New Year, New Resolution

The Father speaks

(Saturday 1st January 2011, 00:00)

How I wish! How I wish all of them were clean as they gathered together today. Look at the crowd, My son. Look at them everywhere. You don't see what I see, My son. When you're praising Me, I just keep quiet, looking at all of them everywhere. What can I use to describe them now? What can I use for you to understand who they are? Am I an evil Father? Am I a wicked Father? Why are they deceiving themselves? I have told you before that if you don't even go anywhere, I will come and visit you at your house. It's your heart I need. For you to travel around everywhere crying to Me, is that what will make Me answer you? Am I the One doing you, or you're the one doing yourself? There is a time for everything. This is a New Year and a New Resolution! What you sow is what you'll reap. If you sow good, you will reap it; if you sow evil, you will reap it as well. It's not by crying; it's not by praying. I'm just telling you again. I have told you before. Every message I'm telling you is about holiness. I have no other message to tell you. That is what I need. That is My food. Holiness will bring My children to Me. It's holiness I need!

You're praying and crying, and you're doing what you're not supposed to do. What are you saying? Is it My fault? This is a new era again. I will not do it! It's like a bridegroom who took his bride to the altar. When they asked him all the words of the vow, he said yes, I do. He swore that he would do. At the end of the day, something little just happened, and he said he didn't want anymore. You have sworn! Then what happened! Will you do it; yes, I'll do it. Do you think you just made all the vows you made? Something little just happened, and you said you wouldn't do anymore. You forgot the day you were taking the oath. You see this Word (The Bible) they carry; if they know what it contains, they'll not behave anyhow. Yes, if they know what is there because I'm the One in this Book. Some of them use it to clean at home. They use it to do whatever they want to do. If they know what is there! My son, this Book you're looking at, as from today, respect it. It's not a book; it's Me. Carry it like an egg. Don't do it anyhow. If you throw it anywhere, you throw Me anywhere. If you can respect Me, respect it. You see this Word; it can never destroy. In ages to come, the word will still be there. In many generations to come, My word will never change. Nobody can change Me. They're celebrating New Year every time, have you changed your mind! They celebrate New Year every twelve months. Here, happy New Year! At the end of the day, you'll go back to the same thing. As the year is changing, why can't you change your clothes; why can't you change your character; why can't you change your mind! It's the same thing every year. I didn't want to speak before. I wanted Us to enter the New Year before I speak. We have entered the year now. Just give some of My children today. All of them were crying; they said if they do it again, I should punish them. If I say I should do as they said exactly, they will all die! They were praying and swearing that they would never go back again, that if they should go back, I should destroy them. I Am not the One that will destroy them. As they were swearing, somebody was there watching them. He will be the one to destroy them, not Me. I can forgive them, but somebody is there who will never forgive them. Many of them were swearing! I will never do it again; have mercy; if I do it again, punish me; I will never do it again; for You to spare my life, I will not do it again. Before two weeks, go and see them. They will go back to their old ways again. After all, our Father is a merciful God. Then, later you'll say somebody is doing you. Most of them took permission from their work. They didn't go to work. If they can do that for Me ordinary day, will I trouble My heart? I will be happy, My son. Is it not the work they've been going all these days? I Am telling you, My son; most of them left their work; they said they wouldn't go to work today because they want to enter the New Year. Is it by your power you enter the New Year? If I wanted to finish you since, couldn't I do it? Why are you deceiving yourself, or I'm the One deceiving you? Am I a kid or a baby? They're deceiving themselves, not Me, not Me at all. They're deceiving themselves! Here, happy New Year, Happy New Year! However, you remain the same thing. Can't you ask yourself the question? Last year I celebrated it, and I remained the same; the things I said I wouldn't do, I'm still doing them; why! Can't you ask yourself the question? Is it what you want to eat? Is it the cloth you want to wear? However, death is real. Isn't it? You can neither promote nor demote it. No matter how you do it, nobody will take it away from you. It's real! As the year goes, as you're celebrating New Year, that's how your time is approaching. That word We're saying, that place We're always talking about, you cannot dodge it, you cannot adjust it. You cannot turn back the hand of the clock. You will go to that place. That journey will come. Will you tell Me you don't have My knowledge? What is this? Do you know this Book? Yes, you're a Christian. Don't tell Me you don't know it.

