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The Father speaks

(Thursday 6th September 2012, 23:50)

There is no other name in Heaven, on Earth, and underneath the Earth. There is no other name. Nobody! There are many gods everywhere. Whenever I speak, they will say it's not the Father. Why? Because there are many imitations everywhere! If I say this is what I will do, they will say, 'Father should confirm it'. Everyday, Father should confirm it. I never speak My word and deviate from it. The children are far away from their Father. They're serving many gods. Jehovah is the One speaking in this house. The Authority is the One speaking in this house. It's only One Living God. The Creator of the universe. The Authority! The Great I Am That I Am. The Ancient of Days. The Great Deliverer. The Father that says yes, and no one can say no. The Mighty-Man-In-Battle Himself. The Originator. The Owner of the ship who knows how to paddle it. I can paddle it to the right or the left. I can choose to go whichever way I decide to go. Nobody will ask Me why I do it. I do it in your favour. Nobody can tell Me what to do. I speak and act according to the desire of My heart. I Am the Creator of every creature. I Am the One that created all of you. You didn’t create yourself. I created all of you, and you must do My will, whether you like it or not. If you fail to do My will, you know where you’re going whenever you die.

Human beings also go to Hellfire. They're human beings like you. That place is home too. You will go to wherever you choose. Whenever you go there, you will know which one has peace. Oh, I don't believe it. Don't believe it; when the time comes, you will know. Whenever the hen is speaking to her children, the birds will listen and be careful so that the hawk will not catch them. Are they not human beings like you who went to Hellfire, and the Father revealed secrets to them? Who are you? Do you think I, Jehovah God, My Son Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit are like food that your wife prepares for you to eat? Do you think that's how to serve the Father? All of you should know it from today. To work with Me is more than going to school. To serve Me is more than the most challenging part of Mathematics. It is tough. My son, tell my children that serving Me is unlike going to primary school, then to secondary, and then to university. Tell them that serving Me is more than education. I know what I'm saying! If you go to the university, you can give a bribe. The lecturer may be your brother or uncle; he may be your father or mother. There is nothing like that in serving Me. When they say I Am a respecter of nobody, it's the truth! Supposing My Son Jesus Christ failed, He would have gone to Hellfire. I wouldn't have pardoned Him. My son, tell them! Supposing My Son Jesus Christ failed, I wouldn't have pardoned Him. He would have gone to Hellfire as well. I wouldn't have pitied Him. I would have sent Him there. I told you before that I sent many of My Angels to this Earth. Did they come back to Me? They couldn't come back because this Earth swallowed them, and they knew where they belonged. They went to Hellfire. I Am the Almighty God. I Am the Originator. I Am the Authority.

Supposing My Son Jesus Christ, with whom I created this Earth had failed, I wouldn't have pitied Him; I would have sent Him to Hellfire. Tell them My son! To serve Me is more than education. That is why I told you that if you don't even go to any school, but you do My will, you're more than a champion. Tell them it's not about going to university. I know what I'm saying! It's not about grammar! To serve Me is more than school. It's more than education! If you go to university to become a Pastor, you fail. If you choose to follow Me, you don't even know what you will do that will land you in Hellfire. What are you supposed to do? Fear! Let My fear be in your heart. If that fear is number one, that is it. Let me watch the word I speak; let me watch the food I eat; let me watch the clothes I put on; let me watch the place I go; I don't even know the one I will do that will annoy my Father. As you do that, the Holy Spirit will direct you. Why? Because you have first established My fear in your heart. You cannot do it alone; let Me do it with you. If you're serving Me without the Holy Spirit, you're going to Hellfire. You cannot do My work with flesh. It's more than education! If you don't have money, you can borrow from anybody. My work is not like that. If you commit sin, you alone will pay for your sin. You will suffer for it. After you might have passed away, your children will also suffer from it. It's not like education. If you cannot pay your school fees, you can take a loan from the bank and then pay it later by instalment. My work is not like that.

My son, tell My children that I, the Almighty God beg them in the name of My Son Jesus. All My children to whom the secret of Hellfire was revealed didn't lie. It is the truth! Tell them I Am the Almighty God. I Am the Authority. Any word they read that My Son Jesus showed some of His children isn't a lie; it's the truth. Nobody should use it to eat food. They should not put fire on their bed and lie on it! It's a fire. Which word will I speak to My children for them to understand Me? My son, I don't wish anybody to go to that place. I was the One who created it! I have set My word and will never change it. My son, I know what that place looks like. I don't go there. Only My Son Jesus goes there because He suffered for them. It pains Him whenever He goes there. I Am on My throne, and nothing moves Me. I was the one that created everything. Tell them they should not play with it. Tell them anyone who hears it should print it out and give it to all his children. Those who say they've given their lives to Jesus, whether you're a servant of God or not, whether you're a deaconess or church member, they should go there and print it. I Am the Almighty God.

