Judgement On Pastors

The Father speaks

(Sunday 1st March 2015, 11:40)

You don't teach My children what will bring blessing to them. I heal them every day of their illnesses. However, I committed My work into your hands to preach the Good News so My children can hear and turn from their evil ways, so they can enjoy what I prepare for them; you're exploiting them. That's why dead bodies will be many everywhere. As I killed in the Wilderness, so I will do again. All of you will see it with your eyes. Go back to the root. There is no more time anymore! There is no more time. Time has run out. I have given you enough grace, and there's no more grace. Things are going bad every day. I will prove Myself again on this Earth that I Am the same God of old. A lot will happen, and many people will die. Do not ask Me how they will die. But I will shield you and your household. Things will happen everywhere. Everywhere will scatter. If you want to be saved, drop every evil from your hands. I want you to be free. That is the only way. Those who call upon the name of My Son Jesus Christ alone will be saved. If you call upon the name of Jesus Christ with your tongue alone, you will not be saved. If the Angel of destruction comes, you will not be saved if he finds any sin in you. There is no more time.

You love your cars; you love your houses more than the work I asked you to do. Many of you will not know where your vehicles are. I did not make a public show of Hellfire in the time of old, even though it was there. Now all of you know there is Hellfire, and that is where you're going. The only thing that can make you live is if you obey My Laws and My Ordinances. Something is going to happen. A lot will happen. Afterwards, the Earth will have peace. It will be like a burning bush. After the bush is burnt, the smoke will cover everywhere until everything is burnt. That's how it will be. There will be peace by the end of the day. Through this, the remnant will know I Am the same God of old. Those who know Me, I will shield and shelter them. I put spirits everywhere. All of you give them the power to destroy you. They use your Spirit to act, you do evil everywhere, and you think you're still serving Me. That's not a matter of resignation. You don't need to resign from being a Pastor. It is 'operation save yourself'. Many of My children that My Son Jesus Christ revealed Heaven and Hellfire to, because nobody believes them, they too begin to commit sin again. Satan enters all of you not to believe them.

Many of you keep malice and still think you're coming to Me. Have nothing common with sinners because I Am coming. When I rain down brimstone on the Earth, all of you will know. I will settle all those Pastors; I will put them to where they belong. Everlasting Hellfire is their home. Many of you are sleeping with My children, initiating them into evil. You kill them every day, capturing their souls to the sea. You are using evil power on My children. You exchange their glory for demons. I Am coming for you. Many of you operate with different spirits. You are using the marine Spirit to work on My children.

Satan has used many of you to destroy My covenant, starting from Eve in the Garden. Even when I destroyed the Earth with the flood, he still used Noah to curse his children. All of you are evil together. I will come down and wipe you away. Sin is an abomination to Me. If there is Spirit of sin in you, Satan will use it against you. That's why I'm crying every day, shouting, so that you will not commit sin. I gave many of you Ordinance to follow. After you have established your church, you turned your back on Me and followed Satan. My hand will be against you. If Saul could offer ordinary sacrifice and My Spirit departed from him because of it, the generation of Saul died because of his sin; how much more all the sins all of you are committing everywhere. The sin of David brought disaster upon his generation. All of you are taking money from people, taking their curse and still claiming you're My servant. They have exchanged your anointing for money, and you cannot preach holiness anymore. You cannot say you're serving Me, the same God that did wonders in the time of old and thinks you cover Me. You cannot cover Me not to act. If you die and They begin to play the record of your life for you, you will know I Am still the same God. Nobody can cage Me. I only keep quiet. There is no more time because I'm going to destroy all of you. This Earth is Mine, but you turn it to your own.

A lot will happen, and everywhere will shake. Those who don't want My work to move forward, I will wipe them away. Who owns the air? You are flying around with your aircraft. You use demons to buy aircraft. Even the house you live in can be on fire. Because of you alone, all your children can die. If a man sinned in the time of old, what happened to his children? They killed every one of them. If you're working for Me, no evil will befall you. If you die through your aircraft, don't think you're coming to Me because the evil you're doing is what will kill you. I don't eat the dead body. You have to differentiate between Almighty God and the things of this Earth. If you're a servant of God, every word that comes out of your mouth must be a word of holiness. Nobody knows whether you're a minister of God or a minister of the things of this Earth. Who are you working for? You gather all the top people together because of money. You hold different meetings in dark places. The Almighty God doesn't work like that. Jesus Christ said My sheep know Me, and they hear My voice. Jesus Christ knows His sheep. Almighty God knows those who are working for Him. Now you will know the True God, the God of Heaven who brought Jesus Christ to this Earth. If you do the will of God, you also do the will of Jesus Christ. Thou shall not commit sin is the will of Jesus Christ. That was why He came to heal you from the ones you did before. If you call Jesus Christ with your heart, He will heal and deliver you. You will possess your possession. When demons are pursuing you in the night, you will fly like a bird, but you're not a witch. The Spirit of God inside you will carry you to fly. Your body profits nothing; your Spirit is the real life.

Many of you lie down on your bed and fly to a witchcraft coven. Physically, all My children think you're My servant. You turn yourself to different creatures as Satan turned himself into a serpent in the Garden of Eden. My hand will be against you. If you're working with God, no evil will befall you. But if you turn yourself into evil, evil will befall you. You converted another man's property to your own. If Ananias and Sapphira could die for what belonged to them, how much more you that converted another man's property to your own, and you still think you're coming to Me. You have laid a bad example on the ground for My children to follow. All of you will see what will happen. Many of you have departed from the word of holiness. Because Jesus Christ has come, you think you can do whatever you want to do. There is no time anymore. All of you should remove your hands from evil before it's too late.

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"Seek the Lord while He may be found, call upon Him while He is near. Let the wicked forsake his way, and the unrighteous man his thoughts; let him return to the Lord, and He will have mercy on him; and to our God, for He will abundantly pardon." Isaiah 55:6-7

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