy, she ran to Elizabeth. Were it today, she would have gone to the hospital to abort it. This is a woman like you. This is why at the gate of Heaven, there is no excuse. He who has an ear, let him hear. Anyone may think you’re disturbing him or her. By the end of the day, everyone will give an account of himself. If you love the world and everything in it, by the end of the day, you will see the reward of the world you love. If you hate the world, you will also see the reward. Hate the world and everything in it. If you love the world, the ruler of the world will come to you. Only the Almighty God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit rescue Their children every day. Whatever you choose to do, do not be tired. If you’re praising God, do not be tired. If anyone tells you that you’re disturbing him, tell him sorry. Everybody will give an account of himself. If you’re praying to the Father, that is when you offend people, but if you’re beating the band of demons, you don’t offend anybody. Everyone will give an account of himself. The Earth is Mine and everything in it.

I created My children to have dominion over everything including lion because I created My children from My body. But a lion can eat you. That was why in the Garden of Eden, the lion was there, but he dare not touch Adam and Eve because every creature had their fear because of their purity. When they committed sin, I quickly drove them away so the animals will not eat them. Whenever an animal makes an attempt to eat any human being, it’s not because of that human being but the demon in him. I created animals to hate demons. For an animal to attack a man, that means there is a demon in that man. None of you knows how I created this Earth. If you have a dog, sometimes you will see the dog barking without any man around. Though you cannot see anything, that dog sees something; he sees demons. These are the demons that use the body of human beings as their dwelling place. This is why animals attack human beings. This is also why human beings should keep themselves away from animals because demons can enter them at any time, especially the unclean ones. You can only live with human beings in the same house and have peace. Do not destroy the animals, but you can make tents for them to live outside, not in the same house as you. You can provide a garden for them where they can lie down. I did not create you like an animal. Your Spirit is different from that of an animal. Many of you have gone far! Now you’re sleeping in the same bed with the animals. These animals have the right to sexual intercourse because I created them male and female. Now you have declared that a man can marry a man and a woman can marry a woman. Have you seen where two male or two female animals have sexual intercourse before? For you to know that human beings have gone very far. I Am The Almighty God. In a situation where you declare that a man can marry a man and a woman can marry a woman, what do you think will happen to the animals you keep inside your house? Sin has entered you already and the devil will use the animals to demand it from you because you’re now the same as the animals. You have turned the Law of the Father upside down. You have caused a problem for yourself. Because of the animals that you keep inside your house, you go through a lot of things which you can’t speak outside. There is a limit a male dog will stay and he needs to have sexual intercourse. He is looking at you as you’re naked. You’re having your bath and he’s looking at you. As the spirit of sex is in human beings, so also in animals. Whenever he wants to have sexual intercourse, there is a way he’ll behave and you’ll know. If you’re a woman and you’re at home with him alone, what do you think he’ll do to you? This is what many of you are passing through inside your house and you keep quiet. You now love that dog more than a human being. Abominable acts everywhere! As each one comes out of their house every morning, you think you’re seeing human beings. They are demons! Abominable things I hate, all of you are doing it everywhere. A dog is even too far. Even an ordinary cat! My son, the Earth will destroy by the end of the day. However, I Am giving only one more chance. I will still wipe all of you away. This is why I want to try once again so I can pick some clean ones among you. The same thing that happened to the first, second, and third generations will happen again. I told you before My son because all My children are not ready to change. As you’re learning every day, evil is what you’re learning. As all of you declare evil laws everywhere, if evil is befalling you, do you think I will rescue you? More evil will continue to befall you day by day. As rain falls every day, that’s how evil will befall you every day. Those who have My fear should depart from evil. I want to prove to this generation again that I Am the same God of old. I want to clear this Earth once again. I will not destroy the Earth but the people inside. Those who will live after you will also see your bones as you see the bones of those who lived before you. I will also reveal to them that you have lived before. All of you are foolish and stupid. You don’t know anything. All of you should not play with My Word, especially the Old Testament. I know every sin each one of you commit. I Am not ready to take this Earth away now, however, I want all of you to learn. Those who don’t have My fear, I will wipe them away and leave the rest.

