How My Servants Became Sinners

The Father speaks

(Sunday 18th April 2021, 23:15)

As My servant, I called you to disgrace Satan and demons every day in the lives of your congregation. If you’re disgracing them, you must touch every area of sin. Whatever I said is a sin; you must touch everything because you’re My servant. I use you to represent Myself on this Earth. And if you’re delivering such a message, you don’t deliver it by flesh. My Spirit in you must motivate you to speak it in different categories. As you see the face of your congregation, so also you see different kinds of spirits of sins living in them. Any day My Spirit moves you to speak concerning a particular sin, it will touch many of them. From there, henceforth, the truth will begin to set them free. I Am the Almighty God. Jehovah is My name. I Am the Great I Am That I Am. I Am the Great Deliverer. Sin is an abomination to Me.

If My Spirit moves you to speak about holiness, the Spirit will never push you to ask them to bring money. He will lock the door against all those things because they’re the things of flesh. He will never ask you to speak such a thing. Even though you’re hungry and there’s no food in your house, He will never ask you to deliver such a message. That is not part of the journey. I know that the word you’re speaking about holiness is food on its own. I know how I will connect you to the source of your food, including money. I Am the One who will meet your needs. That’s why you see testimonies everywhere. As you’re doing Mine, I Am taking care of all your needs. That’s why I didn’t share any allocation for the Levites because I Am their Inheritance. Whatever food was given to them, I would be the One to say amen to it before they ate it. Whatever was inside the food, I would be the One to remove it away before they ate it. They would bring it to the altar and performed whatever I asked them to do to it before they went ahead. That’s why My servants in the time of old didn’t take anything from anybody because everything they did was all about holiness and demons. As My servant, either you’re a Prophet or Priest, you must not take anything from anybody because if you do, that means you give yourself as an exchange. If you take anything from anybody unlawfully, you exchange My glory, My Spirit, My light in you with the darkness in the life of that person. That’s why I titled this message “How My Servants Became Sinners”.

As My servants, I created you to bring My children to Me. I Am speaking concerning those I choose to be My servants. No matter how you committed sin from your childhood, you will never die. I will never kill you. Satan knew who I created you to be, and he lured you to committing sin from your childhood because your parents' eyes were blind. Yet, I kept you and watched over you all the way. As I’m speaking right now, those I choose know what I’m speaking about because many of them fall into this category. They’ve passed through many things in the past. That’s why it’s very painful to Me that after they’ve passed through all those things to be My servant, by the end of the day, they surrender to Satan and give My glory to demons by hook and crook because somebody lured them into it. That’s the end of it, and they cannot turn back anymore. And no matter how you confess it, you cannot go to Heaven anymore.

While you were stubborn as a little child, My Spirit in you still told you that’s not what you should be doing. What you saw in the Spirit was more than what you were doing physically. That means you weren’t an ordinary person. That spirit of stubbornness was intoxicating you because of the kind of family you came from. I Am a Merciful Father. I give a long rope for My children to repent. As My servant, if you want to set somebody free, what will you do? How will you set him free? Somebody that’s dirty and smelly, both inward and outward, how do you set him free? Do you have any power? You have no power to set that person free. You must remember that you’re working for Somebody. Somebody employed you to do the work you’re doing. You don’t have any power of your own because you’re flesh. Somebody is the Owner of the work. You only work after Him based on whatever He asks you to do. That’s why you will expose your Spirit to Him. He will tell you something to say to His children. You’re an intermediary between Him and His children. You mustn’t go on your own way. If you fail to deliver the message correctly, you’ll become a bad person. At this junction, is it a dangerous journey or not? It’s a dangerous journey!

