Fear Me!

The Father speaks

(Sunday 4th September 2011, 10:40)

I know my Father that created me. I know my Redeemer that created me. I know my I Am That I Am that owns me. I will forsake everything. I will forsake everything and run to go and meet my Father. I will go and give Him his due. I will go and thank Him for the life He has given to me because many of them are no more. Not that they wanted it, but the enemy took them away. But my Father keeps me alive. I will go and say thank you to my Father. I will drop whatever load wants to disturb me. Nothing will hold me back from taking my blessing from my Father. My Father is everything to me. If I have my Father, that is all I need. I don’t want anything to disturb me on this journey. My Father is Number One. I will run there quickly to give my Father His due because He’s the One that owns me. If He takes away His breath from me, I am dead. I will run quickly to go and say, Daddy, I thank You. My Father, I thank You for the life You have given to me. I thank You, my Father, for making me see today. As for that thing, he doesn’t want me to be alive. As for that thing, he doesn’t want me to live. But You are my Creator. You are my Redeemer. You are my Authority. You are my I Am That I Am. You are my Ancient of Days. You are the Great Deliverer. You are the One that keeps me alive. I don’t care about the cloth I put on. I don’t care about anything. I am running there to go and meet my Father. Father, You’re the only One I need. You’re the only One I want in my life. I don’t want anything to hold me down because You are the journey. I have come today, renew me. Release Your anointing upon me. Release Your blessing upon me. That is what I want! Man will fail me, but You will never fail. My Father, You are my Number One. You are the only One I need on this journey. I don’t care about the cloth I put on. I want to go and worship my Father. That should be your confession! He is the One that owns you. Nobody will force you to go to Him. You yourself will go voluntarily. If you know where you’re coming from and where you’re going, and many people that have passed away, you will know how to be close to your Father. Are you holy? You are not holy! The Father preserved you because He wants to make something out of you. Then what should you do? Whenever you wake up in the morning, you will run quickly to go and meet Him. The Father is not a wicked Father. Give Him His due! Your Father is watching you in everything you do. Everywhere you go, your Father is watching you. The way you take the Father will determine your blessing. The way you take the Father will determine where you’re going. You honour mere human beings. If you’re late again, I will sack you! What then would you do? You would set your alarm to wake up early because you don’t want them to sack you. How much more the Father that owns your life! He is the One that owns your soul! He is the One that owns your soul. He is the One that owns you. Who will you fear? Who will you fear?

I have two appointments today; an appointment with a human being and an appointment with my Father. If I don’t keep the appointment of a human being, he will take away my food. If I don’t keep the appointment of my Father, He will take away my life. Who will I honour? If I go to my Father and that human being doesn’t give me food anymore, my Father will make a way where there is no way. He will provide for me. Do not let anybody chase you people because you don’t know what you’re doing. Many of My children fail! They fail. They don’t know the God they’re serving. I have told you My son; I Am around My children. They don’t know Me; they don’t know what I want. I Am very simple. I Am very simple. I have told you before, and I illustrated many things for you. All My children are connected to Me. They are connected to Me. I hear every word they speak. That’s why when you’re praying, I can answer you. Everything you’re doing, I see it. If you’re doing the good one, I see it. If you’re doing the bad one, I see it. I will look at you that I created you beautifully; though you’re doing evil, I will still keep you alive maybe one day, you will change. I will disconnect Myself from you. Though you’re still eating and breathing, I will disconnect Myself from you. If you now realise it and change, if you now cleanse yourself, I will restore My connection to you again. People will see you and ask a question if it’s not the same person they knew before. Is it not that man; that man that fornicated; that man that killed people; he’s now a Pastor? Yes, because he filtered himself. That is what they don’t want to know. That is what they don’t want to hear. You cannot enter inside that journey and be moving in the darkness and still claim you’re inside the Father. No! Let that Father be the Number One. Let Him be the Number One. Oh, that work I’m going to, I’m just going there because my Father says whoever doesn’t work must not eat. I am going there to give them what they want so they can give me money. But my Father is the Number One in my heart. You shouldn’t put your Father aside because of your work. He is the Owner of your life. If the work is finished, what then will you do? What will the devil do to you? He will play you like football because you don’t know your Father. You choose earthly things, but they disappoint you. However, if you switch to your Father’s side, He will quickly connect you before you meet any disappointment. When they say, He makes a way where there’s no way, do you think is by mouth? It is the service! If you render service in your office, why do they reward you? If a human being could reward you, how much more your Father.

