Nigerian Pastors And Hellfire

Dear Friend,

Greetings in the name of Jehovah God our Father, our Lord and Saviour – Jesus Christ, and Holy Spirit our Helper and Teacher. May Their grace abide with you always. Amen! Greetings.

Time and again, Jesus Christ has taken several people to Hellfire and coming back, narrating their ordeal, none seems to believe them. Right from the very day Jehovah God Himself has been speaking to me one-on-one, He hasn't stopped crying to me about top Nigerian Pastors and their destination. He doesn't like speaking about Hellfire because He created it and the creatures there but not for His children. It is a dead-end! Once you're there, you're doomed forever. Whenever a message of Hellfire comes from Jesus Christ, it doesn't matter from whom, either through an adult or a child; if you don't believe it, know it for sure you've chosen where you're going, and if you judge the servants of God whose names were mentioned, you also commit sin. One should tremble about such a message whenever it is received and should be treated with high respect and dignity because once anyone crosses over from this Earth to that place, that is final.

Some years ago, Jehovah God appeared to me one-on-one and spoke to me about what He's about to do on this Earth. The Earth is corrupt, and He wants to wipe out the wicked ones so that He can teach the remnant His holiness like the time of old. He brought Jesus Christ and Holy Spirit along with Him, and They all spoke to me for me to know the significance of the message They're sending me. Henceforth, I could differentiate between Three of Them whenever They're speaking. He said the Earth is polluted, and none of His servants is holy enough to come to Him. He spoke concerning Nigeria, their love for Him, and the smoke of prayers that goes to Heaven every day, but He can no longer tolerate their sins. He said all His servants are going to Hellfire because they polluted His church. He said He would use Nigeria to repair the Earth for the last time before rolling it away finally. He was crying to me about a church in Nigeria with branches worldwide. He said He could not let it destroy just like every other church. He commanded me, therefore, to be sending His messages to the Pastors of this church. Some of the Pastors sent me bad messages, but they stopped when the Father cursed them. Right from the day the Father appeared to me, Lucifer himself hasn't given me rest. He froze everywhere so he could frustrate me, but the grace of my Father is more than enough to carry me through each day. Shall we pray before I continue.

Jehovah God my Father, You who created Your children and placed Your chosen servants to watch over their souls, I pray that You have mercy upon all of us because we've strayed from Your covenant. Open the heart of Your chosen servants as they read this message so they can amend their ways before they end their journey on this Earth. Thank You, my Father, and in Jesus name I pray. Amen.

It is a fearful thing to offend the Almighty because He is the Beginning and the Ending of every life. Before He created this Earth, He had already created Hellfire. He didn't create Hellfire for any human being at all, but for His disobedient Angels. That's why you can never see demons being tormented there because He created that place for them to live. Has anyone seen demons being tormented in Hellfire before? Not at all! That is their home. Angels don't take people to Hellfire. They watch over their holiness. Angel can only take people as far as the gate of Hellfire, not beyond. Only Jesus Christ can enter there. The demons that are there must not escape out of that place. The Father put them there, and they cannot leave. They're very dangerous. As I am now, if I visit Hellfire, they must have something they will torment me for because I am still flesh. If any man goes to Hellfire, the demons must torment you unless Jesus Christ is with you. He is the only One they respect. That place is a dead end! I know many Nigerian Pastors who are there, male and female. If you see them and their state, you will pity your own life. If Jehovah God Himself didn't come down to teach me what I know now, I would have thought the journey of a servant of God is rosy. But now I know that as a servant of God, according to the word of my Father, you're born on this Earth to suffer, and no one will ever reward you because your only reward is in Heaven. If you look back at the lives of the servants of old, you will see their suffering everywhere. If you want to be rewarded on this Earth, you have automatically chosen where you're going. As a servant of God, you're not just an ordinary person, but an Angel of God sent on assignment from Heaven to this Earth. If the Father created you to be His servant, all your children are automatically servants of God. Today, many of you give yourselves titles like Prof, Dr, etc. If you're a professor, what are you doing on the pulpit? You're supposed to be in the lecture room. If you're a doctor, what are you doing on the pulpit? You're supposed to be in the hospital, taking care of patients. You also train your children to take the same route you took. That's why the church is polluted.

