My Wrath Is Kindled

The Father speaks

(Sunday 1st August 2021, 10:15)

Nothing concerns Me, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit. We are the solution to every trouble. You abandoned Us and said you want to go on your own way. We give you the solution to whatever your problem may be. Every one of you uses your hand to cause harm everywhere. You deviated away from My way, the way of the Creator. Has any of you seen Me before? How many years now this Earth has been in existence? How many people have I sent to live on this Earth? Some of them lived and lived until they couldn’t live anymore. They died a natural death in a very ripe old age. No matter how old they were, they still left the Earth. They abandoned the Earth. How much more you! All of you have cut short your life. None of you lives to old age anymore because you put your hands in different things. Yet, you claim there is no God. If your heart stops beating, you’re a dead man. All of you are proud, fighting with Almighty God. All of you are fighting with the Owner of the Earth. Even those of you who call yourself Christians don’t believe in Me. Even when you read what happened to the people of old in the Bible, what My children passed through, yet, you don’t believe. All these things should teach all of you lessons and be very careful how you live your life. But you read the Bible as if you read a novel. The Bible is the life of every one of you. When everything begins to shake and mix together, none of you will have the chance to do anything anymore. All of you will never escape My wrath. All of you!!! I Am angry!!! Jehovah God Almighty is angry! The Creator of the universe is angry! The Creator of good and evil is angry! The Creator of light and darkness is angry! The Creator of everything is angry! There is nothing any one of you can do! Every one of you will suffer for it. I Am the Owner. I can do the Earth the way I want to do it. If the worst comes, I will prepare a place to put the few who cry to Me. Before the time comes, because I have brought Jesus Christ to this Earth, I will not do it the way I did it in the time of old. Every one of you will suffer!

If you’re cooking in your kitchen and fire burns your finger, how will you feel? You’re on this Earth; all of you will face the fire. I, Almighty God, The Great I Am That I Am, the Ancient of Days, the Mighty-Man-In-Battle, will not pity any of you. I will punish all of you. Many of you will kill yourself with your own hands. None of you has seen anything yet. My son, tell them that a lot is coming. A lot is coming! A lot is coming because you said you’ll not remove your hand from evil. Evil will begin to befall you everywhere. My son, tell them they’ve not shed tears yet. I Am not Satan. I Am not a demon. I Am the Almighty God, the Owner of this Earth. All of you have looked for My trouble, and you’ll see it. You want to fight with Me, and you’ll see it. Do you know how I created the Earth? Do you know from where I brought the sand to create the Earth? Do you know how I created it? Listen! Obedience is better than sacrifice!!! All of you should go and make amends. Anyone among you who knows he has ears and has given his life to Jesus Christ should go and enter his closet and begin to ask for forgiveness for all the sins he has committed. All the sin you’ve committed is in your brain; you know it so that the day any calamity will fall, you will not partake from it. No matter how you built your house, I will pull it down even though you use the strongest steel to build its pillars. I will uproot it and use it to kill all of you. I Am the Almighty God. Who do all of you think I Am? I Am speaking and speaking, but all of you think it’s a joking matter. My son, I told you everything that will happen on this Earth. I told you before! Everything they put their trust, everything they put their power, who owns it? I Am the Owner.

There is a way you’ll do a palm tree in the forest that it’ll turn into food and money for you. You can turn it into anything. I didn’t say you should come and bow down to Me because of that. I Am saying to all of you that if you remove your hands from sin, you’ll eat the good of the land. That’s what I, Jehovah God Almighty, have been crying about since the beginning and still crying until today. Sin, sin, sin! Whoever commits sin does himself evil. Whoever commits sin uses his own hand to call his death. You invite death to follow you everywhere you go. You cut short of the glory of God in you. You open the door for sickness to live in your body. You’re a dead person. You’re no longer sons and daughters of Almighty God anymore because I don’t deal with sick people. I Am a Holy Father. If I see it in you, I will abandon you. Every one of you with one defect or another is not from Me. You know what that means. A child of God is hale and hearty because your body is My temple. Why does sickness dwell in your body? Everything all of you put your trust in will go. You know how to study from A to Z. All of you don’t know anything. You want to engage Me in battle, and you’ll see it. You’ve called for My trouble, and you’ll see it. It will not happen in one form but in different forms. I said it before that I have prepared for the calamity that will befall each nation. One country own may be flooding; another may be famine. Yours may be a storm or any form of disaster. Yours may be a fire or any form of an epidemic. Who is the solution? Before it gets to a stage where all of you will begin to seek a solution, many things might have happened. Many lives might have gone. What concerns Me? Am I not the One that created all of you? Am I not the One that knows how I settle your Spirit? What concerns Me? You’re the one that lost the glory. You’re the one that lost the enjoyment. You’re the one that lost the peace. What concerns Me? As Heaven is higher than the Earth, I Am also higher than every one of you. Even the Angels, the least Angels, are higher than every one of you because of your sin. At the initial stage, I chose you before the Angels. What happened? You lost your position because of your sin. Now, Angels are superior to you because they didn’t commit any sin. And if you compare an Angel with you, he’s more fragile. All of you are sinners! Every one of you on this Earth is a sinner, not just a sinner, a chronic sinner.