What do I need? Do I say you should cook bull for Me to eat? What do I need? What do I want from you? Give Me My honour! When it is the time for you to remember Me, don’t let Me ask you for it. Let that one be your happiness, and know that nobody can do you anything. If you give the Father what He wants, if you cleave your heart to His heart, what else again. Do you know My annoyance? Because they don’t know Me; they don’t count Me as anything. They are running after worldly things. They go on their own way. That is My annoyance. I did not say you should cook for Me. I did not say you should feed Me. Know Me as your Father! I Am the One that will care for you. Know that whatever you see, it’s the Father’s doing. Don’t serve your Father with your mouth. Cleave your heart to the Father’s heart. Let me give my Father what He wants; He too will give me mine. As I cleave my heart to the heart of my Father, no any demon will terrorise me. Whatever demon wants to attack me, my Father will attack him because He is the Creator of that demon. I will walk without fear. I will enter anywhere because I know my Father is with me. I will fear nobody because I give my Father what He wants. But if you put your Father in one corner; you don’t even know if your Father exists or not; then what happens? That thing will begin to laugh at you. Oh, this one does not know the Father; if I were the one, I would hold the Father very tight. My son, that is why you see afflictions everywhere. That thing knows they don’t know the Father. They don’t know what it takes to be in the Father. I have told you before. I did not say you should cook food for Me. It’s praises I need. It’s reverence I need. Remember Me every day! Be proud of your Father all the time. Every time, my Father, my Father, my Father; my Creator; my Father; it’s only Him; it’s only my Father. If you do that one My son, you challenge Me. You challenge Me. Those who did that in the time of old, I did not leave them. The stories you read there in the Bible, it was human beings like you I used. Somebody will now tell you that God doesn’t exist, that God is not a talkative. Who knows you! I will deal with them. That Book you see is the Word of your Father. The same Father used His children to do everything so that when you read it, you’ll follow it. The same Father is still alive. The Father can never die. The Father can never change. Nobody will bribe the Father. It’s not a name! I have told you before My son that I don’t want names. It’s neither by name nor church. If you don’t go to any church, I will visit you if your heart is clean. People will begin to hear about you. Even if you don’t know how to speak English, you will use your language to write it, and people will translate it. It’s the Father. The Father can use anybody. It’s the heart He needs. It’s the way you take Him that will determine how He will take you. Let them open their ears and hear! My son, I have told you what I’m doing with you here is not common. You cannot see it anywhere. I have told you. That is why I said you should publish My word to the whole Earth. I Am the One! I Am the One! When I chose Moses, I brought him out from inside the bush and used him!!! I Am the One!!! The story is still there! I Am the One! I called Abram (Abraham) to come out! It is there in the Bible! I Am the same One! My son, I told you wherever you go with My daughter, nobody will challenge Me! If I speak, everybody will bow down for Me! I told you what I’m doing with you here is not common. I search everywhere on this whole Earth and found no one. It’s you I see My son. It’s not common! It’s not common, and if you want to see Me, I will change Myself for you to see Me! I Am the One! Nobody challenges Me! I Am the One that’s speaking! I Am the Creator! I Am the Originator! I Am the I Am That I Am! I Am the Ancient of Days! I Am the One! Nobody! No one; nobody will challenge My word! No one will challenge My word. I have told you before. I said you should publish any word I ask you to publish because I Am about to do something. This Earth will be silent. I repeat it to you again; this Earth will be silent. The story will be there! What I Am doing with you here in this room is not common, and you won’t see it anywhere. That is why I told you that those who go to your website would never call you because while they’re reading it, My Spirit is inside them. As they’re reading My word, My Spirit is judging them. I have told you that I give you Myself to marry. I warn you! What I’m doing here is not common. I told you before that I don’t come for individuals; I come for the whole Earth. That’s why you always hear Me speak about My children, My children, My children every time. If you do My will, I will visit you. If you do My will, I will make you what you never dream of being. If you remember Me that I’m your Father, I will say you’re My son; you’re My daughter. It’s your heart I need. It’s holiness I need. Then if you do My own for Me, why won’t I bless you? Why won’t I make your enemies your footstool? Why won’t I bestow My blessing upon you? If you do My own for Me, why won’t I shower blessing upon you? Why won’t I make your enemies your slave? I have told you before. If I go to battle, who will defeat you? Who will defeat you? If I say this is what I want to do, who will change it? Who is that person that will change it, My son? Let them know the Father they’re serving. Let them know their Creator. I Am the Creator. I Am the Authority. I Am the Originator. I Am the I Am That I Am. When I speak, demons don’t have mouths to answer. When I speak, demons will run away. Where are the demons? Let them come!

