Message For Pastors

The Father speaks

(Thursday 18th August 2011, 22:45)

My son, if I know that My message I'm sending you will destroy you; of what benefit is that to Me? If I know they will destroy you when I send you this message, what is My benefit? I that send you the message know more than you, and I have the power to protect you. Bear that one in your heart that no evil will befall you. Bear that one at the back of your heart that your Father is with you. I Am the One talking. I Am your Father. I Am the Creator. I Am the Originator. I Am the Great I Am That I Am. I Am the Authority. I Am who I Am.

Bear that one in your heart that no evil will befall you. If they go to your website and want to come and attack you because of that, they will begin to favour you if they come. They will pull all their clothes and give them to you. I will change their mind. Nobody will come and curse you. Nobody will come and trouble you. Instead of that, they will come and bless you. Don't you know the work you're doing now? Do you know who you're doing the work for? It's My work! Do you think it's easy? For you to carry out this work, do you think it's easy? It's not easy for the creature I'm using because the whole body is fire. You that is working it out, I know it's not easy. If you're doing the work in an office, you know how much they will pay you. For the word to come out is not easy. There is no amount of education you have, no matter the kind of university you attend, you cannot see this kind of word. Nobody! This is the word of the Father. This is wisdom from your Father. This is wisdom from above. This is what the Father gathers together and brings to you. This is not anyhow word. This is not about education; this is not about degree. This is the word of your Father.

Your Father looked around for the one capable of handling this word. He looked for the one that all his heart is in the Father; the one that will say, I don't need anything, it's only the Father I need; the one that the Father will deliver the message to and not change it, but will give it raw to them just as the Father gives it to him; the one that will not say if I give this word to them, won't they stop coming to my church, that means they won't give me all the food they're giving me again. All of them have missed it. As I'm giving it, you're giving it to them. That is what I want.

I send many of my children to do exactly as I told them, but they're not doing it. Instead, they reserve some to themselves because they're afraid. If I speak this word to Mr Benjamin, he will not come and give me the money tomorrow; what will I do now? Let me reserve some for myself. The Father is annoyed. As the Father wants you to do it, do it like that because you're not doing the work for yourself. You're doing the work of your Father. The Father is the Owner of the children; they're not your children. Teach them, refine them to come and meet Me. Is it your work? My son, I've told you before. I sent many of My servants the message; they reserved some for themselves. I have told you. They will never release the word to them; they will hide some. Are you afraid of the one you'll deliver the word to or the One that sends you the message? My son, yours is not like that. As I'm giving it to you raw, you're giving it to them raw. It's their Creator that's speaking. Let them know the Father they're serving.

Do not be afraid of anybody because everybody will die. Everybody will die on this Earth. No matter how old you are, you must die. Death is death. No one will stay forever; everybody must die. No matter how death takes you, death is death. Is it not better for you to die and go to your Father than for you to die and go to Hellfire? Then when they're telling you the truth, what are you going to do? Do you know how to fight? Who are you going to fight? Are you going to fight your Father? My son, anybody who wants to fight you, let the person come and meet Me because I'm the One who sends you a message. You don't have any problem. If anybody is annoyed with you, let the person come and meet Me. They sent you a message, and you delivered it. Who will kill you? Let them come and kill their Creator. Tell them it's Me. Let them come and meet Me. I will strike them down. Don't be afraid of anybody. If anybody carries up his nose, tell him it's your Father. Let them come and fight Me, only if they can see Me. I will destroy all of them! I will destroy all of them. Do not be afraid of anybody.

Any message I ask you to publish, publish it for Me. It's My message. I have told you that the message will be there for generations to come. If you listen to every word you've been publishing for Me My son and compare it with My word in the time of old, there is no difference because I don't speak different words. Every word I speak is accurate; it's one. All My word is about My children; it's about holiness; it's about how to sanctify themselves; that is what all is about. That is what I want. I don't have any other words. I'm not creating any other thing; I want to maintain the ones I created before! Do I tell you I want to create anything? They should maintain the ones I created for Me. It's My handwork. I don't say I want to create any other thing. I said they should maintain the ones I created before. It took Me time to do it.

