Message To All Servants Of God

The Father speaks

(Sunday 17th January 2016, 11:54)

I Am the Almighty God. I Am the Owner of the Earth. I Am the Creator. I Am never afraid of anybody. I don't impose it on anybody to serve Me. My son, I told you what happened in the beginning. I Am speaking to all My servants throughout the whole Earth! The work of a servant of God is not what anyone can just volunteer himself to do. Let Me ask all of you a question. Do you see yourself as My servant? Is there any of My servants in your generation? If your father is My servant, all his male children are My servants, and all his female children must marry My servants. That is how I set everything. If you go into My Word, the Bible, you will see all the heroes I used. I don't use people anyhow. Do you see yourself as My servant? If you see yourself as My servant, whatever pains Me must pain you also. Whenever you're speaking about sin, you'll not be afraid that they'll kill you or not. The sin of My children is paining Me! This is My Word for all My servants this year.

Am I the One that chose you? Is there any of My servants in your linage? Did you find out you're My servant? If you're My servant, you will work with Me. And if you're working with Me, I will give you every message you'll preach to My children because My Spirit is in you. I will not give you any message apart from the message of holiness. And when you're speaking it, you'll not be afraid of death. Even if they kill you, I will receive you. The Earth is destroyed because of sin. Yet, I chose you as My servant. Did I really choose you as My servant? If I chose you as My servant, I would work with you because My Spirit is in you. If I give you the word and you don't understand, the Holy Spirit is there to teach you. Holy Spirit is Me Myself. You will not be afraid of anybody when you're preaching My Word.

As an accountant, you work in a finance firm. If you're not qualified, can you do it? If they make an account of money and they cannot account for some money, will they leave you to go free? As a bank manager, you must know everything about income and expenditure. The money you loaned out, the money you received into the bank, the one you spent on some items, you must account for everything. If anyone does what is wrong, you have the right to prosecute that person. Whatever happens day by day, nothing bypasses you. If anyone is playing tricks around you, you have the right to sack him. If you overlook that person and turn the bank upside down, who will you call when a problem comes? The work of My servant is more than the work of an accountant. I will judge you based on your church members. I will judge you based on your calling. If you're not qualified for it and put yourself into it, you have already committed sin. If you're not qualified for it, your Spirit cannot connect to My Spirit to tell you what to do.

As an accountant, if there is a problem and they hand over the papers to you, before you go through two lines, you'll know exactly where the problem lies. You will sit your team down and solve the problem simply because you know what you're doing. This is exactly how I want My servants to be. In the church, whenever anybody comes to you with any problem, you must know exactly the root cause of the problem. Each person's problem differs from the other because they come from different backgrounds. Different spirits live in peoples' bodies. I have peace because I brought My Son Jesus Christ. Before I brought My Son, all of you should go to the Old Testament and read how I dealt with My servants. In the Old Testament, I used people like you to announce the arrival of My Son. I, the Almighty God, never slack. I Am never afraid of anybody. The Earth is Mine and everything in it. I will reward you according to your performance. There is a vessel to honour and a vessel to dishonour. This message is for all My servants throughout the whole Earth, either you're white or black, either you're male or female.

Is there any problem without a solution? You, My servant, need healing! Many of you need healing. Satan is using you to destroy the members of your church. If a servant of God needs healing, tell Me where that servant of God is going. What I Am saying now is dark in your eyes; by the time it comes into reality, it will be too late because many of you can no longer make amend. I know many of you will not believe My son I Am using to send this message to you. You will call him a madman. But I Am using him to repair your life. All of you should go into prayers and ask, "Am I called to be a servant of God?" If you're called to be My servant, who is your mentor? Who taught you? I, Myself, have to teach you. Who taught Samuel? As My servant, you will see yourself as My servant right from tender age doing unusual things, dreaming unusual dreams because your Spirit is high. Your parents will put a tag on you that out of all their children, you're not an ordinary child. In the time of old, I allowed some parents to know the kind of child I gave to them, but I didn't allow some parents to know as well. When the child grew to a certain age, I began to use him. Did you see yourself as My servant because the Earth is going? You will die, and I will reward you based on your work. 'I am a servant of God' is not a title. Many of you take My work as a title, but you don't know what you're playing with. It is better for you to die and go to the Dark-Planet than to die and go to Hellfire. In the Dark-Planet, there is life for you to live there. You will live and eat based on the life you also lived on this Earth. But if you go to Hellfire, you also know what that means. As for you, My servant, you cannot go to the Dark-Planet anymore. The door of that place is shut against you already because you've given your life to Jesus Christ.

