My Judgement Is Right And True

The Father speaks

(Sunday 28th June 2020, 11:00)

If you’re a prince and you dress in a tattered garment, if you behave like a prince, people will overlook your tattered garment and respect you like a prince. Every human being on this Earth is valuable to Me. People can be sent to slavery for various reasons. However, wherever you find yourself on this Earth, obey the law of the land. Though you’re a slave; people will respect you because of your character. If you behave yourself and somebody maltreat you because you’re a slave, I Am the Great Judge, and I will judge that person. If you’re a slave and you behave like a slave, whoever has a dirty heart will maltreat you. He can even kill you because his heart is dirty. Now, if you behave like a slave and the other person maltreat you, who is guilty among you? Both of you are guilty! I Am not a blind Father. I look before I judge. I don’t judge as men judge. My judgement is spiritual, and it will manifest physically. I don’t fight a dirty fight. I fight the fight of righteousness. If your generation committed a sin and I uprooted you from the land and dispersed you to live elsewhere, Am I not the Owner of that land? If you understand evil as evil, if you understand sin as sin, if you have My fear and I see that the people of the land want to maltreat you because I dispersed you to live in their land, I will fight for you until you overtake the land from them. Whatever I do, I do it for your own good, not for evil. I Am the Almighty God. I Am the Great I Am That I Am. I Am the Originator and the Controller. I Am the Authority. Jehovah is My name. Nobody has ever fought with Me and win. I Am always a Winner. I Am not a wicked Father. I hate sin. I hate evil. I hate idolatry. I hate witchcraft. Evil is an abomination to Me.

Whatever you know how to do, will I stop you from doing it? I will not stop you! I will not stop you from doing evil because that’s what you love. That’s what you choose. No matter how powerful you think you are, it’s only for a while. It’s only for a while because one day, you’ll die. You will die, and you cannot cheat death. If you die, I can decide to send you to this heart to suffer the consequence of your evil. Yes! That’s what I can do! All of you celebrate your dead soldiers every year. All of you are foolish! The soldiers you’re celebrating, many of them are on this Earth right now suffering for what they did during the war. I sent some of them back as black men to live in remote places in Africa. I sent some back to live in Asia. They're all there suffering while you’re celebrating what you don’t know. I Am the Almighty God. Nobody understands My ways. That’s why I said all of you are living in the dark. As long you’re a human being on this Earth, you’re living in the dark because you cannot see what controls the Earth in which you live. The best thing all of you can do for yourself is to live your life in My fear. That's all. If you do more than yourself, you’ll suffer for it. If you’re a rich man and you’re tormenting people because of your wealth, I will send you back to this Earth as a poor man, and you’ll live all your life in abject poverty. I Am the Almighty God. I Am a Mystery. Nobody will dictate for Me how to run My Kingdom. This Earth is My farm, and I plant and uproot every day by day. I said it before that I will uproot many of you from this Earth because you’re evil, and you also produced evil fruits. I cannot eat any of you. Both you and your children are a bad investment.

If your land is good and people come to you seeking for a greener pasture, and you maltreat them, do you know what will happen to your children tomorrow? If your land is good, prospering, you’re like a king. You are a winner. If you don’t have My fear and you treat whoever comes to you harshly, I will judge you. You must know that the Earth is Mine and I can move My glory to wherever I choose. I love holiness. I hate evil. If I bless you, and you think you’re wise and begin to do evil, I will take My glory away from you and move it elsewhere. If all of you are not foolish, look at the history of this Earth and tell Me which kingdom lasts forever. I have elevated kingdoms and brought them down. I Am the One! I enthrone and dethrone. Nobody dares ask Me any question. When I entered the heart of Nebuchadnezzar to capture My children, didn’t I punish him for his sins? What did I do to his people? What happened to the land in the end? I installed Spirits to monitor the affairs of every nation and tribe. If they do more than themselves, I will judge them. All of you will see the impact physically. Where two elephants fight, the grass will suffer the consequence. All of you are like grass.

I have raised kingdoms in the same Africa most of you call a dark continent before. What do you know? What do you know? Because I blessed you, you’re celebrating what I hate. You're celebrating abominations everywhere. Your children will go and serve those you call your slaves. I Am the Almighty God. I did it before, and I will do it again. Whenever it happens, your children will lament because you brought evil upon them. Instead of you to show everyone that comes to your country My way, you only show them the way of evil. You think you can spit on My face and go free. Why won’t I disown you? I will disown you and make you pass through horror like others. When I laid a curse upon the children of Israel, many of them roasted their children to eat because there was no food. All of you look at yourself as winners today. Didn’t your fathers tell you what they passed through during World War Two? How was the aftermath of the war? There was no food for them to eat. They ate dead bodies across the whole of Europe. Some of them are still alive, and you can ask them what happened. How many years now that all of you quickly forgot your pains? Another one greater than this is coming to hit all of you.

If you have a brain, why can’t you ask yourself questions? These people are human beings like us. Though the colour of their skin is different from ours, they’re human beings like us. We have two eyes, two ears, two hands, two legs. They have everything we have in our body. Though our hair is long, theirs is short. We are all the same. Why did our Father allow us to take them as slaves? If our Father could allow us to take them as slaves, we will be very careful not to offend Him, so that our Father will not do to us what He did to these people. If we offend our Father, He will also send us to slavery. None of you has a brain to think that what’s good for the freeborn is also good for the slave. Did I create any of you to be a slave? If your forefathers committed sins, you, their children would suffer the consequence of their sins. That’s why slavery comes in! What happened to Jacob and his children? He committed sin against his brother and father while he carried his children in his loins. The children he would have had through one woman, he had them through four women. His sin led his children to slavery. No matter how wealthy a nation may be, I can bring her down in the twinkling of an eye because of abominations. All of you begin to serve evil because you think you’re comfortable, and nothing can pull you down. Who created you? Who owns you? Am I not the Creator? Am I not your Owner? I Am the Creator. I Am your Owner. I can do to you whatever I like. Why should I punish you? Am I a wicked Father? I will punish you because you’re wicked. If your life is good, don’t forget there is another side of the coin. If I flip it over, you’ll see the other side of life. Right now, you’re a champion. Others are looking onto you. When the time comes, you will also look onto others. Then you’ll know that I Am the Almighty God of old.

