Don't Condemn The Handwork Of God

The Father speaks

(Sunday 25th December 2011, 11:00)

He conquered every work of Satan. He conquered every work of Satan. He conquered every work of Satan by bringing the Only Begotten Son. He brought Him and placed Him at the centre. He placed Him there as a Pole. Whoever looks at that Pole will never be destroyed. He will never go to the wrong side. He conquered the works of Satan. He nailed it; He destroyed it. Only His Son that He brought destroyed the works of Satan. It is very painful if a lot of people don’t remember that Son. They don’t hold Him the way they should hold Him. They are just doing it with their mouth; it’s not in their hearts. The Father purposely did it that if anyone could put his trust in the Son, if anyone could hold the Son with his Spirit and soul, no matter how it is, the Father will pardon him. Through His Son, billions of people will come to the Father. If anyone could reverence that Son, if anyone could surrender and do the will of that Son, that person will go to the Father. When you remember the life the Son lived, though it was short, He showed the example the Father wants. That was why the Father brought Him. The few years He lived are more than somebody that lived a thousand years. In those few years, He laid a good example for everybody to emulate. The short life He lived is more precious than somebody who lived a thousand years and goes to Hellfire. Oh, I don’t want to die; I don’t want to die. You don’t want to die, you live thousands of years, and you die and go to Hellfire. If it’s only twenty years you live, and you live a holy and righteous life, and you go to the Father when you die, it is more profitable for you to live thousands of years and go to Hellfire. Won’t you be happy? What is the benefit for you to live for many years and die and go to Hellfire? When the Son came, He performed everything the Father asked Him to perform and returned to Him. The Father accepted Him and crowned Him. Why can’t you emulate yourself with that Son so that you will go and meet your Father when you die? Which kind of life are you living? Since the very day you came into this world, you have no single good record, and when you die, you’ll go to Hellfire. Is that life? What are you celebrating? What are you celebrating? Are you celebrating Jesus? If you know that truly you’re celebrating Jesus, you should turn back and look at where you’re coming from and look at where you are. Look at all your records and everything you’ve done. Are you celebrating Jesus? Yours is just to eat and eat. Are you celebrating Jesus in the Spirit? How many years did He live on this Earth? It was a glorious life; no wrinkle, no spot. The Father did not reject Him. Why can’t you ask yourself a question? Everything I’m pursuing here on this Earth; Jesus Christ met all and left all; nothing tied Him down. Check yourself and ask where am I going? Where am I going? You know everything you’ve done; you know everywhere you’ve gone; you know everything you’ve laid your hands. Where am I going? Am I inside Jesus? Am I just celebrating Him because people are celebrating Him? Where am I going? What makes the difference between them and me? His name is Christ! Have you sat down to think about your life or are you just running around looking for the money you’ll spend on food you would eat? Check yourself why you’re celebrating. This same Jesus was there when the Earth was created; how come that the Father now said He should turn to a little baby and come to this Earth? Why!!! The Father loved the Son; why did He kill Him there? Before the Son could come here, the Father had to kill Him there? Why? He turned to a baby to come to this Earth. Is it easy! The Son you see every day turn into a baby and be born through a woman. Why at all did the Father think of that? A grown-up Son, a wonderful Son you could be proud of. It’s not easy. Why? Because the Father loves you! Why can’t you sit down and think about all these things? This book (the Bible) is not a framed. It’s not a book that was framed. That is why whoever condemns any man or any woman the Father uses to speak His Word will pay for it. Anybody at all that the Father is using either man or woman, it’s the Father that created them. If anyone begins to discriminate, that person will pay for it. If the Father didn’t want a woman to live, He couldn’t have created her. If He didn’t want a woman to live, He couldn’t have brought her out after He created man. If anyone condemns the handwork of the Father, that person will pay for it. Without a woman, the man couldn’t have come. It’s the Father that did it. If anybody condemns woman, then he condemns the Father. The Father can use anyone to speak; He can use anyone to perform whatever He wants to perform. All is the handwork of the Father. If the Father didn’t want it to exist, He couldn’t have created it. Who are you to condemn the handwork of the Father? Everything is the handwork of the Father. The Father can use anyone He chooses to use. It’s like a potter who moulded different kinds of pots. He could choose to use any of them because they’re his handmade. Nobody will ask you why you are using any one of them. The Father can use whoever He wants to use and whoever condemns it will pay for it. This time around, the Father speaks through a woman, and it’s a record. They are His own. The Father created them all. The Father can change to a baby; He can change into a man; He can change into a woman. He is the One. Because you don’t know the Father you’re serving, you open your mouth wide and call yourself a servant of God. If indeed you’re a servant of God and you know what the Father can do. He created the man and brought the woman out of him. He then brought the man out of the woman again. How did He manage to do it? Why are you condemning woman? Are you condemning the Father’s handwork? Anybody that condemns the Father’s handwork will pay for it. You may be clean and holy, doing the will of the Father, but if you condemn the work of the Father, you’re going to Hellfire. You are going to Hellfire. The Father can use anybody to speak. He can speak through anything. He can even speak through an animal. Who are you to condemn the Father’s handwork? Who are you!! You will burn in the pool of fire because you condemn the Father’s handwork because you don’t know the Father you’re serving. You are a failure. When the Father created Adam, it was Adam alone. He performed experiments and brought Eve out of him. Why are you condemning the Father? Why are you saying nonsense that why a woman, why a woman? You give birth to a female child. The Father knows that child will bring you peace. He created you; He knew as you’re going there (to the world) you will be a failure because you will not listen to the voice of the Father; He now gave you a female child so that something good can happen in your life. You abandon that child. You are asking “why a woman?”. The Father knows the child He gave to you is a blessing. You abandon that child and begin to look for a male child because you’re a failure. He now gave you a blessing, but you abandon her. You begin to look for a male child. When you see this one, you put your hands; you see that one and put your hands. You begin to cause more problems for yourself. You are a failure. Nobody can destroy the handwork of the Father. You fail yourself and fail that child. When you die, no matter how you know the Father, you’re going to Hellfire. Every day, there is no peace in your home. Why? Oh, every child the Father gave to me is female. The Father that gave you female children knows the reason. Praise the Father with your children so you can see the blessing that is attached to those children. He created man and created woman. It’s not what you can manufacture. Is not what you can produce. It’s the Father that created all of them. If you condemn the handwork of the Father, you know where you’re going. They are all His handwork.