The Almighty God has established many churches in Nigeria through ordinary men in whose hearts He found obedience. Looking at the lives of many of them, they didn't fit into today's system of servants of God because they were unlearned. Some of them had many wives and children, yet, my Father didn't allow that to deter Him from using them to accomplish His mission. If you read through your Bible, you will see many men whose lives didn't fit into today's system because of their lifestyle. Many of us are still living in ignorance and have no clue how the Father operates. That's why I am going to break down a lot of things here so that those of you who have missed it will know what to do and will use your mistakes to shape the lives of your children and the coming generation so that the Father will at least see your effort and be happy with you for once.

In Nigeria, your forefathers chose the way of idolatry like every other nation. When the Disciples of Jesus Christ scattered around the world, they travelled to Asia, Europe, North Africa down to Ethiopia, but they didn't get to West Africa. During all these years, the West Africans continued in the ways of their ancestors until the Europeans came with the Gospel; then, the slave trade kicked in. Almighty God Himself did this! If you look at most churches established in Nigeria, they have something in common. They're spiritual churches called 'Aladura'. The Father established these churches to meet the need of His children because of idolatry. If you look at all the Laws and Ordinances the Father gave to Moses in the Wilderness, they are all spiritual. If you look at these spiritual churches, they perform many rituals as God commanded Moses to do in the Wilderness. These founders didn't act on their own but operated according to the command of Jehovah God Himself. One thing which is also common among them was taking people to the river to bathe. Today, many of you don't buy this, and you see it as taboo. The Ordinance of God isn't what any man should speak against or joke about because if you do it, you lay an everlasting curse upon yourself and your generation.

Idols are the spirits of this Earth. Jehovah God placed them in the key area to look after the Earth. They were good and powerful spirits, obedient to their Creator until the rejected son of the Father – Lucifer, came and polluted all of them. All these spirits were to control the sea, rivers, forests, mountains and airspace. When Lucifer came down with his hosts, he polluted all of them because of human beings. Out of every ten people the Father put on this Earth, there must be a Prophet among them. If you're a Prophet, automatically, you hear from God and carry out any instruction He gives to you. If you don't hear from God and still carry out any instruction on your own, you automatically worship an idol. Remember that Lucifer is watching what every man does on this Earth, especially the Prophets of the Father. If you carry out any instruction on your own without the command of the Father, you automatically tell the Father to stay away from you. If the Father stays away from you, somebody else will come in who lives with you on this Earth – Lucifer. Over the years, he gradually entered the heart of some of these Prophets until they brought those spirits from their abode to live with them in their house. Later, they started having shrines. In the days of the biblical Prophets, the same thing happened. The people of the land couldn't differentiate the Prophets of God from the prophets of idols because they acted in the same way, but the only difference was that the Prophets of God had no shrine. Until the time of Moses, my Father had not dealt with any man openly before. And if you look at what happened at Pharaoh's palace, you will understand what I'm saying. Moses cast down his rod, and it became a serpent. The Egyptians also cast down their rods and became serpents. Pharaoh's palace was full of snakes that day. How then could any man know the difference? That's why the Father made the serpent of Moses to swallow all the serpents of the Egyptians to differentiate Moses from the rest. When the people got more and more confused after they came out of Egypt, this was one of the significant reasons Jesus Christ had to come.

Most founders of these Nigerian churches came out of idolatry homes, and if idolatry is in your background, the spirits don't let go. If you look at these founders, their churches excelled in their time, but something else kicked in after they departed from this Earth. If you come from an idolatry family and you're not very careful, it's very easy to go back. Remember that some of them married many wives, and polygamy is an attribute of idolatry. As a Prophet of God, a Priest of God, your power will diminish if you're into such a thing. However, they could still carry on with God's work because the world hasn't been exposed to the kind of evil of today, and the demons have not advanced like this. As some of these Prophets married many wives, some of these wives were into witchcraft. Through this, you will know what they passed through. The bigger ones of these spiritual churches are Eternal Sacred Order of Cherubim and Seraphim Church, Christ Apostolic Church, African Apostolic Church, Celestial Church of Christ, Christ Chosen Church of God, Redeemed Christian Church of God. If you go and search the root of these churches, you will see the hand of Jehovah God through the Ordinances He gave to the founders.

