Famine Is Coming

The Father speaks

(Monday 25th February 2013, 02:52)

If you want to be either a lawyer or a doctor or a teacher or a nurse or an architect or an accountant or a marketer or a bricklayer or a gateman or a housemaid, whatever you want to be, without you having the power and strength to do it, you’re a failure. How can a man have the strength? Through the food you eat. If you eat good food, your brain will function properly and work well. The food you eat determines how your life will be on this Earth. The only property you have on this Earth is the food you eat. When a baby is in the mother’s womb, he feeds through his mother. If the mother refuses to eat, that baby will die. If the mother eats well, the baby will also eat and grow well. When he’s born, the parents will continue to feed him. If they fail to feed him for three days, he will die; he will not survive.

You eat today, plan whatever you want to do, sow a seed, and it germinates well; you don’t even think that Somebody created everything you’re eating. If you have no respect for yourselves, why can’t you respect everything you consume every day because Somebody created them? You can manipulate them to whatever you want, change them to whatever you want, yet, Somebody created them. Why can’t you honour that Person? Either you’re a chief or a councillor or a governor or anything, all of you should appreciate the One who created everything. Either you give your life to Jesus Christ or not, all of you should respect the handwork of the Father. He is the Owner of everybody. He is God Almighty, the same God in Heaven. But all of you don’t have such knowledge. You only know how to rebel against My handwork. When evil begins to befall you, who will you call? You can eat any kind of food you want. You will ask your wife, ‘what do we have for dinner?’. She too will enter the kitchen and prepare whatever you request. Are you the one that created that food your wife prepared? Do you know how all those food managed to exist? Without you eat and satisfy, you cannot go and open your mouth to speak nonsense. If the Owner decides to seize everything, who will you call? There are still some among you who recognise My handwork. They know the Father is the Creator of everything; however, they are few. What will happen to the others if the Father decides to seize the food you’re eating because of your wickedness? There are some good people among the bad ones. I can seize everything; I can declare a famine because I have the power. I Am the One that created everything. If I tell the soil to swallow everything, to spit out nothing, what will happen to all of you? Nevertheless, you want to use your own to disturb others. If somebody tells you, you will say you know more than everybody. I Am the Creator of everything. If I say ‘I Am annoyed’, a lot of things will happen. Many generations will go. Those who didn’t join them to do evil will also suffer. You have different kinds of food to eat. If you’re tired of one, you will eat another. Am I not a Good Father? I Am worthy of being praised! If you don’t praise the Father, I praise Myself every day. None of you knows how to praise the Father. If you don’t praise Me, I praise Myself.

Birds of the air give birth to children every day for you to eat. You can kill and eat anyone that’s good for your soul, and no one will penalise you. They are wasting! I created them for you to eat. That is their work. They have nothing to do, and they cannot eat themselves. They only exist for you to eat them. Go there and kill anyone you want and eat. If anybody arrests you for eating the bird of the air, that person will find himself to be blamed because I created them for you to eat, to consume as food, like meat. I do not beg you to spare their lives for Me. They are food for you to eat. They are neither going to Heaven nor Hellfire. They are food for you to consume. Don’t keep them for Me because I don’t send you a message. They’re food for you to eat and take care of My children I gave to you. The only task I request from you: don’t kill any human being. If you’re keeping animals, of what purpose are they for Me? Why then did I create them? Who are you keeping them for? The more you keep them, the more they turn to something else for you. You are committing sin; you’re doing evil. Kill and eat them and thank your Father. I created them as food for you before I created you. I allowed them to give birth to children before I even created you. What are you keeping them for? I do not ask you to keep them for Me. You are doing Me evil as you’re keeping them. I will neither take them to Heaven nor Hellfire. I created some of them to entertain you; that is all. Do not arrest anybody for killing animals. If you do that, I will punish you for it.

