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The Father speaks

(Friday 15th July 2016, 12:00)

A man has a very large business. He has branches all over the world. He allocated managers to manage each branch in each country. When he was not happy with the reports he got from many branches, he sent a series of messages to them. His workers didn't follow his instructions until all his branches were destroyed except one. He said to himself; let me focus my attention on this remaining one so that I can revive the other ones through it. He sent a series of messengers, but they didn't listen to them. If he should visit them, in what way will he visit them? In anger! I Am the Almighty God. Jehovah is My name. I Am the Great I Am That I Am. I Am the Originator. I Am the Authority. No one will bypass Me to do anything on this Earth. If I keep quiet, I keep quiet because of the blood of My Son, which I shed for all of you. All of you are looking for My wrath, and can you stand when it comes? I Am not a wicked Father. You are all sons and daughters of destruction, sons and daughters of calamity.

I raised many Prophets because of your heart so I could save some of you from destruction. They suffered! They enjoyed nothing until they returned to Me. I used men to establish many churches among you, but you destroyed the Ordinances I gave to them; yet, you're praying, serving Me in sin. My Son Jesus took many souls to Hellfire so they could come back and tell you what they saw; yet, none of you believes. Tell Me why I should keep you alive! You claim you believe in Me, yet you're committing sin. All your leaders are leaders of goats, not sheep. All of you are goats! As your leaders are not coming to Me, so you as well. Where do you think you're coming to? Which Heaven? Is it My own Heaven or your fathers Heaven? You are not coming to Me. All of you will go to where you belong.

All of you are sons and daughters of your Pastors. You are not My children. If I Am your Father, you will do My will; you will do the will of My Son whom I shed His blood for all of you. But all of you are doing the will of your Pastors, not Mine. Because your Pastors have forsaken Me, all of them have chosen the way of death, the way of destruction. And because they've chosen the way of destruction, all of you will follow them when I come because I Am coming. The whole Earth is Mine, and I can turn to any nation I choose to carry out My assignment. I Am not ready to do away with this Earth. Since I Am not ready to do away with it, I will visit you. All of you are praying, crying, weeping to Me every day but what I said I don't want is what all of you are doing. You're expecting My Son to come again. All of you are foolish! My Son can only come if I ask Him to come. All of you are committing sin. If He comes, none of you will go with Him. My Son is not coming, but I will visit you!

I gave birth to many children. You are My last born and the apple of My eye. Africa is My last born! Africa is the apple of My eye! Why should you suffer? Because you choose the way of idolatry, the way of witchcraft! I scattered you around in My anger. I sent your fathers to slavery. All the nations across the sea, where all of you are running to, who settled it? It was I! I settled it! Do they have two heads? If they don't have two heads, how many heads do you have? Why are you suffering? Why can't you repair your own land so that everybody can come there? You cannot repair it because you're evil. You love evil; you love destruction. All of you are doing all the evil I hate; even My own servants have double spirits. Who will I spare? I will visit you. It was because of the same idolatry I scattered all of you around. I sent your fathers to slavery. But what's going on today? You're sending yourselves to slavery every day.

Your idols have ravaged the whole land. You're going backwards every day. All of you open church every corner. That is not what I choose. Love, care, justice, mercy, forgiveness, kindness; all these are My Ways. But what do you do? Your hands are full of wickedness and evil. Secret killings, open killings, My leaders use My own children to sit on their throne. Even My own church is polluted with blood. I did not ask you to shed another blood because I've already shed the blood of My Precious Son for all of you. Who should I spare? Who will I spare? Is it the leaders who use My children to sit on their throne or My own servants who have lost their position to demons? Is it My children who are not doing My will? Who should I spare? I will visit all of you.

You are in the church fasting and praying. Who are you praying to? You think you can make a caricature of My Son. You think you can use My Son to cover your face and continue with your evil. You will prove to Me who created that evil you're doing? Did I create you to do evil? Did I give birth to you to do evil? I gave birth to you to do good, but good is far away from all of you because your hands are dirty. All of you should repair yourselves because I will visit you. If you like, take it; if you like, ignore My word. Your idols turned My glorious children to harlots everywhere. All My children are slaves in Europe! Why did I choose you to lead My children! My hand will be against you. Can you stand Me when I come? I will bring you down even if you swallow the highest demon because I created that demon. Go into My Word and see what I did to kings and nations in the time of old. All of you are foolish.