If you visit any spiritual church, especially Eternal Sacred Order of Cherubim and Seraphim Church and Celestial Church of Christ, you will see some Prophets and Prophetesses among them shaking while singing the processional hymn. Why? As they're burning incense, they're tormenting the demons around, and the spirit of sin inside everyone continue to struggle to give way for the Holy Spirit to enter. Whenever the Holy Spirit enters those who're clean enough, He will deliver His message to them for the church and depart. This was the order. It is dangerous for one to speak against the Holy Spirit and Ordinance of the Father. Many years ago, these churches never joked with holiness. But today, every Ordinance of the Father has been destroyed.

Over the years, I have heard many of you ask why the Celestial Church of Christ always pray in the name of "Jehovah, Jesus Christ and Holy Michael" and why not "Jehovah, Jesus Christ and Holy Spirit". It is a great offence to speak against any church which God Himself established or any Ordinance He gave. Michael is an Archangel of God, and there are many Angels and Archangels in Heaven whose names no one has ever heard before. You only hear the names of those who have had something to do with this Earth. Supposing Lucifer remained in Heaven, no one would have heard about him and Jesus Christ on this Earth because there wouldn't have been any need for it. As the Father hid Himself from the beginning, He would have also hidden both Jesus Christ and Lucifer. When the Celestial Church of Christ was to be established, my Father sent Archangel Michael to establish it, and as a reward for his work, the church will pray in his name. This was his reward! Holy Spirit and the Father are One! No one has seen the Holy Spirit or the Father before. You shouldn't speak what you don't know. Samuel Bilewu Oshoffa didn't wear shoes because this was the Ordinance from my Father. He also gave him an Ordinance that every member of the church should wear a white garment. This is throughout spiritual churches. Later, they graduated from white cotton to silk, white silk to white satin, white satin to white jacquard, and white jacquard to white lace. Fashion! Anything of fashion isn't of God. The last of these spiritual churches is the Redeemed Christian Church of God, and this is presently the head of all churches on this Earth. In all these churches I mentioned, Satan has used servants of God to destroy all the Ordinances my Father gave to them.

When John the Baptist began his preaching and baptism, he baptised people in the River Jordan. When the Disciples of Jesus Christ started, they also baptised people in the rivers. Many of you criticised why some of these spiritual churches always take people to the river for bathing. The coming of Jesus Christ didn't stop the Ordinance of the Father, and Jesus Christ Himself will not and will never stop it because He knows everything about His Father. You automatically tell God to back off if you want to stop all these spiritual activities. To start with, baptism must only be done in a flowing river, not in a swimming pool as Pentecostal churches do today, because it's spiritual. After you give your life to Jesus Christ and confess your sins, you will go to the river immediately to wash the spirits of sin away. This is baptism! Why do some spiritual churches take people to the river for bathing? Until today, unless you go to the river to bathe, some demons will not leave you! Every demon must go back to wherever you acquired it. If some of you have wholeheartedly given your life to Jesus Christ and have confessed all your sins to God in the presence of a servant of God, as you're praying, you will experience a lot of deliverance and rituals spiritually during your sleep if there is no servant of God whom God could use to carry it out for you physically. The Father doesn't settle demons just like that. He created them, and He knows where they belong. You cannot use your body to acquire a demon in the market and expect that demon to go back to just anywhere. It doesn't work like that. If nothing can physically take you back to that market, you will see yourself in that market in your dream. Jehovah God works on principles, and you and I cannot change it no matter how educated we are. Every Ordinance Almighty God gave to these spiritual churches has been destroyed over the years.

When Pentecostals came in, they said they're educated and knew the Bible very well. No problem! Only time will tell if God is interested in education or not. Today, all the top Nigerian Pastors whose names are ringing in Hellfire are educated, yet, they know the Bible in and out. Yes, of course! Can any man change the way of God? Not at all! Many of you disbelieve such kind of message because some of those names are too big or high to go to Hellfire. But all these servants of God know how they see themselves whenever they sleep. At least they can dream. If Lucifer, the son of the Father Himself, was not too high to be thrown out of Heaven to this Earth, how much more any servant of God from this Earth. We are foolish, but we think we're wise! The same Lucifer is behind why these servants of God are going to Hellfire. It is a dangerous thing to disbelieve the Word of God and still call yourself His servant. Many of you don't know why such a message is coming from Hellfire every time, even from a little girl as young as seven years old.