All of you are evil. Satan fashioned your heart to kill human beings like you, and you’re saving animals. My son, I told you how I formed animals. I told you everything. I know how I created them and what I used in creating them. They’re not part of your life. They’re not going to where you’re going. They come from another planet entirely. I Am the One that created them and brought them. If you keep them so they could be numerous, you’re lying. They can only be numerous if you’re clean and holy. As you’re clean and holy, the Father will continually bring them out for you. As you’re killing them, they will never end. You don’t know where I store them. As you’re clean and holy, I will continually bring them down for you to eat. Do I ask you to keep them for Me? Are you doing Me good? If you want to do Me good, keep My Words and My Commandments. If you’re a leader, a king or queen, president or governor, take care of My children I give to you. Teach them My Commandments. Let them have My fear that I Am the Owner of this Earth. I Am a Jealous Father. If you continually give My glory to animals, I will punish you for it. You said My children should not kill and eat; what do you want them to eat? How do you want them to survive? What do you want them to eat? Are you the one that created them? You look at a human being like a toy but give animal respect. You kill a human being, eat a human being as if you eat chicken but respect an animal.

Some of the animals you keep around you are sick. If you know they’re sick, kill them and bury them so they will not transfer their sickness into your body. They’re not meant to live with you. They are animals, and they still have their own kind of sickness. The Father will not penalise you for killing them. He will not do you evil because of it. If you know she’ll pollute the whole environment for you, kill her and let her return to where she came from. You put an animal in the position of a human being and a human being in the place of the animal. Is that what the Father wants? If you keep dangerous animals, they will do you evil. You don’t know what I used in creating animals. All the dangerous animals are meant to live in the wilderness, not to live in your territory. Because of your sin, keep them far away from you. I did not create them to become dangerous to you. Whenever they see you, they see you as evil. Any one of them you know she’s not dangerous; if you choose to keep them, you can. However, if you know they’re sick, kill them and bury them so they won’t pollute your environment and transfer sickness into your body. None of you knows how I created everything. Every living being has his own illness in his body. I brought Somebody physically and spiritually to take care of you because I brought you out of My body. I respect human beings more than anything. Physically, somebody will be there, and spiritually, somebody will be there to take care of you whenever you’re sick. The animals that all of you keep, what are you keeping them for? They will die one day and return to where they came from. You’re spending money on animals. Leave them and let them be where they’re supposed to be. As you keep them, you don’t give them freedom. If you choose to keep some, maybe two or three, for people to look at them, you can do so. Apart from that, give them freedom and let them live their own lives. That is why they attack you because they’re not meant to live in a cage. You are doing them evil; that’s why they’re attacking you. If somebody keeps you in the cell, how will you feel? What will happen to you? You will run mad if you have no freedom.

When Adam and Eve sinned, and I drove them away from the Garden, and I began to send a Saviour to them, how many saviours did you hear I sent because of animals? Do you see any story of animals? As their sin piles up every day, the Father still gave them animals to eat. The animals produced in numbers. The rest is scattered around the wilderness. Whatever is meant to live in the wilderness that you keep to live with you is dangerous to your health. As you’re spending your money on them, you’re doing yourself harm. You will dive into the sea to rescue fish. Who sends you such kind of message? If they’re tired and die, they will come back again. You are not the one that killed them. Haven’t you heard about the fish that killed a human being? You are doing yourself harm. Leave them alone in the sea as the Father created them. If you know that you want to kill them for food, go ahead and do so. However, if you go there for any other purpose, you will manage whatever you see. Some animals in the wilderness, when they grow old, they die by themselves because their time has expired. The human being is very precious in the hand of the Father. You abandon the Father that created all those things, and you’re serving them. Where then is the Father that created you? You’re saying you cannot see anybody! You’re saying there is no God. Don’t you know you have sinned! If I come to this Earth in various forms, you will see it. As each season ends, the fishes go with it, and as a new season comes, new fishes come with it. You should respect the Almighty God that created all these things. The law is in your hands. Are you a king or queen? You should call everybody to reverence the God of Heaven who created everything for you to enjoy so that the food will not dry.