My son, let Me give you an example. It is Christmas time. Some people are in prison, while some are sick. If you get to where they are, you will feel bad. In another house, there is food everywhere. They are eating and happy. How do you compare it? Both of them are the same human beings. What do you say about it? People are eating and have a surplus. They don't want to eat again because they're tired. Too much enjoyment. But if you see other human beings, they're in sorrow. If you get there, you can't even sit down because of the situation of that place. Everybody is in sorrow on Christmas day. Everywhere is sorrowful. But they're the same human beings as you. What happened? Somebody now explains to you. Yes, in the beginning, we ate well; we abandoned the Father, but those other people did not eat well; they suffered because of the Father; now, we're enjoying our sorrow. My son, that is it. I didn’t say you shouldn’t eat. But you say you're serving Me; you don't count Me as anything. You eat and use it to rub your mouth. You even eat what you shouldn't eat. That is the end! Heaven will reject you whenever you die. I Am the Almighty God.

My son, when you read the message that man published, you're crying. Send this one I'm telling you now to all of them. If anyone goes to that message and speaks nonsense, I will deal with that person. Anybody that goes there and says it's a lie, I will deal with him and his generation. Tell them I will deal with them. I Am the Almighty God. I Am the Great I Am That I Am. I Am the same God of old. The word that comes from Heaven is never a lie. Nobody can formulate that kind of word. They should guide themselves. They should do according to what I tell them to do. It will be good for them before the end of their journey if they do it. They should repent. They should expose everything they know they put in a corner. I have told you before My son. All the deeds they've done, all the money they've given to their children in case they die, they should take everything back and give it to those in need. I know what I'm saying. I Am the Almighty God. I Am the Great Seer. Nothing is hidden from Me. I see everything.

You want to repent; you want to repent. You cannot repent in secret. My son, tell them they should open everything they cover up in a corner. You used somebody's money to build houses, and that person is crying. You're praying that I should forgive you. I will not forgive you until you return the money to that person. Call that person that you're sorry, take your money. Go back and make restitution. If you say, Father, you're sorry, and that person is crying, you have not confessed your sin. What are you supposed to do? Go back and make restitution. You marry a woman, she's giving birth to children for you in the corner, and you're saying I should have mercy. I will not forgive you until you come out openly and renounce that woman and tell her you're sorry, that it's a mistake. Accept the children and send her away. My son, send the message to them now!!! If you're crying there secretly, I will never forgive you. You're wasting your time! My son, tell them the Father says if you know you want to enter Heaven, come out openly. If you know you join a secret cult, go and tell them you don't want to do it again. Return everything you take from them. Empty yourself and let Me fill you again. If you know you want to enter Heaven, if you know you're in a secret cult, if you know you're in witchcraft, you take power from there to work on My children, you should go back and throw it away. You should confess it openly, or else I will not forgive you! You should confess it openly and disgrace that demon. You did it in secret, and all of you must confess it openly! When you gave your life to Jesus, you gave your life to Jesus openly. Why did you give your life to demons secretly and give your life to Jesus openly? You should also come out openly and tell that demon you reject him. If not, I will not forgive you. You’re going to Hellfire whether you're a top Pastor or not. My son, I know what I'm telling you! I Am the One speaking!!! Tell them they should confess openly now before it's too late. Tell them to withdraw all the secret money they gave their children and give it to those in need. But if they say My mouth is smelling, they're going to Hellfire. There should be no trace of evil in them. They should do it now if they want to go to Heaven. Once their heart stops, they cannot repent again, and they're going to Hellfire.

My son, all of them entered many secret cults. Tell them the secret cults they entered! They should go back and renounce everything. It's not to be praying secretly in a corner. They're going to Hellfire unless they confess openly. I Am telling them the solution now. I Am the Almighty God. I cannot finish the work alone. That’s why I use My children in different places. I Am telling them the solution now. They should confess openly! It is a disgrace for them here, but it's a crown for them in Heaven. Tell them I say it's a disgrace for them here on Earth, but it's a crown for them in Heaven. If your congregation scream about it, tell them that yes, the Father touched you; you don't want to go to Hellfire; you want to go to Heaven to rest. My son, tell them they're going to Hellfire if they're ashamed. Nothing will stop them!!! They cannot come to Heaven with that spirit in them. They cannot come to Heaven with 'but'. If you know you keep your girlfriend in a corner, tell the girl you don't want to do it again. If the girl says she will disgrace you, ask her to go ahead that you don't want to do it again. Announce it everywhere, and that demon will go away. My son, tell them that is what I say. I Am the Almighty God.

Without you filtering yourself, death can come at any time. Any alter call of money you made because you needed money in your house, go and confess openly that you're sorry. My son, tell them! If not, their book shall be opened. They're going to Hellfire. Body peppered My children because of unnecessary alter call of money they made. Some of them stopped going to church, and evil befell them because they taxed them money in the church. Tell them they should confess all these openly. If not, they’re going to Hellfire! My son, I told you before that all of them are dirty! My Son Jesus Christ has revealed their names, and now I'm telling them the solution. If they refuse, they're going to Hellfire because the demons will drag them immediately they die because they belong to them. Tell them they should allow people to laugh at them so that they, too, can laugh at the devil. If the congregation wants to leave the church because of this, let them leave. Tell them you're serving your Father, not a human being. Tell them you don't want to go to Hellfire. My son, tell them that if the congregation leaves the church after their confession, let them leave. They should turn to ordinary people because of Me so I can crown them. It's a reality! It's not a lie! I Am the Almighty God. I Am a Holy Father. Evil is an abomination to Me.

