It's All About My Kingdom

The Father speaks

(Sunday 3rd June 2012, 11:00)

In my Father's house, there are many mansions there
In my Father's house
In my Father's house
In my Father's house, there are many mansions there
In my Father's house above.

It's not a place you will buy a ticket, board the plane and fly to. It's not a place you can board your aircraft or your jet and fly to. It's not a place like that. Those who are there are qualified. Anyhow people don't go there. It's neither by wealth nor by money nor by character. It's by the will of the Father. Those who the Father says will be there will be there. This Earth may deny you, everybody may deny you, but that place will not deny you. Everybody here may deny you because of the word the Father says you should tell them. They will deny you! They will not love you, but the Father will accept you there. It's neither by money nor by power. You cannot just buy tickets and fly there. No! Unless the Father says They should allow you in, you cannot enter. It's neither by power nor by wealth. This Earth will deny you. Everybody will deny you because of who you are because you're speaking the truth, but the Father will never deny you. He will accept you because you are qualified to be there. You are number one.

If this Earth does not deny you for whom you are, you cannot enter there. Let this Earth deny you. Let everybody on this Earth deny you. They will not love you. If the people don't hate anyone who does the Father's work, you have not made it. Let them hate you for whom you are. If they love you because of the word you're preaching, you should know you have failed because that's not what the Father asked you to do. You should know you have failed. Search yourself! Is this what the Father asked me to do? Am I doing what my Father asked me to do? Few people will love what you're saying because they want to hear from the Father. They want to see the Father raw. But those who choose their own, those who want to die on this Earth, those who choose to eat and satisfy themselves will deny you because money is the root of all evil. If you're preaching about holiness, people will hate you because the source of their money is evil. However, if you wait upon the One that created this Earth, your money will come, and it will come from the right source because the blessing of the Father never add sorrow. People will deny you. However, don't trouble yourself. When He asked Moses to bring the children out of the Land of Egypt, they saw the Father raw. Moses was there just like a figurehead. They saw everything the Father did with the water that divided, the cloud and the Father, yet, they troubled Moses. Moses, why did you bring us here; you could have left us in Egypt because we're satisfied there. But the Father said no because they are His children. They troubled Moses! Was it Moses? Because they could not see the Father face to face, what then did they do? They troubled Moses. Some of them even cursed him.

In this journey, no matter what people tell you, don't deviate from the truth. Don't look at anybody's face. Stand in the truth. Those who are gnashing their teeth in Hellfire did not wish to go there. If they knew they were heading to Hellfire, they would have amended their ways here on Earth. Some of them went there because of the man they married. Some of them went there because of their wife. She led them to sin. Some of them went there because of their children. Some of them went there because of the money in their office. Some of them went there because they were sleeping around with another man's wife. Some of them, young women, went there because they were sleeping around with men, yet they gave their lives to Jesus Christ. They went there in different categories. However, if somebody tells you not to do what you're doing, that it'll lead you to Hellfire, take it immediately.

If you give your life to Jesus, don't follow those who will quench your fire. Don't follow those who will make you wear the dirty garment you pulled off. You, a man of God, somebody came to you for advice on the business he wants to start with his friend. Oh, Pastor, I and my friend planned to start a business. I am the one that has the talent, but my friend has the money. Since I am the one that has the talent, can I change the name of the business to my name alone? And you, Pastor, because of the money he wants to give to you, you advise him to change it to his name. God will judge you! You agreed to start a business with your friend. Though you're the one that has the talent, but your friend has the money. You now think because you're the one that has the talent, you want to convert the business to your own. Since you think you have the talent, why don't you go ahead and do it on your own? Hence, both of you decided to start it together; you must do everything together. If you do otherwise, God Almighty will strike you. Do not cheat your friend. He is the one that owns the money. Because you know the truth, whatever you do, the Father will judge you. Instead of you doing it this way, you lied to your friend that they duped you. Your friend now went back to point zero. After some time, you started the business on your own with the money you stole from your friend. Oh, it was my father in the Lord that gave me some money to start this business. You lie! Which father in the Lord! You will go to Hellfire.