Why didn’t Moses reach the Promised Land? Why did I take him away automatically? While he was alive, Satan began to drag him with Me. His soul began to go down while he’s alive. I saw that if I allowed him to live more than that, there would be a problem in the end because the Word that proceeded out of My mouth will never return to Me anymore. Satan said either I use him or not; he will take him in the end. I knew everything. Why? Because of the attitude of the children of Israel and the kind of words that were coming out of their mouth. Moses began to go down. He was a human being like you. No matter how I called you, you are a human being. Flesh must still be flesh. That’s why many of you disappointed Almighty God. But if you really set your heart on Me that you’re just a messenger, that you will wait for Me to give you a message before you give My children, then you’ll never fail. You will inherit the Earth and inherit Heaven. How can you inherit the Earth? My peace will surround you in every area. Whatever you put your hands on will prosper. No Satan will drag it with you. Peace is all I want for all My servants. I don’t want Satan to drag anything with them. That’s what I want!

Now, your congregation that carry cankerworms and viruses which I’ve not healed from them, and you failed to give yourself to Me, to Jesus Christ and Holy Spirit to speak to you to tell them how to deliver themselves begin to supply your needs and you’re taking it. Let Me ask you a question. You cooked your food and left it on the cooker uncovered. The first, second and third person ate from it, and nothing happened to them. Then somebody said there is a fly in the kitchen. He then took a can of insecticide and sprayed it. It entered a part of the food because it’s poisonous. The fourth person came, ate the food, and fall sick immediately. They rushed him to the hospital, and poison was found in his blood. Then the doctor asked the kind of food he ate last. They said he wasn’t the only one that ate the food, that many others ate from it as well. Why is it that his on case is different? When the first three people ate the food, somebody hasn’t sprayed the chemical. After he sprayed it, it then entered the food. The last person ate from it and fall sick. If he didn’t eat the food, will he fall sick? No! If I tell you to teach My children about holiness and having taught them, they’re clean both inward and outward; whatever they do for you willingly will be acceptable by Me. It will be the Spirit of holiness versus the Spirit of holiness. Holiness jammed holiness. I can never ask you to tell them to bring money. Even if you don’t ask them, My Spirit in them will move them to give you. Now, the ones in you, the demons in you, you didn’t shake them so they could leave. They’re kings and queens inside you. Father, mother and an entire generation of demons are living in you. When you got to the church, your polluted congregation were waiting for you. Then your demons and theirs now crashed together. Where is the Spirit of God? Who are you working for? What kind of word do you think will come out of your mouth? Earthly word!!! If a profane word is coming out of your mouth, where then is Satan? Instead of you leading them to Heaven, you will lead them to Hellfire! Satan will be pleased because you’re his tool. Whenever he wants to torment your congregation, they will see you. Through the Pastors, Satan is taking the glory of My children. When two hundred people gather, you also have at least two hundred demons gather as well. Now, each of these demons will leave them and enter inside the Pastor. If such a Pastor wants to speak about something of flesh, he’ll speak it powerfully because the demons of his congregation have taken over his heart. That’s why you see many Pastors doing rituals.

As My servant, though you’re alone physically, you’re never alone because you have the Father, Son and Holy Spirit with you. But if you disconnect your Spirit from Me, what will happen to you? The food that all your congregation will cook for you is a powerful one that you’ll never escape forever. Every suggestion they’ll give to you is how you’ll build a mansion, how you’ll fly to America, how you’ll build this project and that project. They will lead you into building your Heaven on this Earth. That’s the only word that will be coming out of your mouth. And you’ll think I Am the One speaking through your mouth. Never! I will never put such a word in your mouth! Every word concerning My children and Me is all about holiness. To crown it all, Satan will also put another word of curse in your mouth that if they don’t do it, such and such will happen to them. You then use the mouth of God to seal it for them. You’ll make it sound as if I’m the One using you. But you know you’re lying. That will also put fear in their heart. Whenever they’re looking for the money, they’ll look for it with a curse and tears. Their heart is saddened. They are not happy. Then tell Me, you Pastor, where you’re going! Where are you going whenever you die? All the things you gather, all the things you acquire carry demons. Demons possess everything you bought and every house you built. You don’t know the source of all the money you collected from your congregation. You don’t know the kind of work they’re doing. That’s why you must open your heart to the Holy Spirit so He could tell you everything they’re doing. As you’re preaching holiness on the pulpit, you’ll not know when some of them will come to you that your message touched their lives. Why? Because the Holy Spirit knows them! The Spirit will move around your congregation and search out their needs. The same Spirit will tell you what to preach. It will be as if you know them even at their house. They will come and confess whatever they’re doing to you. But when demons are kings and queens inside your belly, they’ve eaten, yet not satisfied. They’re looking for more because they don’t want My children to be delivered. They will use you to arrest them and take them to Hellfire. It’s like a farmer and a thief. A farmer saw a thief, instead of him shouting quickly so that people will come and help him arrest the thief, he didn’t shout. But the thief screamed ‘a thief, a thief’. A farmer now becomes a thief while a thief becomes a farmer.

