Do Not Mock Over Sin

The Father speaks

(Sunday 11th July 2021, 11:00)

Whatever I want you to be, everything is based on holiness. If your spirit of sin is more than what I want you to be, you cannot be anymore. I scattered My heroes around, not only in the church. Whatever I created you to be, Satan will take you very far in sin unless you know Me from your childhood. I brought out some heroes through common women, their sins were minimal, and their children's path was smooth. However, when these so-called heroes grew up, Satan searched them out for destruction. Why? Because of sin. I Am the Almighty God. Jehovah is My name. I Am the Great I Am That I Am. I Am a Holy Father. I hate evil and sin because they’re an abomination to Me.

I brought out Christianity because of sin so that I could bring My children to Heaven through it. The foundation of Christianity is based on holiness. I forced the body to come down to this Earth so that few among you who’s willing can be holy. They are the champions so that holiness can dwell on Earth. What happened? Satan crept into the body of Christ because he wanted to capture all My children. That’s why you could see that right from the beginning, those who’re performing fake miracles were there. They were there! Why? Because Satan wanted to imitate Me. Everything happened inside the body of holiness, inside the body of Christ which I brought down from Heaven to this Earth so that My children can come back to Heaven.

Every one of you is not an animal. The judgement I gave to animals is that you will kill them, cut them into pieces, cook them and eat. That is the final. Nothing happens to them afterwards. But nobody can put you in a pot and cook you to eat. Even though somebody does that, your Spirit will be with Me. If you kill an animal and eat it, that is the end of it. But as for you, no matter what happens to your body on this Earth, your Spirit will be with Me. I have settled the spirit of animals right from the beginning and judged them that they’re pots of food for My children to eat. There is no other judgement forward. Out of these animals I also created, you could bring some of them close to yourself as pets, yet, there is a limit. You cannot kill an animal to eat and say I will send you to Hellfire because of it, no. The judgement of a human being is different because I brought him out of My body. He is the number one in everything I created because of the Spirit and soul. It takes Me time to settle the Spirit of a human being. I want all of you to die a good death. Through this, settling your Spirit will be automatic. I don’t need to call lawyers and juries to judge your case. Everything will happen automatically. The very day you die, Heaven will rejoice and welcome you. Then They will send you to whichever category you belong to. While on Earth, every life you live will be smooth as well. There will not be tilling of ground. Even though you want to till the ground, everything will happen automatically. You will not feel it in your body. Whatever you do, you’ll do it with joy and happiness. That’s how this Earth is supposed to be. In a situation whereby the body you’re supposed to use and enjoy Heaven, you now sold it to demons. You know what that means. The Spirit I gave you to do good, you gave it to demons through the life of sin because that’s what you choose. Just only one body you have; you gave it to lies, sexual immorality, stealing, false witness, water, land, and many more. Just only one soul! You shared it around the whole Earth. But you forgot you only have one Spirit and soul! You are one both physically and spiritually. All of you are trading with the good part of you, your Spirit, which I hid inside your body. All of you that are committing sin, you’re trading with your Spirit. Why? Because you do it willingly with your conscience! Whatever you do willingly with your Spirit and soul is evil. This is where I Am going.

If you do good for somebody, you don’t speak it out so that the Rewarder of the good you do secretly can reward you. As you do good for somebody secretly, so also you do evil secretly. Out of the good Spirit I gave to you; you were moved to do good for somebody secretly. As that person receives it, he will also pray for you secretly, and the reward will also come to you secretly. It works in like manner if you do evil. If you do evil and fail to speak it out, you will also receive the reward. The inner part of you that you’re supposed to use in Heaven is what Satan is taking from all of you. You may think you’re wiser than the people of old. You are enjoying your life. But you don’t know you’re killing yourself gradually. That’s why you see a chain of evil, chain of poverty, chain of hardship, chain of sickness in the lives of many generations. Some of you will come out openly and begin to speak proudly of the evil you’re doing. Who gave birth to evil? Can you tell Me the name of the person that gave birth to evil? Then who will turn back the hand of the clock? Who will change it? If I Am talking of evil, every one of you should run away from it. This London that all of you are coming to with happiness, if I say I should remove My hand so that Satan can remember her evil, it will turn to a desert in the twinkling of an eye. That’s what evil can do. With all the words all of you are speaking, I still keep quiet because I know the consequence of what I created.

