Do Not Serve Me In Fear

The Father speaks

(Sunday 3rd April 2011, 11:45)

Jesus has done it all. You don’t have any cause to worry. Jesus has done it all. Yours is just to follow Him. You should just emulate Him; you should follow everything He did. It’s only Jesus! It’s only Jesus! Jesus is the answer. Jesus is the Way. Jesus is everything. If you follow Him, you have done it. Don’t do anything on your own. Don’t tread the path you don’t suppose to tread. You should just follow Him. Jesus has done it. Jesus is the answer. Jesus is the answer. Nobody can press Him down. Nobody can do Him anyhow. When they took Him away, it was the will of the Father. It’s the will of the Father because that was why He came. Nobody oppressed Him; nobody changed Him. They killed Him because it was the will of the Father. No demon oppressed Him! Nobody caged Him. Nobody gave him any evil food to eat. They killed Him because that was the will of God. Jesus has done it. Don’t be weak. You have to be strong. He has done it. He has laid the foundation for you to follow. You have no cause to trouble yourself. Do not be afraid. Do not trouble yourself. Switch to His side.

Who is the Most Powerful? Who is the Mighty-Man-In-Battle? Who is the Authority? Is it not your Father? When that demon was boasting, why did you keep quiet? Look at Me My daughter. When that demon was challenging you, why did you keep quiet? And you say you’re in the Father, and the power is in you. While the demon was boasting and you kept quiet, and you knew your Father is All-In-All. Your Father is All-In-All. Nobody will challenge your Father whenever He’s speaking. Everybody will keep quiet when the Father is coming because He is the One on the throne. He is the Originator. He is the Director. He is All-In-All. Nobody will change Him, neither demon nor personality. All of them are under Him. And you’re inside the Father. Why couldn’t you open your mouth and challenge that demon? Who is that person? Where are you coming from? Challenge that devil! The One that is in me is more than that one. The One that is in me is All-In-All. The One that is inside me is the One that created the devil himself. Therefore, you don’t have any power to challenge me because my God is All-In-All. If you’re inside the Father, you will take every fear away. Fear is a spirit. It destroys like cancer. Be proud of your Father.

Power belongs to my Father; my Father is the Owner of powers; my Father is All-In-All; nobody dares talk to me anyhow; no one dare do me anyhow; no one dares challenge me because I know my Father; I know the One that created me; I know my Father; He is the Originator; He is the Founder; He is everything; therefore, you don’t have any power to challenge me because I know my Father; I know my God.

Even the hairs on your head, the Father knows it, how much more you. You are precious in His hands. No one can do you any evil. The ball is in your court. The way you play it will determine if you’ll win. The ball is in your court. If you hide the Father, the Father will hide you. If you hide yourself, He will begin to look at you. Don’t hide yourself and don’t hide the Father. Preach the Father to everybody. Let them see the Father. Let them see Him in you. Don’t hide your Father. Confess Him everywhere. The devil will enter inside the shell. When they’re boasting of their evil, when they are boasting of their gods, you are inside your Father. Tell them to keep quiet. I know my Father; I know my Creator; the One that is in me is bigger than the one in you. If the Father wanted them to destroy you, they could have destroyed you long ago. Is it by your power you’re alive today? It’s not by your power. Because the Father wants to do a new thing in you. You will open your mouth wide, and the whole world will hear you. Tell everybody who you are because the Father wants to do something new in your life. He wants to do something excellent. Those who hear your voice will challenge your Father, the God you’re serving. Those who hear your voice will turn to your Father. I’m just telling you because for you to be alive today is not by your power. Whenever they are talking, tell them to keep quiet. You know the character of your Father. If you don’t know it, go there (the Bible) and learn it. Tell them the ones He has done before, and the ones He has done in your life. Challenge them, and they will run away. Don’t be afraid of anybody. I am with you. Confess your Father every minute. Inside your kitchen, in your sitting room, while you’re cooking, begin to sing a new song to your Father. As you’re confessing your Father, He is there with you. You will see what will happen. If the world can boast of their evil; who is your Father? Who is your Father? Don’t serve your Father in fear. If you see a fire burning, say ‘I will enter inside this fire, and it will not burn me’. The fire will not burn you because you know your Father is able. Don’t serve your Father in fear. My son, evil is befalling many of My children today because they serve their Father in fear. They don’t know their Father can do it. When they begin to read what happened in the time of old, they think it’s a story. It’s not a story! It’s what happened really! Today, the devil has taken the ground in the life of My children. All of them! They are serving the Father in fear. You pastor, you stand on the pulpit, and you’re shouting. If you see a gun, won’t you run? You will run away because you don’t know the Father can do it. You don’t know He can do it. Shoot me; I know my Father will rescue me. They will shoot you, and the bullet will not enter you. But no, they will run away My son! They are serving God in fear. You are talking of Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego; you are preaching of Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego, do you think it’s easy to put you inside the fire and the fire will not burn you? Throw me in the fire; it’s the will of my Father; I know my Father is able to do it. You are preaching it; do you think it’s easy? It’s not easy My son. I am the One speaking. It’s not easy. They put Daniel in the den of lions to be consumed because of the God you’re not seeing. Do you think it’s easy? I know my God can do it; if He doesn’t do it, I know I’m going to meet my Father. You challenge Me! You challenge Me My son! You challenge Me. When they said lion would devour him because of Me, I came to this Earth.

I stayed in the lion’s den. I entered the fire. Let the fire burn My sons and Me together. Who is the Fire? Who is the Fire? I’m telling you this to tell all of them. When you’re serving your Father, don’t serve your Father in fear. I am in the Father; whatever will happen to me, let it happen because I’m in the Father; if He says He doesn’t want to rescue me, I know it’s the will of my Father; this is the time; I know it’s the will of my Father to die like this; if it’s not His will, I will not die; He will rescue me. My son, they’ve not reached the level of challenge. They run away before any challenge comes. If they reach the level of challenge, that’s when I prove Myself. I do not fear anybody. I Am the One who talks and does it. I Am the Great I Am That I Am. I love challenges! When a challenge comes, I will come out. Serve Me to the level of challenge; I will tell you who I Am. I Am the One that owns the Earth. You can never challenge Me. I will tell you who you are. If you’re half-human being, if I want the remaining half to come out, I will do it. I will do it! Then why are you panicking yourself? When it gets to the level of challenge, I will come out. Don’t serve your Father in fear. I created everything, and I made you number one. Why are you running away while all those ones are challenging you? And you hold your Father; you’re inside your Father. Come out and challenge them. I give you peace.

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"Seek the Lord while He may be found, call upon Him while He is near. Let the wicked forsake his way, and the unrighteous man his thoughts; let him return to the Lord, and He will have mercy on him; and to our God, for He will abundantly pardon." Isaiah 55:6-7

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