Nobody Prays For My Anger

The Father speaks

(Saturday 27th November 2010, 18:00)

Nobody prays to see My anger! Nobody prays to see My anger! Can you clean yourself? It's not by power; it's not by anything. It's not what somebody can boast of. It's My handwork. I do My things the way I want to do them. Nobody knows My mystery. I told you before that what I'm doing with you here is not common. I created her to be so. It's not by her righteousness. It's not by her doing; that is the purpose I brought her to this Earth. It's not something you can buy; it's not something you can get through prayer. I've told you, wherever she goes, they will know it's Me. That settles it. I'm inside her; I'm hearing everything you're saying. All I've been telling you, are they not in My Word? Are you condemning yourself? Go and try all spirits. If it's not Me, you will know. My son, you shouldn't allow anybody to mislead you. I know what I've done, I know what I'm doing, and I know where I'm taking you to. If I say I should reveal My deepest secret to you, you will be scared. I Am a mystery. Can anybody see Me? But I see everything. I've told you before not to look down on anybody. I know what I did. I Am Omnipresent, I Am Omnipotent, and I Am Omniscient. I Am everywhere. Can you see Me? I can show Myself to millions of people at the same time. Don't be afraid. It is Me. I'm taking you somewhere. I allow you people to pass through the channel you passed through because they're going to hear your name. That is why I say you should maintain it. You are going somewhere. Don't be scared. How can he say it, a mere woman he married on the street? Who told you that? It is Me. Count yourself as a joyful man. Count yourself as a happy man. If I want to speak, can you stop Me? Let them come and ask Me. It's Me. They should go and learn how to do things right. They should begin to do all I asked them to do. I Am the One. I will tell them. Those who come will flee another way because they're coming to meet Me.

Nobody sees Me. My Prophets in the time of old didn't see Me. I can come in the form of a human being. I can come in a different dimension. I can come as anything and speak to you. Nobody has ever seen Me before. Most of My children just go to church. They don't know who they serve. They don't know who they're praying to. They don't know who I Am. They don't know Me. They don't know what I want. They don't know who I Am. They just pray and pray. They just speak most things from their mouth. Our God is Omnipotent God, He is Omnipresent God, and He is Omniscient God. How can you describe Him? What does the Omnipotent and Omnipresent look like? He is Invisible God! If He's invisible, why do you doubt? That's why I said they just go to church without knowing what they're doing. They just shout and shout. If they know My heart, they will be in their room, and their blessing will be flowing. They're just wasting their time. If you don't believe the Father, if you don't know what will satisfy the Father, when the Father speaks, how can you know it's the Father? You see now where they missed it. I Am very simple. That's why I can speak through many of My children in many ways. I Am very simple; I Am merciful. If I Am not merciful, I will not listen to them, and I will not forgive their sins. I Am very simple. I Am not as they take Me. I hear every of their conversation. They're coming to Me, but they ran ahead of Me. Sometimes I shake My head. They pray amiss. They missed what they're supposed to do at the right time.

My son, bring My Word. In the time of old, whoever saw Me, prove it and let Me know. Even Moses himself did not see Me. He only saw a cloud. I hid Myself inside the cloud. He couldn't see Me. He couldn't describe Me. Nobody sees Me and live. I've told you before that I Am a Breeze! I can turn into anything. I can turn to somebody that you know. You will only know it's Me because of the Word I speak. I can come through dreams. I can come physically. My son, don't listen to anybody. Don't drag words with anybody. They will come and meet Me, and I will ask them questions. Don't let anybody change your heart. Stand firm; you're in the right lane. If you're not in the right lane, I will tell you. Those who call themselves a Prophet of Prophets, those who say God speaks through them, let them come, and I will know if any other god different from Me speaks through them. I Am inside My daughter. I've told you why I Am inside her body. I Am on a mission; that is why I Am in this body. There is a reason why I Am inside. It's a mystery. Don't trouble yourself. You have to be happy. If it's not Me, if it's any other spirit, you could have known. It's Me. Don't trouble your heart. I don't leave this body twenty-four-seven. I've told you, you see some human beings, but they're not human beings. Don't let anybody crack your brain. Focus on what you're doing. Whoever have questions, let them come and ask Me.

It hasn't happened before! This Word (the Bible) you're reading, did it fall from Heaven? How do you manage to gather it? How do you manage to have the Bible if it hasn't happened before? I come down again to shed more light on the Word for them. This is My handwork. I used My children to put it together. Now I come down again to shed more light on it, for them to know that it's human beings like them who wrote it. It's human beings. If you give Me your heart, I will give you My heart. I will use you as My dwelling place. I will reveal the secret of secrets through you. I will show you what you don't know.

My son, most of them are thinking how you're doing it. Who Am I? I Am a Holy Father. I Am not a doubting Father. I Am not a dirty Father. I Am a Holy Father. Let all of them go and amend their ways. If they amend their ways, it shall be well with them. If they don't amend their ways, they're just wasting their time. It's very easy to say, but it's very difficult to do. I've told you before that they will challenge you. How can he say that? Isn't she that woman I knew before? Yes! Most of them who came met Me, My son. Those of them who have double-spirits, they came, and they met Me. She met Me! You know whom I'm talking about. That demon, she knows now I'm the One, and she surrenders. I Am the One. If you try Me, you will fail because I Am the One. Can you battle with Me? You cannot battle with Me. Omnipresent God, Omnipotent God; yes. Apply it in your daily life. Begin to think about what that Omnipotent and Omnipresent God looks like. Now you're doubting. Are you reading the Bible like a novel?

