Evil Gift

The Father speaks

(Saturday 17th September 2011, 01:10)

Whenever you're giving somebody a gift, you know the motive behind it. It's not every bone you can break. As you're trying to break some, your teeth will break. Can you stop water from flowing? You cannot stop it! If you block it in one way, it will flow through another route. You are just wasting your time. You think as you block that water, you're doing just one person evil. You are not doing one person evil, but several others. If you allow that water to flow, people are there that line up to drink from it. But if you block it, you're making them to be thirsty. That water is not for only one person; it's for everybody. But because of your wickedness and your selfishness, you want to block the water. You don't just want to block it, but you want to dry it up. Are you the Creator? You are not the Creator. You are not the Creator. You are not the Creator. The Father who created the water knows that when His children are thirsty, they will thirst no more whenever they drink it. But you are selfish. You want to drink yours and block it so that others will not drink from it. You will not drink from it too. That is the water you and your generations could have drunk. But you want to block it so that no one can drink from it anymore. Your Father that created that water, is He a wicked Father? Do you know more than your Father?

My son, the eyes of many of My children are blind. They don't look carefully before entering a house because of what the enemies have done to them. The enemies have done lots of things in My children's lives. They have destroyed many things in their lives because of what they want to eat. Today, the enemies have reduced many of them to nothing. They've wasted their lives, and they can never rise again. Many of them are in the grave right now. Their bones are there, but their spirits are hovering in the air. They couldn't be what the Father wanted them to be because they entered where they shouldn't have entered. It wasn't their fault; it was the enemies.

You are dancing with somebody. Do you know the person you're dancing with? You are dancing with somebody that has five legs. He can twist to the left and the right, but you only have two legs. Can you dance with that person? You cannot dance with him because your eyes are blind. That is the category many of My children fall into. Oh, she is doing good for me; help me thank my sister; help me thank my brother; it's God that sends her to me. She that's doing good, do you know her mission? Because she's wiser than you! She has four eyes, but you only have two. She that sees you knows what you would become. Let me do her good; she will think I'm doing her good, but I know what I'm doing. That is what is happening in this world. My son, your Father is the One speaking. If your mouth opens, you can speak. Where does speech come from? If they open your heart now, the speech that's coming out of your mouth, can they see it? No! Do you think you're the one speaking? That is why whenever the heart stops, you cannot speak again. The speech that's coming out of your mouth is your Father! It's your Father. That is why whenever somebody dies, the Spirit of the Father inside that man departs. It is a mystery. That is what scientists cannot understand. The Father put Himself inside all His children. The Father is the One speaking. That man is just like a figure; nothing is there. The Father moves with the atmosphere; He moves with the breeze. Whenever the heart stops, your speech stops. Through the air that enters the heart, that is where speech comes from. The Father enters the heart and speaks. Immediately air enters the heart, something happens. It's like an engine in a vehicle. Without an engine, a vehicle cannot move. If the engine is there, no matter how big the vehicle may be, it will move. But if there is no engine in a vehicle, you can try all you can; it will not move. It can only move if you tow it. Then who is the engine in your life? It is the Father! The Father is the Engine. That is why you can speak. The heart, the lung, the liver, the intestine; they are all nothing. The Father is the heart. If the Father wants to prove Himself, He can remove the whole internal organs, and that person will still speak. The Father can prove Himself by removing the kidneys and all other organs; that man will still speak because the Father is there. I Am the Creator. I Am the One that owns every organ. I am the One that owns every organ. You can take away every organ in a man; if the Father still wants him to speak, he will speak. If there is no single organ in that man, he will still breathe and speak because the Father wants to prove Himself. That is why when you see some people with a missing organ in their body, the Father can restore the organ. If they (doctors) say this man cannot live because of a missing organ in his body, the Father can do it because He is in that man's body. If the Father is there, what of the organs? Is He not the Owner of all organs? He is the life of that man. As long as that person is still alive, breathing and the life is still there; He will restore any organ that is missing back. If a vehicle's engine is still there and there is no light, they will quickly put a bulb so the driver can see. That’s because the engine is alive.

While you’re alive, you're eating and breathing, but you're still complaining that one of your kidneys is not there. Why are you troubling yourself? As your Father is still there, He will give you another kidney. It's because you don't have enough faith. You can still breathe because your Father is there. If the Father is there, why are you troubling yourself? My son, I'm saying all this because of those who did many evil to My children. Somebody’s family was chasing her; she met you and hoped you could help her. You too began to render help to her, and she was happy. She was praying to God to bless you because you're helping her. However, you said you were doing good, but you were doing evil. That woman was praying for you from the bottom of her heart. But you that were doing good knew what you were doing. You were doing her evil. Could you destroy her? When the Father appeared in her life, what did you do? My son, nobody can stop My children from receiving their blessing. Whatever any damage they caused in My children's lives, I can still repair it. Let them know! My son, if I begin to reveal to you some of the people that were close to you, you will cry until day breaks. That is why I said you should preach My word. Preach about sin; that's all. My son, you should never trust anybody. The only person you can trust is Me. Don't be weak!

My son, do you know how many insults your Father receives every day? When they're eating well, they would not remember the Father. When Satan begins to pursue them, then they remember the Father. But when they were eating evil food, they did not remember Him. When Satan struck them, they now remember the Father, even though they're not in Him. Oh, Father, have mercy; I am Your Son, I am Your daughter. Then I will forgive them and give them what they want. Before you know it, I will not see them again. My son, I do speak to them. I always tell them to remember when rain was beating them and remember Who gave them the umbrella to cover. That is My children! My son, whoever does you evil will receive the punishment! Don't be weak. I have trained you; you are a soldier. I am the One speaking to you. 

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"Seek the Lord while He may be found, call upon Him while He is near. Let the wicked forsake his way, and the unrighteous man his thoughts; let him return to the Lord, and He will have mercy on him; and to our God, for He will abundantly pardon." Isaiah 55:6-7

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