Operation Save Yourself

The Father speaks

(Sunday 1st January 2012, 12:00)

Do not fear, I am with you. Do not be afraid, I am with you. When you pass through water, it will never swallow you. When you pass through the fire, it will never consume you. I am the One speaking! Do not fear; do not be afraid. I am with you. I am with you. Do not be afraid; do not be dismayed; I am with you. This is a New Year, a new resolution, a new beginning. Do not be afraid. I am the same God of old; I am the same God of yesterday; I am the God of that day; I am God of today; I am the God of tomorrow. Do not fear. Focus on Me. Look unto Me. I am the All-In-All; I am the Author and the Finisher; I am the Beginning; I am the Ending; I am the Authority; I am the I am that I am. Do not fear; focus on Me. Focus on Me. I am the Old Man. Focus on me. I never change; I never change. I remain the same thing. When I say My word in a hundred years, I will repeat it. That is how it is. If I have not done it, that doesn’t mean I will not do it. I never change My mouth because nobody is feeding Me. Nobody pushes Me to speak. I am the One that speaks My word and bring it to pass. Nobody will force Me to speak. I can do things without saying it out. My son, tell Me if somebody has ever seen Me before. Who has ever seen Me before? Nobody! And nobody will see Me! I am Breeze; I am Air and whatever I want to do, I will do it. I am not a talkative. If I’m speaking and speaking and they do not believe Me, of what benefit is Me saying it? Look at My word My son (the Bible), has it ever destroyed? It will never destroy. You will destroy but My word will never destroy. It’s My handwork; it’s My doing. What am I going to speak that you have not heard? The God of yesterday, the God of today, the God forever; that is Me. What am I going to speak that they’ve not heard? They will read it like a novel and abandon it. My word is there. Tell them this is what I say: Whoever does not do My will, he will die!!! He will die! I am angry! Tell all of them to do My will. They should go there and read what I said they should do. I have said a lot My son! Every word I said, I will do it! I am not a talkative. They should do My will. If they do My will, they will save their lives. If they do My will, they and their homes will save their lives. Whoever does not do My will knows where he’s going. I have said and set it. I have laid the judgement and set it. No turning back My son. Whoever does My will in those few seconds, those few minutes, those few hours can be saved. He can have the opportunity. Anyone that change his heart, even five minutes before it happens will save himself. The time is in your hand! Let me purge myself; let me reconcile with my Father; everything I have done that have put somebody into hunger, into tears, that have put somebody into the situation he shouldn’t be; let me filter myself; let me say Father have mercy; let me go and reconcile with that person. As you do it and cover it, when you die, you’re going to hellfire because the person you put into tears is still crying. You are eating and drinking, but somebody is there shedding tears, you will pay for it. Oh, the Father says He wants to destroy people; I have not killed anybody. Yes, you have not killed anybody, but somebody is sorrowful because of you. Sin is sin! You’ve eaten, you supposed to wash your hand after your meal; you now use your dirty hand rub somebody. What do you think you’re doing? It’s a sin! Sin is sin! The Father hates evil. The Father is the One that owns this earth. He is the One that owns it! There is nothing anybody can do. In nakedness you come, in nakedness you will return! The Father wants to do you good for you to live in that place of eternity, but you say you don’t want to go there. What concerns the Father then? The Father has set what He wants to do and there is no turning back! That was how He spoke in the time of old. He made announcement that He wanted to destroy the whole earth. This was exactly what they did, as they are doing today. They were eating and drinking. Didn’t it come to pass? It came to pass! I am the One that is speaking My son!!! Nothing else I want to say. They should go and do My will! If anyone does not do it, this year, fire will burn all of them!!!