If you want to build an earthly house, you will look for money to buy land. You will clear the land and begin to buy building materials. You will lay the foundation and begin to build it to your taste. After you've finished building your beautiful house, somebody will come with a bulldozer to uproot the house. How will you feel? It is painful. You can kill somebody. You can destroy somebody. How much more human beings! Can you plant a human being? Will he germinate? But you can rebuild a house. If you're crying, somebody will look at you and say, oh my friend, take this money. You will even build another one that is better than the burnt one. If somebody dies, can you bring him to live again? What are they saying? What are they talking about? If anyone says you're talking nonsense, he will see Me! If anybody read this message and says you're talking nonsense, he will see Me. Because as he's breathing the air, he's breathing Me. I'm seeing everything they're doing. As he's breathing the air, it is Me. Everything he does or says, he will meet Me there. Do not be afraid of anybody. Whatever comment they like, let them send to you. If they want, let them send the message to Me. Let them send the message to Me! If they have mouths, let them open and speak. Do not be afraid. Do not panic yourself. If anyone makes any comment, tell the person he doesn't know what he's doing. He is a fool! Who are you working for? If you say this message you read is nonsense, that means you don't know the Father you're serving. You don't know your Father. If you say no, it's nonsense; that means you don't know what you're doing. You are a fool. If anybody reads it, he is supposed to thank you. He was supposed to say, my co-Pastor, thank you; I will come and tap current from you; you make me refresh myself; you make me know my left from my right; Pastor thank you! Well done! More for you! That is what is supposed to come from their mouths. Then I will say this one knows his right from his left; I will be with you. But when you envy and jealous in your heart, you want to do evil; can you fight your God? Do you want to fight your Father? Do you think it's a joke?

If you want to be like My son, filter yourself; wash yourself. The Father can use you if you filter yourself and clean your body. If you know you're jealous and want to be like My son, filter yourself. What the Father designed you to be will surely come to pass. If yours is to become a Prophet, you will see it. It's not by jealousy; it's not by power. If you filter and clean yourself, you will know who you are. You will know who your Father created you to be. You will know who you are. You will know the category you belong to. Am I a teacher; Am I a Pastor! You will know. It's not by envy. As you're envying, you're digging more holes that will swallow you because you cannot fight the Father! You can never fight the Father because when the wrath of the Father comes, you that caused it will not receive it alone; all your generations will go with it; because you rebel against the word of your Father. Every bad comment you make, do you know how far it goes? That means you don't count the word of your Father as anything. You will receive the bullet.

He has promised He will never fail
I will follow Him; I will lean on Him
He has promised He will never fail
His faithfulness is forevermore
His faithfulness is forevermore.

What does the Father say? He says if you purge yourself, if you do My will, if you clean yourself, I will flourish you. You will never ask Me before I pour it for you because you're doing My will. That is what the Father says. Will He fail? He can never fail. Even before you open your mouth, you will begin to receive the blessing. The blessing will begin to fall everywhere. That is what the Father says. The Father is not a wicked Father. He is a blessed Father. He makes a way where there is no way. If He speaks His word, He will do it. That is the Father. The Father loves you. He loves all of you. He wants to have you back by the end of the day. Why do you choose this earthly thing over your Father? It's very painful! All these are nothing compared to what the Father prepares for you over there. All these ones you bind yourself together with will not make you move forward. You cannot compare them together with what He prepares for you over there. And that place is the last bus stop. If you get there, you will never die again. You will live an eternal life, the life that has no end. You will never have sorrow again. There is no weeping, no tears there. Why do you surround yourself with the things of this Earth? You that the Father gives a lot of work to do, you use the things of this Earth to spoil yourself. You cannot focus! The things of this Earth! Why are you troubling yourself because of the things of this Earth, that when you die, you die? You will leave everything.

Some people are supposed to line up and follow you and come to the Father through you so that the Father will say, welcome, My son, this is the place I prepare for you. My son, I prepare a beautiful place for each one of them. It depends on the category you belong to. Everyone has his own level. They have their own rank. Ha, My son, come! Before you come, We will know you're coming because We're watching you. The way you talk, the way you preach; We're watching you. They will prepare your place for you, your higher place. This is the place We prepare for you. Welcome; well done; thank you because I have many of My children back through you. But you're selfish. You are very selfish! You do your own selfishly. You carry everything to yourself. You want to buy a caterpillar; you want to buy a bulldozer. What are you buying them for! Why! Material things; vanity upon vanity makes you not to be focussed. People are following you behind as you're buying everything, and their faith is not the same as yours? If my superior can buy this, I too will buy mine. I have told you before, My son! I've told you before. There is an implication. I told you before. A mother who cooked a pot of soup was supposed to take a spoon and serve her children. Children, come and take; A come and take yours; B come and take yours; C come and take yours; you have all finished eating, let me keep the rest for tomorrow. When you're eating, they're eating too. When you're making your own, they see you. Even if you're not around, they'll do it as you always do it. You, the senior, will say, let us serve it the way my mother normally does it.