My Father told me that the problem on this Earth is education and Christianity. Why? As a servant of God, the beginning and the ending of your life should be about the business of the Father. Unfortunately, many of us have lived half of our lives in sin before coming back to do the work of the Father. The number one problem today's servants of God have is education. Education has its spirit, and it is the spirit of this Earth. One day, Jesus Christ asked me, "Which school did I attend? Why is it that all of you turn everything to education?" Jesus Christ didn't go to school. Many teachers in His days tried to persuade Joseph so they could take Him to school. Joseph couldn't refuse all of them. All these teachers regretted their lives for taking Him in the first place because Jesus made them look useless with their wisdom. Even Joseph himself, Jesus had to teach him how to carve wood better. He would ask Him how and where He learned all these. He would only laugh. The work of the Father is spiritual, and it is based on the Spirit of the Father Himself. The most dangerous office any man could hold on this Earth is the office of "A servant of God" because it's more spiritual than physical. You cannot see the God that deals with you, and you cannot see the enemy you're fighting as well. That's why it's very dangerous. The only education you need is just a basic one, to know how to speak fluently and to be able to read and write. That is all! Any other thing beyond this is like going in another direction entirely. Not everybody will have the opportunity that Moses had. Not everybody will be like Jesus Christ. And I raise my hands! I don't pray for anybody to be like me at all. It is an unmerited privilege to be taught and trained by Jehovah God Himself. I, Radiant, know the difference between the Father, the Son and Holy Spirit. Yet, my dear friends, this is not a guarantee that I'm going to Heaven! I must also work for my salvation as everybody else. Believe me, if I die today, I don't know if I'm going to Heaven because as a servant of God, you don't know what you'll do that will offend the Father because to please Him is very tough. I will be well assured when my Father tells me, "My son, prepare yourself; I Am taking you home." This is the only way you can be sure you're going to Heaven none-stop. You cannot be alive and be praising yourself. Only the end will tell. If any servant of God is highly educated, it is easy for him to miss it. This was part of what affected Apostle Paul. Were it today, he would have gone to Hellfire, and I mean what I'm saying. If a servant of God is highly educated in the things of this Earth, you will mix a lot of things. As my Father deleted many things away from Moses on Mount Sinai, he also deleted many things away from me. It's not easy! Some things shouldn't be in your system at all, and if those things are there, they will clash with the work of the Father, and everything is spiritual. The Father will tell you to do some things; if you're not careful enough, you will think it's awkward or absurd, yet, it's powerful. He that created the demons knows precisely the best way to entreat them out of your life. If a child was born a Priest and Prophet and has no physical father to look after him, Satan will take him very far from his root. The Father deleted many things away, which I have acquired into my body over the years, and it wasn't easy.

If a servant of God is highly educated, well learned in the things of this Earth, you will always use your own heart and wisdom to go about the Father's business, and in doing this, you incur the wrath of the Father. The same Father may tell you in the morning to go on a journey in the evening, and when evening comes, after you've prepared for the journey, He may tell you not to go anymore. This is not a test or trial; it is reality because something has happened spiritually. Remember that somebody is there listening to every single Word the Father speaks. He will always plan against the will and Word of the Father. Every Ordinance the Father told me to keep personally, and everything He asked me not to do, Lucifer knows, and he plans new strategies every day. If you're not careful to learn at the feet of the Father before setting out to do the work, you will fail. That's why you see many servants of God die prematurely even in the Bible days. Only on an exceptional ground can the Father allow any of His servants to be highly educated in the things of this Earth for His own reason alone, and this must not be generalised.