This year is the year of “Operation Save Yourself”. If you want to save yourself, it’s in your hands. Operation save yourself! How can I save myself? I will wash my body clean so I will not follow them. Operation save yourself! Save yourself!!! Nobody will save you because you’re the one that knows how you feel inside your body. You know what to do. Nobody will help you to confess anything. Oh, you Radiant, you slept with somebody few days ago; purge yourself; God is angry with you. But you will say no, and you know that you did it. Instead of you to admit it and purge yourself, ask God for mercy and go to that person for reconciliation; you refuse. You were the one that went to her. If you didn’t go there, she could have kept herself. You went there to tempt her because the demon that’s inside you wanted to satisfy itself. And she herself was in her Father, but wasn’t strong enough. The demon that was inside you was more powerful and now seduced her. That is how they destroy people around. If a woman dress naked and you don’t approach her, will she force you? When you see her the way she dressed, what should you do? Sister, are you a child of God; I implore you to know your Father more because this dress you put on is not good. She will be ashamed of herself! But because the demon that’s inside you is hungry of woman, it will tell you to look at them, that they’re many. If you warn one and warn two, what will they do? They will cover their body! Because the demon that’s inside you is hungry of them, you will approach them and sleep with them. That is it! But when your Father is inside you and you see that the demon that’s inside that woman makes her dress the way she dress, because of the power that’s inside you, you will caution her immediately. She will be ashamed! If you caution her and another person cautions her, she will be ashamed and she will know that the Father is inside everybody. Because the demon that’s inside you wants to satisfy itself and the demon that’s inside the one that dress naked wants it as well, you both fall for it. Both of you are going to hellfire. Both the one that dress naked and the one that goes to her, all of you are going to hellfire! If one falls, one will carry her up. If you see somebody that falls, you cannot say you want to fall too. If one falls, another one will lift her up. You look at yourself in the mirror and hate yourself. Oh, I don’t like the way I am; let me go and meet the doctor. Are you mad; is something wrong with you; are you the one that created yourself; are you the Father; the Father that created you knows you’re okay like that; I don’t want to hear it in this house again; maintain how the Father created you; it’s okay for you like that. Will she go and cut her body? Then, if she gets to the doctor, and he tells her I am here to repair, not to destroy; I don’t want to destroy my Father’s handwork. As they’re going there to patch themselves, amending themselves, it continues to spread. That means the Father is not a Father. My son, a lot will happen!! Somebody wants to destroy herself and you too join her to destroy her body because you’re looking for money. You are looking for money, isn’t it? A lot will happen! A lot will happen! A lot will happen! In every law you enforce in the whole earth, let the Law of the Father be number one. If the Law of the Father is not number one, you fail. I have told you before about My Law. If they don’t go to that Law, the Law I gave right from the beginning, if they don’t go to it, they fail. That Law is what holds all of them together. When you hold that Law, you’re doing the will of the Father. Whoever does not go there and obey the Father’s Law find himself to blame. The children at home, in the school, without that Law, they fail. It’s like food; the Law is what will make that child grows in the Father. Without that Law, that child is not a child. The Law is what will make that child be whatever he wants to be, and the child will also give you peace. You know My Law! Nobody can destroy it.

You are converting other people’s properties to yourself and you say you’re doing good! When two people are fighting, you are happy and you support one because you know they will both lose so their properties will become yours. Is that what the Father said they should do!!! Are you hearing Me My son! That is what they’re doing! Two people are fighting; let me manufacture more weapons for them to destroy themselves because I know they will die; if they die, I will claim their property. The Father is looking! The Father is angry! When two people are fighting, the third person supposed to separate them and make peace. Oh, thank you for bringing us peace; we will not fight again. But you give gun to one to shoot the other so they could kill themselves. Because after you weighed two of them, you knew there would be food for you by the end of the day. Is that what the Father wants? Are you the Creator? The Father created black, He created white, and He knows why He made it like that and He unites all of you together. Is He a wicked Father? Are you going to spoil the Father’s handwork? What else shall I say again! I don’t have anything to speak again My son!! Nothing for Me to say!!! You cut everything everywhere because of your selfishness. When you leave this earth, you will leave the money. The Father is the One that controls the money. I am the One controlling the money now! Do you know how many of My children that died because of this fight? The Father is a peaceful Father. He is a peaceful Father. The Father hates fighting; He hates problem. If two people are fighting, you will go there and separate them amicably. You will let them know who you are. Peace will then reign. When other people are fighting, you will go there and separate them again. What will they call you? The Father is really inside these people; we love you; do your work more. But instead of you to do that, you now begin to convert their properties to your own. Whoever does not dance to your ringtone is not a human being. The Father did not create anybody to be a slave for one. He created everybody equally. Go into the world; feel free! That is what the Father said. I am not a wicked Father and I am not a talkative. I have said a lot. My son, listen attentively everyday because a lot will happen. Nobody will believe you My son. A lot will happen. Everybody is hot. You are in your house and they’ve killed everybody, but you alone remain; will you be happy. Many people