Judgement Is Coming

Jesus speaks

(Saturday 3rd December 2011, 13:45)

My Father wants to do wonders on this Earth. That's why He's coming every day to speak to you. He is My Father, and He is the One that's going to do it. When the Father said, let there be light, and there was light, but I was there. Who is that person that's going to challenge Him? When My Father speaks, who is going to question Him? I was there when He created everything. When He said He's coming again, will I challenge My Father? It's a mystery My son; nobody will believe what's going on in this your house. I Am telling you not to miss the opportunity you have. No one on this Earth experience what's happening in this house. Whatever it takes you to do the will of the Father every day, do it. Close your eyes and do it.

All of them have sinned and come short of the glory of the Father. All of them have sinned! They have put their hands in what they shouldn't have put their hands. Let them continue to move from pillar to post. My son, whatever is going to happen, you will not be unaware of it. That's why you have to be focused every day. Whatever We ask you to publish, publish it. If they like, let them take it. They cannot help themselves. They have no option. They cannot do anything on their own because We are the Ones that own the Earth. The Earth is Our own. They are breathing Us every day. They are taking the breath of the Father every day. If We take Our breath away from them, all of them will be dead. If We hold the air today, all of them will be dead. That means the Father is Bigger than them. My son, the Father still gives them long rope. Let them try their best. You will see it with your eyes and hear it with your ears. They will know that the same Father that said let there be light, and there was light is still the same Father that's speaking. The same Father is still alive.

Are you the One that created yourself? You're going somewhere if you die. Where are you going? Where are you going if you die? Even if you go to neither Heaven nor Hellfire, are you the One that created the place you're going? The Father owns that place too. My son, I told you before that that place is a place of darkness. The Father is the Owner. It's another planet of its own. People are alive there as people are alive here. The Father owns that place too. Is it not an opportunity for you when they tell you about Jesus so you can go to the final place? Heaven is the final place! If you get there, that's the last bus stop. When they tell you about the Father, you reject Him. If you die, it's either you go to Heaven or Hellfire or that dark place. We're still coming to that dark place again to tell you about the Father. I will still come there to tell you about the Father once again. If you reject the Father here, you cannot reject Him there because that place is the last bus stop. If you reject Him, you know where you're going. Whichever side you go, you will meet Us because We are the Ones that own it. It's Our own.

Money, money, money; where does it take you to? It's just for your belly for you to see food to eat. The food you eat is your only gain. Cars, wealth, companies are all useless. Why can't you accept the Father? All these mean nothing. That's why it's very painful to the Father when you're taking food away from His children. The Father loves it so much if you're doing good for people. But if you take food away from the Father's children, He's not happy. What are you saving? Why are you killing yourself? Why are you digging a pit for yourself? Why are you causing problems for yourself? Who are you saving the money for? Are you the One that owns the Earth? Are you the One that created the Earth? Are you the One that planted the seed you're eating? All the animals you're eating, are you the One that created them? The fishes, the birds; are you the One that owns them? Why are you saving for saving sake? Are you the One that cares for them? Are you the One that cares for the birds that produce children every day? Then why are you troubling yourself? Who are you saving the money for?

My son, I know nobody will believe what We're doing here in this your house. Many things will happen. I don't want to speak about it again. My Father has told you everything. It will be a fire when it happens, and it will burn everybody. It will touch everybody. Things will happen! I Am the One speaking; I Am Jesus! I don't want to say anything again; My Father has spoken a lot. When it happens, it will be a fire. When fire burns, people will begin to run for their lives. Because you have offended the Father! Where will you run to? The Father has been speaking and speaking! When the Father comes, who will save you because He is everywhere? If you enter a hole, the Father is there unless there is no air there. The Father is everywhere! Nowhere you enter that will save you! If you enter inside water, you will die there. When the Father brought the water in the time of Noah, what happened? Those who climbed the tree, what happened to them? Those who hid underneath the ground, what happened to them? They all died! Why are you troubling yourselves? My son, they are troubling themselves.

It's very fearful and bad for you to offend the Father. If you offend the Father, nobody will rescue you. Nobody will save you if you offend the Father. If you offend the Owner of the land, the Owner of the soil! My son, it wasn't an easy work when the Earth was created. Even when He separated the water from the land, it was Him that created the water. Why are they deceiving themselves? Why do they block their ears? Let somebody who has died before come back and tell Me how he lived his life. Let him come and challenge Me. It's either you died and went to Heaven or Hellfire or the Dark-Planet, but you now come back to life again; let that person come out and tell Me the story of this Earth. Nobody! Don't you know they've failed! The Father is All-In-All. The Father is the One that will determine where you're going. He is the One that holds the key to your life. No other person, nobody. If the Father says this is what He's going to do, who will challenge Him? I Myself that's speaking to you have no power to challenge My Father. I cannot challenge My Father! Have you heard it before? Whenever My Father says this is what He wants to do, I know He had weighed it before He said it, and it's okay for Me because I know it will be good by the end of the day.

My son, everything the Father is telling you is a reality. Don't joke with everything the Father is telling you. Let it begin to ring in your brain. Meditate on it every day. I want to tell you that the Father chose many of His children and put His Spirit in them, but He Himself is the One that is speaking in this house. That's why He always mentions His name whenever He's speaking to you. Don't joke with it. Everything will come to pass. When the Father told Noah to build an ark, he built it by faith. People abused him, but he built it. When the time came for the Father to carry out His assignment, it came to pass. If the Father tells you in this house that He wants to destroy, He will do it. I give you peace.

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"Seek the Lord while He may be found, call upon Him while He is near. Let the wicked forsake his way, and the unrighteous man his thoughts; let him return to the Lord, and He will have mercy on him; and to our God, for He will abundantly pardon." Isaiah 55:6-7

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