My son, if you see crowds of people, if you can see as My children gather together, most of them are clean today, and I'm happy. I see them; many of them are clean. Most of them said they would never go back to their evil way again. Just give them two weeks. They will never drink again; they will never smoke again; they will never run after women again; they will never tell lies again; they will never do a lot of things they're doing again. Today, they drop everything. Just give them two months, I just say two months, come and see, you will begin to hear. I Am the One speaking to you to know how weak they are.

You see all of them that evil is befalling, just little thing, they will fail; it's their handwork that is befalling them. That thing (Satan) is stronger than them; he will challenge them. He will just push them, and they'll fall. Why? Because they are weak and empty. There is nothing in them! However, if you are full, if you are full like My son, no evil will penetrate. That is why I'm telling you every day because the more you're committing sin, it's like you're weakening the body. I Am telling you what is happening here on Earth. I haven't told you what will happen where you're going. Immediately the devil pushes you; you're on the ground because your body is weak. If they see you're full, you will bounce; they will find no way to enter you when they come. When people say something is happening, when the devil comes, he will not see anywhere to enter you because you're full. I didn't create this world for evil to befall My children. It's the handwork of the devil. My children fall into his category, all of them!

My son, tell them. Tell all of them they should remember today. Most of them vowed today. They should not go back to their vomit. If they go back, they can't face the consequence. All of them should remember today. All they said they would not do, I have forgiven them. If they go back again, they'll face the consequence. If your house is dirty, you'll clean it. If you clean it, it will be cleaned. If you now go and bring back the dirt again from where you put it, the house will become dirty again. All of them should remember today! It's very bad for you to say I will not do this thing again and you go back. When you're speaking, you're not just speaking because a curse follows it. If you're praying and crying, the Angels are there, and they'll stamp it. If you go back again, it's enough for you to fall sick, even to die. You swear that you don't want to go back, but you go back. Let them know! It's a message! They should remember today. All of them that went to church and swore, they should remember today.

I Am a merciful Father, I Am not a wicked Father; but you're the one that opened your mouth and swore. Was it Me? You're the one that spoke by yourself; it's not Me. As you're praying it from your mouth, that is how the Angels stamped it for you. Everything you prayed for, they stamped it. If I'm lying, why is it that when somebody is after your life, you call upon the fire, and that fire makes that person run away? It's the same with the ones you pray for yourself too. It's from the same mouth. It's Me you're talking to. I Am not a wicked Father, but there is somebody there watching you who wants to pick the wrong side of it and use it against you. As you go back again, everything you've unloosed will return to you again. If you're drinking, through drinking, affliction will enter your life. If you turn back, the affliction will stop. But then again, if you go back to it, the affliction will come back worse than the former. The second time is the tough one!

My son, while I'm speaking to you one-on-one, nobody knows what is going on. Later they will say it's what you think in your heart. It's what he just suggests in his heart. It's not God who spoke to him. They know you're telling the truth! Can you think of all these by yourself? It's his opinion; don't mind him; what does he know! I Am just telling you. Was he the one who started it; let me hear word; those who started it before, where are they; are they not the ones running after money now? Were they there when God was speaking to you in secret? But you know it.

Whatever name they call you, take it. This is a new year, and there is no nonsense. Be focussed and prayerful. Be looking at where you're going. Don't let anybody distract you. They don't know where you're hearing from your Father. They don't know when; they don't know how. But you know when We're communicating together. They cannot understand. It's his opinion! If they can do it, let them do it by themselves. Do they think it's easy? Please, let me hear word. When? Now! When are We going to get there? Now, very soon. I mean every word I speak to you in this house.

There was a time I told you that there would be a lot of food, but there won't be money to buy it. When? It's now! I said the evil rain would fall; it would fall in different dimensions. My son, I know that you know My value; that's why I speak My word. Any word I speak, you record it and work over it. I don't speak anyhow. Every word I speak must come to pass. It must come to pass!

Remember me,
Remember me,
Remember me, O Lord.