are angry; they are hot. They want to revenge. These are the peace keepers I chose right from time, but they hold a weapon in their hands to make peace. Can you hold a weapon to make peace? You cannot hold a weapon to make peace! If you want to settle peace, your hands must be free. If you hold a weapon to make peace, one of those you want to settle may take it from you and shoot the other. You must allow your hands to be free. You will let them know they’re brothers. Let them know they’re from the same source. Judge between them and settle them. Peace will reign. If you say you don’t want peace, we have nothing to do with you again. Enforce the law! We separate you from us because we don’t want trouble. What will happen? They will be afraid. Instead of you to keep the peace, you put more fire. As you’re doing it, another person is watching you. What do you think will happen? Will there be a peace? There will be no peace. That means there is no Father. You have destroyed the Law of the Father. You are the one that govern yourself. What then is the difference between you and them? Those that are killing themselves, that when they kill millions, they’re going there (heaven). Where are they going? They are the ones ruling you now because you have lost your birthright. You have lost your blessing. They should switch on to the Father’s side. Whoever switches on will be saved. And I know they will never switch on, that is why I have set it. Maintain what the Father has told you. Know the Father, that is all; so that when you go, you’ll either go to the Father or hellfire. You will never tell Me you don’t know the Father because you’re hearing the word of the Father everyday and you say there is no Father. When you die, you already know where you’re going. When you die and go to hellfire, it doesn’t remove anything from the Father. Yes, the money will dry and people will die and go to hellfire, but the children of the Father will eat. The Father will clothe them; He will feed them; they will eat. When I promise you, when I say what I will do, My son I will do it. My word this year is ‘do My will’. If you do My will, you will be saved. The time is in your hand. As you gather to scatter, you should still gather to repair; else, there will be a problem. The time is in your hand. If you adjust yourself before that time, you will be saved. If you don’t adjust yourself before the time, you’re going. You are the one that lose. You are the one that lose. I am eating well; I did not do anybody evil; if anything happens, it will not reach where I am. Search your handwork! Is your handwork to destroy people? Is it to destroy people? Is it to destroy people?

The Father knows why He created this earth and gave each person knowledge. Why is there a lawyer? Whenever two people are fighting, when a lawyer gets there, he will separate and judge them, and he will never judge lie. That is why the Father gives you brain to be a lawyer. Because not everybody will be spiritual! If you are spiritual like the Father and you are inside the Father, you will know you shouldn’t fight. Because you’re fighting, you’re physical. That is why the Father placed different people in different places. Whenever there is a dispute, if a lawyer is there, he will judge correctly. You, you have done this; this is your penalty. That settles it. That is a lawyer. What about a doctor? The Father purposely placed them there because He knows that many of His children will not know Him. Even some of them know Him, but they don’t have the spiritual knowledge that they don’t want to be sick. They always deal with the physical. That is why the Father placed different category of people in different places on this earth. Whenever you are ill, the doctor is there for you because you’re not spiritual; you deal with the physical. If you are spiritual, you will know that you can never be ill. You can never be sick because it’s your inner body that controls the physical. But when you forget about the inner one, the physical begins to control you. Then you can go to the doctor. The Father designed it that when you go there, they will care for you. And if you go there, there are some illnesses he cannot take care of. He will tell you this is beyond his capacity, you should go and pray. Then you will go to a pastor because it is a spiritual problem. That is why I told you My son that you’re more than a physical doctor. You, a doctor, somebody comes to you. Are you ill? She says no. What then is your problem? I look at my nose, the nose is not good. Okay, don’t worry; I will do it for you. Are you the Father? You want to destroy the Father’s handwork? Then you will open your mouth and say if the whole earth wants to collapse, it will not reach where you are because you did not do anybody evil. The one you did is more than evil. You want to mould the person’s nose. You now take scissors and cut off the nose so you could mould another nose for him. Do you think that nose will fit that face? The nose the Father moulded and put on that face, you can live three hundred years; the nose will still be there. Even if the nose is bent, that is how it will remain. You will breathe with it; you are okay with it; nothing will happen to you. If he (the doctor) says he wants to mould another nose for you, I give you some months, the nose will destroy. Do you know more than the Father? You know more than the Father. You eat with your full belly and said even if the whole earth wants to destroy, you did not do anything wrong. You did the worst! If somebody comes to you and you tell her I don’t want to destroy my Father’s handwork; you are okay as you are. You will ask that person if she has a skin problem, the kind of cream she’s using. She should search herself. Were you born this way? If she says no, then something is wrong somewhere. Ask that person question. She will know where she’s coming from; the kind of food she ate; the kind of cloth she put on that brought that sickness upon her. But you want to remove her skin and give her another skin. The skin the Father gave her is not okay. The one you give her is now better than the one the Father gave to her. With the skin you give her, there are some things she has to be doing to maintain it, else the skin will destroy. And you can never maintain it. What happens then? You fail! And they said there is peace. Where is the peace? Where is the peace? All of them have failed. They failed in one way or another. Where is the peace!! Where is the peace?

