It Will Happen

The Father speaks

(Saturday 19th March 2011, 11:00)

Some people cry while some celebrate; some weep while some enjoy; some laugh while others cry.

Forever, O Lord,
Your word is settled in Heaven.

If you recognise Us, if you do Our will, if you do what We asked you to do, all of Us will come together and dwell with you. We will live with you. If you respect Us, honour Us, cherish Us, and know Us as your God, all of Us will come together and live in you. We will do a new thing in your life; no evil will befall you because you choose Us as number one; no devil will afflict you because you take Us as everything. We will do every work for you. We will deliver every message on your behalf. We will keep you and keep your children. No evil will befall you. The whole world will call you blessed because We are with you. However, you neglect Us, don't know Us, and want to hear about Us. If you don't want to hear anything about Us, that means you don't know where We live. That means you're on your own. You don't want to know about Us because if you don't want to hear about somebody, you won't care where that person lives. Since you don't want to hear about Us, that means you're on your own. You have to manage anything you see; you have to take it like that. Because you don't want to know who that Person is; you don't want to hear about that Person. Who is that Person? Without that Person, you cannot survive; you cannot live because that Person is the One that owns you. He is the One that owns you! But you reject that Person; you neglect that Person. You're on your own. Whatever happens to you, manage it. When I said some are crying while some are rejoicing, I know why I said it.

It is a mystery! Nobody will understand. So, the calamity that happened there, is God responsible for it? Is He a wicked Father? Is He a wicked Father that destroys His children? Are they His children! Do you know the Father! It is a mystery. Whoever hears it will ask if God was the One who destroyed that place. Was God responsible for it? That means God is a wicked God. So God that created His children begins to destroy them. I Am speaking from My throne of grace! If evil is coming, My son, I told you before there's something good and something bad. Then if evil is coming, and you don't know the Father, where will you go? The Father didn't promise you that evil will not come. It will come! He did not promise you that everything would be happiness galore. No! He didn't promise you that. There will be tribulation, famine, and trouble, but which side are you if it comes? Which side do you belong to? Do you belong to the Father? Will He rescue you? Will He shelter you? Will He carry you on His back? Will He make way for you where there is no way? No! You're on your own. Then if it comes, what happens? It will swallow you! It will swallow you. That's what We're saying. That's what We're saying. He created the Earth; He leaves it so that evil will begin to fall, so that evil will begin to take His children. Who told you? It's what you choose! If you choose it, it will happen. It will happen because you choose it and love that place (Hellfire). That is the place you love. When it happens, nobody will rescue you. No question. No question to answer then because that's what you want. That's what you know. Where is the solution? Where is the solution? You forget the Father is the One that makes a way where there's no way! Before it comes, He knows about it and how to control it. He knows how to do it so it won't affect His children. Do you know the Father? It's a question. Do you know the Father?

Everything may even crumble today; it doesn't pinch the Father. Everything may turn upside down today, the whole world may perish today, and it doesn't affect the Father a bit because He told you before. You know everything. You don't want to hear about the Father. The Father is the Solution to everything. He is the All-In-All. He is the only One you can cry to, and He'll rescue you. He has the power to decrease everything. He has the power to increase everything. He can do it! He can decrease and increase anything! What are you saying! The water is dried. If rain doesn't fall, before the day breaks, everywhere will fill up. Is it not the Father? I have the power. The water can fill up in the twinkling of an eye. It's the Father. Do you know the Father? But He is the One that created the sea and everything in it. He is the One that made everything! Before it happens, He knows it. My son, what I'm preaching into your ears here, nobody knows about it; but I know what I'm telling you. Nobody knows about it, but I'm the One speaking to you. He has the power to decrease, and He has the power to increase. If He wants it to dry up today, He has the power to do it. If He wants it to overflow, He can make it overflow. Do you have the power to do anything? He only gave you grace. If you want to prove yourself, you will fail in everything you do. You will fail! You will fail. What do you know how to do? Do you know anything?

Don't pray for it to happen because if it happens, it's not what We're saying now. Even those who think they know how to do it will run away because they see what's bigger than them. But this is how we've been doing it before; if we join this wire to this wire, it will become one; then it will work; it's been working before; now we do it as we've been doing it before, but it's not working. What happens? Power fails. It fails them!