I have many gifts for My children. I give it to some of them; they know your problem if they look at you, but they don't speak out. However, I purposely speak for them to know I Am the One. Nobody will challenge Me. The foundation of evil! Evil foundation! This is how we're doing it; this is how we've been doing it. Who told you! I Am different. You cannot do it like that. Look at Me very well. Right from the time of old, this is how we've been doing it. Who told you! Who gave you the power? Who said you should do it like that? Who permitted you? Then do this if you can. You cannot. Let this one be among what you can do. You cannot! That is how I prove Myself, My son.

My son, I've told you, you're going to face a lot of trouble. You must remain focus. What happened to Jesus Christ? To the extent they killed Him. Can anything be worse than that? You're here, I'm dealing with you in this place, and nobody knows. You will come out very soon. They should learn how to do what is good so it can be well with them. Did you tell them to kill an animal for sacrifice? What did you ask them to do? To give their hearts to Me! Is there any other message than that? Do they think it's very easy to get? Tell whoever is close to you not to meet a demon as a wife. If it happens, I'm the only One who can rescue you. Even if they separate, the particle of his body remains the wife spiritually. The man will be going through a lot of torment here. The marriage cannot stand if he marries because the woman still monitors him. This is why I always tell you to count yourself as a happy man. Preach My Word to them. Whoever asks you any question, give them what you have. After all, I've taught you many things for you to be able to stand and challenge them. Don't trouble yourself. They'll meet Me whenever they come.

Look at them! I know how to do it. They're deceiving themselves. Are they not deceiving themselves? What do you know how to do? Help yourself! Don't lie, don't commit adultery, don't commit fornication, don't steal, don't gossip. Is that the way I instructed them to do it? Now help yourself. When you told them, they said you formulated it. All the things I asked you to publish, which one looks like what is formulated? In the time of old, those I spoke through, were they not human beings like you? If you open the Bible and want to trace them, you can trace them to the very place they were born. Were they spirits? Which word is framed? You cannot see Me. That's why I enter through My children's bodies. You cannot see Me because I Am a Spirit. Even in the time of old, you couldn't see Me. That's why I brought My Son Jesus Christ into this world. What did you do to My Son? My Son is with Me every time. He's with Me!

My son, I've said it before, nobody goes there and come back to make amends. You're a professor; you're this one, you're that one, they can give you any name they like, they can give you all the respect; all of them will pass through the same channel. It's either you go to the right lane, or you go to the left lane. All the whole name you acquire here; whenever you're coming, everybody will be shouting "eh, he's coming, he's coming, he's coming." Where does it end? Those who serve Me quietly, those who serve Me quietly with the whole of their heart, those who people thought were foolish because they only read the Bible, people said they were dead that they didn't enjoy life; today, go and look at them, they're all enjoying; enjoyment that has no end. However, you, you put the whole world on your head, you forget about Me, the One who sends you the message, and you think you're coming here to meet Me. If you even see Me, the God you're serving, will you recognise Me! If I turn Myself to another thing today, will you recognise Me? If I don't reveal Myself to you, you will even drive Me out. You will never give Me a chair to sit down. If I want to try you today, even you My son that calls upon Me in this house every day, if I want to test you, I will dress shabbily. I can dress like a man; I can dress like a woman; I can dress like a little girl; I can dress like a mad person. You can talk to Me anyhow. You will fail. That's why I told you not to look at people anyhow. Yes! I can dress anyhow, I can dress gorgeously, and I can dress like an ordinary person. The way you attend to Me when I reveal Myself to you, I will let you know if you pass or fail.

My son, you shouldn't allow anything to trouble you. You're not the first. It happened to Jesus Christ. I brought many of My children from different families; they did My work before they came back, and I crowned them. Nobody even knew many of them. Now I come out in your generation, and the footprint will be there. It will be there; it will never be erased. This generation and generations to come will see it. Don't let anybody deceive you.

You're serving God that you cannot see. If you see that God, will you even recognise Him? You will sit down and brutalise somebody; you will talk and talk; then you'll say, God forgive me; I'm going to church. Whom are you going to meet in that church? When I Am with you, you're brutalising somebody. Do you recognise Me? Am I not the One who sits down with you here? That's why I said they don't know the God they're serving. You put somebody's matter down, you talk and talk, you do evil upon evil, and you later say, God, forgive me, I'm going to church. Am I not the same God you're going to meet at the church? The same God that sits with you when you're brutalising somebody. My son, you shouldn't drag words with anybody. If you explain and your explanation isn't enough for them, close that chapter. Focus on your own. I will deal with that person by Myself. 

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"Seek the Lord while He may be found, call upon Him while He is near. Let the wicked forsake his way, and the unrighteous man his thoughts; let him return to the Lord, and He will have mercy on him; and to our God, for He will abundantly pardon." Isaiah 55:6-7

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