How did Jesus Christ come to life? Who was Mary? What are you celebrating now? Are you celebrating Jesus? Without Mary, Jesus could never come to life. If you condemn the handwork of the Father, your Hellfire is number one because you don’t trust the handwork of the Father. The Father is the One that created them all. It’s like a woman that has many bags. She can choose to use anyone she likes. That is how it is. That is how the Father made it. I created them for different purposes. Each one I created cannot do more than what I assigned them to do. That is why I illustrated that bag for you. You cannot put a heavy load in a small bag. Each bag has its own purpose. No matter how strong a woman may be, she is unlike a man; and no matter how strong a man maybe, she’s unlike a woman. A man can never be pregnant and give birth to a baby. As weak as a woman is, she still has the power to carry a pregnancy and give birth. That is how the Almighty Father did it. There are some things a man can do, no matter how strong a woman may be, she can never do it. That is how the Father did it, and He knows why He did it. You can never question Him. When He spoke about the coming of His Son, people were expecting it but did not know how it would happen. Prophets spoke about it. Would He fly from the sky to this Earth or would the Earth break into two and He would come out of it? They could not understand how it would happen. What then did He do? He designed it to come through a woman, a holy woman. He purposely did it to be in the form of a disgrace so that people would hear about it. If they had done it secretly and Mary did not speak it out, nobody would have known. He did it in the form of a disgrace so that everybody would know. You think it’s a disgrace; it’s not a disgrace but favour. What they were passing through was a disgrace, but the Father knew about it. He allowed it to be in that form so that everybody would know about the pregnancy. The Father proved Himself that even a woman could be pregnant without knowing a man. The woman herself could say what happened to her. It was a show for everybody. If it didn’t come out to the public, Joseph could have said it was him. They could have covered it between themselves. There are many cases on this Earth like that. Now you’re celebrating Jesus. Who is Jesus? The Father purposely made it a public show of disgrace so that everybody would know He is the One. They could have sealed it within themselves, and nobody would have known. How would the Father prove Himself then? Evil is everywhere right from the beginning. Many things go on here on this Earth that nobody knows anything about unless somebody speaks about it. People will only believe what you tell them. The Father did this one in the form of disgrace so that everybody would know. Every Word the Father speaks must surely come to pass. He spoke through a man, and He brought Him through a woman. As you’re celebrating Jesus, you’re even celebrating the mother. Do you think it’s an easy work? Then when you’ve eaten with your full belly, you will condemn the woman. You will pay for it! Both man and woman came from the Father, and He expects holiness from both.