My son, respect Me, respect My daughter. I know what I'm telling you. I know she's your wife, but respect her. What I'm doing with you here is not common. I'm coming from My throne to speak to you. I know nobody will believe you, but I know what I'm telling you. They don't know Me, nor their children. They don't know Me! Imagine! They don't know Me. What you've done for many years, you want to start it again. You know how it is. My son, it will happen here in this land. My son, if it happens, it will be tough. I know what I'm telling you. I built this place with My children. I built this place with them, and I know what it took. All these things you see as if they're easy, do you know what it took? Do you know how long it took? They put their heart into My heart. They said, Father, do it for us; we cannot do it ourselves. I said yes! I looked at them and said, My children will enjoy it. It is My place; it is My city. I was the One that built it. Is there any good in wickedness? So there's no good in wickedness? You answered well. I know what I'm saying. Something that took lots of time and energy before they could build it; they built it, and they built it well. Now they want to spoil it. If you spoil it, it's very hard to build it again. What is the opposite of doing good? What happens if something is bad? If you do bad (evil), the body is bad, the land is bad, and everything is destroyed. If it's good, everybody will eat well and be happy. Everything will continue to be good. But you say you choose to do bad (evil). If the repercussion comes, what happens? If something happens, there is a solution, isn't it? I Am the Solution. That is the conclusion of My word with you today My son. All these things that are happening, I Am the Solution. Let them know Me. Let them reverence Me. Let them do My will. It's peace I want. It's holiness I want. It's happiness I want. It's love I want. I give you peace.

Because you can't see the Father, you begin to do on your own. But He said let there be light, and there was light. When He created everything, did you see the Father? You didn't see the Father, but the story is there (in the Bible). He said, let there be light, and there was light. He created everything in the spirit. That means the Father can solve every problem you have spiritually. You know it. Because as He created Heaven, as it's there in the Book, that's how it is until today. He is Unseen Father. He can build it. You haven't seen Him, but He can build it for you. No problem is bigger than Him. There's nothing He can't do. He makes a way where there's no way. If you can read the story there (in the Bible), that means the Father can do it. Let them remember their Father. Within a few hours, He will build the house for them; He will build the city for them. How can they know their Father? Their heart is at the back. Their heart is their back. They're like animals. They trust in animals and forget their God. They're exactly like what they serve. They ignore their God. That's how they are in different places. They have a problem, and they're crying now when they see the sickness that has no cure. (Aarun ti o gboogun!) - An infectious disease. Have you heard about the sickness without cure before? I've told you before. I told you about all these things that are happening earlier. What will you do? Hold Me tight. Sing a new song to Me. It's praises I want. Honour Me. It's peace I want. If you eat, you're in the Father. If you don't see food to eat, you're in the Father. Never let anything carry you away from the Father because the one awaiting you there (in Heaven) is more than the one here, and you know it. Don't let anything on this Earth be your problem. Today you drink only water; let your heart be in the Father. Today you jump around, and you don't see food to eat, let your heart be in the Father. That is what I want.

I will not come if I think of the whole Earth and the different evils they're doing. But My precious children are here. Those who choose Me are here. I will still come to see them. I Am here on this Earth. I told you before. There are many evils on this Earth. I told you everything before. I illustrated everything for you. Amid a crowd of people, all of them are evil. But My children are there in their midst. What can I do? I cannot neglect them just like you here. I can't say I will not come. Then if I trust you, you begin to do what I don't like. That's why I always warn you that I need your heart. I don't want bitterness. Be happy in Me. For you to get to this age, it's not by your power. If I give you a chance, you could have been a thing of the past. You could have become a history. But I Am there for you because I want to make something out of you. Do you know how many things they did to you that could have wiped you away in a minute? Is it by your power? That's how it is in many of them. Are you the one that owns yourself? You are proud and proud. You are everything. You will talk more than yourself. If I take your breath today, where will you be? People will run away from you. You are the one that people hold and kiss. But if I take My breath away from you, everybody will run away from you because you're a dead body, you're nothing. That's why I Am the Father. I have the right to do it the way I want to do it. I have the power. But you, you don't know the Father, and you're proud. You're talking anyhow, humiliating people. You're doing anyhow, causing problems. I Am there watching you. I Am warning you. Change; you said no. I know more than you. I know your heart; I know what's inside.

My son, I know nobody will believe you. Continue to publish all the messages you're publishing for them because it will happen. If I say it will not happen, I'm lying! But continue to send the message to them. Let them know Me. Let them know Me. Let them know Me. I Am the Solution. They know My food. They know what I want. They know what I don't want. Love your neighbour as yourself. It's holiness I need. If holiness is dwelling in your heart, you will love your neighbour. If sin is in your heart, you will not love your neighbour. If you see another man fall on the ground, you will run away because sin is in your heart. You're not holy. You're not in your Father. If you're holy, when you see your neighbour fall down, you will raise him up. You will rescue him. If he needs food, you will feed him. I don't have; this is the little I have; please take. What will the person do? He will get up. But when love is not in your heart, you will say let him die; this is exactly what I want. I, your Father, don't want that. I don't want wickedness. My son, because of the wickedness that's about to happen here in this land, that is why I'm telling you all this. I give you peace.

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"Seek the Lord while He may be found, call upon Him while He is near. Let the wicked forsake his way, and the unrighteous man his thoughts; let him return to the Lord, and He will have mercy on him; and to our God, for He will abundantly pardon." Isaiah 55:6-7

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