If somebody buys a life chicken and slaughters it, can you eat it if he gives it to you? But something makes that chicken to be cooked. What is that thing? Fire! How can you describe fire? A fire can burn down an estate in the twinkling of an eye, and everything will disappear. Evil is worse than fire a million times. I Am the One speaking. I Am the Almighty God. I Am the Creator of the universe. I want all of you to listen to Me. I cannot repair evil!!! If I Am talking and speaking, tormenting people’s souls, sending all manner of messages so that all of you can be afraid and remove your hands from evil, you think it’s a joke. Even when I sent some of My heroes down from Heaven, and they followed the evil way, yet, I still continually send others because I know that your souls belong to Me. Why? Because I know that evil is the only thing that can destroy a generation, every good thing you do will turn into evil. You can approach a fire than approach evil. I Am speaking concerning sin for you to know the consequence of sin. I Am speaking to all of you like a human being. Yes, I Am a Man. I Am a Human Being and a Spirit, but you cannot see Me. I see all of you, but you cannot see Me because I hide Myself right from the beginning. I choose to come down in the form of a human being to speak to you this generation to remove your hands from evil.

All of you will look at sin and mock over it. Do not mock over sin!!! My son, anyhow you know you can speak to people, tell them not to mock over sin. Tell them that sin destroys generations. Sin makes a fire not to burn. I know that none of you was alive when I destroyed the Earth with water. If I, the Almighty God who created everything, could look and began to destroy human beings like you with water, what do you think? And when I looked again and said, let Me start with somebody hoping they would change; I turned to Abraham and taught him My way. Not up to the third generation, evil sprang up again. In My sight, I have fulfilled My own promise; however, it was fulfilled on the ground of sin. Why couldn’t I turn back the hand of the clock? Because the word that proceeds out of My mouth will never return to Me. The word that comes out of My mouth, the Great I Am That I Am, will never return to Me. My son, tell them! You will continue to shed tears; you will continue to cry and weep; you will continue to yell and wail; you will continue to do whatever you know how to do until you remove your hands away from sin. Do you think it’s easy? Even though you remove your hands away from sin, what about the ones you’ve done in the past? Do you know how many years it takes before it fades away? Why? Because sin is life! Sin is a spirit, and it is life. Sin is a spirit, and it cannot live alone. It must use the spirit of a human being to live. That’s why it’s very hard. If you want to kill the spirit of sin, you must kill a human being because he is the carrier.

If somebody confesses, the spirit uses the person's Spirit and soul to carry out the assignment. A woman was pregnant for one month, two months, three months until the baby was born. As she began to have the children, she was killing them one after the other. Didn’t she see a chicken in the market to eat? Didn’t she see a goat in the market to eat? Didn’t she see a cow in the market to eat? Didn’t she see a fish in the market to eat? I created various animals for you to eat even if you want to eat a snake; it’s your choice. But the spirit in her said until she kills her children, he wouldn’t be satisfied. I am living in your body, and I am more powerful than you; if you say you cannot do it, I will disgrace you, and if I disgrace you, when I use your mouth to confess, I will run away, but you’ll become useless; they will kill you; even if they don’t kill you, nobody will associate with you; therefore, you better keep your mouth shut and do what I ask you to do.

