Overpower Evil With Good

(Part 1)

The Father speaks

(Friday 15th January 2021, 12:00)

Evil lives in the heart of all My children. I Am the One that created it, but I didn’t create evil to live in your life. Somebody who knew how I created you showed all of you the way of evil. I created you with choice through which he deceived you into evil. What you like, another person dislikes it, and what you hate another person loves it. This choice is what Satan uses against all of you every day. He deposited his evil into those who accepted it. If you’re looking for a job, it’s either you search for it yourself, or somebody will introduce you to the company. You can’t just start the job like that. If they interview you and you’re accepted, they’ll give you an offer. They’ll tell you everything about the job and ask you if you’re happy to do it. You’ll accept it because you want to work. That’s the kind of offer Satan gave to many of My children. The offer he gives to people right now is betrayal. Husband will betray his wife or vice versa. Children will betray their parents or vice versa. He’s telling them to do what they shouldn’t have done, persuading them that they’ll be the head, that they have the power. He uses this to persuade My children. He’ll never tell them the end result of it. Either black or white, this is how he deceives them. He knows they’ll be a failure in the end. He knows they’ll never achieve their goal on this Earth. He knows they’ll never fulfil their days. They didn’t know somebody was deceiving them. They thought they could live the Earth as they wanted. The moment they accepted his offer, their lives and that of their generation has chattered. This has been going on for ages. I kept quiet until everything is shrunk. It’s like boiling water in plastic bow. What will happen to it? It will shrink! That’s how this Earth is going right now. Even those I was protecting before; I will remove My hand because there is a stain in them. The stain in them is more than good. I will remove My hand.

Some people who died didn’t think they could die. Evil tries everyone day by day. This pandemic hasn’t reached some areas. It will still reach there. The day it reaches there, they will not fall sick for too long before they die because My hand is upon everybody on this Earth. If I remove My hand, what do you think will happen? I Am the One who has the power to save. That’s why you should ask for mercy every day. You shouldn’t be proud of your sin. No one is above the Law. Everyone is subject to My Law. I, Myself Am not above the Law. I honour My own Law. I will not say because I Am the Owner of the Law that I can break it. No! The Law holds Me too because it’s about holiness. I Am inside the Law too. I reverence and honour the Law. I make sure I don’t go against it because every good and evil comes from Me. If I begin to do evil, and I Am the One that created everything, that means this Earth will go dark in a day. Not only the Earth, but Heaven will also fall down. My holiness holds Heaven into its position. My holiness also makes this Earth to exist. If not, the darkness of this Earth would have overpowered the light. If I depend on you My children, you have nothing to offer. The Earth will destroy in the twinkling of an eye. You have nothing to offer Me. I wash, sweep and clean the Earth every day. You that live on this Earth that pollutes it with your stain will be the one to die. My holiness will continually hold it. I spoke My Word to create the Earth, and I will also take it away at My Word. I brought you here to enjoy My handwork. Hence you say you don’t want to follow My will; you must pay for it. I cannot force anyone to obey My Word. The individual will choose what he wants to do. Those who fall to the category of evil will go with it. If you go, I will settle your Spirit because I am still the Owner anywhere you go. If you go to the farm and bring home all manner of nonsense, you will clean your mess by yourself. I Am the One that will clean your mess because I brought you to live on this Earth. What is your mess? Your Spirit, soul and body! Either your Spirit will wander around the Earth or will be settled somewhere, I have the final say. That is My work. That’s why I want you to be holy, so I could settle your Spirit in Heaven where you’ll be happy and enjoy forever. That place can never be full up. That’s where I want you to go. I cannot take any evil person there. This is the problem the Earth is facing.

Women are happy to bring children to the Earth. You’re bringing children to live in sorrow. They’ll train the child how to do evil anywhere he enters. Nobody will speak a good word to his life because everywhere is sinful. Everywhere is full of darkness. You’re eating in darkness and evil. Somebody speaks good; somebody speaks evil. Those who speak evil are more than those who speak good. How can the life of that child be good? Tell Me! Is it the school you’ll put him? If the parents say, they know Me and want to teach him how to be good, what about the school? That’s where they’ll ruin his life because he lives seventy percent of his life in the school while he lives only thirty percent with his parents. He’s never at home. Everything the father and mother teach him will be in vain because different people in the school are teaching him. How can the words of my parents overpower the words of my teachers? How can they lie while my mum is teaching me something different? Let me follow them! At the end of the day, he’ll say he was brought up in a Christian home. That means the majority wins the vote.