My son, I am alive. I am everywhere. I see everything that is going on My son. They fail themselves and fail many homes. They have destroyed many homes. They have made many homes useless. They destroyed many homes because of their selfishness, because of what they want to eat. If a fire is burning somewhere and somebody says you should put your head there, if you do, that means you are useless. When you burn, you die and your family misses you. They should go and amend their ways. They should know Me. Whoever knows Me save his own life. I have said it before. You will save your own life. Your life is in your hands. All these things that are happening, Father, I don’t want to partake of them; I don’t want to die an untimely death; I don’t want to die a premature death; I don’t want to die uselessly; Father, I hide myself in You; have mercy on me; everything I did, those I have done wrong, those I converted their properties to mine, I will return it, I will reconcile with them so we can live together in peace. My son, I was on My own when I envisioned this earth. As you see this life, billions of children can come out of it. I brought My children out of My body. I was on My own in My planet. I looked and said I don’t want to be selfish. I exist by Myself. I heard the vision of this planet and I did everything. You know the story. And I put My children here. I am Selfexisting Father. I created Myself. I am All-In-All. I am Everything. I proud of Myself. I created Myself. I was on My own and I envisioned this earth. I knew it would be good. When I created it, I brought My children to live in it. Am I a selfish Father? If I am a selfish Father, will I create you? Tell them!!! I am not a selfish Father. I created you because I love you and I still want you to create others. When you give birth, My children will be many. But you want to destroy yourself. The Father is angry. The Father is angry. You refuse to know the Father. You refuse to do the Father’s will. The Father is angry. Your life is in your hands. The life is working in time. Your life is in your hands and the life is working in time. Do you know life is working in time? There is a time you were born and there is a time you will die. When that time reaches, you die. Your life is working in time. If the time reaches, you will go. And when you go, where are you going to? That is why the Father sets the boundary right from the beginning. The Father is not a wicked Father. Your life is in your hands. Tell them! It’s left for you the way you do it. It’s like somebody that builds a house. You can paint it any colour you like and nobody dare ask you any question because it’s your house. It’s your choice. You want to paint your house blue colour. Nobody dare ask you why you paint your house blue colour. Somebody else may paint his own dark colour. It’s your choice. Somebody may decide to paint his own pure white. It’s the colour you like because it’s your house. Now your body, you are the one that owns the body. It’s your body. You forget that you are not the one that created this body. Somebody made you to be as you are. You are not the one that owns yourself. But the Father gives you freedom. He gives you freedom and that freedom works with choice. That is why good and evil are there. And you know that this body the Father gives to you is not ordinary body. The body needs holiness and you know it. You now forget about this holiness and begin to do evil. You forget that everything you do will come back to you by the end of the day. Everything you do will come back to you. When you do good, it will come back to you. When you do evil, it will come back to you. It’s a choice! It’s a choice. Anything you do will return back to you. Don’t say somebody is saying nonsense. Anything you do will come back to you. It will come back to you because you are the one that owns yourself. That is the result. It will come back to you. When you do good, you know where you’re going. I told you there were some of My children, they didn’t do evil, but the enemies killed them. They are with Me. I accepted them. The enemies killed them because they were weak. They are clean and they did no evil. You have to be strong in the Father, so that when the enemies are coming, they cannot kill you. I take them because their hands are clean. They are on My throne. The Father gives you the opportunity to fight the enemies. How can you fight the enemies? When you are spiritual, the enemy cannot kill you. When they attack you, your inner being will fight back because you are inside the Father. That inner being is more powerful than the physical one. If they can get the inner one down, then they get you down. The inner one is more powerful than the physical. That is why you see all these evil people, they go into the spiritual realm to kill somebody. When they kill you in the spiritual realm, you will die physically. If they cannot get you spiritually, they cannot get you physically. This body is nothing. This body you see is nothing. This body covers the inner one. The inner one is the most important. If the inner one is weak, you are not strong enough to know the Father, they will