Another major problem is past sins. Remember that every household in Nigeria worshipped idols before. The blood of idolatry is in every man. Some of these servants of God committed terrible sins before they stepped in to do the work of the Father. Hence such spirit is attached to your Spirit; it's very easy for you to return if the door is open. That's why if you're in Christ, you must make sure you close every old door and be watchful; else, Satan will use the same thing to hurt you. Some of them were into a cult in their university days. Some of them have visited herbalists or voodoo priests before. Some of them committed fornication and adultery early. All these are spirits of sin, and any sin a man commits, the spirit lives inside him. Though you're a man of God, even if you don't commit such sin again, because the spirit is in you, though dormant, if you associate with anyone who has such spirit, your own could feed through that person until he's powerful enough to control you again. This was the major reason why the old Priests and Prophets never associated with the people of the land. The Israelites were to separate themselves from everybody else, yet, the Priests and Prophets were to separate themselves from the congregation for spiritual reasons. When I was holding church service in my house, the demons that the people dropped wandered around the whole house, went into the kitchen, and polluted the food there. It is very serious, but many of you will not believe it. To do the work of God is very dangerous because of the demons. A servant of God must live entirely in isolation, always in God's presence so that you will not acquire demons from anybody. How can God use you to cleanse the congregation if you acquire demons? This is exactly the problem in the church today. All those healings and miracles are all fallacies. If all the healings and miracles are real, why does incurable sickness rocks the boat of the church today? Let me tell you another dangerous thing about healing and miracle. If a man of God made a covenant with a higher demon, it is very easy for him to cast out the lesser ones. How? It's a matter of respecting your superior. Remember, there is a demon attached to every sickness. They can cast that sickness out of a mother and transfer it to her children or grandchildren. Jehovah God never works that way. Whatever He does is permanent!

Apostle Paul spoke of a thorn in his flesh. What was it? A demon! How come demon tormented a person like Apostle Paul? If Satan used you to destroy others, he would turn back on you by the end of the day. If a man could persecute and kill, what else will he not do? As they were persecuting the people, killing them, they went to raping some of the women. Remember, he wasn't married. Once you use sin to feed the spirit of sex God put inside you, another bad spirit automatically enters. As powerful as God created you, so also powerful the demon that will enter you. When he was about to go to Jerusalem, the Holy Spirit warned him not to go, but the demon hardened his heart, and he went. The same demon chained him down in prison. When he was in prison, whenever the demon was hungry, and there was nobody around on whom he could feed, he tormented him. This is what led some people into masturbation. Supposing he was free, outside preaching, the demon would have fed on the women in the congregation who had a similar spirit in them. That's why a church member can see her Pastor having sexual intercourse with her in the dream. Supposing he met Jesus Christ physically, He could have cast the demon away from him. The reason why you don't hear any sexual sin about the Disciples of Jesus Christ was the warning He gave all of them, that any one of them who try such a thing has no place in His Kingdom. The Almighty God saw the heart of Paul that he devoted his soul to the work. This was why he made Heaven. The Father purposely left that demon there so that others could learn from it. While they were persecuting Steven, he was there watching them because he gave his approval. Before the incident on his way to Damascus, Jesus Christ had appeared to him several times to stop persecuting His children, but he didn't listen because his heart was hard as a stone. After the death of Stephen, Jesus was very angry, which was why He appeared to him on his way to Damascus. If he had not seen Jesus before, how did he recognise Him? Jesus said, well, since you recognise Me that I Am the One, go and suffer. He purposely handed him over to Satan to torment him. Apostle Paul didn't disclose what made that demon enter him. Many servants of God are in a similar situation today, and they refuse to open their mouths. Supposing Paul lived extravagant life as some servants of God lives today, coupled with the demon in him, he would have gone to Hellfire. If you read all his writings carefully, you will be confused if you're not careful enough. Why? If such a powerful demon lives inside a servant of God, he will help you to do the work of God. If demons help you to do the work of God, they will only confuse you. That's why some of his writings are mixed up. Today, a servant of God wrote a healing book; instead of people getting healed whenever they read his healing book, they're tormented more with sickness. Why? Because he's no more holy, he has committed sin. That's why you don't see a true Prophet anymore. If the Spirit of holiness in you is 50% and the spirit of sin is 50%, the Father cannot speak through you anymore. If He does, you will cause confusion in people's lives. If the Father speaks through you, demons will speak through you as well. How can demons and the Father share the same cup? Abomination! This is what's going on today. This spirit of sin leads people to Hellfire. Those who crossed this Earth to Heaven, their spirits of sin are in Hellfire so that they won't trouble their children and their generation anymore. If a man goes to Hellfire, those spirits will continue working on his children and generation. That was why the Father created Hellfire for those spirits, not for you and me to go there. If They judge you and see that the percentage of the spirit of sin in you is more than 30%, you're going to Hellfire. If the percentage of the spirit of sin in you is 40%, you're in trouble already. That means the spirit has married with the Spirit of the Father in you. The Father knows that no one can be holy like Him; that's why you must try your best while you're on this Earth to get at least 70%. Holiness is the key to Heaven.