What do you expect Me to do? Right from the beginning, I want My Word to be in school. Anywhere you go, I want My holiness to be there. If you leave your house and enter your school, that means you leave holiness and enter holiness. But why do you come out of holiness and enter inside dirtiness? What do you call that? How can anything good come out of that child? Even if you’re meant to be a Pastor and want to learn English before you start your ministry, in learning your English, another spirit has entered you, and you cannot go anymore. What happens? Somebody hijacked your Spirit on the way. Who is to blame? I want you to tell Me. Who are you blaming now? Even the death that’s killing you now, I Am the One that will settle your Spirit. Those of you who died are cursed because this kind of death is accursed death. You’re crying that you lost somebody, but I’m working to settle the Spirits. It’s like a father and children at home. The father will arrange everywhere while the children will scatter everything again. Then he’ll begin to rearrange the house again. Are you not giving Me work to do? Is it not what all of you choose? Then why are you crying?

Holy, holy is the Lord God Almighty. The God that is, and the God that’s to come. I didn’t say death will not be there. I didn’t say stain will not be there because sin has gone before all of you. I didn’t say a hundred percent of you should be holy. I didn’t say a hundred percent of you should be a sinner also. At least, I will see some part of it. That is My motive because sin has gone ahead of you. Somebody has dirtied the house from the beginning, and I knew it. I still went ahead to bring you here to live because I know I have the power, and I can rescue some of you, not all. That’s why I saved Noah and his family during the flood.

Noah himself was a sinner when I saved him. Sin was living in him! I just saved him because I knew I could populate the Earth again through him. There was thirty percent of sin in him. His holiness was about seventy percent. That’s why I saved him and his family. The little sin in him populated everywhere. If there is sin in you, you must try and control it. You shouldn’t allow the sin to overpower you; overpower the sin. That’s why I spared Adam and Eve when they sinned. That’s why I give all of you more grace every day. I have mercy upon you because you can overcome the power of sin. I want you to control it. Anywhere sin doesn’t overpower the people, that’s where you see them living well.

Overpower sin by the holiness of God. This is what I want. This is what Jesus Christ wants. This is what the Holy Spirit wants. This is what We want. Jesus Christ Himself that all of you know, the spirit of good and evil lived inside Him, but He tried as much as possible to do good. Jesus Christ was the Son of God; yes. Mary was an Angel; yes, it’s true. She was born through earthly parents. Sin was in the body of Mary. Jesus Christ had no earthly father. Who gave birth to Him? Through which womb did He come out? That means there was sin in His body. But did you see or hear on this Earth what He did either when He went to Egypt or when He came back to live in Nazareth? What kind of evil did He do? All the nonsense word you heard people speak about Him concerning Mary Magdalene was because they were surprised due to His closeness to her. The love He had for her wasn’t the love of flesh. He knew that Mary Magdalene wasn’t an ordinary woman, that Satan hijacked her soul. He knew that Satan overpowered many people on this Earth. They couldn’t live the real-life I wanted them to live. Jesus Christ tried as much as possible to show love to Mary so that sin would not overpower her anymore. What kind of life did she live before? Was she born to be a prostitute? Satan overpowered her to live such a life until she died. She could have died like a dog. But she met Jesus Christ, and her life never remained the same again. The light of Jesus Christ shined upon her until He was crucified. That’s why she was so worried after the crucifixion as if all her hope is gone. No matter how you cleared a piece of land and planted your crops, weed will still grow. That’s why she was looking for Jesus Christ everywhere. Whatever all of you speak about Him, that has nothing to do with Me because My Son gave everything I asked Him to give to you.