My children don't hear the truth from you. All of you should go back to the Book of Revelation and read what My Son said about all of you. Read it from the beginning to the end. All of you don't know what you're playing with. You made all My children feel the coming of Jesus Christ means nothing. All of you are looking for the food you want to eat, but the food will come out of your nostrils. I Am the Almighty God. I gave you the Great Physician; I gave you the Great Deliverer; I gave you the Alpha and the Omega; I gave you the Beginning and the Ending; I gave you the Great Teacher. Why are you going your own way? As My Son is going towards the right, you're going towards the left. You are afraid of kings and queens and the law of this Earth. If you preach and they kill you, why can't you die? Human beings like you died for the sake of the Father. Why are you afraid to speak the truth? You're afraid to speak the truth in the church because somebody is feeding you. If you speak, he will not come to your church anymore. You refuse to speak the truth in your household. If I speak to my wife, to my children, the house will scatter, and people will say the Pastor and his wife are quarrelling because you didn't lay the foundation properly! If you lay the foundation properly, you will not be afraid of your wife and children. What about my wife if I tell my congregation not to put on wigs and makeups? All of you should judge yourselves before I judge you. Every day-by-day, Pastor, I want to divorce. The Pastor should ask them what causes divorce. If you loved each other and agreed to do a wedding, why do you want to divorce again? Because the foundation is not laid properly!

If you're going to build a house, you must, first of all, acquire a piece of land. You must make sure the land belongs to you. Some of the women who want to marry have married to demons already. Some of them, their parents, acquired them from demons. As a man, that woman you want to marry doesn't belong to you. A lot of things is wrong in the church! Some of them are having sexual intercourse in their dream. If a woman sees herself this way, that means she's married to demons already. You're not of yourself anymore because somebody has bought you already. You are in a cage! That marriage will not last no matter how much you try. But My servant is there to tell them, to break everything down for them. Why did Jesus Christ come? To atone for your sins. In the time of old, blood atoned for all those spirits. But the blood that is more than blood is with you. Are the demons more powerful than the blood of Jesus Christ? If the blood of bull could atone for them, how much more the blood of Jesus Christ. That means you don't apply it in the right way.

My dear servants, My children, I love you. Turn back because I Am not a wicked Father. This year you people call 2016, turn back from how you preach the message to My children. You must put the axe on the wood and tear it into pieces so that you also can have peace. You counselled marriage and also counselled divorce. It's an abomination to Me. You tied, and you also untied. If I tie, I never untie because My blessing adds no sorrow. The word I'm speaking like a play now is your life. I Am the Almighty God. The Spirit of sin can be anything. It can be fornication; it can be stealing; it can be gossiping; it can be anything. Once that Spirit lives in your body, and you fail to remove it away and stand on the truth of My Word, they will push you to, and fro, and the account will be on Jesus Christ. Why did they hate Jesus Christ when He came? If He was eating with them and telling them to continue their sin, would they hate Him? They would love Him! He always told them 'go and sin no more'. That word He was speaking went a long way. Nowhere you'll speak against sin that people will love you; they will hate you. But when you're praising them, you're filling their bucket, and you're working against Me.