kill you; they will overcome. I don’t want to know the Father; anyway, I don’t want to go to church, but I’m not doing evil. Yes, the Father doesn’t want you to do evil; He wants you to do good for people. As you are doing good, it is more profitable for you to know the Father. As you know the Father, He will empower you everyday. You don’t put it into action. The more you know the Father, the more you experience the Father, the more that power is coming out. It’s like when they give you a hand, but you refuse to use it. The inner one is what controls the physical. This physical one is nothing. That inner one is the Father. When you don’t put the Father into action, they will kill you. The devil’s is to destroy. You, you don’t do any evil, but ours is to do evil; we will kill you because you do not put your Father into action. It’s like a gift that is given to you, but you abandon it. You are not using it. They know that the one given to you is what is more important, but you are not using it. No, I don’t want to do any evil. That is exactly what the Father wants. I am on my own. When the enemy comes, you are very easy to brush out. My son, come and slap My face. Do I retaliate? But I have My hands? That is how it is. The Father wants you to fight with the spiritual one. He doesn’t want you to fight physical fight, but a spiritual one. How do you fight spiritually? When you are strong in the Father! Without the spiritual one, they will get you down. The demons themselves know you are not using it. It’s like somebody that has eyes, but refuse to see with them. When you are strong spiritually, you can see. When you’re asleep and they attack you, you will fight them. Somebody shoots you and the bullet does not enter you, why? Because your spirit is in action! You are bulletproof; it cannot enter you because you put your spirit into action. But if you’re not strong spiritually, the bullet will enter and you will die physically because you refuse to put your inner being into action.

That is why you see the witches have the power to do what they’re doing and the Father condemns it, and they know. Have you ever seen witches kill somebody physically? They kill people spiritually. If you are inside the Father, they cannot kill you because the Father will arise. That is why the Father will never forgive any witchcraft. The power the Father gave to you, He did not give you to use it to destroy. The Father will never forgive any witchcraft. They know what they’re doing. They use their power to destroy spiritually. Because they know the spiritual controls the physical and they know more than you. It’s the handwork of the devil because he knows everything the Father did. My son, when I was creating everything, I was saying it out for Them to hear. I was telling Them and They know. That is why they are using their evil power to destroy My children. That is their weak point. If that spiritual does not control you, you are gone. I will never forgive any witchcraft. No matter how you call yourself a man of God, you are preaching, you paint yourself, you are a saint here, but if you’re a witch, I will never forgive you. You use your evil to destroy My children. You may preach My word, anointing may flow in your mouth, but if you’re a witch, you’re going to hellfire. That is the final. There is no mercy; you are going to hellfire. Fire! No forgiveness because you use what you know it’s not good to destroy My children. You know it’s not good. The Father condemns it. I condemn it! That was why I said in the initial stage that if anyone confesses it, they should kill that person. I know why I said it. It’s an evil spirit. They can never use it to do good. The Father works spiritually. They turn the work of the Father around and begin to destroy. They cannot repair. They cannot use it to repair. Everything I do, I do it spiritually. They want to imitate Me. Can you imitate Me? I was the One that created everything and They were there when I was creating it. I was instructing Them; if They do it this way, this is what will happen. That thing (Satan) now thought he had gotten power. You do yourself harm! It’s My Spirit I put in every of My children. If I want to reach you, I will reach you spiritually. You can never see Me physically. That is what I did and they turned everything upside down. Their own is to destroy because they are not like the Father. I am a Spirit My son. If a woman’s womb destroys, I will put a baby there spiritually. I will restore any damaged part spiritually. I am the One that will do it. But they’re using it to destroy. I will not forgive any witchcraft. I will never forgive them. You may preach, you may perform miracles; hence you’re a witch, I will never forgive you. I will destroy you. You can never see Me because you are a witch. You can never enter My kingdom because you will pollute that place. I told you that the screening in that place is very high. Everyone there is like a baby. You cannot know more than the Father. No matter how you preach, no matter what kind of man of God you are, if you go to a spiritual realm, I will destroy you. No apology! If I allow you to come, you will destroy