All of you are failures. You’re manufacturing different kinds of vaccines because that’s what you put your hope. Who owns what you used in manufacturing your vaccines? I Am the One! I have everything to fight all of you until the end. I have shown you love. No kind of love I didn’t show all of you. Yet, you put My Word behind you and begin to chase the shadow. I will prove to all of you that I Am the Creator of this Earth. You only think of the enjoyment you see in what I gave to you. You forgot there is another side of enjoyment. No matter how you enjoy, you must still know your boundary. You shouldn’t put anybody in sorrow for the sake of enjoyment. If people are dying and you don’t care, you want them to die so you can live, what do you think you’re doing to the Earth? You’re alive, but another person should not live. Hence you know the truth and cover it, all of you will never see peace. You will bury and bury until you’re tired. You will never have happiness in your home. I didn’t create the Earth to be in the state that all of you are dragging it to. All of you as human beings will face the consequence because sorrow will not depart from you. As this pandemic is going on, you’re still doing evil. You still prove you can do whatever you want to do. While some are burying their loved ones and crying, you’re still there bragging. Does it affect you at all? When darkness covers the whole Earth, you’re still happy with your household. Who owns that heart? That is the heart of evil. You want to be a President or Prime Minister while some people are shedding tears. You don’t even mourn for them because nothing concerns you. Why can’t you suspend everything and call upon your God so there can be peace in the land? Do you people think of it at all? I will send an Angel from Heaven because of an unborn child because Satan has hijacked him in his mother’s womb. If you want to travel from Lagos to London, how many hours will it take you? Do you know how many hours it takes an Angel to descend to this Earth? Do you know all the hardships on the way? Do you know the risks? None of you knows the kind of love I have for you. Do you know how many miles from Heaven to this Earth? They will come and deliver the message to the parents of the unborn child, and they’ll count it as nothing. The Angel will depart. They’re looking for a man they can see. They’re looking for a Pastor they knew for many years. He is a human being. You’ve never seen the person that delivered the message to you before. I don’t even know who he is; maybe he’s a madman. I sent some Angels to this Earth, and they appeared as madmen to deliver a message. If I didn’t do them as madmen, the demons of this Earth would overpower them. After they had delivered the message, as they entered a corner, they would disappear. Demons are everywhere! Angels would come down and live with human beings for three days before they ascend to Heaven in the time of old. Today, there’s nothing like that anymore because the demons will overpower them because of your evil. That’s why I always speak to many of you through dreams so that I won’t risk the lives of My Angels. Because demons live inside you, they will not allow you to believe your dreams. They will hold your heart that it’s just ordinary dreams. Who are you to blame?

I Am just speaking what I want to speak because none of you will go back to the life of holiness anymore. You always copy whatever you see. Nobody is willing to live a lowly life. You want to gather everything for your unborn generation. Don’t you know that holiness goes farther than the things of this Earth you want to gather for your unborn generation? Heaven will take care of your children and their generation than the things of this Earth you acquired for them. Everything you acquire here isn’t acquired on holy ground. I brought Pastors so that all of you will build your house on the rock. But Pastors built their houses on the sand. They value the things of this Earth more than the things of Heaven. When I said the Levites are Mine, I will be the One to feed them, but you are building your house on the sand. Nobody wants to build his house on the rock anymore. As your focus is on building your house on the sand, you cannot do two things together. You must forgo one of them. That means you must forget about Me. If you forget about Me, Satan will take over. But you’ll still think you’re with Me. No! That’s where sin comes in. If you don’t have the power to do things as you want, you’ll begin to add another power to your own. If I give you the power to build, I will provide the money to finish it. You’ll be happy at the end of the day. No matter how rain falls, the house will stand. After you depart from this Earth, the legacy of the house you built will remain because Heaven will take care of the house and your generation. That’s what I want.

