Disgraceful Food

The Father speaks

(Saturday 26th February 2011, 23:20)

If something is dead, it cannot receive fire because it’s dead; but if it’s alive, it will receive fire. If something is not alive, can you tell it to move? No; because it’s dead. As a human being, you’re still alive. If something is dead in you, if you want to revive it, you can do it; if you want to make it move, you can. That is what We are saying. If you want to make it come to live, you can revive it. You’re in control of it; it belongs to you. Does anybody feed you? If you want to go to the toilet, does anybody force you to go there? If you know that that toilet you’re going it’s not bad, why can’t you do it in your living room? Because it’s dirty. You’re ashamed; you now go to the toilet and do it there. If you know that thing is not bad, you could have done it here so that everybody will see it. Because you know it’s not good! If you know that if you pass out poo in your living room and you’ll not be ashamed of it, why can’t you do it there? As it is, that is how it is. If they didn’t tell you, and now you see somebody who tells you, why can’t you take it immediately? If they didn’t tell you, because they covered it, because of what they want from you, because of what they want to eat, because they’re doing it for themselves, they’re not doing it for Me. I don’t want to condemn anybody. I’ve told you before. They are not doing it for Me. If they are doing it for Me, they know what I don’t like; they know what I hate. My son, they know what I hate. I am a Holy Father. I don’t want all these things that you use to curse yourself. It’s your flesh; it’s your own. But if you do Mine, I will carry you in My hands as I carry My children. When you’re singing there, doesn’t it move your body? It’s Me. Everything you do well, it shall be well with you. But when you choose the wrong one! It’s not by force, it’s from the heart. Either you travel from A to B, if it doesn’t move from your heart, you’re just wasting your life. They may come here, if it doesn’t move from their heart, they just waste their time. It’s your heart! It’s from the heart. That place that is dead, that thing that is dead in My body, I want it to receive fire. That thing that I lust after, that I’m fond of doing, I want my Father to take it away; I want to surrender all. Aren’t you the owner of your body? Is Satan the one that controls it for you? Then what are you saying? Immediately you make the decision, he will run away from you. Satan isn’t the one that controls you; you’re the one in control of your life. If you give him a chance, he’ll control you. If you don’t give him a chance, if you give your Father, ‘my Father, take over my life’, what happens to Satan? He will run away. That is why I said if you’re not ashamed of that thing, why are you going to the toilet to do it? If you say Satan is controlling you, why can’t you do it in your sitting room? I know what I’m saying! Because it’s a disgraceful thing; it’s bad; it’s a useless thing.

I want to make an example for you. They invited two people for an important interview. They dressed nicely. One sat on this side while the other one sat opposite. They were there while the camera was watching them. The person that was to interview them hasn’t come; it’s an open interview. One of them put his hand into his pocket, brought out a cigarette and began to smoke because the interviewer was not yet around. He thought nobody was seeing him. He smoked and cleaned his mouth. He pretended as if nobody saw him. However, somebody saw him. What happened immediately? He failed! He failed! No matter how good he was, he failed. When they both brought out their credentials, the smoker was more knowledgeable than the non-smoker. What happened? The other one was more responsible than him. No matter how your grammar, no matter how your qualification, you fail. My son, that is what is happening to all of them you see. It’s not how far, it’s how well. How did you do it? That Word you heard, did you put it in a corner? Did you do your own? That is what We’re talking about. Give Me your hand; well done; you tried; go this way. Yes, I know as I’m going there, He will accept me. Who told you? Go that way! That is all. Before you come, you think He will accept you. Is it because you know how to speak? I know how many souls I won; I destroyed a lot of strongholds. Who told you? Go that way because you fail. You fail! But this one did his own quietly; he lived a holy life. This is what my Father said I should do; I know as I’m doing this one, many people don’t follow me and my way, let me go there; I know my Father will take me; even though He doesn’t take me, I know I’ve done my best. I will take you because you did My own. You passed! You did not boast of yourself that you’re everything. You had My fear. If you have My fear, you will not do what I said you shouldn’t do! If you have My fear, all those things I said you shouldn’t do, you will not do them. It’s not by force!