It is an abomination for a servant of God to use the same children the Father sent him to bring to Heaven as a sacrifice. Some of these servants of God have initiated themselves into a cult and forgot whatever sacrifice they made has a monthly or yearly renewal. You must renew it either monthly or yearly. You cannot use a newborn baby, a day-old baby, pounded in a mortal as a charm done into a handkerchief and think you're doing the work of the Father. No! It's an abomination. You cannot lick charm before climbing the pulpit and think you're preaching the Word of the Father. You cannot turn yourself into fish, entering the sea at any time taking power from marine spirits. This is an abomination. These are what the men of God are doing, and their names are ringing in Hellfire. No one can fool the Almighty. The Priests in Israel tried it and were doomed for it. Jesus Christ operated with only one Spirit, the Spirit of the Father. You cannot call yourself a servant of God, working with double spirits and still think you're going to Heaven. No, you're going to Hellfire. As you're doing all these things, you're trading on the glory of the children of the Father. They cannot live a good life. Though physically you may prosper, spiritually, you're a dead man. Anyone that comes to your church will live and die in hardship. They cannot prosper physically unless they make a covenant with the devil. Many of your church members are seeing you in their dreams. As a servant of God, if the Holy Spirit opens the eyes of any member while you're preaching, they should see Jesus Christ standing on the pulpit, not seeing a demon. Many women in your church gave birth to demons and think they gave birth to babies. When they saw you in their dream in an unusual manner, they thought it was God. Abomination! Jehovah God will not and never sleep with any woman in her dream. Sin is an abomination to the Father! Such a child cannot live a good life on this Earth because that woman has given birth to an army of Satan.

You can shake some hands every time. You can shake some hands occasionally. You can shake some hands once in a lifetime. You must not shake some hands at all because such hands are full of serpents. Whenever any Prophet of God becomes a friend of kings and politicians, that Prophet has already sold his birthright to demons. Jesus Christ ate with sinners once and never ate with them again. If He had turned that to His usual business, He wouldn't have carried your sins. He wouldn't have been resurrected from the grave. All of you should not mix things. A Prophet of God cannot become a friend of bloodsuckers. If you do, Heaven will reject you. If Prophet Nathan was a friend of King David, it could have been difficult to deliver God's judgement on him when he sinned. As a Prophet of God, you're a friend of nobody, and if you do, Satan will be more than happy to see you do it so he could destroy you. When Naaman, the Aramean commander, visited Prophet Elisha for healing, the Prophet refused because he knew the rule when he offered him some gifts. Such kind of money is like exchanging your anointing for that demon of leprosy. Today, we branded this kind of Prophet, a poor church rat. It is better for you to be poor and keep your anointing than to be rich and empty. The Father that called you knows the kind of work He sent you to do because demons will open their mouth wide to swallow you. You will not go hungry, but to be extremely rich is out of your lifestyle.

Sometimes ago, I prepared a particular dish that my wife loved. She served the meal and kept the rest in the fridge. I was there while she was serving both of us, and I knew the remaining one was not even enough for one portion. The next day, she warmed it and served both of us. It was far more than two portions. Another time, she was about making 'Eba', a Nigerian dish. She knew the 'Garri' wasn't even enough for one person. But when she made the 'Eba', it was more than enough for both of us. There are times the Father will make you eat from hand to mouth, and there are times He will release His abundance to you. What He doesn't want is for the abundance to take you away from Him. This is what is happening today. If Satan gives you an idea, it always looks good initially, and you'll think it's from God. In fact, everybody will commend you for such an idea. But years later, it will come to the open that your idea was an idea of a demon, not of God. How then can you turn back the hand of the clock? It's a big problem! For Satan to give you such an idea in the first place, he knows the result. First of all, he will harden your heart so you cannot turn back. As one good thing deserves another, so also one evil thing deserves another. If Satan gives you one gift, he will give you another one, and another one, and another one. You cannot turn back again. With such a gift, Hellfire is your destination.

