Evil Gives Birth To Evil

The Father speaks

(Sunday 26th July 2020, 11:45)

If your grandparents tell you a story of what happened in their lifetime, long before you were born, you wouldn't believe it because you were not born then. Even if you believe it, there is a certain measure of doubt in your heart because you think it's not real; it's just one of those old woman's story. As a man, if you had a dream, you could also treat it casually unless you're spiritually-minded. If your spiritual state of mind isn't up to scale, you'll treat it as one of those common dreams. However, if the dream come to reality and it doesn't take away your life, nobody will tell you to believe in dreams next time. Whatever happens in your absence is a story you can never tell. If you're alive when it happened, you'll be the one to tell the story. Those who hear you will now be in your old shoe. They could either believe or disbelieve you because once upon a time, you were like them. I tell you the truth, all of you have stories to tell; stories that will bring out tears from your eyes whenever you're telling your unborn children because your eyes will see what you've never seen before. Whenever you're telling the stories, your heart will cut you. But you can only tell the stories if you're still alive because many of you will not live to tell any story. I have become a talkative, and no one listens to My Word. I Am the Almighty God. Jehovah is My name. I Am the Great I Am That I Am. I Am the Authority. I Am the same God that destroyed the Earth with the flood. I am the God of Noah, Abraham and Moses. I Am the Breeze that keeps you alive. I Am a Holy Father. Evil is an abomination to Me.

Who knows the secret of this Earth? Anyone among you who knows should come out and tell Me. Even My own Son who I slaughtered because of you doesn't know everything how much more you mere men. I keep telling all of you to remain in your boundary and remove evil from your hands, but you wouldn't listen to Me. When will evil stop on this Earth? It will never stop because all of you are blind and deaf, and whatever life you live will shape the next life you'll live. Whatever you do here, you'll always come back to face the consequence of your action. If a man committed a grievous sin in his previous life, he would come back and eat the fruit of the seed he has sown. But if he gives his life to My Son Jesus, He will remove that curse away from him so that his children will live in peace. He may enjoy nothing in his lifetime, but his soul will go to Heaven whenever he dies. But many of you fall into this category. You're there inside the church and somebody, My greedy servant is there teaching you how to make money, how to inherit the Earth. He is there teaching you prosperity and breakthrough. How can Jesus remove the curse of your past evil from your head? How can your children live in peace, free of hardship and poverty? That's what many of you are passing through. I Am the Almighty God and the Revealer of mysteries. All of you don't know anything. That's why I said you're all living in the dark. I Am not a wicked Father. I will not revoke everything I've put in place long before you were created.

If any of you knows this Earth, if it's only bread and water you eat every day until you die, you'll be satisfied with it. Satan lures all of you every day to go beyond your boundary so he could see something to hold against you. Day after day, you fall cheaply into his trap. He uses the secret he knows against all of you because you're blind and foolish. I gave you Law to keep you within your territory, but your heart always deceives you because you love the things of this Earth. If any of you venture to know more about this Earth, you should read My Word again and again, and I'll visit you. I will reveal to you the little I can reveal to you because you're flesh. The more you know, the more Satan will torment your soul. And if you don't know how to manage it, you'll end up in Hellfire. Knowledge has its own Spirit. Knowledge without wisdom could lead you to destruction.

If I say I should leave the Earth as it is right now, in another five or ten years, none of you can live here anymore because evil will overtake everywhere. The few among you who still love to serve Me will be discouraged totally because evil will take over the little faith you have in Me. In the time of old, it was very easy to deal with a nation because whatever happened in one nation, it took a very long time before the people in another nation could know. Everything you're reading in your Bible, sometimes, it took My Prophet two months to deliver one message. Today, every Word I ask My son to publish so that all of you could see it and read could go around the whole Earth in minutes. It's not easy for him to deliver those messages. Satan always torments his soul because once upon a time; he was a sinner. Yet, My grace will be with him until the end. As for all of you who read the messages and fail to do accordingly, you're going straight to Hellfire because no other word you'll hear more than this. I Am more than happy because all of you have made My work easy, very easy. None of you will say you don't hear. I Am the One! I Am the Almighty God.