all My children there. No matter who you are, when We weigh you and you don’t meet Our need, you are going there (hellfire). If We say We want to have pity on him, We do Ourselves harm. If We even weigh him and We say We should pardon him, he will put that evil in him into action. They cannot see Me and My children are working accurately. They never make mistakes. That is why I told you, if you have not finished your life here, you don’t know how you’ll become there. I will never forgive any witchcraft. You are working and you are like innocent, people look at you and give you respect, do they know what you are doing spiritually? It is better for you to do your evil physically. The Father may forgive you. But you are doing that deep one that nobody knows anything about because it’s covered. It is good for you to even slap Me physically so I can see you. You may say sorry and I will forgive you immediately than that one. But that one! That one is deeper than anything and very powerful. Silent bombs; silent gun. It’s a silent gun. You are killing people, destroying people because you have power. Who gave you the power? Where did you get it from? If you know you have power, why can’t you use it physically to do good for people? If you know you have that one, why can’t you use it physically to do good for people, to repair lives? The Father will never forgive you! He will never forgive you. My son, I am the One speaking. That is what they’re doing. If they don’t want to be free, I will deal with them. They did a lot My son! They destroy many people with that power. You are doing evil to people and your life is not good, what then is the benefit? Do you think you can do everybody and go free? When Satan gives you one, he will take four away from you. What then is the benefit? Those people the Father created to become big people, those who should have even helped you tomorrow, you turned them to useless because of your wickedness. You are not making it and those who could have made it and even help you, you’ve destroyed them. Nobody can know this one I’m telling you.

My son, things are happening on this earth that you don’t know. I know everything. They have destroyed many of My children. All those ones when they die, where are they going? They are going to hellfire, none stop. They have spoilt all My children! All these children you see, they’ve spoilt them. They now begin to run from pillar to post. There are millions of them My son. When they die, where are they going? Tell all of them! That is the message you will send to them. Your life is in your hands. The Father has set good and evil, right from the beginning. Any categories you fall into, you know where you’re going. Tell them I am not a talkative, but through the talkativeness I will reach them. I was on My own. I am a Selfexisting Father. I looked at Myself that I could never remain as I am. I want My children. I am the One that gave birth to you! I have My children. In what way? I created male and I created female for both of them to have children. My children. So they could produce. Whenever I see you, I will be happy. As I created you, I knew there would be a good one and bad one, it’s a choice. I have already put that heart there right from the beginning. Whatever you want, the other one may not want it. I prepared human being right from the beginning. That is why you are a human being. I maintained everything for you to be a human being. I did not create you to be an animal. If you make poo (faeces) on the floor, can you eat it? But the dog will eat it. You cannot eat it because it’s bad. The Father created good and bad in your body. That sense of bad is inside you. You will not do it because you know it’s bad. But somebody will now go to the spiritual realm and give you poo to eat. What do you call that? It is witchcraft. Tell them the Father has already created both good and bad, right from the beginning. It is witchcraft; it is evil. Tell them the Father has already set both good and bad, right from the beginning. That is why you are a human being. The Father now sets it that anyone that does evil is going to that place – hellfire. I created hellfire even before I created human being. The good and bad have already been set. Anyone that does the bad one will go to that place they’re going. The dog is the one that eats the bad one, not human being. When you eat fresh apple, the Father has already made it to digest and the good part of it will go into your body and the bad one will be excreted. That is what is bad. You cannot eat it. Somebody will now go into the spiritual realm and give you poo to eat. It will pollute your body. When you eat fresh apple, it freshens your body. If you eat the one you excreted, it will pollute your body. Somebody will now give you to eat in a spiritual way. They now turn the work of the Father around because they want to destroy you. I have already set the heart right from the beginning; somebody must do the bad one. With the same heart you know that something is bad and you won’t do it, but somebody says it is bad and he will do it. The Father says what is bad is bad. The Father will never forgive any