Pastor Josiah Akindayomi, the man my Father used to establish the Redeemed Christian Church of God, had three wives at a time. My Father told him to settle his other two wives. One of them left willingly, but the other one was difficult to send away. Why am I saying this? Why did his Creator ask him to settle his two wives if it was good? Is it easy to send the wives you love away? If it's easy as some of you think, the Father will not ask me to abandon the two children that came out of my body. Is it easy to leave your children? Only a mad man will abandon his children. This is part of the cross I must carry. What happened to Abraham and Ishmael? Was it easy for Abraham to send Ishmael away? Many of you think it's very easy to obey God. It's like shedding your blood. In the time of old, many Israelites sent their strange wives and children away for the sake of the Father. The Father is not a wicked Father, but evil is an abomination to Him. Many Pastors have wives and children in a corner. Until you reject your secret wives and children and repent genuinely, that's when you can think of Heaven at all. If you also invite such spirits into your house, they don't let go. That spirit always passes from one generation to the other. This is another danger.

Every Word of God carries weight. The Kingdom of Israel was divided because of the sin of David because he passed that spirit to Solomon. Satan got Jacob because of Abraham and Hagar. Jephthah's only daughter was taken away from him because of his Father's lifestyle of sleeping around. Once that spirit is brought into a family, it will always pass on from one generation to another unless each member knows about it and is watchful in that area. The Father had already set everything there right from the beginning. Whatever sin you commit, the controller of that sin will come to you and your generation.

Many of you have turned the work of the Father into business. Anointing for sale!!! You're not selling what God has given to you. You cannot sell it! You only exchange your anointing for money. As you do that, you have corrupted your anointing. If your anointing is corrupted, what then are you going to give to the children of the Father? You will then rely on lies. They will think God is still using you as before. Many Priests in Israel tried the same thing, and God rejected them. In the time of Jesus Christ, all His preaching, the whipping at the temple was because of them. They turned the temple of God into a marketplace, buying and selling. Today, many servants of God do a similar thing, selling handkerchiefs, anointing oil and many items for a huge amount of money. Some even went to the extent of charging gate fees. What's happening in the body of Christ is ridiculous. What will it profit you, oh servant of God, to gain the whole world! When you get Home, the Judges will ask you about the towers you built around the Earth. The transport that will take you to Heaven can only carry you and the Angels that will escort you. That transport cannot carry your chains of cars, limousines, private jets and estates. You cannot go to Heaven by yourself. Somebody must determine your arrival. Here on Earth, your congregation may praise you for the excellent work you did, but before Jehovah God, they're all smoke that fades away.

When you were born, you were born naked until somebody clothed you. Whenever you're going, you will only wear one of the clothes in your wardrobe, and afterwards, if you pass after the judgement, They will change your garment and give you a glorious body. All those taken to Heaven by Jesus Christ or One of the Angels found themselves in one of their regular clothes on this Earth. Why? Because they're not part of Them yet! They have not judged them. Until you're judged, that's when your garment will be changed, and a glorious body will be given to you. Unfortunately, Heaven is very far from many servants of God. As a servant of God, you only place one brick on another at the command of Jehovah God Himself. Today, many of you build money-making ventures around the world in the name of Christianity. Many of your congregation cannot even afford it! Yet, they contributed to everything with their blood. Whatever you do, the children of the Father must be able to enjoy it. All of you have opened the door for them to steal, cheat, even kill. They emulate whatever you do. Many of you put a huge amount of money in your children's accounts so they wouldn't suffer whenever you die. All that money belongs to Jehovah. You cannot stand the judgement that's awaiting you. As a servant of God, they're going to give you a separate cell in Hellfire because you fail. Many heroes of the Father like you are there, male and female, and there is absolutely nothing the Father can do. As a servant of God, if demons are protecting you so you will not die, the day you'll finally die, where do you think you're going? Whenever Jesus Christ sends an ordinary person a message to you so you can change, all of you will even persuade your congregation not to listen or believe in them. All of them defile their body, and you cannot tell them simply because you know you've missed it. When the Father commanded me to be sending messages to many of you, some of you even went to the extent of launching a spiritual attack until the Father laid a curse on you. You branded me a poverty Pastor. Yes, I agree; I'm a poverty Pastor. I was like a rotten tomato, a rotten cup and Jehovah God came and washed me so He could use me to drink. No one can stop me from speaking the word of holiness, the word of truth. With my last drop of blood, I will speak it. Arise O you Heaven, Dark-Planet and the Earth and judge me! If I speak of myself, may goodness and mercy be far from me and my generation. But if I speak with the mouth of the Almighty, may every creature of the Father work to favour me. Let darkness and disaster be the portion of those who persecute my soul. Arise, O Lord my God! Let the righteous blossom like trees by the riverside.

