In The Beginning

In the beginning, when there was neither Heaven nor Earth, there was Jehovah God Almighty. Without Him, nothing was created and everything existed by Him and through Him. He is the Visionary of every visible and invisible creature. He is the Originator and the Authority. He is the Breeze, the Air that controls the entire universe. He, first of all, created Heaven and the heavenly creatures. Then He went and created Hellfire before He created this Earth. After the creation of this Earth, He then created the Dark-Planet. He did not create the Earth alone, but with many of His Children, and among them was Lucifer whom the Almighty Father loved so much. He was not just an ordinary creature, but a special one because my Father empowered him and crowned him with glory and honour above all his fellows. During the creation of this Earth, he worked tirelessly and my Father crowned him.

After the creation of this Earth, my Father then created the earliest human beings. My Father put a little of His Spirit inside them to differentiate them from animals but they weren't animals. They were human beings. However, they were foolish. The only thing they knew was to eat and live. They weren't wise like us today. When my Father looked that He wasn't getting what He wanted from them, He wiped them away. He later created Adam and put Himself inside him so he could be wise like Him. Through Adam, He brought out a woman called Eve, so that both of them could together populate the Earth. Adam and Eve were the last creatures. My Father was happy that all His work was done. He gathered all the remnants of the materials He used in creating everything together somewhere in Heaven. These are strong and powerful Spirits, both the good ones and the bad ones. No one was permitted to go to their territory because of their nature. No one was permitted to touch them except my Father alone and He alone knew how He used to approach and use them. The only One who could touch them and go free was the Creator alone because He was the One that created them and He knew how He created them and for what purpose He created them. On a faithful day, the Father took all His Children, among them was Lucifer, to the abode of these Spirits to show them, for Them to be aware of their danger so that none of Them would ever go to their territory because they’re very vulnerable. Some of these Spirits are all the spirits that now live in the human race. How come they now live in human beings? Did the Father create them to live in us this way? This is a question we all should ask!

The Almighty Father is not a wicked Father, but a loving Father who loves His creatures. He is a merciful Father and yet does not let the guilty go unpunished. Whosoever violates His word will be penalised for it. One day, Lucifer thought to himself that ‘my Father has shown us these creatures, let me go there and see if they’re exactly as my Father said’. He went there and touched and those ones he touched glued to his body like superglue. Besides, these materials are what my Father used in creating him and the bad ones later became part of his life. He could not even explain everything that happened to him afterwards because those Spirits took control of his heart completely; only his Father knew. The Almighty Father is a Just Father, and no one violates His word! When He knew what Lucifer had done, there was chaos in Heaven. He, Lucifer now wanted to use it against my Father, and he also gathered some of the heavenly Angels to his own side. As a result of this, my Father drove Them out of His Kingdom and some of the spirits left with Them because they’ve found people they could use as their abode. This was the beginning of all evil. The Father knew that somebody would disobey His word one day, but He did not expect this particular one – Lucifer to do what He did because of the way He created him. The Father drove Them to this Earth. That was when he – Lucifer now became Satan.

Because they are spirits, they have no life of their own. Remember that they were part of human beings already and more entered them later and everything became evil. Adam and Eve were created as adults, but their heart was like that of a baby. After the creation of Adam, my Father went and introduced Himself to him because no one could see Him. Adam could hear Him speak, but couldn’t see any form. My Father introduced Himself and gave him rules and regulations to abide by. Lucifer, now Satan, because of the anger he nursed in his heart against my Father, vowed hence he could no more enter Heaven, the beautiful home, he would never allow any of my Father’s children on Earth to enter there. Because he was there when my Father created Adam and Eve, he knew what could make Man fall. This was what he did and he went to Eve because he knew he could never get Adam. He cajoled Eve by eating the forbidden fruit and by making her realise her nature and the nature of her husband Adam. Because their brain was still opened like the brain of little children, anything that enters would damage it. This was what happened to Adam and Eve. When Eve ate the fruit, nothing happened to her because everything was programmed into Adam’s life. Satan now used Eve to destroy Adam. As a result of this, they realised they were naked and covered themselves with leaves until my Father came. It was a very painful thing to my Father because He knew how far He’s gone with His work. He couldn’t kill Adam because of the covenant He had with him, and He is a Covenant Keeping Father. He laid a curse on them and drove them out of the Garden of Eden. From them, the evil spirits spread themselves to all human race.