witchcraft. No matter how good you can sing, your voice may be like that of an angel, as long you are a witch, if you don’t drop it, you are going to hellfire. No matter how you deliver people, no matter how you are a man of God, if you are a witch, when the calamity comes, you will die and go to hellfire. Tell them. Tell them. Tell them!! Don’t think you are working for the Father because you turn the whole work of the Father upside down. It is good the Father wants you to do His work. If you know you belong to that category, voice out; come out of it. All the works you are doing, you are doing in vain. I am talking to My servants. If you fall into that category, every work you are doing, you are doing it in vain. If you know you are a witch, you want to have power to yourself, to begin to do things to yourself, you are not Almighty God. Look onto the Father; He will endow you with His own power. You know exactly what happened on the day of Pentecost. It will kill that flesh in you. The Spirit of the Father will take over. He did not say you should go and manufacture your own power. If you have that witchcraft to do evil or to even do good in the church, you are going to hellfire. When the Father endows you, when the Spirit of the Father is activated in you, He will motivate you to do whatever you want to do. You may pick any woman; my Father says you will pregnant. She will truly pregnant because it’s the Spirit of the Father. But if you go and manufacture your own power because you can never use it to do good. If you use it to do good for somebody, it will be like a curse. The day the person doesn’t come to your church again, there will be a problem. Oh, I am the one that have the power to give her that child; since she doesn’t want to come to my church again, I know what to do. The Father is not like that. The blessing of the Father never adds sorrow. Maybe somebody was under a spell and the person is sick, you will now go to your witchcraft to take permission they should leave her for you because she’s a member of your church. The sickness will now stop. Oh glory be to God; the sickness has gone; God I thank you. You will be calling her twenty-four hours. Whenever she doesn’t come to church, there will be a problem. If she says she doesn’t like the way they’re behaving and wants to move forward, you will now call your people to take over again. The sickness will now come back. Oh, we told you; it’s because you did not come back to church. Does the blessing of God add sorrow? You know exactly what happened there. He was using his evil power in the church. He will die and go to hellfire. All of them that use witchcraft to pollute My children in the church, to do good and do bad, they are going to hellfire. The Father does not do good and do bad. Any blessing He gives does not add sorrow. Any blessing the Father gives will never add sorrow. Tell all of them to search themselves. They should come out of it. How can I come out of it; I don’t want to do evil again; I want that spirit to die in me; I want the Father to endow me with His power; I want the real Spirit of the Father. And you will have it! The word of the Father is there for you. Either you perform miracles or not, you will die; and when you die, where are you going. Don’t let anybody force you to perform miracle you cannot perform. You will go and hire power anywhere. Ask that person that is inside mess ‘what did you do; where did you go; what did you eat’. No matter any problem that comes to you, something caused it. The Spirit of the Father is inside you. Search yourself! I don’t have anything. Then what of the parents that gave birth to you? Where did they go before they conceived you; what food did they give you to eat? The problem will be solved. Do not allow anybody to push you to go and take power because as you are preaching the word of the Father, the Father is happy. Do the work so that the Father can crown you by the end of the day. Don’t work and go to hellfire because it’s the same Father. Oh, I use the power because of your children. Tell them, it’s not an excuse. Do the work so that the Father will crown you. Well-done, you did well; you changed people’s lives; you preached to My children. It’s not about a miracle that you will go and take power where you shouldn’t take power because you want that woman to pregnant, because you want to heal her womb, because you want to solve her problem. Are you God! The Father will punish all of them. Tell them the time is in their hands. If you adjust your time, it’s okay for you. If you don’t adjust your time, you know where you’ll meet yourself. How do you adjust time? You will adjust yourself to time. If you belong to evil category, you know where you are going. I have set My word and that is the final. I give you peace.

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"Seek the Lord while He may be found, call upon Him while He is near. Let the wicked forsake his way, and the unrighteous man his thoughts; let him return to the Lord, and He will have mercy on him; and to our God, for He will abundantly pardon." Isaiah 55:6-7

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