All of you will begin to argue with Me. If you argue with Me and disaster befalls you, who will you ask for the solution? Come and ask Me! Who will rescue you? Who will atone for you? You’re cursing Jesus Christ every day. You turned Him into your toothpick. His blood is there flowing every day. Let Me tell all of you what you don’t understand. If you don’t believe in the blood, it can never work for you. That’s what is called an intentional sin. Every one of you is committing an intentional sin. Therefore, the blood of Jesus Christ cannot work for you. You don’t value it because you get it for free. Can you afford it if I ask you to buy Me a bull or cow that I want to use its blood to atone for your sin? Can you compare the blood of a cow to the blood of Jesus Christ? But if they give you a cow, you’ll respect it more than Jesus Christ. All of you are failures! You exchanged your body with demons. You exchanged your glory with the things of this Earth because of what you want to eat, because of what you want to drive, because of what you want to build. If the wind comes, what happens to your cars and houses? All of you haven’t seen anything. Your cars will flow on top of the water like cans of coke. If somebody asks you to give an account of how you bought your cars, people will never believe it. You traded the lives of human beings to buy cars. You traded the lives of human beings to build houses. You have neither fear nor truth in you. You don’t know that you’re terrorising somebody. You don’t know you’re troubling somebody. You don’t know you’re troubling the foundation of somebody. I said it before that I didn’t just put you on this Earth to live. I handed you over to those who would care for you. Your sin will make these people run away from you. I said it before, and I say it again and again. What then is the solution? How can you go back to the foundation when you don’t believe in Me?

All of you know the truth, yet the truth doesn’t set you free because you know what you’re doing. The blood of Jesus Christ isn’t ordinary blood that you call anyhow. Until your faith and belief are higher than seventy percent, that’s the only way Jesus Christ will answer you. When He healed and delivered you with your thirty percent belief, what happened? You went back into sin again. The same belief that will make you enter Heaven will also give you peace on this Earth. My son, tell them that the exact measurement that will make them enter Heaven will also give them peace on this Earth. If not, you’ll partake from whatever calamity that happens on this Earth. The same belief that will make you remove your hands from sin because you want to go to Heaven, the same belief will make you and your household see peace on this Earth. All of you have told Me to go ahead of you that you’re coming behind Me. After I healed you, you’ll go back into sin again. I heal you every day, and you commit sin every day. Now, you’ll use your hand to deliver and heal yourself. The time of pity is over! Some of you, Jesus Christ healed you on your sickbed, and you saw Him. After He healed you, you went back into sin again. You thought He’ll come back and heal you again. You think the sin you committed affects you alone. No! It affects everybody around you. That’s why you see chains of evil everywhere. Many of them who migrated from any part of the world to Europe polluted the land with their demons. I Am the Almighty God. What I said will never happen in Britain anymore is happening again. If I open your eyes to see the demons in this country, you’ll never believe. The demons from Africa and Asia begin to teach the demons here what to do. The same thing you’re doing that turned your life upside down and made you wandered here to live; you used it to destroy their lives here. Why? Because they failed to follow the Law I gave to them. When they failed to implement it, the law of demons overpowers them. I Am the Almighty God, and I know what I Am saying.