Education, education, education! If it's by education, I will not use anybody on this Earth. All of you are reading My Word. Is it written in your language? All the names all of you are calling Me, is it your language? I own every language, and I can use any nation I choose, and nobody dare question Me. Many of My Angels I gave to you have become harlots because of education. Is it by force? You send your children to the university, and you have no money for their upkeep. What else do you expect them to do? They have to look for another alternative! Now they've destroyed all the glorious generation their womb should have carried. Yet, they're there, singing in My choir. This is an abomination to Me. I Am the Almighty God.

All the rivers I gave you to enjoy, you turned them into the grave of animals. You sacrificed all manner of animals into those rivers for your idols. Yet, you claim you're serving Me. You swallowed scorpions, lizards, tortoise, tiger, lions; all manner of birds live inside your belly; yet, you're serving Me. Did My Son operate with two Spirits when I sent Him? Why then do you all have double spirits? Many of My servants use dangerous demons to work upon My children. Who are they working for? They're working for the demons to whom they sold their soul! But they still think they're coming to Me. Why did I drive Lucifer away from Heaven if I love such a thing? He was My Son! I gave birth to him! Why did I drive him away if I love such a thing? My hand will be against all of you. I will cast you and your demons out of My sight.

Many of you call yourselves My servants. You use chains of cars, chains of houses to surround yourselves. Is that what My Son Jesus taught all of you? You're spending My money as if you're pouring away water; yet, My children are suffering everywhere. Your heart is full of greed and wickedness. You married wives in a corner and gave birth to illegitimate children. Until you send away your strange wives and your strange children, you have no portion in Me. What are you preaching and teaching My children? Whatever they see you do, that they will do as well. Are you better than many of My servants in the time of old who worked for Me and enjoyed nothing? In fact, are you better than My Son Moses the Arthur? He reared My children like sheep in the Wilderness for many years and didn't have peace. Are you better than him? None of you is up to his toe! All of you are cruising around the world with your limousine. Is that what My Heaven is all about? All of you are foolish and stupid! A real servant of God has no peace. If you're truly My servant, you will have no peace. Because all of you are evil, this is why the demons give you peace.

When I asked Noah to build an ark for Me, I gave those generation-long grace. I will not give all of you such kind of grace anymore. Those who died through the flood came back to live on this Earth again because I settled their Spirits. I have made a public show of Heaven and Hellfire through My Son Jesus, and if I come down and cut you off, you're going straight to Hellfire. For seven years, I have been speaking to this My son who is My messenger to warn all of you. But none of you listens to him. The same thing happened in the time of Noah. What about Jeremiah? Did I fulfil My word I spoke through him or not? I Am coming! I will not give you the long grace I gave them in the time of old. I Am not a wicked Father. All of you are wicked children.

If you repair yourself, I will spare you. How can you repair yourself? Vomit whatever you have swallowed! Any sin you know you've committed, confess it and stay away from it. Teach My children to do the same. If all of you count My word as nothing or look down on My son who is My messenger, you will prove it to Me when I come. I Am the same God of Moses. I Am the same God now. I will visit Nigeria, and if I visit Nigeria, I automatically visit the whole of Africa. All of you should get rid of your idols and your witchcraft. If you refuse to get rid of them, I will come and get rid of them for you. And if I come and get rid of them for you, all of you will die. All the abominations I said I don't want, get rid of them from your midst. I still give all of you just a little time to adjust yourselves. If you think your fasting and prayers can save you from My hand, death will visit you inside the church. Wherever you run to, even if you hide yourself inside a rock, death will visit you there. Anywhere you are, I Am there because I Am Breeze. I Am the Air you're breathing. Repair yourself now because I Am coming. All of you should stop killing My children. All of you should stop sending My children to slavery.

The ones I scattered, I want to bring them back home. I Am coming to repair the land Myself. Before I come, put your house in order. I have prepared the calamity that will befall each nation. The one you choose, you will go with it. Whoever has chosen to live will live. Whoever has chosen to go with the sword, with the sword he will go. Whoever has chosen to go with disaster, with disaster he will go. All of you will prove to Me who created this Earth. I Am the Almighty God. I Am the Great I Am That I Am. None is My equal. I Am a Breeze. I exist by Myself. I Am Indestructible God. None is like Me. I want to prove Myself once again for the last time.

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"Seek the Lord while He may be found, call upon Him while He is near. Let the wicked forsake his way, and the unrighteous man his thoughts; let him return to the Lord, and He will have mercy on him; and to our God, for He will abundantly pardon." Isaiah 55:6-7

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