Take a pen and paper and look at the lives of the leaders that lived before and the ones living now. Who knows them? When they wanted to contest for the office, they committed all manner of atrocities. They destroyed many souls. At the end of the day, you’d rule for just a few years. What happens to the souls you’ve destroyed? You will pay for it forever. Some of the Presidents fall into sickness before they died. And after their death, do you know where they went? Every soul they led, every evil they did was right there in their palm. For a President to lead a nation, it’s like a Pastor leading a congregation. They have the same judgement. Because of what you want to eat, you defile the Word of God in your life. You lay down the foundation of evil. Somebody else will follow your evil step. Anywhere you go, you’ll never have peace. If you have only one daughter, she and her generation will not have peace on this Earth because you laid a bad example on the ground. You would leave your own country and travel to another country to impose your law upon them so they could kill each other. Do you know how many souls would die? But you’re protecting your own. All of you have done it, and you forgot about it, but the legacy remains on the ground. Do you know how I created all of you? Do you know how many works I did? You’re the ones that will make the Earth to be good. If you cook your soup without adding salt to it, can you eat it? How will it taste? You can add every ingredient, as long there is no salt, it will have no taste. That is the taste of this Earth. You are the salt of this Earth. You are My salt on this Earth. If all of you are useless, how can I achieve My purpose on this Earth? The purpose of this Earth is Heaven. How can I achieve it? Either you’re a Christian or Muslim, I take you to different places in Heaven. None of you will dictate for Me what to do. You may not see each other anymore. As you’re living in the U.K, another person lives in America, and another person lives in Nigeria. That’s how Heaven looks like. Every one of you will become a Spirit. There is a boundary for all of you that thus far you can go. While on Earth, you can travel from Lagos to London. Heaven isn’t like that. Hence They put you in the category which you belong, that’s where you’ll be operating. I categorise all of you. The category of one is higher than another. Wherever you’re fit to be, there you’ll be. As I send some Angels on an errand to this Earth, I cannot send every Angel like that because their capacity doesn’t carry the message. Now I’m speaking through My daughter, can I use everybody to speak like that? No! For the purpose of this Earth to be achieved, it depends on all of you. Hence all of you face the wrong side, that means you’re telling Me to take the Earth away.

Is it a bad thing for Me to create good things for you to enjoy? But Satan is destroying you through everything I created for you to enjoy. That’s why a husband will kill the wife because of a house. Won’t you die? If you die, somebody will copy your evil again. Can you see Me? Can you see the devil? Can’t you see that all of you are foolish? Some of you don’t know the reason you’re passing through some things. For example, you love to sing a particular song. After you sang the song, something will happen to you. If you go to your Pastor, I will reveal to him that the song belongs to an idol. As you’re singing that song, you’re invoking the demon. The song will lead you into the wrong job. It will lead you into all manner of failures. It will lead you into bad friends, bad school, bad husband. Then you’ll regret your life. The Pastor will tell you to stop singing such a song again, and he’ll conduct deliverance for you. But how did you come across such a song? Because that’s what your grandmother always sang for you when you were still a little child. Satan will always use such song to torment your soul. Unless you’re able to stop singing such song and change it to a song of praises, that’s the only way you’ll overcome. If you’re praising Me, you summon My Spirit to come to you, and if you sing any worldly song, you summon demons to come to you. I Am talking of song now. What about you carrying faeces with your hand? What will happen? That means you’re calling flies to come to you. If your hand is smelling of faeces, what good thing can you do in your life? Even if you attend the best university, you will not do anything good with it. Your life will become useless, and Satan can cut you off at any moment. He can transfer the sins of the father to the children.

All of you have sinned and come short of the glory of Heaven. You cannot have two things at the same time. One must be superior to the other. One must be more powerful than the other. If Satan knows you’re on a mission on this Earth, he’ll make sure the purpose is not met. He’ll use everything to fight you. It will be very worse because he deals with an individual. Whenever somebody tells you the right path, the path of holiness to follow, he’ll hold your heart so you won’t listen. Don’t mind him; he’s deceiving you. How can you know Satan is the one dealing with you? If the Spirit of God moves somebody to speak to you, he’ll tell you not to mind him, that he’s deceiving you, that that’s how they’ve been speaking. Why? Because he deals with an individual. After he has driven you to the end, and he has nothing to offer you anymore, he’ll turn back from you. Then it’ll be too late for you. He has destroyed everything I gave to you. That’s why you see many people inside the church; they’ve lived all manner of reckless lives. They’re just there inside the church empty. They're waiting until the day of their death. When they were young, somebody told them to turn back, but they thought they were on the right path. They didn’t know Satan was deceiving them. Inside the church, many people fall to this category. They are just there. There’s nothing they can do anymore. The time they should have married is over. The time they should have given birth to children is over. I have transferred the children to other families. All the children you aborted while you were young, they returned to Me, and I gave them to other women. Who is at lost? You’re the one! All your unborn children were there spiritually looking at you. When they came to you, you chased them away with fire. Do you think they’ll come to you again? No! If you did it ignorantly, then I may give you a second chance. And if you see those who fall into this category producing children like water, you must know they’re producing demons, not My children. They’ll give birth to all manner of animals. They’ll produce sinful children everywhere. That’s why you see tears and sorrow in every home. Any house they do evil, tears never seize. If you lose your loved ones, do you celebrate or you shed tears? I have given you the best gift ever. Hence you say you don’t want light; then you call darkness to rule you.