People are very quick in blaming the Father whenever any of His servants die in a plane crash. Of what good is it to the Father? If the Father wants to take you home, why will He wait until He scatters your body in the air? Is He going to eat your scattered arms and legs? The evil many of you are doing is killing you. Whenever any man or woman of God dies in such a manner, it's evident that the servant of God is going to Hellfire. Nothing happens on this Earth without the knowledge of the Father. Satan knows that if They judge you and They cannot send you to Hellfire, They may return you so you can make amend. That's why he is scattering your flesh in the air for your Spirit not to return to your body. He is very clever!

If you say you love the Father and wants to preach His Word, whenever you gather His children together, the Father wants to hear you preach the word of holiness to them because holiness makes the Earth prosper and sin makes the Earth barren. However, there is a limit to what you can do because the Father did not call you for it. If the Father called you to establish a church, He would give you an Ordinance to follow. And if the Father called a man to establish a church and gave him Ordinance to follow, whoever succeeded that man should be very careful so that the Ordinance wouldn't destroy. Right from time, Jehovah God would call a man, torment his soul to establish a church, somebody would come who wasn't there when God called that man and destroy all the Ordinances the Father gave to that man. The kind of judgement that awaits that man will be terrible. This is exactly what happens to every church on this Earth. No one is good! Some preach holiness by flesh, yet, every member of their church is possessed with demons. When you get to Heaven, They will ask you what kind of holiness you preached.

Some years ago, a top Nigerian Pastor who is still alive today appeared to me in the spirit. He told me God asked him to sacrifice a virgin girl every year. Alas! That is not God but Satan. I was terrified and couldn't voice this out to anybody until today. When my Father came down, revealing everything to me, I understood better. Even though the Father is a Ritualist, He has killed His only Son and wouldn't ask His servants to use human beings as a sacrifice. Any servant of God who does this has known his end already. Satan himself has appeared to be using the image of this servant of God. A few days ago, Lucifer himself appeared to me and said, while he was in Heaven, the Father was above everybody, but all the Deans of each Department were under him - Lucifer. Because he despised the Father, the Father rejected him. He referred to this servant of God that he despised the Father. If Lucifer could make such a statement, all of you should know that such a servant of God is in trouble the day he dies because Lucifer himself will stand against him when They're judging him. I despised the Father, and He rejected me; how could this one despise the Father and says he wants to go to Heaven? There is chaos! Another respected servant of God in Nigerian appeared to me last week that I want to disgrace him. This was the demon that lives in him. All of you only see and read the message when it came from Jesus Christ that they're going to Hellfire, but none of you knows exactly what's behind it.

Oh, servant of God, it is not enough for you to ask God for mercy in the corner of your room. Until you open up and forsake your evil ways, that's when the Father can have mercy on you. The Father covers all of you by not removing the veil so that the church of God will not scatter. When you end up in Hellfire, you cannot come back and tell your congregation that you're in Hellfire. You can only cajole them here. Repent now; open up so that your soul can be saved.

I Am hungry; I Am hungry. I Am the Almighty God. Jehovah is My name. Why Am I hungry when I have many fishermen? I Am hungry, I want to eat fish, but there is none. My fishermen are greedy. I sent them to kill fish for Me. They kill fish every day and eat everything. Thus I will do to My greedy fishermen. I created you for Myself, and I said I Am your inheritance. I send you to bring My children back to Me, but you captured them into your barn. I Am hungry, and I want to eat. I cannot eat any of them because all of them are dirty. Holiness is My food! I showered you with My love so that everybody will love and honour you. What do you give Me in return? As I showered you with My love, so will I shower you with hatred, disgrace and dishonour. As rain falls on a sunny day without warning, so will I fall on My greedy servants suddenly. I will uproot all of you from the face of the Earth. No one will ever remember you because I will wipe you off My record.

I pray that the Lord have mercy upon your soul in Jesus name.

Remain blessed in Him.
Pastor Radiant Ayowole Jesudairo
London, 1st January 2016. 

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"Seek the Lord while He may be found, call upon Him while He is near. Let the wicked forsake his way, and the unrighteous man his thoughts; let him return to the Lord, and He will have mercy on him; and to our God, for He will abundantly pardon." Isaiah 55:6-7

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