All the people you see their names in the Bible, do you think they’re foolish? You’re seeking for your children to suffer. If I start My work, none of you can wait to see it. If I start My work, I don’t look back. Many things will happen. As this generation die and go, the next generation will suffer the consequence of what their fathers did. If I start My work now, it will last for generations. The same Father of old is the same Father of new. All of you have to be very careful. You cannot stand what is coming. You cannot stand it! The Creator of the Earth is speaking to all of you now that you cannot stand the consequence of the evil you’re doing. It will be tough! You cannot even take care of your own children; how much more going somewhere to rescue animals. All the animals you lock up everywhere, who will take care of them when the problem comes in? Is it your children you fail to care for that will care for the animals when you abandon them? Where do you want those animals to go when a problem comes? What do you think you’re causing on the ground? When you don’t have time for your own children, how much more animals because you will run away. Instead of leaving them and letting them fetch their food in the wilderness where I put them, you lock them up somewhere. A lot is coming to hit you because there will be a famine of food. Things will be very rough. The works I finished in the time of old, I want to start all of them again. There will be a famine. Through it, all of you will know I Am the Almighty God. Who can stand when it comes? I Am The Mighty Man In Battle. I can call rain to fall at any time; I can also tell the rain not to fall. All of you are the same human beings as the children I punished in the time of old. Why did I punish them? Because they didn’t listen to My word. What is the difference between you and them? Are you so precious in My hand more than them? Those ones quickly honoured Me when it happened, but you, you don’t even know Jehovah. Who will you call? Who will fast and pray to the Father? My children that are fasting and praying to Me every day, you say they’re fasting and praying because they’re poor. When you experience the same poverty, I will see what you will do. There will be a famine. There will be hunger. Everywhere will dry. As you’re giving food to others, I will see who will give to you. You are everything; everyone is begging food to eat from your hands. If you don’t see the food to eat, I will see what you’ll do. You think you’re the only one that knows how to produce something. If there is no more food for you to eat, you will honour where the food is coming from. The same Father that blessed the land will also dry the land. Everybody will know where they belong. Everything you’re doing and think it’s a play, many people are complaining in the corner, they’re crying. Few among you still know what the Father can do; however, they don’t have mouths to speak. They know you’re about to cause a problem for the whole world because you support the abomination the Father hates. You see yourselves as everything. Some of them even blame the Father for allowing everything to be like this because He favours you with everything. The same favour I favoured you, I will turn it upside down now. I make one a slave and another a master; however, I know how to turn slave to master and master to slave. You don’t know more than the Father. I swear by My name that this land will be history. You will know that God is God. My son, in your old age, you will tell them what’s going on in this your house. You will tell them the story how everything happened. I Am The Almighty God.

When I created the Earth, I put everything in place. That is why the weather of the whole Earth is not the same. As each continent is, so also the human beings and animals that live there. There are some nations, the sun is far from them, and such nations are always cold. When I looked here, it was cold, and the human beings were few. I made others come here so that everybody could be warm and mix together. However, you think you know more than Me. I Am the Creator of everything. I know how I built everything. Any nation that is far from the Father causes a problem for the whole world. When the problem comes, you’re not the only one that will suffer from it. Every single word I speak will come to pass. My son, they may look at you that you’re a liar; however, when things start happening, they will know the word is not your word, it’s My word, and nobody will call you a liar anymore. This Earth is My farm. I have time for it. If this Earth doesn’t exist, which work will I do? You are the ones that do yourself harm. I will punish many people. The head will become the tail, and the tail will become the head. I repeat it again! I will use everything to punish them in this land. You think you know everything, and I will prove Myself to you that you know nothing. You will ask yourselves questions. You think you’re wise, saving money. You will ask yourself where your money goes because you cannot solve the kind of problem that will be on your head. The money you keep will not be enough to solve the problem, which will be the beginning of your disaster. When some of you see that the suffering is too much, the few cities and villages attached to you will pull away; they will stand on their own. You will see the problem but will not understand where it’s coming from. This will conclude the whole matter. This one will crown it all. 

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"Seek the Lord while He may be found, call upon Him while He is near. Let the wicked forsake his way, and the unrighteous man his thoughts; let him return to the Lord, and He will have mercy on him; and to our God, for He will abundantly pardon." Isaiah 55:6-7

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