My son, I told you right from the beginning that it’s a very strong message. The message I send you, the work I ask you to do, it’s not easy work. Many people will run away from you. They will hate you. I said you shouldn’t worry. Even if it’s only you, don’t let your heart be troubled. Was that not what I told you? But anyone who follows you, who follows the words that come out of your mouth, who follow your footstep, they’ve won. They’ve made it. Even here on Earth, I will shelter them. No evil will befall them. I told you before. No evil will befall them because I will surrender them with fire. I will be their God. I will never hide anything from them. I will always follow them wherever they go. Wherever I Am, no darkness can reside there. You know it. Wherever I enter, no demon can stay there, how much more when I use you as My dwelling place. Tell Me where that demon will come from! Am I not the One that created the demons? Who is that person that will challenge Me?

It’s not how I hear the Word. When you hear it, how do you use it? That thing, is he stronger than Me? That thing (Satan), is he stronger than Me? What then are you saying? If you have My fear; because you’re in darkness. My son, all of them in the church are in darkness. They’re not in the church; they’re in darkness. This one (the Bible) is a fashion. Their entire life is inside, but they don’t recognise it. They carry the Bible and are still walking in darkness. But the Light is in their hands. Because of what? They are ignorant; their heart is not there. If their heart is there, the Light will revolve around them. They carry this one and are still in darkness. That is the problem all of them have. I know the Word; I can quote it from the beginning to the end. Then how do you do it? What do you do with it if you know the Word? Thou shall not steal and you’re stealing. Thou shall not lie and you’re lying. Right there on the altar, you’re lying. You are lying so that people will run into your church so you can eat, and you forget about the Father you’re working for. Aren’t you working for the Father? Are you working for yourself? When I went to Jericho; when I went to Jerusalem… Everything is a lie My son. It’s a lie so that more people can come into their church. You begin to formulate; you begin to lie so that when people hear it, they’ll begin to say ‘oh, this man is a very big man’. Who told you? Are you doing the work of the Father? My Bible tells me you should not lie, and if you lie, you’re going to Hellfire. What happens if you speak to them in that manner? They will run! You woman that fornicates, my Bible tells me, it’s my Bible not me, that is the Word of my God, that any woman that fornicates will die and go to Hellfire. You will suffer and die. What will the woman do? She will be scared; she will close her legs. Even though she may like to do it again; whenever she remembers the words of her Pastor, she will be scared to do it again. What happens? Her soul will be saved for Heaven. If you’re a child here, respect your father and mother so your days can be long. If you don’t respect your parents, you will die young. What happens to that child? He will be afraid. If the father says ‘oh’, he will hear. Because my Pastor told me, let me look at that place in the Bible. When he opens it, he finds it there. What happens then? There will be peace. What are We preaching? What are We learning? Is it money? Is it fashion? Where is the Father? Where is the Creator? Where do you put Him? Where do you put the Father? Who are you crying for or who are you going to meet? That is what We are saying. That is all. You that know the truth now; you that have the privilege to see somebody that the Father is speaking to raw and raw. My son, I know that most of them will never believe. But those who are close to you; those who believe, it shall be well with them. That is if they believe till the end. Not those who will run away after a short time. I know what I’m saying. If they believe till the end. They’re not coming here to look at your face. It’s Me they’re coming to meet. This journey is not a halfway journey; it’s everlasting. If you use it as everlasting, things will begin to happen. If you think you’re just doing it for doing sake, you’re wasting your time. It’s your heart I need. I told you before. I’m still repeating it again. As you enter this journey, ‘my Father, You are the only One I want; I will follow You till the end; I will not look at any other place’. Everything is about that journey. You will never thirst for water. I will give you water; I will begin to shower you. You will never lack any food because I will feed you. Even clothing, I will clothe you; your garment will never tear. The shoe on your feet will never destroy; I will buy another one for you because I know you need it for the journey. But if you’re looking for all worldly amenities, I will step aside for you. I will be looking at you. You will cry the cry till the end. By the end of the day, you will go to where you don’t suppose to go. Finish! Then you’ll say, ‘ooh, this my life; how did I spend it; did I spend it well?’ Where did you miss it? Where did you miss it? Ask yourself the question. Nobody knows how to do it. Those who did it well had peace here on Earth before they came to meet Me. They had peace. They opened their doors and slept. All these things that are happening now did not happen. They spoke the truth and they had peace. Satan is there right from the beginning. If you give yourself to him, he will destroy you. If you don’t give yourself to him, he will not destroy you. He is there from the beginning. You know where it started. If you give yourself to him, he will destroy you. If you say no, Satan, I rebuke you, he will not destroy you. When they’re falling, you’re rising.