As man multiplied on the face of the Earth, the evil spirits multiplied themselves in man as well, and Man were unable to live the glorious life my Father purposed for them to live. As a result of this, my Father asked Noah to build an Ark and later wiped the entire human race away but spared Noah and his family. Not very long after the flood, evil began to spread again as the descendants of Noah multiplied on the face of the Earth. One man, Abram found favour in the sight of my Father, so that through him, He could prove Himself to His children again. He dealt with Abraham and he obeyed Him fully and made His covenant with him. After the death of Abraham, Isaac lived a peaceful life. Then came Jacob and Esau. The glorious life Jacob and Esau could have lived, their mother Rebecca corrupted it. Through Jacob, the entire nation of Israel became cursed because of his sin. Joseph was sold into Egypt as a slave because Jacob committed sin while the twelve were still in his loin. My Father then caused a famine to occur in the land of Egypt to elevate Joseph. Through this famine, the entire house of Israel became slaves. My Father who always keeps His covenant sent Moses to deliver them so He could fulfil the covenant He established with Abraham. He performed signs and wonders in the sight of Pharaoh and all Egyptians. After their Exodus, He taught them His ordinances through Moses. Because of the idols they’d acquired in Egypt, it became very difficult for them to live a holy life my Father required them to live. This was the reason why my Father gave them the ordinance of blood sacrifice to appease the demons. My Father would eat neither pigeon nor turtle dove nor goat nor ram nor bull. They were meant to appease the demons because He that created them knew what could appease them. My Father killed many of the Israelites because of their disobedience. He even wiped the entire generation away because they did not put their trust in Him. Their wickedness even robbed Moses from entering the Promised Land. After the death of Moses, Joshua rose and led the people to the Promised Land. All that generation feared my Father and they lived and died. Then another generation arose, who knew neither my Father nor experienced His signs and wonders. They did evil in the sight of my Father and they were punished. Prophets were sent to them to put them in check. Yet, they were unable to live the life of my Father. Thousands of years passed, My Father told His Glorious Son, Jesus Christ, that He would do to Him exactly what He asked Abraham to do with Isaac and later stopped him. He would come down and teach His children about sin. Jesus came, took the word my Father gave to Moses, broke it down, and began to teach the people. They thought He was teaching them something different from what Moses taught them. They hated Him because of this. They put Him to death. Although that was what my Father purposed for Him, however, the curse is still upon their children until this day.

After the ascension of Jesus, the disciples took over from where He stopped and spread the Good News across the world. All of them were killed for telling the truth. Not very long after their death, the church became cold and the Spirit of my Father could not operate in the church like the days of the disciples of Jesus. My Father sent many of His servants to do His work on this Earth. Some did the best they could do, but some went their own way and were penalised with Hellfire. Two thousand years have passed since Jesus departed from this Earth and the world is expecting His second coming. But my Father, who is a Righteous Judge said no, that His son could not come now, that He would come down Himself as He came down in the time of Moses, but in a different form, in the form of man, to re-teach His children so they could stop going to Hellfire, because those Christians who died were saying nobody taught them whenever they question them at the gate of judgement. And besides, my Father hasn’t finished with this Earth yet. Because of this teaching, that is why my Father came and teach the one that’s writing these words so he could teach His children.

Dear friend, as you are, so is my Father. You are a carbon copy of my Father. He created you out of His body. My beloved, the Almighty Father did not create us to live forever on this Earth. He created us to live here for a while and return to Him. Unfortunately, many of us hang here and could not return to where we came from. Beloved, Hellfire is real!!! If you claim you’ve given your life to Jesus and fail to do the will of my Father, the will of Jesus who died for you, you’re going to Hellfire. There is no other choice for you because you have given your life to Jesus. Don’t let anybody deceive you! Those who haven’t given their lives to Jesus, no matter how good they live on this Earth will go to the Dark Planet because they don’t have the knowledge of my Father. That was the agreement between my Father and His Son Jesus Christ before coming to this Earth that no one would come to Him except through Him (Jesus). There is no peace in the Dark-Planet. After this Earth, the only place you can have peace is Heaven. If you gave your life to Jesus, you must strive to live the life of Jesus because this Earth is an open place and so many different creatures live here; many you cannot see.

