I Am Waiting For You

The Father speaks

(Saturday 2nd January 2021, 13:00)

Whatever I say you shouldn’t do, if you do it in your own way, then you risk your life. You will manage whatever you see. I created this Earth for you to live and enjoy, and see your great-grandchildren, and for you to possess the land. I spoke all these words before you came to this Earth. Why are they not working for you? Be fruitful and multiply; fill the earth, and subdue it. Why are these words not working for you? Every Word I speak comes with authority. There is a Spirit attached to every Word I speak. Either good or bad, it must be accomplished. I Am the Authority. The Word I speak will never return to Me void but shall accomplish its mission. If I send a Word and it sees nobody to attack, it will attack some trees in the forest and shatter them into pieces. It will set them ablaze. That is what I can do. I Am the Almighty God. Nobody should play with Me. I will do whatever I promised to do. I watch over all of you. Before you speak or do anything, I know it. I know the ending before the beginning. I know the beginning before the ending. All My word is about holiness.

I want every one of you to live like a little child. You should only wash your belly; your mother will wash your back for you. That is what I want! Live like a little child. Oh, there is a war here, there is a war there. You will not know anything about it because it doesn’t concern you. There is fire here; there is a fire there. It will not be your problem because your hands are clean. If you enter inside the fire, it will not burn you because you’re a baby. The Angels will take charge of you. That’s how I did My children in the time of old. But if you think you know more than yourself, I will open My eyes wide until evil befall you because I Am the One that created both good and evil. I have set My Commandment before you. Follow it, and you will see peace. You will see peace. No evil will come near your dwelling. Serve Me and obey My Word.

I Am not a talkative. I have spoken all manner of words. Do everything I asked you to do. I Am saying it again, nobody plays with Me and go scot-free. Nobody plays with Almighty God. No matter how I love you, I will be looking at you if the other side comes to you. I Am not a wicked Father. If I say something is an abomination to Me, I never play with it. Whatever is an abomination to Me should also be an abomination to you. You don’t know how I created you. I know how I created you. Why should a father suffer and the son will suffer as well? Am I a wicked Father? If a father suffered, the son should enjoy the labour of his father. But the reverse is the case. If a father suffers and the son takes after him, everyone will reap whatever he sows. Every one of you is stupid and foolish.

Abraham suffered, and I gave him Isaac. Isaac gave birth to Jacob and Esau. Why should Jacob suffer? The sin of Jacob alone warranted his generation to suffer. I said it before and I will say it again. No matter how I love you, you’ll suffer the consequence of every sin you committed. You will carry it by yourself! I will never take away your load of sin from you. You will drop it by yourself. No matter how I love you, along the journey, if you eat cake and rub your face with your hands, you’ll face the consequence. The result of the sin of Jacob landed his children in Egypt. He ate and used his hand to rub his face. Any sin you committed, you will not go scot-free.

My son, you can see on this Earth that all the children are suffering for their parents' sins. I bring Angels every day. The heroes who worked for Me and went to Heaven, I brought some of them back to this Earth to work for me again. They didn’t come back the same anymore. They hanged on this Earth because of their parents. All of you will enjoy whatever sin you committed. You will enjoy it because the Word that comes out of My mouth will not return to Me empty. I have brought My Son Jesus for you to wash yourself clean. There is a sin, and there is a sin. If a generation shed blood upon blood, you know what that means. It’s not an easy thing to wipe away. None of you should pray to carry the Earth. Wash yourself clean from every sin. None of you can take anything from this Earth to Heaven. You will leave this Earth empty and go to Heaven. Nothing of this Earth goes to Heaven.

If I call you to work for Me, there is no enjoyment in it but suffering. If you want to enjoy on this Earth, then you’re not working for Me. You’re on your own. You’re serving demons. At the end of the day, none of your bones will be broken because worms will feed on your body, and you will face everlasting torment every day. If you slept on your bed and had a dream, you can remember everything vividly. If you had a dream and somebody slapped you, you’ll feel it whenever you wake up. That is your Spirit. Your Spirit can go anywhere whenever you sleep. This same Spirit will face the torment in the end because you’ve had My knowledge. You will not say nobody told you. All of you want to eat and die here. Those who tried it before are in Hellfire facing the torment. All of you can choose to pass all manner of messages across to each other continually. I Am waiting for you. I didn’t create any of you like animals or birds. You’re a human being. Your Spirit will never die. Those of you that said ‘let us do it, and nobody sees us’, I Am waiting for all of you. I Am the Almighty God. I Am the Owner of everything. Everything you enjoy today, I Am the Owner of it all. The language I want to here is holiness. The gain of this Earth is the food you eat into your belly.

Many of you are deceiving yourself, thinking you’re deceiving Me. You can breed children as you like. You can breed children through IVF. You can breed children through the water. None of you values Me anymore. You’re breeding children by yourself. I give you the chance to do whatever you like. I will never bring down My heroes to this Earth anymore to suffer. You can continue to produce children as you like. Though they’re My children, but you produce them in your own way. If the children grow and see that they’re not supposed to be as they see themselves, if they see a good man of God who can cleanse and deliver them, I will take them. If they stretch their hands that they want to come out of the water, I will rescue them. I Am watching everything all of you are doing. Both the ones you breed through IVF and the ones you breed through the water, even the ones you breed through sex, they’re all My children, but they come in your own way, not My way. These are the children Satan uses to pollute and cause confusion on this Earth. And My servants I gave the Word to preach so that their heart can melt are seeking for money everywhere. They’re seeking for greener pasture everywhere. Is that the kind of call I called you? Can you call down Heaven? Whatever you acquired here is useless. It’s useless because I Am waiting for all of you. If a child enters the kitchen and takes food to eat but fails to wash his hand, if you ask him and he denies it, what about his unwashed hand? The stain is in his hand, but he denied eating anything. You can only deceive whoever you want to deceive. You cannot deceive the owner. If you open your palm, the truth will be revealed. If you come across a palm reader, he’ll tell you everything about your life. Therefore, none of you can hide anything from Me. I Am waiting for all of you. 

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"Seek the Lord while He may be found, call upon Him while He is near. Let the wicked forsake his way, and the unrighteous man his thoughts; let him return to the Lord, and He will have mercy on him; and to our God, for He will abundantly pardon." Isaiah 55:6-7

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