On this Earth, where is the city of refuge I created? Where is safe now? This land is not safe anymore. I used this land as a city of refuge. I banished every evil from coming here so that if every one of you run here to live, whatever is chasing you in your land both physically and spiritually will not trouble you again when you enter this land. You’ll live in peace. Whatever you’re doing in your country, if you run here to live and nobody is doing it, everything will disappear, and you’ll live in peace. What happened now? When the spirits are angry everywhere, who will atone for them? You said there is no God. I know right from the beginning that My children are stubborn. They must cause the spirits to anger. But I Am the One that will atone for them. Now that you said there is no God, who will atone for the spirits when they come? You’ll begin to blame human beings like you. Oh, he didn’t tell us that flood is coming; he didn’t tell us that tsunami is coming. If there is no flood, but an ordinary storm kills you, what will you do? What about the air you breathe? If it kills you because it’s mixed with a chemical, from where comes the chemical? If you sleep and fail to wake up, who will you blame? All of you are in trouble. Those who’re killing people with their hands think they’re just doing it. They don’t know that the sin of the land is the one pushing them to do it. If you’re doing evil in a land where your wife, children, parents, brothers, sisters, in-laws live, you think you’re just doing it with your heart. The demons of the land enter you to act! All of you can see how wicked sin is.

I Am the Almighty God and the Owner of this Earth. I will use everything to fight all of you. I will invoke all the demons to fight the nations that claimed I don’t exist. I will wake up all the demons to fight Britain and America. If there is a war in any land, they know how to send their aircraft to bring back their citizens. This time around, they will put down aircraft freely for people to leave and go back to their country. Their own citizens will follow them as well because the land will become unliveable anymore. Come, go to wherever you want to go; we don’t know what’s happening in our land; go and live anywhere you want to live. Do you know more than Me? I Am the Creator of this Earth.

Right from the beginning, before the Bible came, many of My children testified to what I did for them. Through what I did for them, that’s when they began to speak out. I told you before that many things happened which were not documented. Nothing was fake. This is the true life of Almighty God. Out of the true life I gave to all of you, you say there is no God because of overjoying. If I remove My hand from this Earth, can you stay here to live? My son, ask them the meaning of climate change. What is the meaning of climate change? I, Jehovah God Almighty, say the sin you commit every day is overpowering the spirits I asked to take care of all of you. As your room is, so is the Earth. If the sins on the Earth overpower it, what happens? You that live in it will be tormented. Different things will begin to happen to all of you. What is climate change? I want all of you to tell Me. I created the fish to live inside the ocean. It will never leave there and come to live on the land. Did the fish leave the sea to come to you? I Am asking all of you questions!!! You carried yourself from the land and went to the fish in the ocean. You put your hands in every abomination upon abomination. And you think this Earth will be a peaceful place for all of you to live. The judgement on the ground now isn’t for only one country or continent. Whatever happens in your land, you’ll accept it like that. If it is death, you’ll take it like that. You know where you’re going if you die. The Earth is Mine and everything in it.

When I destroyed the Earth with flood and spared Noah and his family, Satan entered him and committed sin. I turned to Abraham and Sarah. Satan deceived Sarah, and she committed unintentional sin through Hagar. That’s where sin entered the children of Israel. Because of this, I knew the children were innocent of what happened; I went and brought them out of the land of Egypt. It wasn’t easy! With their load of sins, I still brought them out through the Red Sea. I told Satan that I have more power than him. How did Joseph go to Egypt? His brothers sold him because of the load of sin his father committed! I called Abraham and gave him Isaac that this Earth will populate with holiness for a very long time. But right there, before Isaac came out, the womb of Sarah carried sin through Hagar. Sin went forth before Isaac. If a man committed sin, his wife also committed sin automatically. Abraham slept with Hagar, and this also affected Sarah. Sarah shared from the sin of Abraham. Sin went forth before Abraham and Sarah before the birth of Isaac because Ishmael was born before Isaac. The ground upon which Ishmael was born wasn’t My will. It was the will of the demon. He polluted them! That’s what happened to Isaac. The children of Isaac were born in sin. Though he was an Angel, but no matter how you’re an Angel, somebody must bring you out in the flesh. Before he was born, sin went before him. He brought out Jacob and Esau in sin. You must also know the life of Rebecca. Everything connected together. If you put petrol in a car and little water is mixed with it, this water will not cause the engine to knock because it’s a small quantity. In a situation where the water is more than the petrol, the engine will knock automatically. Satan knows they will live their lives in sin. My son, tell them. In the whole Earth, the first thing every one of you should know is the word of holiness because that will take you to where you’re going. Either you’re born to be a mechanic or pilot, and if you fail to hold on to the word of holiness and run away from sin, you cannot be what I want you to be on this Earth. Run away from sin and embrace holiness. That’s the only way the word of God will come to pass in every of your destiny on this Earth.