Satan will chase you around if you make a slight mistake; imagine what he will do if you sell your soul to demons. You cut your tongue and licked the blood. Some of you made incisions to your tongue so that people will honour any word you speak. My son, tell them I say they made incisions to their tongue and use it to work on My children inside the church. Everybody will begin to run after them, saying 'father, father, father', and they're not running after their Father in Heaven. My son, tell them they should come out openly and confess all these. Do you know the dangerous thing they used in doing those charms for them? They know it! They should confess all. They're not coming to My kingdom. Everything they did is working against My children. Whenever My children see them, fear will grip them. They'll be afraid!!! Whenever they hear their names, My children will begin to run to their church. Are they serving the church, or they're serving the Father? What about holiness? They have so many shrines in the corner. My son, tell them I say they should open up. Tell them I say the ones they put in their tongue, the ones they lick before entering the pulpit; they should confess everything out. If not, they're not coming to Heaven. They're going to Hellfire. It's not about kneeling secretly and crying to the Father for mercy. No!!! They should confess openly! I know they will not do it, and they're going to Hellfire. My Son Jesus Christ has done His own part by exposing their names, but I, the Almighty Father, is the One speaking to you now to tell them. It's not a matter of Father have mercy on me. The demons will not leave them unless they confess it openly. That is why I told you that doing deliverance is very important. As you mention everything you've done, the demons will run away. There is nothing they will use against you anymore. They should go for deliverance. The General Overseer should to for deliverance. The Pope should go for deliverance. The General Superintendent should go for deliverance. The Archbishop should go for deliverance. The Bishop should go for deliverance. Senior Pastor should go for deliverance. The Pastor should go for deliverance! The Pastor should go to a co-pastor who is stronger than him, the one with a clean hand, and confess everything so that he can come to My realm of joy, the realm of peace. If not, he is not coming here. All the work he has done on this Earth is in vain. I Am the Almighty God. I Am the One speaking! I Am the Great I Am That I Am. I Am the Authority. I Am the Ancient of Days. I respect nobody. I don't fear anybody because you're My sons and daughters. As you cook the food, I want you to taste out of it. The food is not just ordinary food. I want you to have peace by the end of the day.

My son, We're watching you as you're working for Me. In this house, sometimes you sleep at 3:00 a.m. We are watching you. There is a time for everything. You will enjoy all these you're doing later. But if you go on your own way, you will not enjoy it. You will also suffer for it. If you do it well for Me, you will enjoy it and have peace. Tell them they should confess openly. My son, they started well, but somebody lured them to do evil. Oh, how do you make it; show me the way. All of them are far away from the Father! All of them should go and confess openly. Whoever does not want to go to Hellfire should confess openly, but whoever wants to go to Hellfire should keep silent. It is too small for you to confess inside your room. The next person will hear and run from evil if you confess openly. That is the reason you must confess. Oh, Pastor John, I didn’t know your wealth is from demons; I will remain as I am. Confess it out!!! If you think I will forgive you if you confess it secretly, you're a liar. I will not forgive you!!! You’re going to Hellfire. Everything you have done has entered the book. Now you have to work to erase it and re-born-again genuinely. You must cleanse yourself again with the blood of Jesus Christ. It is the truth! My son, I told you that all of them are dirty. I know all of them. None of them is clean! Somebody will take some tubers of yam to a Pastor in a remote village, and he'll ask some questions. Why do you give me some tubers of yam; what do you do for a living; where is your farm located? Why will he ask him questions? Because he doesn't want to eat amiss. He doesn't want to eat stolen food. If you don't ask well and eat any stolen food, you're also a thief. Whenever they arrest the person who stole it, he will confess your name, and they will come and arrest you. As a Pastor, you have to ask questions before you eat it. But you did not ask before you ate. You see food anyhow, and you're eating it. You will face the consequences. If the devil gives you food to eat, he will take something away from you. By the end of the day, you will go to Hellfire.

My son, tell them to confess everything openly. If you're the chairman of the whole cult, you must confess it. Confess!!! Or else you're not coming to Me. You’re not working for Me if you refuse to confess. You’re working for yourself. I repeat it: you must renounce all your secret wives. Whether you're a Pastor, a deacon, or a church member, you have secret wives everywhere, but everybody knows you have only one wife. Your secret wives are there producing children for you. You are saying I should have mercy on you. I will not have mercy on you until you renounce those women and their children. Tell them you're sorry. You're not coming here if you don’t renounce them because My Son Jesus Christ died for all of you, and His death will never be in vain. You shall pay for it. I give you peace. 

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"Seek the Lord while He may be found, call upon Him while He is near. Let the wicked forsake his way, and the unrighteous man his thoughts; let him return to the Lord, and He will have mercy on him; and to our God, for He will abundantly pardon." Isaiah 55:6-7

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