Tell any of My servants who says it is well that he's working against Me, Jesus Christ and Holy Spirit. All My servants who praise those who commit sin in the church are working against Me. Are you the One that created the Earth? Among all of you, I don't see anybody because if I come down to do what I want to do, I will only spare one man and one woman. I will not spare you because I've prepared a place I will put the disobedient people, and you're one of them. I pity nobody. Before I do anything, I will sing and sing so that I that made the Law will not commit sin against Myself. That's why I continue to use My prophet and prophetess to speak and preach, and you call them mad people, you call them all names and persecute them, but I receive their Spirit by the end of the day. However, I will deal with you and your generation if you do it. My son, tell them, I, the Almighty God, want to hear the same word in every church. I want to hear the same preaching, the preaching of holiness. Whether you're Roman Catholic or Anglican, Orthodox or Pentecostal, Spiritual Church or any other, I, the Almighty God, Am One. I answer every call of every church. Jesus Christ is the soap for every one of you. I Am teaching you, My servants, because nobody taught you. I Am the One teaching you by Myself because you're working for Me. All of you should go back because you're not reading your Bible. Go and study it very well and know why Jesus Christ came.

Every sin you commit goes nowhere except your body. It's like a magnet! Can they pull each other from afar if you don't move a magnet close to a magnet? No! Until you move them to a close range, that's when they can pull each other. Those who bring down an aircraft, how do they do it? They set everything there, and as the aircraft moves over their target, it comes down. This is how sin is. Your body is like a magnet. You shouldn't allow sin to come close to you. Let a man and woman who have no knowledge of sexual intercourse live in the same house, let them sleep in the same bed together and watch what happens. After a month, tell Me what happens because I put the Spirit of sex in each one's body! As you're alive, the Spirit is alive also in each person's body. If the man and woman don't communicate about having sex, the Spirits will communicate together, and it'll materialise physically. This Spirit lives in everybody, either male or female.

As a man of God, you must tell your congregation why people fall into sin. Once you fall into it, it's very hard before you can scrape it away from your body. Ask the parents who bring their children to the church once a week. What are they teaching them at home during the week? Without you, My servant, teach the parents to teach their children at home, the church goes nowhere. Some children at home, brother and sister, are having sexual intercourse together. Yet, they're coming to the church. When a problem arises by the end of the day, they'll claim they were born into the church. But somebody was there, My own servant who failed to teach them and let them know that what they're doing would crush down their lives. There are some things you cannot do by yourself physically, but spiritually, the spirit will ask you to do it. That spirit will teach you. If My servant teaches that child, he will know what to do whenever that spirit comes. It's like a child who wants to steal a piece of meat in her mother's pot because the spirit of stealing is there in their generation. If My servant has already taught him that stealing is not good, whenever that spirit tells him to steal, he will say no, that stealing is not good. A little child is like a growing flower that blossoms. If My servant fails to teach him, what will happen? Once he steals, he has already dropped the spirit of stealing into his bottle. As he grows up and sees an opened locker in the school, he will take whatever he sees there. Will he stop there? After he graduates from school, as he's working in an office, managing money, he'll use his pen to steal and put the next person into a problem. Why? Because he started from a tender age! Yet, all these people are there inside the church.

As a little girl growing up, if the spirit of sexual immorality is not inside you, tell Me who will ask you to paint your face. The same spirit will tell her to adorn herself. The same spirit that asked you to adorn yourself will also tell you that a man is looking at you. If a man of God in your church teaches you that all those things divert you away from the place of your destiny, you will know what to do. It's like a mango that's growing, and somebody plucked it unripe. As a little child, going to school to learn how your life would be tomorrow, what concerns you with adornment? Are you going to a wedding? Did someone ask your hand in marriage? As you're doing those things, you're calling those spirits to ruin your life. There is a time for everything. Even as a married woman, you don't do all those things. As that spirit tells you to adorn yourself, automatically, your husband alone is not your husband; you have many husbands. Any man can speak to you on the way because you carry many spirits inside you. I Am the Creator of this Earth, and I know what I created! Woman, your door is open, and anyone that falls into it on your account, you know where you're going. All those things all of you use to adorn your body is artificial. I want you to present your body as I created you.