It’s not what you’ll invite somebody to talk about. It’s something that deals with the heart. It’s changing the heart. It’s switching on the heart. If you switch on your light, what happens? The light is on. If the light is off, then you’re in darkness. If you switch it on with your hand, what happens? You begin to see. When they’re singing ‘I will follow the Shining Light’, who is the Shining Light? Jesus Christ. It’s very hard and it’s not hard. That thing that all of them run after knows that. When he begins to make life easy for them, he’ll be able to swallow all of them. Don’t do it; don’t mind them; come, do it the way you want to do it. Because he knows by the end of the day, you’ll miss it. An everlasting cry that has no end, that is where you’re going. But you don’t know. You don’t know! After all, isn’t it the same thing; let me do it. Do it; I’m looking at you. My Word is there, it will never destroy. The Word is there, it will never destroy. That is all. It’s not by force; it’s the way you choose it. You choose to wear white clothes, but somebody else chooses to wear black clothes. It’s a choice. You said you want to wear white clothes; if you rob it with charcoal, the stain will be there. Black cloth or white cloth, there is a reward for both. Wear it; it’s a choice; it’s not by force. Somebody invited you and asked why you like wearing white cloth. You said you like it. The person asked the other one why he likes wearing black cloth. He explained to both of them what the two clothes mean. One said he loves his cloth and will continue to wear it. But the other said okay, he has heard what he said and will change. Do you think this Word is just there? It can never destroy. I’m still telling you again, it can never destroy because it’s Me. The Word is an everlasting witness. It can never destroy. If something happens, they will ask who is your witness. This Word is a witness. This Word you’re telling me, how can you prove it? It’s there! That is why I said this Word can never destroy. If that thing (Satan) wants to prove himself, let him bring his own witness. If that thing has his own word, let him prove it that anybody that fornicates will go to Heaven. Let him bring it. I Am proud of Myself because this is My Word. I Am the One speaking and I Am the One telling you now. I prove Myself! If that thing knows he can create life, he can create veins and as he creates it, he has where people are going by the end of the day, let him bring the witness. This is My witness; this is My Word and those who obeyed it are with Me. I’m telling you a raw example. I Am here with you. This is My Word; I was the One that spoke it through My children. I Am proud of Myself. That thing (Satan), if he can prove himself that he’s strong, let him bring his witness and We shall see. He doesn’t have any witness. If he doesn’t have any witness, why are people running after him? He is a deceiver. Am I lying or I’m saying the truth? Then, when that Pastor now stands on the altar and begins to preach about money-money-money; begins to preach about wealth-wealth-wealth; begins to preach about this and that; and he knows the Father is the Creator of the wealth, where does he put the Father! Why can’t he say ‘you people should follow the Father; if you follow Him, He will make a way’? Why can’t he preach about that one? Because of what he wants to eat.

I just want to ask a question. If something is going on, a man who lived one kind of life before, and now everything means nothing to him; if somebody who still live that kind of life now sees that man, why can’t he ask himself question? A man lived an extravagant life; by the end of the day, when the life ended, it’s not what people could say anything about; the next person saw him and still live that kind of life. Why can’t you caution yourself that this is not the kind of life my Father wants? Let me switch to my Father’s side. Though that life is a lonely life; but you will enjoy it by the end of the day. Why can’t you say this is where you want to go because the things they’re doing there is not common? You can’t compare it with the other one. There is a very big difference. If you choose the life of the Father, there is a very big difference. The word of your mouth will be different. You will not speak like other people. You will not eat like other people. You will not wear clothes like other people. The way you’ll do your things will be quite different. That is what the Father wants. You yourself will have peace. You will have peace here on Earth before the time comes. When the time comes, you will have the assurance. Even before the time comes, you will know. It’s not by boasting. People will know who you are.