Your leaders gave their heart to Satan to control. They put up the price of everything so that My children could live their lives in hardship and sorrow. They cry to Me every day because they cannot make their living. But I have provided everything more than enough for all of you to live and enjoy in peace. But many of you are living in sorrow every day because of foolish and wicked leaders. Some of them embezzled My money and used it to care for their belly and that of their unborn children. My greedy servants have also followed in their footsteps. They enrich their pocket with the money in My treasury. They live extravagant lives everywhere. They forget about the needy. They emulate the leaders of this world whose heart is controlled by Satan himself. They hereby sold their birthright to Satan in exchange for the things of this Earth. I Am not a blind Father. My eyes are open, and I see everything that goes on in My house. Since I shut down the churches, does the money come in like before? All of you think you're wise. You don't know you're foolish. I said it before that if I allow this plague to drag for a long time, many of you that call yourselves My servants will walk on the street with your barefoot because nobody will give you any money again. Because I opened doors unto you, you now think you have power. The children I put in your care; you fail to teach them My word so they could come to Heaven. You're teaching them how to open all manner of businesses because you know you've lost Heaven, and you want them to lose it as well. I have not started with all of you right now. I Am just laying the foundation of what will swallow all of you. Because of your way of life, nobody has respect for you anymore. If they don't respect you, how can they respect Me? They cannot see Me, yet, I use you to represent Myself. All of you will give an account of yourselves sooner or later because I will rain down fire upon the Earth.

I created this Earth for a purpose, and no matter what Lucifer, My rejected son does, that won't stop Me from achieving My aim. I Am the Almighty God. Nobody can battle with Me and win. All of you are far from where I want you to be. I gave Ordinance for various churches to keep. How many of you keep this Ordinance? No one! All of you love the things of this Earth so much and forget about Heaven. If I say Heaven is My throne and the Earth is My farm, where will I keep My crops after harvest? Is it not in Heaven? All of you dine and wine with demons inside the church, yet, you claim you're serving Me. Somebody would steal money, come to the church and give his life to Jesus Christ just like that. The Pastor will be happy because he sees how he'll enrich his throat. He has an appetite for money. The foolish one who just gave his life to Jesus is happy because he thinks that's what Heaven is about. What happens to confession? What about restitution? If you give demons an inch, they'll take a mile from you. That's why you see every church turns to the synagogue of demons. Whenever you're singing your songs and beating the drums, demons gather themselves together in dancing. They're saying come; they're playing our music. Our band is playing. Why? Because both My servants and their congregation are sinners. Those who fall into this category in the days of My Son, what happened to them? They gave back everything they stole. They went back to zero. Until you go back to the same spot where you took a shortcut, Heaven will not receive your soul. The road that leads to Heaven is very narrow, and none of you is ready to walk on that road because you think Heaven is about milk and honey. Until you surrender all your will to Me, you have no place in Me.

Many women are producing children out of marriage. You don't want to marry, yet, you want to have children. What kind of children do you think you're producing? You're giving birth to demons inside the church. What do you have to say to it? You have nothing to say because your heart is full of sin and abomination. I brought the woman out of the man and later brought the man out of the woman. In a situation where you think you can go on your own way and still find peace, you're lying. Peace is far from you! As a woman, if you know you don't want to marry, stop bringing evil children into the world. As you do this, you're causing recession on this Earth. I am the Creator, and I know what I created. I gave all of you Laws and Ordinances to follow. Anyone among you who willingly disobey My Law and teach others to do the same will see My wrath. I created all of you as My heart desires. But many of you women are telling Me that My handwork isn't good. Therefore, you want to re-create yourself. You alone will add nails to your nails. You alone will add bird feathers to your eyes. You alone will bleach your skin because you want to be like others. You will put on useless shoes and later in your years, when you begin to have back issue, you'll be crying to Me. Why are you crying? Am I the One that gave you high heels to wear? Cry to yourself! I have said it several times that I Am a Man and I see everything all of you are doing everywhere. This is physical. If I say I should speak of spiritual, all of you are guilty. My servants are there to teach all of you what I hate. But they keep quiet. They allow you to run wild like a lion in the forest.

All of you don't know there is always a reward for whatever you know how to do. If you choose to do evil, there is a reward for it, and if you choose to do good, there is also a reward for it. I know you cannot be holy every day. Each day you live; your life is being recorded somewhere. If you offend someone, it will be written down. The day you go to that person and ask for forgiveness, They will erase it. If you fail to settle with him until you die, it will stand against you in the end. Whenever you die, all your failure will subtract itself from your pass automatically. Whatever is left, if it's up to the percentage needed to enter Heaven, then They'll usher you in. But if you fail finally, you know what that means. Hellfire will be your destination. I am the Almighty God, and I will rain thunder upon this Earth. Many of you will not live to tell the story because it will take you away. Those among you who have given your life to Jesus Christ will head to the gate of judgement where they'll judge you and send you to where you deserve because you're disobedient children.

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"Seek the Lord while He may be found, call upon Him while He is near. Let the wicked forsake his way, and the unrighteous man his thoughts; let him return to the Lord, and He will have mercy on him; and to our God, for He will abundantly pardon." Isaiah 55:6-7

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