I Am the Almighty God, and I want to do what I’ve never done since I created this Earth. I Am the Owner of every land, and I can do whatever I like to all of you because you provoke Me to anger. Who is the Owner of Tsunami? Who is the Owner of Hurricane? Am I not the Owner? I Am the One! If I tell the spirits that hold water from flooding your land to remove their hands, what will happen? They cannot reject My biding. They will surrender to My call because I created all of them. If I tell them to remove their hands because I want to act, they will surrender. Water will kill those it wants to kill, and the remaining ones will run elsewhere to live. I can cause the grass to grow in your streets overnight. I told you before that I can use anything to fight all of you. I can rain down brimstone on your aircraft, and there will be a disaster everywhere. All of you haven’t seen anything yet.

If your way is pure and holy, will I trouble you? Will I trouble Myself every day? You will have peace, and I will have peace also. All of you are like a child who says his mother will not sleep. Will that child sleep? He will not sleep! As you say you’ll not allow Me to have peace, you will not have peace also. If I trouble Myself every day because I love you, because I don’t want any evil to befall you, and you think you know more than Me, I will make you see the other side of life. Then you’ll know that a father will always be a father. No matter how a son has experience of life, he cannot compare his experience with that of his father. I Am the Almighty God. I Am a Father of fathers. If any man or nation lives contrary to My Law, that man or nation will see My wrath.

If I value you, I also value your children and their generation. But if you sow evil seed, who will eat the fruits? Both you and your children will eat them. If you sow a seed and it germinates, after you’ve eaten its fruits and you’re tired, you can decide to cut it off as you wish. Why? Because you planted it? It’s your property! Evil is not like that. Evil is not like that because it’s a spirit. If you sow an evil seed, until you and your generation die out, all of you will live to face the consequence. But you should ask Me one question. Did all of them sow the evil seed? No! One man sowed the seed. Why should everybody suffer for it? Because that’s how I set everything from the beginning, and I cannot revoke it because of you. I did everything for your own good, not for evil. But since you choose to do evil, evil will never depart from you also.

If I created one-hundred glorious children today, I make sure I scatter them around. None of them can choose where they want to go. But if I give you a glorious child and your hand is not clean, what will happen to that child? That means he will come to suffer what he doesn’t know. Many of you, Satan used your own hands to destroy your children. They’ll begin to suffer right from the beginning of their lives. Some of you, Satan opens the door of evil to you every day, and you enter willingly. As a man, if you’re into fraud, you’re happy because you have what you want. But can you dupe anybody? The money you think you’re taking from people either physically or spiritually is not their money; it’s your own money. How is it your own money? Satan knows that if you cheat somebody, if you defraud somebody, your children will suffer the consequence. What does he do to you? He’ll put the spirit of greed in you so he could destroy your generation. If you defraud anybody, you only defraud yourself. The money you take from that person isn’t his money but your own money. You will spend your own money and spend the money of your unborn generation. Your unborn generation will come to live an empty life. Either you defraud people physically or spiritually, both carry the same consequence. Through this, all of you will know it doesn’t pay to do evil. And if you think you can live your life as you like and die, that nothing concerns you afterwards, you lie. Who told you nothing concerns you? It concerns you more than every member of your generation. You're the mastermind behind it; therefore, you’ll have the bigger share of the punishment because you’ll come back to live through the same generation again. And if I want to give you extra punishment, I can change your skin colour in your next life and send you to a remote place on this Earth where hardship and suffering will be your daily bread. Am I a wicked Father? I Am not a wicked Father! You only suffer the consequence of your action. I said it before that no sinner will go unpunished.

As My servant, whenever you gather My children together, I expect you to preach holiness to them so they can come to Heaven. But what did you do? You fed all of them with lies. You made them to be comfortable inside sin. My Son Jesus is working tirelessly every day just to take a remnant to Heaven. He told you to forget about your sins that He’ll forgive you. You said no, that you’d gone too far. He said: “Come, I will forgive you all your sins. You have preached lies to My children. Change your message now so that both you and them can come to Heaven.” You said no, that you’d gone too far. My son, My servants prepare themselves for the day of My wrath. If Lucifer himself becomes your bodyguard, can he save you from My wrath? He cannot save you because he too has My fear. He will run for his dare life because He knows Me more than you do. All of you have eaten poison and vomiting it becomes difficult for you. My son, fresh leaves will burn! Fresh leaves will burn, and you know what that means. If I send you a message and you think you can go on your own way, I will deal with all of you more than you can ever imagine. When My son Jonah ran away from delivering My message, what did I do to him? I commanded a fish to swallow him! How much more all of you that have shed innocent blood everywhere. Yet, My Son and I keep calling you to come back, but you refuse because you think you can buy death. You’re only joking because sooner or later, you’ll die. Those of you who went under the sea to acquire power cannot live with them there because you were born as a human being. They will reject you because you’re not a fish but human being. All of you don’t know what you’ve put yourselves.

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"Seek the Lord while He may be found, call upon Him while He is near. Let the wicked forsake his way, and the unrighteous man his thoughts; let him return to the Lord, and He will have mercy on him; and to our God, for He will abundantly pardon." Isaiah 55:6-7

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