One Man, One Wife

The Father speaks

(Thursday 2nd January 2014, 01:07)

The word is the word of the Father and His Son. Whoever works upon the word of the Father also builds on the Father and His Son, and there shall be a reward for him by the end of the day. It’s not how far, it’s how well. The foundation was of the Father and Jesus Christ came and built upon it. The disciples also built upon the same foundation. Whoever calls on the name of the Father will not build his own foundation. Whoever builds his own foundation is not working with God. He is neither working for the Father nor the Son; he is working for himself. That is certain! That is why, whosoever claims he works for the Father will not speak any word of His own. Let every word you speak correspond with the words in the Bible. If you’re reading the Bible, let Holy Spirit explain to you anywhere you don’t understand. Every statement in that Book was spoken for different reasons. They have different meanings. You cannot link every statement with everything that happens; different statements on different occasions. That is why you must allow the Holy Spirit to teach you the Word. Every statement that came is about the children of the Father. It’s all about holiness. That is why you can’t just carry the Bible one day and say you want to preach, no; you must allow the Holy Spirit to teach you what every statement means. If you want to interpret that statement and you misinterpret it, you will destroy a whole generation. This was the reason I came and began to explain the Word again one by one so that whoever hears it will follow and practice it. If you’re still doing the same thing that made the Father destroyed the Earth, you must know you’re not working for the Father and His Son. You are not working for the Holy Spirit. You are doing your own work. That is why, anyone that preaches the Gospel and doesn’t preach it according to the pattern of the Father, the Father has to pass through another person to warn that preacher so he can change and not go to the wrong place. You must know that whosoever commits sin is not from the Father. If you steal, you’re not from the Father. If the Father blesses you and you get one, two, three, up to four, and those around you have got none, you should know you’ve committed sin. As you eat enough and pile up the rest, you must know that you should also give those who’re in need. With too much blessing, you commit sin. Yes, you commit sin. That is why you must look into every blessing that comes your way. You may acquire some blessings in a way of corruption, as you do that, you’re treading on another man’s territory. The Father is not a wicked Father. He cannot give you everything and those around you have nothing. If the Father gives you too much, maybe three, and with that three, He also expects you to share it with others. That is why you must look at those who gather much wealth and ask them the kind of work they do. The Father is not a wicked Father.

You alone cannot open a company, work in it, and succeed. As you open that company, you must produce something. That is why you must employ people. If you realise one million by the end of the month, you must share it among your workers and yourself. You are not the only one that worked for the money. Everyone that works with you in that company contributed to it. If the month ends, you must also give everyone his or her own share. By the end of the day, you may end up with only fifty thousand out of that one million. However, you’re the owner of the company. That is how the Father wants it. You are the owner of the company, but people feed under you. That is how I created it. If you want to eat alone, then you do the work alone if you can. We are talking about a husband and wife.

If you look at Adam, after I created him, I said ‘Come, let Us make a suitable helper for him’. Who was I speaking to? I was speaking to those that created the Earth with Me. I did not create the Earth alone. I created everything in pairs, but Adam was alone. How many helpers did I create for him? Just one! I created neither two nor three nor four; I created only one helper for him. If I had created more than one for him, he wouldn’t have got time for them. You must know that whatever you do that is out of My word, you’re inviting another spirit to rule your life. I may not tell you not to marry as many wives as you want, however, you must know I created only one woman for the man.

If you build a house and you’re living in it, inside that house is living room, bedroom, kitchen and everything, you’re sleeping well, then you later build a second house; can you share yourself to live in both houses? As it is in a wife, so also it is with the things of this Earth. You build a house, you live inside with your wife and children; can you share yourself to live in another house? If you say you will live in that house, automatically, one of them will empty. What then should you do? Give the other house to the one who doesn’t have. Because you eat enough, give to others who don’t have. As it is in the things of this Earth, so also it is with the wife. You married a woman, she’s taking good care of you, because of your greed, you married another one. You are treading on a dangerous ground. The blessing of the Father never adds sorrow. If a woman wants, she can give birth to one hundred children. That is how I did it. Why a man should marry five wives and has only ten children and there is trouble everywhere? Because you violated the word of the Father! The other women are not your wives! That is why there is trouble everywhere. It’s not that I loved those who married many wives in the past. If I loved them, I wouldn’t have created only one woman. I knew the sin of Adam and Eve brought out many things. Without My explanation, you should know there is trouble for you if you marry more than one wife. It’s like a bag that can contain another bag, however, you put a bigger bag into the first one, what will happen to it? Will it comfortable? It will expose; you cannot tie it. That is how it is.