The spirit of witchcraft and the spirit of masturbation are the same. Why? Whenever you do it, you’re satisfied. Even if you see a woman, you won’t bother because you’ve enjoyed yourself by yourself. Anybody can call you whatever he wants to call you. You’ll say you don’t care. You should tell them what you’re doing!!! What you enjoy with a woman either during the night or during the day, whichever time you choose to do it, the same thing you enjoy alone in your closet, and you enjoy it even more. And as you’re doing it, you’re destroying all your blessings, and it goes very far. It goes very far! It goes very far because you don’t know what you’re doing. It is a demon! The demons don’t just come to you. The typical people who have the spirit of witchcraft in your family are the ones who sowed that demon into your life. If anyone is close to you and has the spirit of witchcraft, Satan can use him or her to give you that gift. That thing you’re doing goes a very long way because I forbid it.

What you cannot do openly that if you do, people can stone you to death; you’re doing it secretly. Who do you think will pay for it? You are trading with all the blessings I gave to you. You’re not doing it because you just want to do it. Satan knows the impact of what he’s doing with you. All your glory, all your blessings are inside it. If you sleep with a woman, a baby will come with just a drop of your seed. Then, the one you’re doing by yourself, what happens to all the seed? The children that come out of it, where do they go? Do you think it ends there? Now tell Me, how do you think the Earth will be? My son, what I Am breaking down for you now goes a long way. Many of you take it as a fashion that it doesn’t mean anything. You, this is what you’re doing in secret; even if you want to have the children, you’ll only have disabled children; we’ve taken the better ones from you; you should give birth to the ones you’ll be nursing; you will suffer for it because you committed sin; even though you don’t know Jesus Christ, take, counterfeit; the good ones are ours, and we’ve taken them away from you; we’ve poisoned them; we have destroyed the blessings that Almighty God gave to you; go and suffer. They are the ones that sleep with you in your body. They poison your Spirit. I Am the One speaking! I Am the Almighty God. Before we can leave them alone, until they call that Name – Jesus, not only to call Him but to do it to the extent their body will turn to fire, that’s the only time we will leave them alone. You think the demons don’t know what they’re doing as Pastors are trading with sin inside the church. Why? Because they don’t call Jesus Christ to their Spirit and soul. They are calling Jesus Christ in sin. Therefore, the Holy Spirit cannot come down. On this Earth, haven’t you seen people who bear Jesus? Jesus is their name! What is the meaning of Jesus? People bear Jesus on this Earth. Therefore, it’s not a new thing.

Every one of you must know where you’re coming from and where you’re going. The one that says he’s working with Almighty God should not stop preaching the Word of God to those around him. Out of ten, two people will hear what you’re preaching. Even if they don’t answer you, fire will begin to burn them if they go to their bed. You’re a woman and a Christian; you’re proud of being a Christian; you’re not married, and you’re living alone; a man is paying your rent for you. What do you think you’re doing? You’re among the people that are destroying this Earth. You will live with the guilt until you die because you know the truth. Can you prove your Christianity? Christianity is like an umbrella, and sin is a sin and is grievous more than each other. You are a Christian, and you can quote the Bible very well; whatever you do, your Spirit and soul are included in it; Satan is watching you while you’re speaking. You’re not serving Jesus; you’re serving demons because you know the truth. My son, tell them! As many of you who are quoting the Bible, telling people what they want to hear and failing to quote the sin you’re committing, and the Bible is against it, you’re going to Hellfire. This is the part of judgement you’ll face. As long you know how to quote the Bible, and you’re still committing sin, Heaven will not accept your soul. Heaven was made before the Earth. I brought down some things down from Heaven to create this Earth. After you’ve messed yourself here, you still want to enter Heaven. In Heaven, you cannot hide sin because everything in your heart will be seen. As you appear, They’ll see everything inside you. Every game you played with human beings on Earth, They will play everything back for you. Everybody in Heaven is a Spirit, including you. You can only hide things for men, not in Heaven.