My dear friend, I urge you this day not to neglect all the words you read here, but apply them to your daily life so that my Father could crown you by the end of the day. It is not my word, but the word of my Father and your Father. I was crowned in Heaven before coming to this Earth. My Father sent me here on a mission. When I came, I went in the way of the world until my Father Himself purposely came down and picked me up, and made Himself known to me so I could fulfil His purpose on this Earth before going back to Him; and for me to teach all His children. Many people like me could not fulfil their purpose because they didn’t know the reason why they’re on this Earth. Each person the Almighty God brought to this Earth was brought for a purpose and immediately you miss the purpose of God for your life, whatever you do, you’re heading to the wrong place. It doesn’t matter if you give your life to Jesus Christ because whatever you do, you will not do it well because you miss God’s purpose for your life. Henceforth, you’ll begin to live a borrowed life and begin seeking advice from the wrong people. This will lead you to the wrong place. Yet, you’re a born-again, you’re inside the church. You may even be a valiant man in the church. How can I know the purpose of God for my life? This is the question you should ask yourself now.

First and foremost, the story of your forefathers, Adam and Eve and what my Father did to them. God is a Holy Father and you must be holy like Him, for it is written, “Be ye holy, for I am Holy”. If my Father loved what they did, He could have left them in the Garden of Eden. He couldn’t have cursed them. This is the first example of disobedience and its consequence. Now, the curse is upon them, and my Father who brought them proceeded to still fulfil His purpose for them. He brought the Ten Commandments in the time of Moses, so they could live the holy life He wanted them to live so that individuals could live the life He wanted them to live on this Earth. If you obey all these Laws of Mine, it shall be well with you. This is the first step to discover how you would be on this Earth.

As you follow the Ten Commandments, as you obey the word of my Father, you’re putting the Spirit of my Father that’s inside you into action. Through this, you will discern what He wants you to be. As you obey His Commandments, as you’re doing them, if you’re still far away from your blessing and your destiny, He knows how He will connect you and channel you to the right source. As you’re obeying His word, leave the rest to Him. This is the second step.

As you’re doing this, one day you will marry. Then impart it to your household because one day, you will die. After your departure, your work will live on through your children. This is why my Father brought human beings to this Earth, that after you, another will continue on your path. He did not create you to live here forever. That is why, if it’s good, it will continue and if it’s bad, it will also continue. This is why you see so many curses upon the families. Whatever you do, your focus should always be on the Father and your home because here is not your home, and you will leave everything one day. Your footprint will remain either good or bad. Always remember what happened in the beginning with Adam and Eve. If you do it well, after your departure, my Father will crown you and your generation. He will continually take care and bless everything you leave behind. If you also make it worse, you and your generation will also face the consequence.

Many children today are suffering from what they didn’t know. They are suffering the evil seed their father sowed on the ground. Whatever you do, do not think it will transfer to another family. No! It will remain solely in your family forever. In everything, remember my Father, His Son Jesus Christ, and Holy Spirit. My Father is the One that created this Earth and used Adam to open the womb of this Earth. Remember that He created everything before He brought him. This is how you should know that the purpose of my Father in your life is for good, not for evil. I charge you this day to choose good so that you and your generation could have peace.

May the Holy Spirit open your spiritual eyes and engrave His word into your heart this day and always in Jesus name. Amen!

Remain blessed as you read on.
Pastor Radiant Ayowole Jesudairo.
London, Sunday 3rd June 2012, 11:00.

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"Seek the Lord while He may be found, call upon Him while He is near. Let the wicked forsake his way, and the unrighteous man his thoughts; let him return to the Lord, and He will have mercy on him; and to our God, for He will abundantly pardon." Isaiah 55:6-7

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