You, My servant, I will judge you based on your church members. If you can't wash yourself properly, then you're smelling. All of you, My servants are smelling! Go back again to whoever ordained you. Ask him why he ordained you. Did he see you that you're a servant of God? Tell him if you fail to speak the truth to the congregation, you're in trouble by the end of the day. The work of a servant of God is to speak the truth, cleanse people, and wash people from their sins, not for fashion. It is spiritual work, not physical work like a doctor, lawyer, engineer etc. It is a spiritual work! Among every profession on this Earth, the work of a servant of God is not there. It is a spiritual work, and I Myself will feed you because I Am your Inheritance. It is very easy to offend Me, the Almighty God. As a servant of God, it is very easy for you to offend Me because I did not send you everything you're doing. Before you do anything, you must ask Me first whether you should do it or not. Ask Me every day, even if I spoke to you yesterday. If I asked you yesterday to deliver a message today, still ask Me before you deliver it either you should still deliver it or not because something might have happened overnight. Immediately you say you want to go on your own way; you've offended Me already, and yet, the lives of My children are attached to you. If you're walking and working in holiness, you don't offend Me. Holiness never commits sin! Everything you do, let it be about holiness.

My son, I told you that I did not destroy the Earth itself when I destroyed the people on this Earth. Right from the day I created it, the pillars, the irons, the bars remain intact. People go and come, but the Earth remains the same thing. Because I, the Almighty God, brought My Son Jesus into this Earth doesn't give you a licence to commit sin. Every one of you says, 'Jesus came, and you're free to do everything'. The coming of My Son into this Earth is the worst thing that could ever happen to all of you because before I brought Him, I hadn't opened Hellfire. For Me to bring My Son into this Earth, that is why all of you should tighten your belt very well. I was angry and tired of every one of you; that's why I brought My Son. The coming of Jesus Christ is the worst thing for all of you. If you think He came for you to have the freedom to sin, you kill yourself. That's why I ask all of you to go back to the Book of Revelation.

Some of the Disciples of Jesus could have gone to Hellfire, but I pardoned them because nobody taught them, and there was little My Son could teach them because He met them halfway and only spent three and half years with them. They have committed a lot of sins already. That's why Satan killed all of them! I forgave them because they opened their heart and worked with My Son. They gave birth to them in sin and lived a life of sin. Nobody taught them from the beginning. The coming of Jesus Christ is the worst thing for all of you! I brought My Son Jesus to make things easy for you. Only blood can atone for the blood of sin. Sin is a living creature with blood, and only blood atones for him.

What will they ask you to bring if a man is sick and you visit a herbalist or native doctor? Animal! Why will they use blood to exchange a man's life? Because the spirit that holds that man wants to drink his blood. Some of them will not ask for a goat but a bull. Some of them will ask for an unmated animal, undefiled, because of the sin of that man. Now, Jesus Christ has come; there is no single sin in Jesus Christ. All of you send My heroes to Hellfire. It doesn't matter who you are. You may be the head of Redeemed Christian Church of God, Pope of Roman Catholic, Archbishop of Anglican, Head of Baptist Church, Seven Days Adventist, Methodist Church, Salvation Army, Deeper Life Church, Christ Apostolic Church, Celestial Church of Christ, Cherubim and Seraphim, Christ Chosen, Mountain of Fire, Christ Embassy, Winners Chapel, Assemblies of God, The Apostolic Church, Orthodox Church, Pentecostal Church, or any other church. If you receive this message and you know you're not the head of your church, pass the message to the head. Tell him I, the Almighty God say, this year 2016, they should change their message. I Am the Almighty God! How many of My servants will this My son reach? Pass this message around to yourselves. If you pass it to the head of your church, maybe you will be the one to save him, and I will reward you for it. All of them should change their preaching. Jesus Christ did not come to send you to Hellfire. For sickness, divorce, and everything happening to reduce, they should change their message so that all of you can have peace on this Earth and Satan will not use human beings like you to destroy people.