All of you supposed to emulate Jesus Christ when He was on this Earth. When He was on here, He was a Human Being like you. He loved things, but He didn’t love anything to the extent He would die to have it. No! Wherever He entered, He entered there for a reason. Every word He spoke was like fire. It tormented the demons. That’s why they sought to kill Him several times. As a Pastor, as My servant, if they’ve not sought to kill you, then you’re not serving Me. My son, tell all of them! They must hunt for your life because of the kind of message you’re preaching. You must speak your word with boldness. You’re not just speaking it; you’re also doing it. The food you’re giving your congregation to eat, you must first eat it. You must wash both inward and outward. If you speak the word of holiness by mouth, Satan knows. He’ll come and torment your life. Let your heart bleed whenever you’re speaking about holiness. That’s the only way you’ll have peace. You cannot climb the pulpit speaking about holiness while you’ve already blown something on your altar before you mount it. I Am the Almighty God. I see everything all of you are doing. I Am waiting for you. There is no second chance. Many of you know what I Am saying, but you feel ashamed. You cannot speak out. There are some sins you committed that you can just confess to your co-Pastor in a corner, but there are some you must come out openly and confess right there on the pulpit. As your fame is everywhere, that’s how I want you to confess to the whole world. That’s the only way Heaven will receive your soul. The very day you open your mouth and confess, then you’re reduced to zero. That’s what I want! All your congregation will look at you very useless. That’s what I want! You are the one that put yourself into that kind of a mess. Nothing concerns Me. I created you and sent you to this Earth to be My king, My servant to work with Me. I gave you fame and honour. If you go on your own way, you must also come out openly and confess everything that I’m not the One that sent you to do everything you did. You went on your own way.

Whenever We’re speaking about Heaven and Hellfire, it’s not what anybody should joke with. My son, now that We’re speaking about this, you supposed to be playing music and enjoy yourself with your wife. Why Am I disturbing you with all this? Because it means a lot!!! That is the life of everybody. That’s why many people are suffering on this Earth. Unborn children will also come to suffer. Sin never decays. Sin is a spirit. They are waiting for you. As human being, wherever you may come from, they’re waiting for you. They never decay. Even an ordinary word, a curse, never decays because it’s a spirit. They are all waiting for you. The Holy Spirit will never come and do you evil. Jesus Christ will never do you evil. Almighty God will never do you evil. These are the Three People I want you to emulate. I give you the word to follow. Why should all of you deviate from following These Three People and go on your own way, pursuing what will not profit you? Have you seen a man that table was set before him with a special meal on it but decided to eat faeces in the toilet? That’s the only way I can describe sin and holiness. If you eat good food, it will nourish your Spirit and soul. If you eat faeces, what will happen to your body? It will pollute all your system! It can even kill you. That’s how I describe sin and holiness.

Holiness goes far in a good way. Holiness and sin never decay. In both of them, there is good and evil. I cannot compare darkness and light with sin and holiness because you can still see inside the darkness. I can only use faeces to describe sin for you. It kills you spiritually and kills you physically. Right from the beginning, I put more effort to speak to My children about sin because I Am the One who created all those spirits and know the kind of power they have. I have already put the power in them. Everything comes from Me, either good or bad. The only way you can escape all those things is by not doing them. There is no other solution to it. As long you don’t do them, you’ll have peace. That’s the only solution.