Instead of the mother doing it as I described it now, she put her hand into the pot, takes the biggest meat, and begins eating it with her hand. What is that called? Is it not stealing! The children are watching her. If she's not around, they will do the same. Let us do it the way our mother does it. They will put their hand into the pot and take the meat to eat. You teach the children how to steal. No matter the amount of shouting you will shout, when you teach them how to steal from inside the house to outside, you will then say, oh Father, why do you allow this to happen to me? Is it the Father? Because you, the mother, taught the children how to steal! After all, it is My own; after all, God's favour makes me have it. Which favour? Don't you know that you'll be disgraced if you don't use some blessing adequately? Yes, the blessing is coming everywhere, coming from the right and left; it's the Father that opens the door of blessing to you. But there is a way you will use that blessing, and it will turn to sorrow for you because the remaining people behind you are watching you. They are watching you with that blessing. Oh, see what my father is doing; he messed up; nobody can talk to me; I too will do my own; if my father carries five, I will carry ten; if he buys two, I will buy four because that's what my father is doing. Then what do you call that? Destructive generation! But as you're doing that one, you forget the Head, that this work you're doing, you're not doing it for yourself; Somebody sent you. They are watching you. You're not doing it the way He asked you to do it because you're going somewhere. You're going somewhere. It's a journey of holiness. It's a journey of righteousness. It's a journey of no wrinkle and no spot. Right from inside your house! These children I have are from my Father; I know who I Am in God; if I don't live my life well, my children will take after me; my children come here; A come and take yours; B come and take yours; C come and take yours; we have finished eaten; let us keep the rest for tomorrow. Won't the mother have peace? She will have peace. If she forgets to cover the pot, the children will alert her. Oh, my children, I forgot; please help me cover the pot. But if she put her hand into the pot to take meat and eat, when she forgets to cover the pot, the children will be happy, and they'll do as she always does too. They will also put their hands into the pot and take meat. This is how my mother always does it; she said she's the owner; we're the owner as well; if she comes, she'll not talk because that's how she does it. Then why are you crying! Now when you hear the news that the Father wants to raise another person to teach all of them, you'll say he's teaching lies. Who told you he's teaching lies? Are you going to rebel against the word of the Father? You're playing with your life. Who told you he's teaching lies? Then if you go to the word that person published and compare it to the word of the Father, is there any difference? If there is any difference, then you can rebel. If there is no difference, that means you want to die. My son, every word that I speak to you in this house that you published is like My word in the time of old. If anybody wants to rebel against it, that person will pay for it.

My son, I'm sending you to publish this message and to also send it to them for them to know you existed before. This one you're sending will teach all of them a lesson. They will tighten their belt. They will know who they're serving now. If they're serving their Creator or they're serving themselves, it's now they will know because it's only one journey. It's only one channel. Through this one you're sending, none of them will say they don't know anything because they're reading it. Men die every day. As they die, they're going there. You will not say you don't hear anything because it's the Father Himself. I told you before that I would send you a message to the whole world. This is the message! Anybody that reads it will send it to another person, and it's spreading across the globe. This is a very familiar message; we don't know how this message manages to come. This message!

Do not panic yourself; do not trouble yourself. You see how many people called you, for you to know this Earth you are, for you to know those you see every day. Yes, I am a Pastor; yes, I am this one; yes, I am that one. Did they call you? I told you to be on your own. Don't drag words with anybody because your level is not the same as theirs. I told you, you're not a mere Pastor. I chose you the way I chose the people of old. You are higher than them. Your message is for the whole world, not just for one rat. Those you're speaking to in your place of work, I just allow you to talk to them because you're working there. A time is coming; you will not have time for an individual. They will come and seek from you the word of wisdom, the word of knowledge, the word of understanding. You know I told you before. They will come and hear from you because you hear from the Source, the word of life. How am I going to live; this my church; how am I going to cope? Your God will tell you what to say to them, your Creator that speaks to you every day.