Sin is sin. Holiness is holiness. He treats everybody equally. That's why He brought His Son. If you're a president, the very day you give your life to Jesus, that's when all your sins are forgiven. If you're an ordinary churchgoer, the day you give your life to Jesus, all your sins are forgiven. What happens to the day you die? They will judge you as they will judge that president. Sin is sin. Holiness is holiness. There is no other name for it. Everybody is under Him. If They choose you as the head, what are you supposed to do? If it's the money you want to give me, don't give me again because I want you to make Heaven. My Father wants to see you in the place He prepared for you. If you think of the word I preach to you and want to go back with your money, you can go, and my Father will send somebody else to feed me. The word I tell you will make you not go to Hellfire. The word I tell you will make evil not to befall your children. The word I tell you will make you not die a premature death. Money can never buy life. Somebody that was dying was carried to the hospital. After some time, he came back to life again. It's the Father; it's not that doctor.

Some doctors pray to me whenever they want to perform surgery. If the operation is successful, it's the Father. If they have destined somebody to die, he will not die because you doctor put your heart in your Father. If you think you want to go away with your money because of the word I preach to you, you do yourself harm. You do yourself harm because out of the money you give, the widows and the orphans will be fed from it. If you refuse and take the money home, you do yourself harm. If you think you're giving it to me, it's not my money. My Father needs you by the end of the day. He wants your family to have peace. He wants your generation to have peace. As I'm teaching you, teach your family when you get home so that your generation will have peace. Open your ears as I'm speaking to you. Oh, today, my Pastor preached about an evil gift. Somebody came knocking at your door. Sister, I'm doing a celebration today; please take some food. Tell her thank you and let her go away with her food. Somebody who brought you food knew why she brought you food because she was making a sacrifice, but she called it a celebration. As she gave you and your children food to eat, she succeeded in poisoning you. But Jesus said we can eat everything. Yes, go ahead and eat everything! Somebody that just did sacrifice to her idol brought you food, and you said Jesus said you could eat everything. But your Pastor has just preached about an evil gift. When he was preaching, you were annoyed. You were not happy. If somebody gives me a car now, won't I take it? What kind of Pastor is this? He that gives you a car knows the reason why he's giving you a car. That car will take you to an early grave. Oh, my director gives me a car; I must take it; thank you. With that car, you will not see your children that are growing; it will kill you. Every day you're raining prayer in the office, and your prayer is tormenting him. I will give him a car; this car is a demonic car; it will kill him. But when your Pastor was preaching about an evil gift, it's as if you should pull him down from the pulpit. You were very angry.

Whenever your Pastor is preaching, open down your ears and connect your heart to the heart of your Father. If any gift is coming, He will tell you what to do. Take the key to that car and leave it there on the altar. Let your Father begin to drive the car. Leave it there and come back to your house. Oh, Mr John, are you not driving the car I gave to you? Why are you still driving this your broken car? I'm driving it sir. I always drive it to church. He that asked you question knew why he asked you. Yes, you're driving it; your Father is driving it as you leave the key there on the altar. If you give somebody a gift, why should you hurry him again? Because you know what you did! Give the key to your Father and give Him a chance. He knows what he did because they've set the time, and he doesn't want the time to expire. After you've given somebody a gift, why are you troubling him again? Because you know what you've done! You have set the time to kill him, but because he's wise, he gave the key to his Father to drive the car. Oh, I'm going to get rid of this man from this office. Other workers will begin to ask you why you want to get rid of him. But you cannot say it out because you know what you're doing. They know you just bought him a car. He was waiting for you to die, but you refused to die. He will later come and ask you which power you have, the kind of church you attend. Just behave like a fool as if you don't know anything. Tell him it's your Father that's protecting you. Tell him to give his life to your Father and his Father too. Let him know you're not looking to take his position away from him. Let him know your Father revealed to you everything he did. Next time when he sees you, he will be afraid of you.