Even as a mother, you cannot wake up in the morning and begin to rain curses upon your children. As you do that, the life of your generation will never be good anymore. Curses have their consequence. Let every word that proceeds out of your mouth be a positive word and prayers. Satan can pass through anything to enter you through your tongue because there is the power of life and death in it. As a mother, you may say you didn’t do anything wrong, but the curse you laid upon your children go a very long way. When your son took your money without telling you, you laid a curse upon him. Years later, his life was upside down. But you’ve forgotten what you did. No matter what happens inside your house, let a good word come out of your mouth because life is more than properties. You can buy properties, but you can never buy life.

All of you are blaming the president and governors. What about what you’ve done inside your house? From family to society, the chain of evil continues. The same spirit of evil that controls you inside your house will follow you wherever you go. Even if you’re a president, that spirit will still control you. The same spirit in you is also in the lives of those you want to rule. That spirit will be an obstacle to their progress. Use your money to do whatever you want to do; they don’t qualify for it; we are the ones in their lives. Demons are speaking to the president not to do anything good in the land. They also forget that the money belongs to everybody. Why? Because of the curse that proceeded out of your mouth, because of your witchcraft, because of your spirit of stealing, because you bore false witness, because you killed somebody, because you committed an abortion, because you’re serving idol, because you visited a native doctor for evil. How many should I count? All these spirits come from different families. If all these spirits of sin are there living in individual, how can the land be good? If somebody forces himself to help, they will join and kill him. Somebody will establish a company, and they will send the spirit of stealing to ransack everything until the company packs up. If somebody tells you that you, the workers are the cause why the company packed up, you will not believe it. If somebody is taking the company’s money to the bank, the spirit of stealing in your body will arrange for somebody who will hijack him on the way and take the money. Then, when Almighty God now raised a servant among you who doesn’t know his right from wrong, all your demons will hijack his heart.

The work of God is very delicate. It’s like a driver on a highway. If you’re not careful, you’ll have an accident and die. As a driver, you don’t look right or left. You must remain focus; else, the life of everybody in the car is in danger. You’re like a pilot. If you’re not careful and remain focus, the plane will crash, and everybody will die. That’s how a Pastor and his congregation is. If you fail to take a signal from Me, then you miss it. I said it before that the penalty of a Pastor is based on the life of his congregation. If a Pastor misses it, then all his congregation will follow because they trust him even more than Me. They believe you’re the one that hears from Me. Before they do anything in their house, they will call their Pastor. Are you sleeping? All of you know what I’m saying! Why are they calling you? Are they calling Almighty God? Because these people are blind and deaf. They only believe in you. That’s why some of you will tell them to eat the grass of the field, and they’ll believe. If you ask them to eat the faeces of a goat, they’ll believe you. Why can’t the Spirit tell you to ask them to confess their sins and wash their hands clean? Because the spirit of evil has already arrested you! Hence the spirit of evil arrested a Pastor; he can never preach holiness anymore. You will still think you’re doing My will. The day I release small holiness for you, you will quote the whole Bible. My son, tell them that all the quotations in the Bible have different meanings and interpretations. If you want to speak about rock, you’ll quote the whole Bible from Genesis to Revelation. It’s a lie! With only one verse, the Holy Spirit will interpret for you what it means. It’s not about quoting the entire Bible that will make you enter Heaven. No! It’s about holiness. I want all of you to be doers of the Word. Anywhere you enter, I want people to know that you’re a Christian both physically and spiritually. As they see your appearance and the word that proceed out of your mouth, they’ll know you’re a Christian. The mark is already upon you that you’re a Christian. If this happens, I Am happy.