Every gift the Father gives to you is a gift that will elevate you. If you’re looking for a job, with all your qualifications, and somebody offers you cleaning work, won’t you ask him if he’s insane? With all your qualifications, you should come and do cleaning work. You’ll ask him if he’s okay. You’ll ask him if he knows how many years you spent at the university, and why he says you should come and do cleaning work. But the Father knows that through that cleaning work you’ll get to where you’re going. The Father wants to start with you from scratch. He wants to remould you because He’s taking you somewhere. If you can do the work of cleaning, then you can do it. Do you know the work of cleaning? To clean people’s mess! If you can do it, that means you can do the work of the Father. You will then look at yourself and say oh this is a curse; I went to primary school, then to secondary and to university; now I end up doing cleaning work. Why can’t you try the cleaning work first? Father, I thank You; You that provided this cleaning work for me, that means You’re taking me somewhere; Father, I thank You. The Father is looking at you; He is watching you. If My Son can accept this cleaning work I offer him, that means he’s capable of doing My work. He can do this work for Me. The Father will not allow you to do it for a long time before He’ll connect you. People will look at you that you’re not supposed to be doing that work. Because the Father wants to do a new thing in your life! If you could accept the call of the Father, because it’s the Father that called you; it’s a call of the Father! You may look at it as a shameful work, but the Father wants to do a new thing in your life. As you accept it, doing it with joy and happiness, you’ll see the result. My Son, I Am the One speaking. Before you look, you’ll be promoted. Later you will tell people that once upon a time, you were a cleaner. That is what the Father can do. Mary was a virgin, and a virgin became pregnant! Is it not a shame? It’s a shame! The man that proposed to marry her has not slept with her, and she became pregnant; it’s a shame. It’s very easy for them to do whatever they wanted to do, but you wouldn’t have seen the Father’s handwork. It was a shameful thing, a humiliation because the Father wanted to prove Himself. That is the Son everybody is celebrating today. Was He not through a woman? Do not reject any gift the Father gives you because you don’t know anything. I Am the One speaking. Nobody knows anything. You are a Pastor; you’re a man of God; always use the spiritual eye to look at every situation; don’t use your physical eyes. If you use physical eyes, you will fail. You are celebrating Jesus every day. You are celebrating Jesus but forget about the woman that gave birth to Him. You forget about the humiliation. That is what the Father did. I told you before that Mary herself was not an ordinary woman. She was an Angel in the form of a woman. She was not only a virgin, but she was also a Saint. I Am the One speaking to you. Mary was not an ordinary woman; she was a prepared Saint. It’s like this one I’m using to speak. She’s not an ordinary woman. I have told you before. That is why I can use her. I know you always hold My Word in your heart, and you always work upon it. That is why I love you My son. Any gift the Father gives to you, accept it; do not condemn anyone. I am looking for a wife; no, I cannot marry this one; I know the kind of woman I’m looking for. If you don’t marry this one, which kind of wife are you looking for? Because your taste is not the taste of the Father. You look at her that she’s tattered, haggard, and dirty; but that woman that looks to you tattered, that is where your blessing, your joy is. If you get the one you’re looking for, you will fail; you will never see the peace of God there because that is not the will of God for you. Don’t walk by the flesh; walk by the Spirit. Appreciate every blessing the Father gives to you and appreciate your Father. Many people’s destiny was aborted halfway because of what they chose. They didn’t reach their goal, the goal of the Father because they chose wrongly. Oh, my male child; he’s the one that will build my house for me. But the female child you abandon is the one that could have built it for you. Somebody gave birth to Mary. If her parents had abandoned her, though she was a Saint, the Saint would be useless, and you couldn’t have celebrated what you’re celebrating today. Why? Because her parents were looking for a male child! Whatever gift the Father gives to you, cherish it. If you condemn the Father’s handwork, no matter how holy you are, you’re going to Hellfire. When you look at your wife every day, you’ll begin to shed tears. You are always unhappy. Oh, is this female child you give me again; come and eat your food; I don’t want to eat; I am annoyed; I’m going out. Every package the Father has for you cannot come to pass because you reject the Father’s blessing. Every work the Father does, everything He does is perfect. Nobody will destroy His handwork. I Am saying it again; no matter how holy you are, no matter how much you open your mouth and fire comes down, if you reject the handwork of the Father, you have failed. You don’t know more than the Father. He knows more than you. He knows what fits you. He knows what He gave you. After He created you, He looked at your face and gave you the eyes that suite your face so that your face would be okay. He gave you everything that would be okay for you. If He had decided to give you a big nose, He is the Father; He knows why He did it. Nobody will condemn the Father’s handwork. If you wake up in the morning, and you’re very bitter because of what is around you, you will find yourself to blame. No matter how holy you are, you’re going to Hellfire. You must appreciate everything the Father gave to you every day; you must cherish it. As you’re thanking the Father, praising the Father, He will give you the one that is more than that.