My son, I want to make you an example. The few ones coming here and those who went away, what they see here, they cannot see it anywhere. Anyone who comes here will see changes in your life if you do whatever the Father tells you. Whenever you want to come to Heaven, they will receive you wholeheartedly by the end of the day. They will usher you in because you hear from the Father and do accordingly. You don’t use it to eat. Those who came here and ran away; My son, I have told you before. If they don’t do well wherever they go, I Am the One that will hand them over to Satan to destroy for Me because they rebelled against My word. Satan will destroy them! Nobody hears My word and rebel. My son, they thought it was you! My son, it’s My grace. If not My grace, I could have killed them! It’s My grace! When I sent My son Moses, anybody that opened their mouth to him anyhow, I destroyed them immediately. It’s My grace. It’s My grace because of My Son Jesus. That is why I low My anger. I don’t give anybody a chance. You know it yourself! If I say this is what you should do and don’t do it, I will destroy you immediately. I shed the blood of My Son. My Son went into deep agony. He went into horrific pain! If I look at the blood of My Son, I will say no; let Me still give them a chance. I Am just telling you the secret now. That is the grace they have. If not, in this your house, if anybody opens mouth to you anyhow, I will kill him. I have shed the blood of My Son, My Precious Son. That is why you see Me that I low My anger. However, that does not stop Me from what I want to do on this Earth. That does not stop Me from what I want to do! Let them fear you that the Almighty God is speaking to you every day in this house! And they know. My son, I have told you; anywhere you go on this Earth, Pastors will reverence Me whenever they see Me. They will honour Me whenever they see Me! If not, I will kill them! That is why I said you should send this message to them. This message is from your Father; it’s from the Source. I Am the One that cooked this message by Myself and released it to you My son. Send it to them and let them read it! Whoever doesn’t do according to this message, you will see what will happen. I have told you what’s about to happen on this Earth. I give you peace. I give you peace!

Your Father is not for fashion. Don’t serve your Father in fashion. Your Father doesn’t have any time in clothes. It’s the heart He needs! Don’t serve your Father in fashion. It’s neither about English nor grammar. Don’t serve your Father in fashion. It’s not by fashion! It’s not by fashion. Your Father is not looking at the cloth you wear. It’s your heart the Father needs. It’s your heart He needs! He will search and search and gets anywhere and picks somebody. He will say this is the one I need. The Father can bring out this little child. He will say, ‘you, you have failed; this is the one that will be there, and nobody will say no’. Nobody will say no! Because when I send you, and you fail, this is the one I choose to be there, and nobody will say no. That is why I told you to be careful because of this message I’m sending you. 

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"Seek the Lord while He may be found, call upon Him while He is near. Let the wicked forsake his way, and the unrighteous man his thoughts; let him return to the Lord, and He will have mercy on him; and to our God, for He will abundantly pardon." Isaiah 55:6-7

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