Any Pastor of a church that preaches on the pulpit and his congregation scream ‘ride on Pastor’, such a Pastor is going to Hellfire. My son, tell them! They are going to Hellfire!!! Every word that comes out of the pulpit must be a word that will make My children sober. They will think about their life. If they’ve offended anybody, they’ll quickly go and apologise. That is the kind of Pastor I want. The Pastor that’s being chased everywhere, that he’s taking their children away from them because of holiness, that’s the kind of Pastor I want. Every word you speak on the pulpit, you’re not speaking on your own. As I give to you, you also deliver to your congregation. Such kind of word torments demons. They will look everywhere to see what they can use against you. That’s why as a Pastor, you must confess all your sins before you begin this journey. If you’re a fraudster before and built your house with the money, now you’re a Pastor and want to speak about holiness; Satan can set your house on fire because you cross your boundary. If you gave birth to children in evil, they could kill all your children. They can hold the womb of your wife. They can cause her to remain barren for life. That’s why you must first set yourself free before you enter the journey. If you really want to work with the Holy Spirit, you must wash your hands clean. This is the implication of this journey. Then you’ll begin to cry that Father why. If you want to set people free, you must first set yourself free so that the gain on it will be yours.

All of you are running the same race. I want to ask you one question. If the confession of sin isn’t a big thing, why aren’t you doing it? If it’s not heavy, why can't you do it if there’s no shame in it? Until you disgrace yourself, that’s the only way you can live a good life on this Earth. That’s the only way the Holy Spirit can connect you to favour. Many of you are committing sin, and you call it a favour. You are a thief! It’s not a favour. You are committing sin upon sin. I don’t count the sin of Pastors as sin because as they’re preaching My Word, their sin is diminishing. But hence you think you’ve arrived, that’s where you fail. That’s where all My servants fail. A drop of water yesterday, a drop of water today, a drop of water tomorrow; what happens to the bucket; it will full up. Every word We’re speaking is spiritual. You can neither see nor hold it in your hand. If you stand in front of a mirror, you can see yourself. The moment you leave there, your image leaves with you. If you go to the river, you can see your face in the water. The moment you leave there, your image leaves with you. If the sun sets, you’ll see your shadow. The moment it goes down, your shadow departs. If you look yourself in the mirror, you cannot change whatever you see. That is your face! So also sin and holiness. Everything you do will never be erased. It will remain there. You should disgrace yourself before you enter the grave. But what about all the things you’ve acquired? Why do you see children of big men turned criminals? Their parents aren’t criminals. They do their own with their pen. If you use the pen to divert the money of a nation or a state to your own account, you’ll use it to feed your wife and children. But you forget that you will die and come back to meet it again. That’s where the problem lies. As many of you that embezzled government’s money and you’re eating and happy, you cannot stand what’s awaiting you. The consequence of it is greater than what you can ever imagine. It carries sickness and disaster because you put many generations that are supposed to spend the money in hardship. You cannot stand the consequence. Higher demons will deal with you and your generation. People are suffering and dying; you don’t care. Am I sleeping? The fact that I don’t speak the way I spoke in the time of old doesn’t mean I don’t see all of you. The family you come from and everyone that spend the money, ants will eat all of them. The house you built fifty years ago with stolen money, people are living inside. You’ll also come back to meet it. How can you erase the curse?

Oh, we’re warriors. You cut off people’s heads, and you lived and died. You should go and research some people’s background to see how they’re living. The name alone wakes up demons. When demons were helping you to fight, you forgot that you’re shedding blood. What happens to all the blood you shed? All the glory, all good things in your generation cannot pay for it. This is what land some generations in abject poverty because I wasn’t the one that asked their fathers to kill those they killed. They did it for their own selfish gain. Whatever you and your generation see, you’ll manage it. But anyone that comes out of such generation and gives his life to Jesus Christ wholeheartedly and separates himself, the demons will leave him alone. He will live in peace. He must isolate himself from his kindred completely until he dies because if he slacks, the demons are coming back for him.

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"Seek the Lord while He may be found, call upon Him while He is near. Let the wicked forsake his way, and the unrighteous man his thoughts; let him return to the Lord, and He will have mercy on him; and to our God, for He will abundantly pardon." Isaiah 55:6-7

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