My son, I said as they’re celebrating My Son, they should not forget Mary as well because, through her, everything came to pass. Who created Mary? It’s the Father. I said Mary was not an ordinary woman; she was an Angel. That was why when Jesus started His mission, she did not stop Him. Though she did not speak out everything she saw because the Father revealed many things to her. Concerning the birth of Jesus Christ, the Father revealed many things to her which was not written in the Bible. That was when He rose up to do His work, she washed her hand clean. She said I give You back to the One who gave You to me; Father, I thank You. Mary was not an ordinary woman. Thank you, Mary; you allowed this to come to pass; thank you, Mary, for you allowed the promise of the Father to come to pass. Nobody will use his own initiative to destroy the Father’s handwork. Everything the Father does is perfect. If the Father wants to do something in a million years to come, He will plan it ahead. The Almighty Father had already set the birth of Jesus Christ before it came to pass. He did not bring Him from anyhow family. You know the lineage He came from. Does the Father make a mistake? Who is David? The Father set everything. I told you there were many virgins in that land at the time. There are some things ordinary people cannot do. There is a journey an ordinary person cannot go. The Father knows what He’s doing, and anyone that condemns the Father’s handwork will pay for it. You are working for the Father, but you don’t know the Father. That word you spoke concerning that woman, do you know how far it has gone? Oh, it’s from a woman; it’s not from God. You will pay for it! The Father is the One that makes life, and He is the One that kills. But He is not a wicked Father. He created Heaven; He created Hellfire. If you do good, you’ll go to Heaven; if you do evil, you’ll go to Hellfire. You cannot be stronger than Him. You can never condemn His handwork because you will pay for it.