My son, do you know how many of them died a premature death? They died because of the gift somebody gave to them. Gift! They gave them an evil gift because the person ahead of them thought they wanted to take his position. He has his own power. Let me give him an evil gift because I don't want him to take my job. He will lure you with food. He will use his own money to buy food for you because he knows what he's doing. It's the devil's money. You too are not in your Father because you only go to church; your heart is not there. After your death, they will say, 'oh, may his soul rest in perfect peace. It may be an ordinary headache that will kill you. It may be toothache that will kill you. But My children don't want to hear about all this. Every time your wife is pregnant, it will end up in miscarriage. What is the cause? What is the reason? Some miscarriages you see that some women have, their husband is the cause. It's not from the woman. They have already programmed it into the man's body because of what he ate. You may think it's the woman, but it's you, the man. You will begin to blame the woman. Doctors will say they've done everything, but they don't know the cause. It's from the man! You are the one that carries that demon around. It entered you through the food you ate. He will never have a child; we will make sure he will never have a child because if the child grows, he will inherit this company. Oh, you woman, you're a witch. Who told you? It is you! The problem is from you. If you're inside the Father, guide yourself every day because you don't have any power. Jesus Christ said we should eat everything. Are you inside Jesus Christ? Are you inside Jesus Christ? You don't have enough fire. There is no fire inside you because you're a human being. You commit sin every day. There is not enough fire to knock off the demons.

For example, those people who have AIDS. Because the virus attacks all the armies in their body, they're weak. Sin caused it. It is a sin! A powerful sin caused it. Because you're not inside your Father! If you're inside your Father, even if they inject it into your body through witchcraft, it will not work because you're inside your Father. They cannot inject it into your body to kill all the cells in your body. They cannot because you're fire. They can inject it through witchcraft so that when all the cells in your body are dead, they will succeed in whatever they want to do. It's like when I slap you, you cannot slap Me back though you have your hand. The hand is there but is dead. It cannot function.

HIV is a virus, and there is a virus that is more powerful than HIV that will knock it out when it comes in. But when that virus is dead, HIV will come in immediately. It's a spiritual sickness. If the spiritual aspect is gone, they will get you down. That's why it's only the Almighty Father that can heal it. They don't want to hear if you're preaching this to them because you're not preaching about wealth. But this one is more than wealth. Without any physical body, you cannot have time for wealth. That's why the Almighty Father has no time for this wealth. He wants you to be okay. If you wake up in the morning, you will eat and play around. He gives you two legs to walk. You can walk from here to Jericho, and you will not be tired. That was how He dealt with all His children in the time of old. He is not after cars. How many of them were sick? He is not after physical wealth. He wants you to be okay. It's not about wealth because that car will not come back to Him. It's you that will come back to Him. But if you suffer an illness, can you make it? He doesn't want you to be sick. If the Father says you should not commit sin, sin makes you fall ill. Sin brings sickness. You refuse to obey your Father.

My son, I told you before that all the foods you buy in the store are polluted food. The people don't want to hear about the Father. If it's left for them, they will pollute all of you, and you'll die. But they're producing food for you to eat. Do you know what you're eating? But if you're inside your Father, even if you eat it, the power that's inside you will knock it out. It will not affect you. That's why you're inside the Father. But you say you're inside Jesus Christ, and you're doing what you shouldn't do. They will get you down. Prayer is everything. Holiness and prayer, that is all. If you know the truth, the truth shall set you free. Nobody wants to know this My son. No one wants to know. Nobody wants to know. You want money; you will not die, isn't it? You will not die. If you lie down in the hospital, they come to you so you can settle all your customers. You now send somebody to go and settle them. Why can't you get up and settle them by yourself? Are you not the same person that was jumping up and down because you have money? Now you're sending somebody. The same person you would never allow to be near where you are. The person who shouldn't have known your secret now becomes the person you're sending to settle all your customers because you cannot speak again. Why? But you were jumping up, carrying women around. Now you cannot make a simple decision because you cannot speak. Those who shouldn't have known the secret of your life will now know it. Somebody else may even learn how to sign your signature. Life is very important! Do not eat the food that will kill you. Do not eat the food that will kill you so that you can live the life the Father gave you until He calls you.