I have no much to tell you tonight. I’m just telling you about human beings. You know where I started this discussion. The food you’re eating that you cannot share with your neighbour, is that food? The food you’re eating that you cannot eat in the presence of people, is that food? The food you’re eating, after you’ve finished, you’ll begin to feel somehow, is that food? That is not food! That is not food! You yourself have already condemned yourself before the Father condemns you. This kind of food I’m eating, I cannot give some to my friends. That is not food. It’s a disgrace! You yourself have condemned your own way. Search yourself! Search yourself! What kind of food do I eat, that I can’t eat in the presence of others; that I can’t share with my friends; what kind of food is that? Search yourself. Search yourself before people will begin to condemn you. First of all, condemn yourself. You are a man, you have your wife at home; you cannot mention it to your wife where you’re going. It’s a shameful food. My son, you were going out just now; you told My daughter you were going to buy drinks. Was that not what you told My daughter? For you to know I’m with you. You said you’re going to buy drinks. If you didn’t come back, she would trace you there. That is the food you eat and enjoy; it’s a truthful food. But the food you eat and you can’t tell anybody about it, it’s disgraceful food. Many of them are on that journey, it leads them to Hellfire. Immediately they begin to eat that food, they’ll begin to lie because they’ve chosen the wrong one. You’ve chosen the wrong one! And immediately you’ve chosen that one, you’d begin to lie. That is not food. It’s a disgraceful food. Many of them fall into this category. Before you look, it gets out of hand. By the end of the day, I am a Christian. That is what they use to deceive themselves. It’s not by mouth My son. It’s not by mouth. Many of them are there. It’s only those they revealed it to can come here and testify what they saw there. It’s just an opportunity; it’s not common and I’ve told you before. Those they just flashed came back to tell of their experience. When they’re telling them, they will never listen. Let us forget about Hellfire for now. You come to this life, your parents take care of you and you grow up. They put their trust in you that at a certain time, people will begin to look up to you. Then how do you do your life? If my son gets to a certain stage, I will be old; then I will look up to him; I will begin to eat my son’s food. They put their hope in you. Then how do you do your life? You now turn into a basket of disgrace and sorrow because of the food you choose. You choose the wrong food. We are talking about the Earth here. Your physical father will begin to sorrowful whenever they see you. Is that life? You bring sorrow to the whole family. Is that life? The day they gave birth to you, everybody celebrated. All the blessings, all the packages, where are they? You think you just do it for that family; do you know how many souls you suppose to save? That is why I told you, for a woman to be pregnant and killed her baby; do you know how far it would go? That baby she destroyed, do you know what that baby would have become? That innocent soul, do you know what he will become? Because you choose the wrong food to eat. I cannot carry it; it will be a disgrace. Why will it be a disgrace for you now? While you were doing it, didn’t you know it would be a disgrace? That is the kind of food you cannot eat in the public. That is what I’m telling you. Every of your message My son, nobody will hear it and talk to you because all of them choose to do evil. My son, I don’t want to talk too much. I give you peace.

My son, there are still some people who choose their Father alone, but they’re not common. I have told you a lot about that place. It depends on the kind of forum you belong to and the kind of people you move with. Fear your God; that is the beginning. Fear your God. When that Word is hammering in their ears, each one of them will begin to watch each other. But when they’re shouting about money-money-money, everything is up; nobody wants to look down; nobody wants to know what others are doing. Their own is about money and blessing. Nobody wants to know anything; nobody cares where the money is coming from. I’ve told you before. That is the problem they have. Yes, they know My Word; they’re sleeping in the church; they don’t rest; they’re doing all night; they’re crying; they’re shouting. Then are you very deep into that thing I asked you to do? That is the major question! That fear, is it in your heart? Do you know who your God is? That is the question. Who is your God? Who is your God? Yes, who is your God? What are the characters of your God? What is the food your God eats? Your Father eats in holiness. He dwells in holiness. He covers Himself with holiness. He wears the garment of holiness. Holiness is everything. If holiness is the foundation of your Father, then what are you doing? What are you doing? It’s a question. A father, mother and children at home; what the father uses to train the children matters a lot. The foundation matters a lot. Many people fall into this category, about money-money-money; they forget about the Father. I told you, this one you’re preaching here is not common. It’s not common. Don’t seize to speak; those who have ears, let them hear. It’s your heart I need. It’s the truth I need. It’s faithfulness I need. And the one you know, preach it to those around you. Share it with them. If they like, let them do it. If they like, let them rest. They will not take it My son. What is happening now? The world is collapsing. It wants to happen; let it happen. Do you know why it happens? There is no love. Nobody wants to forgive each other. If you slap me, then I’ll slap you. No love. Two sisters or two brothers, no love. Is that life? They said it just wants to happen. Who told you? I’m there on My throne; I’m watching. It can never change Me. It will never change Me. I remain who I Am. If you want peace, you will have it. If you want peace, you will have it.