That is your song this year. Six people may be inside the house; when evil happens, it will take four away. Those who trust in Me, I will shelter them. I have told you before. Something is going to happen. Many people are very angry. Some will begin to destroy themselves. They have nowhere to go. They have no job; there is no way to follow. They don't know Me. They will take their lives. I told you; remember me, O Lord. Always sing it. Remember me; remember me, my Father. I told you a lot, My son; these people will begin to think how they will do it. The more they cut, the tighter things will become. Don't worry; you will not be hungry. Just let your heart be in Me. Do the one I asked you to do. You will be looking at them. The world is Mine! It belongs to Me. Do they know where I live? My Father is there in Heaven! Yes, I Am there, but at the same time, I Am here on Earth all the time because My children are here. I see everything they're doing. They don't know, but you know it. He is there! So they do whatever they want to do, and they don't know I'm with them. I Am with them. How? Yes, ask Me. You know Me; you know My name. He is there! Everything you're doing, it's Me. I did good; they spoilt all My handwork. They will receive the punishment. Now, if somebody tells them to experience Me, they will say the person is crazy. Let everybody experience Me; they will have peace. If somebody tells them this, they will say he's foolish. They will give that person a name. Leave them alone! They are the ones that created themselves. If somebody is sick, they diagnose it, but they can't find anything, they don't know where the sickness is coming from, but he's dying gradually; don't you know that the illness is very strong? Am I a talkative? It's very, very hard. My son, you know it. Am I lying? You know it. What do they know? What do they know? Can they be educated more than Me? Can they rule more than Me? They're just causing confusion. If they're not careful, it's like a play now; they will begin to destroy themselves. Don't worry! What do they know? Now, many people will suffer hunger. This is the beginning of the problem. They've eaten up their savings, and the source the money is coming from is gone. Everybody will begin to tighten up. We shall see. We shall see.

In the days of manna, were they the ones that cooked the food? Did they know how I managed to bring it down? Was anything too hard for Me to do? Let them experience Me first. Let them suffer. They have not seen anything! What do they know? My early children honoured Me, they knew Me, gave Me My honour, and knew I was their God, and everything went smoothly for them. Look at all these; they turned everything upside-down. They don't know Me. They said they're the ones that created themselves. They don't even know anything concerning Me. They begin to say a lot of things. They're just lying. It is a lie! You know the secret, My son. Let peace rain in you. Now, everybody is very hot. A lot of things will begin to happen. Many of them will begin to take their lives because they've not gone through this kind of experience before. A lot of things will happen. I have told you before that they will know Me in a hard way.
I walk everywhere. I tour everywhere. They don't see Me, but I see them.

What do you want to tell Me? Do you think you know more than Me? They turned everything upside-down. Is it because they have enough to eat? What will they do if they don't see any food to eat? My son, two men are husband and wife. They give them the go-ahead to marry. You know what that means. My son, it is irritating Me. They don't know where they missed it. However, you and I know. They don't count it as anything, but it's more than an abomination. You know what I did in the time of old. You know it! There are just a few of My faithful children. They choose Me that it's only My Father I will trust; it's only my Father I will reverence; if I don't see any food to eat, I'm going to meet Him; this place is not my own. They are still faithful. Nobody listens to them whenever they're speaking; they don't count it as anything; just like you too. A time is coming; they will know you. Nobody knows them. They have no rank, nobody knows them, but I know them. You that they know, you're nowhere to be found. You are nothing. I don't even see you. They paint you, they regard you as everything, but I don't know you. If you're not educated, and nobody knows you, as long as you have My knowledge, you're big in My hand. However, you've got the highest level of education, but you don't have My knowledge; you're like a piece of paper. You are nobody in Me. You that have My knowledge, you're on top. At the end of the day, the way they will welcome you (in Heaven), you will not believe it yourself. That is why I told you that you should always let your heart be in Me. Whatever any name they want to give you outside there, don't care. As long as you know Me, that is all.

Don't trouble yourself in anything. What I asked you to do, do it. Preach My word with happiness. Tell them about your Father. Tell them about your Father and His kingdom. Tell them about the blessing that is awaiting them. Tell them. Don't hide it. I love you when you're saying it. Say it with boldness because My Son has come before, and He did it. While He was here, many people didn't believe Him. Many of them converted after His departure because of the strange things that happened. Their eyes became open. So it's true! It will happen. So this man that I always meet inside the bus every time, this man that was shouting everywhere, I didn't know he was like this. Had I known! They will see you, My son. You will see them there. All these ones you're doing, you will see it later. You will see some of them that are laughing at you, challenging you. My son, those who died that went there and came back had an uncommon opportunity. Preach My Good News. 

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"Seek the Lord while He may be found, call upon Him while He is near. Let the wicked forsake his way, and the unrighteous man his thoughts; let him return to the Lord, and He will have mercy on him; and to our God, for He will abundantly pardon." Isaiah 55:6-7

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