I charge all of you to speak to all the women that adorn themselves everywhere in your churches. Even little children don't marry their own husbands anymore because of adornment. They call different spirits to come to them. The spirits married them by themselves. That's why if you see a woman, she has married and divorced or have children already before planning for another marriage. Satan is now using those things against them. Why can't they wait for their time? Adornment has its spirit! As a man, if you wear new clothe, how do you feel? How much more a woman that adorns herself! The spiritual controls the physical. Some of My servants look at their wives as useless women because of how the women adorn themselves in the church. Because of the spirit! The spirit lives even in My servants. No matter what the wife does at home, he will not be satisfied because something else has entered him. That's why some of you have another wife and children outside. I created those spirits, and you don't know how I created them. Until you follow My Law, none of you can have peace. I Am the Almighty God.

If I'm using people to preach Good News, you give them names, but you love those who tell you lies because Satan uses them. They are suffering everywhere because of all of you. Satan has chained your heart not to listen. I Am watching all of you and every message you preach day by day. All of you should sit down and look at your church members. Since you started, what kind of problem do they have? Some even move away from your church to another church, hoping to find the solution to their problem. Why can't you solve the problem? For them not to move away from your church, you're now preaching what will make them comfortable. Are you the Almighty God? All of you should hit the nail on the head. Tell them the truth. Tell them to run away from sin so that they and their household can have peace. Sin is an abomination to Me. If you like, preach it; and if you want, don't preach it. I will hold it against you. Send the message to your General Overseer, your General Superintendent, your Pope, your Archbishop, or whatever you call him. This year 2016, the way I will judge is not how all of you are looking at it; it will be in a different dimension because all of you call yourselves Christians. Tell everybody to repair themselves. They should not follow the things of this Earth. They should not be afraid of the law of this Earth. They should be afraid of who will judge the Spirit, soul and body.

Jesus Christ did not come on His own. He said it! He did not lie to you. He built on My foundation, the foundation He built with Me, and He didn't deceive you. He always said go and sin no more. If I brought My Son and He repeated it several times to His followers 'go and sin no more, you as My servant, what are you doing? I will judge you. I Am the Almighty God. I want to hear the voice of Christians. Anywhere you enter, I want to hear the word of holiness. The church has become a fashion. What you're playing with is not a fashion but fire. What all of you are looking at as something cheap is not cheap. Christianity is not cheap. Gold is cheaper than Christianity because it involves lives. You cannot be on this Earth and brag that you're already there – Heaven. Until you die, and They judge you! While you're on this Earth, you have to be afraid of the Father, Jesus Christ and Holy Spirit. Even the word of your mouth is a sin! Equip yourself every day with Holy Spirit. If you're comfortable with the kind of life you live here, you know where you're going. This is My message to all of you. Don't say you don't hear; either they chose you as My servant or you chose yourself. Many of you are not supposed to be My servants. You are supposed to be working, feeding My servants, hearing My word and working along in the church. You're not supposed to be My servants because you don't have what it takes to stand and fight the demons that live inside you. Out of all the children of Jacob, the twelve tribes of Israel, I only chose one tribe – Levi, and I always spoke to him one-on-one. If you look at the beginning of the Bible to the coming of Jesus Christ, He wasn't there physically, but when He came, He confirmed everything. When He entered the Synagogue and began to speak, who taught Him? As My servant, My Spirit lives inside you, and that Spirit is the One speaking in you, and you will speak it out for people to hear. People may look at you that you're a young man. You're not a young man but an old man spiritually. All of you are old men spiritually. All of you should repair My church so that Holy Spirit can come down to teach and heal. If the church is dirty, Holy Spirit cannot come down. Many Spirits I sent down could not work because the ground was too dirty. Until all of you caution yourselves and change your ways, that's when I can answer your prayers. If I release the answers to your prayers, the demons that live inside you will swallow it. All of you should change your preaching this year and cleanse My church. I Am the Almighty God. 

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"Seek the Lord while He may be found, call upon Him while He is near. Let the wicked forsake his way, and the unrighteous man his thoughts; let him return to the Lord, and He will have mercy on him; and to our God, for He will abundantly pardon." Isaiah 55:6-7

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