If you’re eating a particular food, and you purge every time you eat it; what then do you do? Then if you stop the food, what happens to your body? You now take note that the food you’re eating that makes you feel somehow, you’ll not eat it again. What happens to your soul? You will be delivered immediately because you stop eating that food you used to feed your body. Because anytime you feed that body with that food, you know how you feel. If you’re delivered, and you still continue to feed yourself with the same food, what happens? You want to deliver yourself, you go for three days prayer and fasting, maybe three months; after finishing the fasting and prayers, you now go back to the food again. What happens? Then apply it to your own daily life in the church. My son, what happened to you? What did I tell you? I told you do not communicate; do not give your money. When I told you the root, didn’t you have peace? It’s a decision. I told you, it’s not an easy journey. That thing (Satan) himself knows that they cannot pay the price. So he has to take them. Those who listened to My voice, they have peace. How can they say, that a woman of God that preached and moved mountain is in Hellfire? Yes, it’s a story. Did you go there? Did you know her heart? Did you know her weak point? What I said they shouldn’t do, and she was doing it? Did you know? We are talking one-on-one in this house My son. If you’re going wrong, I correct you. Not everybody has that opportunity. That is why a lot of people, even your Pastor friends don’t want to come close to you. They don’t want to call you because all of them are in the wrong way; they are on the wrong side. This heart, don’t hold anything in it. Whatever enters, let it go out. Your focus is your Father. Let everything begin to flow. If your heart is like that, you’ve made it. Don’t hold anything in it. Don’t hold any grudges. Don’t let anything trouble you. I know my Father; I know He will do everything for me; I will never think of anything about anybody. If I have, I could have helped that brother. That is what We want. Supposing you have, you could have done it. You now wait until the whole house is full before you give alms to somebody. Somebody that is dying, you have enough that pile up there. Then, if the person dies, what will you do? You eat and eat remain; you keep the rest for tomorrow. But that person hasn’t got what to eat now and you’re keeping some for tomorrow. That is what is killing all of them. Money-money-money, wealth-wealth-wealth; and upon the money, they don’t have peace. No peace. Problem upon problem is befalling them. No peace. They now go the extra mile for the money. Where is the money? Where is the money? Now, the money is still there. Even now, as I’m talking to you, the money is there. The next chapter, the money won’t be there anymore. Just keep yourself to yourself. Don’t explain anything to them again. I want you to preach My Word. Just tell them about your Father. It’s your heart your Father needs; if you give your heart to your Father, He will feed you; He will clothe you; He knows you will feed; He knows you will put on cloth; give your heart to your Father; take every worries away; don’t hold anything in your heart. That is your preaching. He will carry your load; don’t hold anything in your heart; let your way be clean; let your way be holy; any food you’re eating in the darkness and you know nobody can see you, stop that food; it’s not food; it will lead you to destruction. For example, one of your friends or brothers comes in, eating the food that you don’t like, will you take it? You will not take it. Even if he brings out the food from his bag, you will scream. You know the kind of food I’m saying. Somebody brings another man’s wife for you to sleep with apart from your wife, will you take it? Or somebody just come in, brings out a drink and invite you to join him, will you drink? If not the kind of drink you drink, will you drink it? All these ones are shameful food. The food you cannot eat in the public. If somebody enters now, buy a box of chicken and invites you to share with him; even if you’re not hungry, you will share it with him because of love. If it’s just a piece of chicken, you will eat it and drink water. Is that shameful food? It’s not a shameful food. Unless you say you don’t want to eat because you’re full up. If somebody just comes to you and brings a deal, deal of many thousands of pounds; won’t you ask questions? Where do you manage to get this money? You know this person only lives in one room. He can’t even pay the rent of his one room. Won’t you ask him from where he got such amount of money? Will you take it? I know you will not take it My son. Many of them will take it. They don’t even care where the money comes from. That is what I’m saying. Thank you my son; I told you before that God will bless you. And you don’t know the root of that money. If they put handcuffs in that man’s hands, you will share out of it. You will share out of it because you also spend out of the money. He will bring you out; he’ll say you spent out of the money. But if you show that person the way of truth, if you shorn him off, what will he do? He will run away. He will regret immediately. He may even go back to drop that money from where he took it. But you promote it, you take the money, you praise him. You encourage him to do more evil. But if you say I don’t want this money, and you preach My Word to him; he will run away. Even if he has spent that money, he will never have peace wherever he goes. He will never have peace; he will eat that money in a sorrowful way. If it happens in different areas like that, this world will be a peaceful place. If he comes, and you cover him, what happens? Evil will continue to spread. My son, I give you My peace.

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"Seek the Lord while He may be found, call upon Him while He is near. Let the wicked forsake his way, and the unrighteous man his thoughts; let him return to the Lord, and He will have mercy on him; and to our God, for He will abundantly pardon." Isaiah 55:6-7

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