In Nigeria, all of you are blaming Burahi, blaming everybody. All of you should open your hands and see what’s there. Things don’t just happen!!! Sin has ravaged the Earth. Sin has taken over everywhere. Right from the beginning, I Am never afraid. If one is down, I will use another one to raise him up. Who will I use to raise another one up now? You that gather people together in the church, the sin inside the church is more than anything. Who will I use to heal? Who will I use to deliver? I cannot change My Word because sin is an abomination to Me. I cannot use Myself to exchange My Word. I must use somebody to heal you. If you gave your life to Jesus Christ and your problem doesn’t solve, can’t you know something is wrong somewhere? Because Jesus Christ is My last hope on this Earth! No single sin was found in Him. At the mention of the name of Jesus Christ, every knee must bow, including Lucifer himself. Lucifer is a brother to Jesus Christ. Both of Them came out of the same womb. He is a human being like you. He carries the spirit I don’t want. That’s why I put him in a corner. If I open your eyes to see Lucifer, he looks exactly like Jesus Christ. They are similar in appearance, but Their mission is different from each other because of disobedience. Do you think it doesn’t pain Me? Who do you think I Am? I Am a Human Being like every one of you! I Am also a Spirit. To whom will you appeal if the greatest judge in a country judges a case and you say you want to appeal? Because I speak the final word concerning holiness, and you don’t want to hear. Who will rescue you if disaster comes? If you go back to your Bible, you can learn from the story of Daniel, Shadrach, Meshack, and Abednego. Why didn’t lions eat Daniel? Why didn’t a fire burn Shadrach, Meshack, and Abednego? As wicked as fire is, it bowed down to Shadrach, Meshack, and Abednego. Lions bowed down to Daniel. If you’re on this Earth and you’re doing evil, if they’re clapping hands for you, the owner of the evil will come to you because you’ll pay for it. I hate evil! On this Earth, those who say they know Me don’t believe in Me. Those who believe in Me go their own way. What then do you want Me to do? Every one of you will manage whatever he sees every day by day. I can use anything to fight all of you, including the sun and the moon. I can use anything to fight all of you because I surround you with what will kill you, and you don’t even know. The sun you enjoy every day, I can use it to kill all of you. I can use darkness to kill you at night. I Am the Almighty God. None of you knows Me and what I can do.

The spirit of evil is hidden; whatever I speak to them, that’s what they’ll hear; nobody will know that I’m the one doing it. If all of you read your Bible and do accordingly, you’ll know that the Pastor in whom you put your trust is an evil man. But the Spirit cannot work for you because of your sin. Until your Spirit is alive, even though I created you to be a Prophet, if the Spirit of holiness in you doesn’t exceed the spirit of sin, you’ll only prophesy lies. Every word that comes out of your mouth will be lies. Demons will pass through your mouth to prophesy lies. When Jesus Christ was coming to this Earth, I didn’t disclose everything to Him. When they were looking for any law to trap Him, He neither sells nor buys, but they’re asking Him to come and pay tax. How will somebody who neither sells nor buys pay tax? Didn’t they know that He has no earthly work? But they wanted to trap Him down with the law. What did He tell them? He brought out money from inside a fish in the water. My question to all of you is this: If He had wanted to be a billionaire on this Earth, would it have been hard for Him? He only came to rescue all of you, not because of the things of this Earth. Why can’t all of you emulate Him? Why can’t you put Him into practice about holiness? The wealth of this Earth is nothing. Do everything happily and genuinely, not in a sinful way.

If you carry your bag to go to the market, you may not come back home anymore. As long you’re no more on this Earth, Satan cannot use your body to pollute another person anymore. Death can come in various ways. You’re blaming China for Corona Virus. Who will you blame for floods, earthquakes, and tsunami? Who will you blame for the fire? I Am He who created darkness and light. Disaster is not far from My reach. All of you will receive what you deserve because you’re carriers of demons. 

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"Seek the Lord while He may be found, call upon Him while He is near. Let the wicked forsake his way, and the unrighteous man his thoughts; let him return to the Lord, and He will have mercy on him; and to our God, for He will abundantly pardon." Isaiah 55:6-7

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