When somebody eats and his belly is full, he'll say he wants to open a church. You gather people together and begin to mess around. Then what are you sowing into the children's lives? You are sowing nonsense! But if you teach them from the foundation, if you teach them what the Father says, you'll shed more light on the word for them to understand. Please, I'm begging you; as you're coming to this parish, you're not coming here because of me but because of God, because of your Father; this journey we're in, anything can happen at any time; if it happens, you'll give an account of yourself; please I'm begging you, anyhow I put the word for you, don't mind my grammar, it's the word of my Father, it's about holiness; don't mind the cloth you wear; if it's only one cloth you have, wash it, put it on and come here; if you come, the Father will bless you when you do His will. That is the message! No other message.

What are you preaching? What are you teaching people? You are a servant of God; you have one room to lay your head; you have food to put in your mouth. Do the will of the Father; that is your calling. How many rooms will you sleep in, even if you have a mansion? Is it not one? What is the difference? You now lay a burden upon the children. The people that come to receive from their Father, you don't even have time to go into the word of the Father with them; you're troubling them with money every day. You're bothering them with money every day, and you don't know what many of them pass through in their house. How can they focus on the Father? How can they focus on the Father? You even eat and eat remain; you enter the house, and you're living inside a two, three or four bedroom flat. You're eating well; you even have the car you drive. You now abandon that car because you want to have another one outside. You want to have another house so that the church can pay that one for you. The house you live in and the church is there. Do you people (Pastors) sit down and think that this burden is too much for these people (the congregation)? If I do this, they will not focus on my Father; if I trouble them with money, they cannot focus; I don't even know what they're passing through; this house I am, a two, three or four bedroom flat is enough for me; if I teach these children well, and they do the will of my Father, He will bless them, and they will bless me in return.

Why are you stressing them? Why are you stressing them with money every time? This one will say, oh, I could have gone to the church today; the money they said they should pay, I've not seen mine; if I go now, the Pastor will trouble me; let me stay in my house. If that one stays at home, do you know what happens to him? If he stays at home, the devil will now say, well, since they drive you from the house of your Father, come, let us go here. Where he goes, something happens, and he dies. Where does he go then? He goes to Hellfire! He was supposed to go to the house of the Father to pray and cry to his Father, but he said if he should go, they'll trouble him because of money. The devil now says there are two options; if you don't go there, you can go here; come, there is a party here, let us go. Okay, let me go to the party. As he goes to a party, something happens, and he dies. Even if he doesn't die, somebody offers him something there, and he takes it. He will later call the Pastor and say, 'Pastor, well I've changed my mind; now I have peace; you did not do what I wanted for me; every time money; you trouble me too much'. That is all, My son. The Father has missed that precious soul. He missed it! Do you think the Father will come physically from His throne and begin to teach His children? You; if you don't do the work of the Father well, you will pay for it because the Father will not come from His throne and come down physically. You cannot see the Father physically. That is how the Father will be speaking to you through His children. If you think the Father will come down for Him to speak to you physically, you lie. You lie! You lie.

The conclusion of My matter, be satisfied with everything you have. If it's one room you have, be happy with it. The Father will take you to two rooms. If it's two rooms you have, be satisfied with it. The Father will take you to three rooms. If it's a flat you have, be satisfied with it. You that have that flat, the Father will give you estate. Don't tax people! Teach them about the kingdom of the Father, not money to pay for your house for you and to buy an expensive car. Competition! Competition! You are doing a competition of earthly things. Why can't you do the competition of heavenly things? If Satan is taking them to Hellfire, let us pray together so the children will begin to go to the Father. Why can't you do that kind of competition? My son, are you listening to Me? Oh, Satan, you're a liar; these children cannot come to you; they must go to my Father. Why can't you do such a competition?

Lord, Thy Word abideth,
And our footsteps guideth;
Who its truth believeth
Light and joy receiveth.

When our foes are near us,
Then Thy Word doth cheer us,
Word of consolation,
Message of salvation.

When the storms are o'er us,
And dark clouds before us,
Then its light directeth,
And our way protecteth.

Who can tell the pleasure,
Who recount the treasure,
By Thy Word imparted
To the simple-hearted?

Word of mercy, giving
Succor to the living;
Word of life, supplying
Comfort to the dying!

O that we, discerning,
Its most holy learning,
Lord, may love and fear Thee,
Evermore be near Thee!