There is a limit the devil can work. He always works on your past. If you commit sin, you do yourself harm. I Am The Almighty God. I Am not asleep. I Am not dead. I’ve been working right from the beginning and I’m still working. The abominable things I hate is what you’re doing. If you love your children, you will not commit sin. If you love yourself, you will not commit sin. The owner of the sin will come to you. The things I hate that made Me destroyed people in the time of old, that is what you’re doing. If I come to you, don’t blame Me. Your innocent children will suffer what they don’t know because you’ve entered a covenant with demons. Those things eat your body, your land, and destroy your body. Nothing good will come. I have spoken a lot before. If anyone says there will be peace on this Earth, it’s a lie. It is better you don’t open your door to the devil. If you do, you cannot drive him away anymore. My hand will be against the wicked ones. Secret killing everywhere! He who kills shall be killed. Your generation will suffer for it. All of you are My children. If you put your hand into the fire, it will burn you. You cannot fight what you cannot see. They are spirits! Everything you’ve put your hands, when they want to turn back on you, you cannot stand them. Those who reject Me and reject My Law will see My wrath. It is better for all of you to turn back before it is too late. I Am The Almighty God.

What is in this Earth? You come, you live, and you give birth to children. My question now is this: where is your Spirit going to? Why are you suffering here? Why are your children suffering? Why is your generation suffering? Why does suffering continue in your generation? It’s because of sin. How can it stop? You know what I said you should not do. If you continue to do it, the same thing that happened to the people of old will also happen to you. No matter how much you’re educated, don’t do what I said you shouldn’t do. With those things, you’re causing problems to this earth. You should not commit sin and then ask for forgiveness. If you commit sin, the owner of that sin will come to you. Mercy is the latter thing. If you call upon Me, I may decide not to rescue you. All of you take Me for granted. All of you pray amiss. It is better for you not to commit sin. If you don’t commit sin, you will be like a tree planted beside a stream of water. None of your leaves shall wither. You will have peace. On this earth, many people have peace. They eat well, they have money. But nobody hears their names. They love God. They pray to Me every day and teach their children not to defile themselves. They are not among the evil ones. They are here on this earth, different generations. They lack nothing. They are peaceful. Many white people, I reveal things to them. They believe in Me and they obey My Law. They never joke with whatever dream they have, they and their children. They always tell their children what I’ve done in the time of old. However, they are very few. They always do good for people. Some of them don’t even go to church, but they’re serving Me. They don’t eat anyhow. They live a simple life. This is the kind of life I want. Trouble will not visit you. The epidemic will not visit you because you use Me as your refuge. But many of you, after you’ve put your hands into trouble, you’ll begin to carry a gun. Can you fight spirits? Can you shoot spirits with your gun? It is too late for the mouth to open after the head is already off. Who is the Owner of the Earth? Who controls every nation? I Am The Almighty God. All the troubles you see everywhere, all the epidemics you see everywhere are the results of your sins. My innocent children die every day because their parents fail to teach them. All of you should secure the door of your heart every day so that evil will not pass through your heart and enter your body. If it enters your body, Satan will use you to work either physically or spiritually. Some people killed their children because they wanted to enjoy life. Who gave them the idea? Satan! Which life are you going to enjoy again? Instead of you to be happy together with your children, train them so they can have their children too, but you cut them off. Is that the life I said you should live? Even if they send you to prison, do you think that is all? The evil will not leave your generation. After you die, you will become a demon. Whenever they mention your name, the Spirits of the children you killed will appear. This is why evil never ends. Satan will continually remember the sin of the generation. This is why you see incurable sickness in some generations. In the time of old, I always wipe them off to destroy those demons away from the generation. But all of you say I Am a wicked God. I Am not a wicked God. I Am The Almighty God. All of you should go back and seek the face of My Son Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ is the Solution. Remove your hands from evil. Remove your hands from sin. I Am a Holy God. I created this Earth in holiness. I give you peace.

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"Seek the Lord while He may be found, call upon Him while He is near. Let the wicked forsake his way, and the unrighteous man his thoughts; let him return to the Lord, and He will have mercy on him; and to our God, for He will abundantly pardon." Isaiah 55:6-7

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