My son, even if you don't give your life to Jesus, you have a company, you're doing good, you're not committing sin, the Father will protect you because you are feeding people. However, you don't give your life to Jesus, but most people working in your company are Christians. Because you're feeding them, the Father will protect you. Out of those people you employ, somebody will tell you about Jesus. You think it's by mistake you employ that person. The Father wants you to know Him so that He can continue to protect you. But you said no. You're sleeping with women in your office, on top of your desk. Don't you know you have defiled that place? You don't know what you're doing. The Father is with you, but you don't know. You are jumping up and down. Do you think it's by your power? Because people are eating from you, that's why the Father is protecting you. As they're working in your company, you're paying them money, and they're feeding their family with that money. Out of that money, their children will eat from it. Out of that money, their landlord will eat and feed his family from it. Through the money you're paying your workers, many people are benefitting from it. That is why the Father protects you and sends somebody to tell you about Him so that you will do away with all those things that should have damaged you because He loves you. But you chase that person away. I don't want to listen to you; was it the Father that opened my company for me. Yes, it was the Father. While you were planning it, He was the one that put that thought into your heart because He knew His children would be fed from it. He also knew that somebody would graduate from the university one day and come to work there. That was why He planned it with you when you were planning it. Was it the Father that helped me plan my company? You are a fool!

My son, I want you to send this message to all of them. You're planning to open a company, yet you have not given your life to Jesus. You're a human being. The company is blossoming. After some years, you employ some people to work there. They're now telling you about Jesus Christ. You're now saying, was it Jesus that helped me open my company. It was Jesus Christ Himself because He knew some people would eat under you. After about ten years, somebody comes and begins to tell you about Jesus. Do you think it's by your power? The Father knew that that person that was coming would also feed from the company. You're now asking questions if it was Jesus that helped you plan your company. The Father waited until that very day that person preached to you about Jesus. The same day you refuse will be your downfall. As you were planning it many years ago, the Father was the one that planned it with you because He knew that a little girl called Abigail would graduate one day to come and work in your company. You will know Jesus through Abigail. The Father has set everything. He revealed to Abigail that she would work in a company called A&G, though she was still a little child. But A&G was not existing. You were still in school.

After graduation, you made up your mind not to work under anybody to open your own company. Which name will I call it? I will call it A&G. You gave it the name A&G. The Father led you to those who would help you so that everything would be okay. You then employed some people to work for you. After many years, Abigail graduated, and she came to work in A&G. Why? Because the word of God must come to pass. You have been employing and feeding people. When Abigail came to work for you, you chased her away because she told you about the Father. Did God help me to open my company; do you know how many years I have opened this company; nobody has told me about any God.

Don't you know you're a fool? The Father knew Abigail would come to work for you and tell you about Him one day. But you said it's not God that planned it with you. You have been committing sin, but the Father has been protecting you because you're feeding His children. The very day you reject the Father will be your end. The devil will say to you that all the years you've been committing sin, we left you alone because nobody told you about the Father; now you know; we're going to face you. The devil will now strike you down with a sickness. All the things you have been doing before will be done on you. That's what goes on everywhere.

My son, they don't know all these. If you know the truth, the truth shall set you free. Oh, all the years I've been living, all the years I've opened this company, nobody dares tell me about Jesus; Father, forgive me, I have done a lot; forgive me. That is it! All the ones you've done, the Father has forgiven you. Begin to maintain it. Begin to live a holy life. However, when they tell you, you don't want to hear. You chase the person away. You have opened the door to sickness in your life. Sickness will come to you. The Father has been knocking it out of your body because you didn't know. It was the Father that opened the company for you. If it wasn't the Father, you wouldn't have opened it. Those who helped you, all the favours you received couldn't have come. The Father purposely did it because He knew somebody was coming that would teach you about Him. He is also happy because of those you employed. Oh, I want to be on my own. You're killing yourself! You can never see the Father face to face. The Father speaks through His children. You can never see Him face to face, and if the Father comes to you and you reject Him, you reject life. You will carry death. They will now remember every sin you have committed. If you have been sleeping around with ten women before and nothing happened to you, you should go and sleep with one now. That is the day you will know that everything you have been doing will come back to you. 

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"Seek the Lord while He may be found, call upon Him while He is near. Let the wicked forsake his way, and the unrighteous man his thoughts; let him return to the Lord, and He will have mercy on him; and to our God, for He will abundantly pardon." Isaiah 55:6-7

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