It's all about Jesus. It's all about God and His Kingdom. All these words We've been talking, We've been narrating; they don't know how far. As you're even sending this message, they don't know how far. Even the creature I speak through, it's not easy for her because the whole body is fire. This is why I created her purposely for this purpose, and the body is My body. It's not easy! Therefore, anybody who reads that message and makes bad comments will meet his Father. My son, I give you peace.

My son, I have word! If you have time, the word is there every day. It doesn't finish. It's from Me the Father. My son, those of them you're sending the message to, and they know you before, if they're reading it, if they wear their shoe and it's loose, it's now they will know they must tighten their shoe. They will know the Father can do anything. The Father can use anybody He wants to use. The Father can do anything. It's holiness the Father needs. If you wash your cup clean, the Father will take it from you; He will drink with you. But if the cup is dirty, the Father will be far away from you. If you know you're committing sin, even though you're doing it purposely or somebody lures you into it, you have to come out of that thing. Don't allow the sin to drown you because you will go to the wrong place, and the Father will question you. It's my wife I married! It's your wife you married? Did somebody tie her to your head? If you know that thing will destroy you, why can't you remove your hand? It's your wife you marry. Why can't you remove your hand? Somebody has signed the way of evil. She has signed she's not ready to listen, and both of you are not in the same line. Then what do you do? Nobody will tell you to leave. My son, I've told you this before. Nobody will ask you to go; you yourself will put asunder because if you see she's maltreating you, she's doing you evil, and you still love her, you can be with her. If you die, you're going to Hellfire. No stopover. If the Angels see you, they will question you. Then you will give the excuse that it's because of your wife. They will ask you if somebody ties her to your head; if you're not the one that married her. They will ask you questions. My son, this is why I told you, ask your Father before you marry. If He knows she will give you a problem, He will not ask you to go and marry that devil. If your Father says go ahead, He knows He can solve the problem for you. Don't do anything with your own initiative. My son, many of them enter the water, and the water drowned them; the water swallowed them because of the wife. What did I tell you? I said you could have remained alone. If you live alone, they will trouble you. That was why I said you should marry. You said no, and I insisted. If I leave you alone, you cannot concentrate on My work because they will trouble you.

My son, I Am the One speaking. I Am the Almighty Father. I Am the One teaching you now. Whatever I teach you, that's what the people will hear. Nobody will speak to challenge you. You hear the word from the Source. Any word I teach you, you will not hear it anywhere. Let them come and ask Me any question, and I will tell them. If your hand is troubling you, what do you do? You should cut it off! Cut it off, not something physical; it is spiritual. Cut it off! Today you're supposed to go to the house of your Father to pray; people are waiting for you there, but the woman tie belt to your waist that you're going nowhere. Today fight, and tomorrow fight; what are you teaching those following you? What example are you showing them? Settle her; let her go her own way so you too can go your own way. Settle her! Nobody will tell you to leave her; it's true. You that wear the shoe know where the shoe is paining you. She has chosen the way of evil. As people hear you fight every day, don't you know how many people's lives you've destroyed? You have shown a bad example for people. My son, your Father has no hand in a divorce. That is why I said you should ask Me before you marry. Before it comes to the divorce stage, you should know it's a big matter. You don't just jump into marriage and come out. Before it gets to the stage of divorce, you know that the matter has gone far. I hate divorce. I'm the one that joined you together; I cannot put both of you asunder. It's you, the man that can put asunder when you know it's right for you to do so.

My son, they've made a lot of mistakes in the church. Before you ordain anybody as Pastor, elder, deacon or deaconess in the church, they have to go to the root of the discipline of the Father. They have to go to the real source of the teaching about the Father. They have to let themselves die. Before you ordain anybody as Pastor, elder, deacon or deaconess, especially something spiritual, you don't ordain people anyhow because the people you're ordaining don't know the Father. All of them are full of flesh. They are full of flesh. There is no wisdom of the Father in them. No one! They should allow their spiritual to be more than physical so that if a matter arises, they will know how they'll table it. They should not use their physical eyes to judge; they should use their spiritual eyes.