I created people and gave them different assignments. I created some to speak the truth. Unfortunately, Satan also raised some people to be against such people. My son, everything I’m revealing to you in this house, if you should go to the television and speak, Satan will also raise people who will challenge you unless I go before you. You cannot sleep on your bed anymore. You’ll get tired to the extent of killing yourself. Those who’re supposed to speak the truth have joined the bandwagon of evil. That’s why the Pope cannot speak the truth anymore. I Am the One speaking! I Am the Almighty God. He will only join the evil ones. And in the end, you know where he’s going. His hands are not clean. All the sins he committed live inside him. How can he speak the truth? He will only promote the evil ones because he’s just there as a figurehead. You only see the white garment he wears. If the Spirit of truth is in you, you cannot control Him. The Spirit will be the One to control you. You will be like someone drunk. Wherever you see evil, you’ll speak against it because I Am a respecter of nobody. If you’re there as a Pope and wear a white garment, people see that you wear a white garment, but what’s inside you? You shall know them by their fruit! If a Pope could speak that they should give homosexuals their chance, that they should respect them, is he serving Almighty God? I created man and woman. You say you represent the church of God and you’re speaking this from your mouth. Who are you serving? Are you serving Almighty God or demons? You’re serving demons already! My son, on this Earth, now tell Me where you think he’s going. I know that all of you are afraid to speak and challenge him because you respect his position. Almighty God is a respecter of nobody. Jesus Christ said if you serve Him well, Living Water will flow out of your belly. What is the living water? Holy Spirit and He is a respecter of nobody. I Am the One speaking! He will take over you and control you. You cannot control Him. When the Living Water is living inside you, why are you still inside darkness? You’re promoting evil. You see evil and call it good. These people contribute to the evil on this Earth. Anytime you’re praising evil, you’re calling darkness to rule the Earth. Can you continue to commit sin and wait for the grace of God? If you live your life until you’re waiting for the grace of God, then you’re finished because grace can fail you by the end of the day. Grace can make you to be good if you come out of it. If you come across who will teach you the truth, you can come out of evil.

Tomorrow I will repent. If I finish building my house, I will repent. How do you know you’ll live to finish the house? The Spirit of God is telling you that what you’re doing is not good, but you’re saying they should allow you to finish your house. If you later turn back after you finished the house and tell you to destroy it, what will you do? Any house you built with sin isn’t a place for you to live the moment you give your life to Jesus Christ. That means all your work is in vain. Vanity upon vanity, all is vanity. You struggle to have sinful children everywhere, and you’re crying my children, my children. If they’re real children, why should I allow death to take them away? Why should I allow Tsunami to sweep them away? They are not My children! They are sinful children. Satan that gave them to you will take them away from you. When I proved Myself in the time of old and sent Moses to bring My children out of Egypt, did they die of hunger? No! Those who died, I killed them by Myself because they’re disobedient children. I didn’t allow water to kill them while passing through the Red Sea. They ate, they produced many children. Nothing killed them. Nothing killed them until they began to die because of their sins. When Jacob committed sins, he had all his children in sin. My grace protected him. But he paid for all the sins he committed. This is the state of this Earth right now. All of you will pay for the sins you committed.

I Am ready to torment all of you until I take the Earth away. You people have not seen anything yet. You want to build a house. You want to buy a car. Anything you want to acquire, if you don’t acquire it in a holy way, you will pay for it. All of Us are inside the journey together. You will tell Me if I Am the Almighty God or you’re the ones that created yourselves. The ground is there to swallow all of you because you will bury until you’re tired. Hence you say you’ll not hear My Word; I will deal with you. All of you turn good into evil. If anyone wants to be bad, your group will be many. If you want to be good, you have no friends. You will be isolated. I Am the Almighty God, and I don’t operate like that. I gave holiness to all of you to enjoy. You will have a good family. Hence all of you say you embrace evil, evil forum everywhere; you will never see peace. Anyone among you can come and challenge Me.

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"Seek the Lord while He may be found, call upon Him while He is near. Let the wicked forsake his way, and the unrighteous man his thoughts; let him return to the Lord, and He will have mercy on him; and to our God, for He will abundantly pardon." Isaiah 55:6-7

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