As it is in houses, so also it is with the wives you married, even the children as well. If I put one hundred eggs into your womb, I know not all of them will produce children. I may only assign fifteen children for you, because I know that is what you can care for. That is how I created everything. If I give you hundred eggs, the bag I give to you determines the amount of children you will have. If you see a man who married five wives, and gave birth to fifteen children, those children are the ones the Father assigned for him to have, but from only one wife. However, because of greed, he shared them around. Instead of the children to bring blessing, they will bring a curse. Jacob was the first example, David was the second, and Solomon was the third. If you eat with your full belly, you’re comparing your action with those ones in the Bible, you must ask yourself the question if those ones in the Bible had peace when they did it. You want to live the kind of life they lived. Even if you have children from one wife, you still have to teach them the way of the Father. There were some of them who had one wife; however, they failed to teach their children the way of the Father. To every word of the Father, you neither add nor minus from it. When Jesus Christ came, He built on the foundation of the Father. That was why He said ‘I did not come to abolish the Law because the Earth was built by My Father and I.’ He came to shed more light on the word for you. Whosoever commits sin is not from the Father. You are in need of money, suddenly you see a man with a trailer full of money, drop everything in front of your house; you will be afraid because money has its own spirit. That is why I don’t give each individual more than he or she can control. As I created Kings and Queens, I give them a big heart to control everybody. I give them authority so that whatever word they speak, everybody will honour it. Kings and Queens are not just ordinary people. Anyone I put in a high position is not just an ordinary person. You cannot have whatever I don’t give to you. When I told David that I also gave him the wife of his master Nabal, it was because of the love I had for him. It wasn’t that I supported everything he did, however, I loved him, I wouldn’t kill him because of that. He should have known better how to keep himself. If you violate any of My words, something will happen to you. That is where mercy comes in. I will pardon you, I will have mercy on you, and however, you will face the consequence of whatever you do. I Am not a wicked Father. I want your hands to be clean in whatever you do. If I overlook everything you do, Satan will never overlook it. That was why there were agonies in the time of old. That was why Jesus Christ came to teach you the more.

Why did I say if a man divorces his wife, another man shouldn’t marry her? Because the spirit of that man is still inside her! If you lay with a woman, part of her spirit remains inside you until you die because you exchange yourselves. That is the reason I Am crying about fornication and adultery. Once you do it, the spirit remains inside you until you die. It was because of the hardness of the heart of My children. This was not how I created the Earth. That was why I said I regret creating human beings. You are the joy of everything I created. You are the ones I can speak to; I cannot speak to animals. You are My joy because I brought you out of My body. If you’re giving birth to children and the children are spreading, I Am happy. Today, you think you cannot make it until you go to the university, it’s a lie. I have already assigned what you’ll be right from the beginning. If you abandon it and go to the university, your life will turn upside down until you come back to it. Your blessing will not come because of your education. That is why I want you to be inside Me right from the beginning of your life. Some of you will travel to a far country to suffer; until you come back to your village, you cannot make anything in your life. Some people lived twenty-five years in overseas. It was as if all doors were shut. Immediately they came back, the doors opened. You cannot change the root of your destiny. Immediately you violate any word of the Father, you’re in trouble. That is why if you don’t marry the wife I assigned to you, you will end up marrying ten wives. Until your soul and the soul of somebody click together, you cannot have peace whenever you marry. That was why I used Adam and Eve as an example. Their souls were together. However, today, many of you end up marrying another person’s wife. If you marry the wife I assigned to you, children and blessing will come. Everybody will live together in harmony. However, Satan will plant greed into your heart so you can marry another one, another person’s wife. You will end up bringing the children I assigned to come out of your body through one wife from different women. You end up sowing evil seed into the lives of those children. You have given that woman what’s not hers. That was why I said I want to destroy the Earth again. I Am seeing what I don’t want to see! You defiled your body; you defiled the Earth. Anyone that uses the lives of those in the Bible to compare should have asked himself why I destroyed the Earth before. Was it good for them? If I loved what they did, why did I bring Jesus Christ openly for you so you could see and touch Him? Why did I bring Jesus Christ then? I came in the Spirit, you didn’t understand; I came in the flesh, you didn’t understand; I came again in the Spirit and you still didn’t understand; what do you want Me to do for you to have peace? In the beginning, I came in the Spirit; and in the middle, I came in the flesh through Abraham; I came again in the Spirit through Jesus Christ. I brought My Son physically for you to see. Yet, you’re comparing what happened in the time of old with your action. If it were good for them, I wouldn’t have brought My Son. I want to have, I want to have, I want to have; you’re committing sin, defiling your soul and your generation because you want to have. Any time the spirit of death comes, the Father you denied is the One that will accept you. It now depends on where you’re going because your punishment is awaiting you. Not only you, the innocent children you gathered, you also give them punishment. There are some children; they’ve never known their father. You impregnated the woman, and she gave birth to that child alone because you’re greedy. You impregnated one and impregnated another. The person who should have married that woman so that peace could reign, you took the woman away from her. That was the reason why I said you shouldn’t divorce. It is sin! Every word that comes out of the mouth of the Father carries power. I hate divorce! There is a consequence in it because your spirit in that person’s life never leaves. It will be there until you die. The only way that spirit can go is through Jesus Christ, and it’s not an easy journey. That is where confession comes in. Until you mention the name of everybody that lay with you, the spirit will not leave, and it’s not a day’s journey. If a woman is committing sin and she’s proud of it, she must know she’s in danger. She’s in trouble!