I Am saying all these because many of them are serving the Father in sorrow. It is not the blessing that I want the Father gave to me. Who told you that it is not what you want? They are serving the Father, and they’re not happy. If you condemn the Father’s handwork, you’re going to Hellfire. My son, tell them! I want you to put it down! I want you to publish it! Tell them, as many of them that are not happy with whatever the Father gave to them, they’re going to Hellfire. Cherish whatever the Father gives to you. You are bitter every day because you’re looking for a male child. Let all those children be happy. Rejoice in the Father every day so that the precious gift the Father gave to each of them will come to pass. As He created Adam, if He didn’t want Eve, He wouldn’t have brought her out. He did it so that everything He planned would come to pass. Go into the world and multiply, subdue the Earth. How can you multiply? But you’re sorrowful every day when you wake up. That means you condemn the Father’s handwork. I Am saying this because billions of them are celebrating Christmas; they are celebrating Jesus in sorrow because they don’t trust the handwork of the Father. How did Jesus manage to come to life? He came through a woman. It was the fulfilment of the Father’s Word. He created man first; why couldn’t He bring Him through a man? You may think since you’ve been living on this Earth, you have not done any evil before, but you’re bitter every day because of the wife or children the Father gave to you, you’re going to Hellfire. You are not happy with the gift the Father gave to you; you are going to Hellfire. You carry one like an egg and treat the other one as nothing. Do you know what that child would become? Do you know if your name would be great through that child? Everything the Father does is perfect. Let me try this; maybe a male child will come out. You are digging the grave of hell where you are going. If the Father refuses to give you anyone, will you kill Him? Oh, Father, I thank You because I have many children everywhere. Yes, the Father wants to try your heart. Oh, this curse is from my wife; she’s not fruitful; she’s barren. If you go outside, you’re digging your grave. Some things happened because the Father wanted to try your heart. You are on the pulpit preaching to the congregation, but you’re sorrowful in your heart. You are going to Hellfire.

My son, tell all of them to remember Mary. Tell all of them to remember her because the Father Himself was proud of her. You see it as something easy, but it wasn’t easy. Through her, it came to pass. Do you know how many children the Father brought to this Earth on different assignments? Mary’s own was to bring Jesus Christ. The Father brought many of them to this Earth to do His will, to show an example to others, but they’re nowhere to be found. They are useless. They go on their own way. This is what I want to be; I don’t want to be this one. What they wanted to be, by the end of the day, the destiny of the Father in their life was shattered. The Father brought many of His children to show an example, to do His work. But where are they today? Where are they! That is what I have been saying all this while. The Father that gave that child to you knows why. Who was Hannah? Who was Samuel? Who was the mother of Samuel? You know the story. Oh, I don’t want to marry you again; let me go and try another man; after all, your wife is giving birth to children; that means we’re incompatible; let me go and try another man. Would Samuel have come out? He would never come out. My son, I Am the One speaking! He would never come out because God was watching them. He was watching them. The child was a promised child. Even the man did not maltreat her but treated her like an egg. It’s a trial, and it came to pass. Do you know more than the Father? I cannot endure any longer; I cannot bear it any longer; you can go; after all, I’ve got my children; after all, you’re not the only one I’ve got. Among all the children the man had, do you hear any other name apart from Samuel? That means you can abandon the good blessing the Father gave to you because of your selfishness. What happens to them? They become useless. You have to accept whatever the Father gives to you because that is exactly the best for you. He is watching you. They should not serve My Son in sorrow because of the blessing the Father gave to them. If the Angel of destruction comes, you will die and go to Hellfire. Don’t think you will make it. The Jesus you’re serving came through a rough way, and nobody will accept it. You should not jump into a conclusion; go back and watch the beginning. You should not celebrate the conclusion alone; you should go back and look at the beginning because it was very bitter and sorrowful. It was somebody like you that did it. You can trace the family line of Mary. Now you’re celebrating; you’re eating, drinking and jumping around; do you remember where she came from? As I’m celebrating Jesus Christ today, I myself can be an example of the celebration; the Father can use me too. Every soul the Father created, He engraved different gifts into them. As you and My daughter are, you are the celebration of people. I know what I’m saying. Things will happen on this Earth, and they will come back to trace you. They are celebrating Jesus. Somebody prophesied about it, isn’t it? Now they are celebrating Jesus, but the name of that person is there. They can remember you. The Father did not create anybody to be useless. But you abandon it because of your selfishness, because of what you want to eat, what you want to become. Are you the one that created yourself? Do you know more than the Father? But you abandon it because of what you want. You are looking for a male child, and you abandon the precious gift God gave to you. When the male child comes, he’ll be useless. From where that female child comes, the male child will also come from there. Give the Father time. If He says that a female child is what you’ll have, so be it. But you take the law into your hands. My son, I give you peace.

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"Seek the Lord while He may be found, call upon Him while He is near. Let the wicked forsake his way, and the unrighteous man his thoughts; let him return to the Lord, and He will have mercy on him; and to our God, for He will abundantly pardon." Isaiah 55:6-7

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