My son, tell them to judge themselves before they die. Judge yourself! How do you judge yourself? Everything you do, even if people don’t see you, you’re going to face judgement. You will face the Juries that will never lie. Your Spirit will bear witness to whatever They tell you. There is no adjournment there. No matter how you shed tears, no remedy, no forgiveness, no mercy. Here on Earth, people do things and cover them up. Even if somebody speaks out, those who love you may run to your defence. The things I ask you not to do, even if you see people do it, you’ll still defend them because you love them. Do you know love more than Me? I said it before that supposing Jesus Christ went His way when He came to this Earth, none of you would have heard anything about Him today. It’s either I bring somebody else, or all of you will continue to struggle with the Law of Moses. I Am telling all of you a reality. It is better for Me, Jehovah the Almighty God, to teach you by Myself here on this Earth so that you will know how to repent before you die. The Word I gave you people to read, it’s like you’re not reading it. If you don’t read it, how will you know what’s there? How will you know what’s there? I want repentance from your heart. Anytime they speak about somebody who went to Hellfire, I want you to shake because of the sins you’re committing. Look for somebody immediately and confess your sins. Just the move alone in your heart, you’ve received mercy. But some of you will say, well, no one has gone to Heaven before; the only thing I know is this Earth; God says we should do good; I’m doing good out of the sin I’m committing; the good I do cover my sin. If you’re committing sin and you’re doing good for somebody, you’re not doing good for that person but harm. You’re killing him because if you know the truth, the truth shall set you free. If you’re taking the food of demon to feed My children, how do you want their life to be? If you’re eating food that you’re not supposed to eat, you’re polluting your body.

If I could pull My children out of Egypt where they were eating cucumber and garlic and led them to the Wilderness where they were eating leaves, you know what that means. While they were in the Wilderness, they discovered many leaves to eat. Why? Because of hunger! I purposely allowed them to go hungry so that all the food of sin they ate in Egypt will flush away from their system. I Am the same God of old and the same God today. None of you will escape from My hand. Anyone among you who says he doesn’t want to listen will only put himself into punishment. The earlier every one of you turns back, the better it is for you. It’s better for you to have only one bedsheet and wash it constantly than to have hundreds and your soul go down to the place of torment where worms will eat you. The same body that is changing bedsheet every day, the same body that travels around in a private jet, the same body will enter the ground, and your soul will go to the place of torment. It is better for you to lie down on a mat here and go and sleep on a mattress in Heaven than for you to sleep on the best mattress here and go to the place of torment in the end where fire and worms will be your daily delicacy. It’s as if it’s a lie. I Am speaking now as if it’s a joke.

My son, tell them! You can bribe anybody to go to any country, but you cannot bribe anybody to go to Heaven. Heaven is a peaceful place. You cannot compare Heaven to any place. You don’t pass any other place to enter Heaven except through the gate. There are different categories in Heaven. After you enter, They’ll lead you to whatever category you fall into. The memory of this heart will fade away from you in a twinkling of an eye because you’re holy. Why? Because while you’re here, you live as if you’re not here. If anybody wants to make Heaven, he should live his life as if he’s not here. That’s why you cannot remember here anymore when you go there. What can keep your hundred percent memory in the place of suffering? Sin! If you’re living on this Earth and every part of your being is with you, then you cannot make Heaven. All manner of evil will be found in your hand. Many of them who have the knowledge and reject the message of Jesus Christ because they know that if they give their lives to Jesus Christ they’ll go to Hellfire; they will still go to Hellfire even if they don’t give their lives to Jesus Christ. They’re qualified to go to Hellfire because they know the truth.

In the beginning, there was no Christianity, yet, I wiped them off because of evil. Why should I spare you when you know the truth? You know you’re evil. You don’t do any animal evil; you don’t do the bird of the air evil; you don’t do the fish in the ocean evil, but you choose to do the same human beings like you evil. You are going to Hellfire whenever you die either you give your life to Jesus Christ or not. You should judge yourself! All of you should live your life in fear while on this Earth until you die. 

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"Seek the Lord while He may be found, call upon Him while He is near. Let the wicked forsake his way, and the unrighteous man his thoughts; let him return to the Lord, and He will have mercy on him; and to our God, for He will abundantly pardon." Isaiah 55:6-7

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