If you say you’re a pastor, caring for the children of the Father, you must know how to pastor them because the Father requires truth from your mouth. He allowed people to kill the prophets because they failed to speak the truth. If you call yourself a man of God, you must speak the truth. If you die by the end of the day, you will know you died for the Father, you die for the truth. Somebody who gave her life to Jesus Christ for many years doesn’t know what the Bible says concerning her and the enemies are ruling her life. Whenever the enemies question you, you see no answer to give and the Word is in your hands, because you’re not reading it. You will use all your life to pay money in the church, yet, the enemies are turning your life upside down because you don’t know your right. Why then are you a Christian? No matter how Satan uses somebody, as husband and wife, if one is weak, the other one will be strong. You that are strong will explain the word of the Father to the weak one. However, you that claim you’re strong, the weak one is even better than you because you know nothing in the Word of the Father. Both of you are fighting for his or her own right individually. Where do you put the word of the Father? The same law that holds one holds the other. Earlier is better to call a spade a spade. If you defile yourself, you call demons to come and destroy your children. This is what pastors fail to teach My children. As a little girl, if you defile yourself, Satan will have access into your life. He can do you anything because you violate the word of the Father. Demons can change your destiny because of sin. Sin is a sin. A woman should sit her husband down; husband should sit his wife down. The words are there, what do you do with them? Whenever The Holy Spirit comes to teach you, you don’t even value it; but you say you’re a Christian. However, nobody to teach them all these and all of them go on their own way. That is why all the pastors have a case to answer by the end of the day. I Am waiting for them.

The Father doesn’t have any work to do more than you, the children. He is close to all of you day by day, but you’re far away from Him, seeking the food you’ll eat. The word of the Father is good, it’s sharper than a two-edged sword and Satan knows, demons know. The word of the Father is fire. It changes your life. It destroys every power of darkness. If you embrace it with your whole heart, it will change your life. No matter what you’re passing through, the Father will change you in a twinkling of an eye. However, until you understand the Word. It’s like a teacher who taught his students and set exam for them. When some finished writing many pages and still requesting for more papers, some are there looking at the questions without writing anything. Why? Because they don’t understand. That is how it is. Some people knew the Word, practiced it, and went to Heaven. Some failed because somebody has marked them for destruction. When the teacher asked them to ask him question if they didn’t understand, they kept saying ‘we understand, no question’. However, when the exam came, they’re chewing the head of their pen. The bird came and stole everything away from your brain because you’ve signed to remain in the same class, not to move forward. People must go to Hellfire; apart from going to Hellfire, they must leave this Earth with tears and sorrow. This is what Satan is saying. As they’re troubling your soul not to have peace, they’re troubling the Father also because as they trouble your soul, you will cry to the Father because you connect to Him. If your son or daughter is crying, will you have peace? That is how it is for you and the Father. That is why a special cell is given to the pastors whenever they go to Hellfire because they failed to teach My children, they did not allow Me to have peace. How will I have peace? When you’re teaching My children and they’re not doing the will of the devil, the will of demons. However, Satan now sowed evil seed in the heart of the pastors and they’re teaching lies. They take the way of Balaam. Even inside the church, sorrow increases every day. Why did I give you ordinance of Christianity if sorrow increases in the church every day? Why? Why did I send My Son Jesus Christ to die? For you to teach the truth! The ordinance of Christianity is an ordinance of holiness. If you’re teaching the truth, why is sorrow piling up? Because you’re not teaching the truth, you’re teaching about money and the money will perish with you. That is why all of you are heading in a way of destruction.

Everything is good. You can go out and snatch somebody’s car. Everybody is qualified to do whatever he or she wants to do because this Earth is an open place. By the end of the day, there is a reward for it. Somebody is waiting for you, which is your Creator. Besides, you’ve also sown an evil seed into the lives of your children. Your forefathers that did the same thing, was it good for them? Many of them died without seeing their children because they converted another man’s property to their own. You surrounded your whole house with wives. Each one cooked for you each day. They weren’t your wives; you hijacked another person’s wife. I Am not a confusion God. If you have two things, give one to another. Can you give your wife to another man? But the Father gave you only one wife. You surround your house with five wives and somebody is there who has none. If somebody comes to you and says ‘you’re with my wife’, won’t you kill him? That means he will remain bachelor until death. Whenever he sees one of your wives, he will love her. Why? Because his soul is connected to her! That is the wife that I, The Almighty God assigned for him to marry. If somebody tells you that Michael’s wife is with you, you will ask him why. Out of all your five wives, she may be the one you don’t even love. Her soul and your soul are incompatible! Whenever Michael sees her, he will fall in love with her because she’s his wife. However, you hate her and she’s still among your wives. You may only enter her room once in two months. You don’t even eat her food. One man’s food is another man’s poison. She is your poison, but another man’s food. For what you’ve done, there will be no peace for you.

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"Seek the Lord while He may be found, call upon Him while He is near. Let the wicked forsake his way, and the unrighteous man his thoughts; let him return to the Lord, and He will have mercy on him; and to our God, for He will abundantly pardon." Isaiah 55:6-7

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