My son, let them come and train Me! Let them come and train Me. You see a lot of divorces everywhere. Everywhere, there is divorce. Does the Father like it? I don't like it. I hate it, My son. This is what I've been saying concerning holiness. In the church, My son, you don't suppose to pray and pray before you marry. There shouldn't be a lot of prayers in the church before you marry because everybody will be saints together. God will join them together immediately. But as you can see, My son, all of them have put their hands in bad things. If all of them are clean and holy, it's like coming to your house; will I begin to bind and loose before I eat? My son, all of them are very far from where I want them to be. They are very far from where I want this Earth to be. They are far from it! There is no love. What I'm seeing is not what I suppose to see. I suppose to see love in everybody. They are far from it. Instead of them to love, they begin to hate because many of them have double spirits. Their spirit is not one; it's divided. A lot of them have double spirit.

My son, can you imagine in a church where the choristers are singing, and somebody will begin to envy another person because she knows how to sing. Then why can't you train your voice? In the church! My son, I Am the One that sees everything. But all of them are the same body, the body of Christ. Are you doing the work for yourself? If two choir members can begin to envy each other, trouble themselves, how much more Pastors. These are the people shouting 'Jesus, Jesus, Jesus'. When Jesus came, what did He do? He was equal with everybody. He did not play partiality. He took everybody as one. He did not differentiate. But you say you're a Pastor. You say you're a Pastor, and you're working for your Father. If you see your co-Pastor, your heart will trouble you because he flourishes more than you. Why! Because you're taxing children of God to eat, and they don't know the word of the Father. You are doing selfish work for yourself. Then when the other one sees you, he begins to envy you. He now begins to throw words to the members. I don't want to use this parish to compare; we have opened it for so many years; look at the other parish that began yesterday; they're flourishing more than us. My son, I Am in their midst! I know what they're saying. I'm shaking My head, My son. It's Me they're doing the work for. You are using one Pastor to challenge another Pastor in the church. Then where do you put the Father? That means you're after worldly things. My son, I Am the One speaking. In the church! And they say they're working for the Father. The body of Jesus Christ is one. If you claim you're working for the Father, Jesus Christ came into this world as One. That was why I shed only His blood so I could receive all of you back. I mentioned this word before. I did not shed the blood of two or three people. Only One Jesus Christ is the channel. And Jesus Christ is from the Father. Whoever claims he's in Jesus Christ must do what Jesus Christ did. He has to do what Jesus Christ did because that was the blood He shed for the Father to have all of you back. And Jesus Christ is One, not two, not three. Since He departed, have you heard that somebody else died and rose again? Have you seen it again? Any other thing you will see is spiritual. The Father will come as I come now and use somebody. You can never see anybody face to face again. Anyone that confesses that my Father says, my Father says, he should be careful with what they used to feed My children. They feed My children with lie upon lie. They should be careful! They should be careful; my Father says when the Father did not say. They are saying it to suit them to have the children because of what they want to eat. They should be careful because there is an implication. Whatever word proceeds out of your mouth has a long way to go. If you say, my Father says when He did not say, you're sowing bad seed into the lives of those who hear you. My Father says, my Father says, my Father says; and God did not say. Any word that comes out of the mouth of God is accurate. The word of wisdom, the word of knowledge, the word of life; it's not the word that will destroy you; it's the word that will favour you and favour your generation. That is why I told you that everything I'm teaching you here would never destroy. After you might have passed away, your children's children will see it. My son, you will bind the book together. All your children that are coming many generations to come will see it. When they see it, they will see where the Father mentioned about holiness, how the Father broke down His word. All is about holiness. If you say God says, and God did not say, you're destroying people. You are destroying people. You are destroying the children of God. You are sowing thorns into their lives. You are telling them to go on their own way.

The word of the Father is one. The word of Jesus Christ is one. Holy Spirit completes everything. Be careful with every word you say when you're there on that pulpit, when you hold that thing (microphone) in your hand; be careful of every word you say. Be careful because there is an implication in it. If you want to interpret the word and you don't know what to say, praise your Father and begin to tell people what He has done before. My names are there. I have told you before. You know all My names. Praise your Father if you don't know what to say. As you're praising Him, He will release blessing from above. That is what your Father wants. Don't teach people what you don't know. You are sowing evil into these children's lives. My son, I give you peace.

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"Seek the Lord while He may be found, call upon Him while He is near. Let the wicked forsake his way, and the unrighteous man his thoughts; let him return to the Lord, and He will have mercy on him; and to our God, for He will abundantly pardon." Isaiah 55:6-7

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If a man breathes his last breath, his Spirit departs and continues his life elsewhere. Whatever life he lives here will determine his destination and how his next life will be.


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