Overpower Evil With Good

(Part 2)

The Father speaks

(Friday 15th January 2021, 13:30)

Have you seen where good gave birth to good? Yes! Have you seen where bad gave birth to good? Good can give birth to evil if you fail to accept it everyday. The very day you say in your heart that you don’t want to accept good anymore, evil will be the outcome. If you give yourself to sin, the Spirit of good in you will go into hiding, and you’ll give birth to evil. You must understand that evil spirits produce children as well. As you allow them to live in you, every child that comes out of you carries your evil. That means evil seed corrupts good seed. If a white garment is dirty, will you buy it in the market? If you buy it and keep it inside your bag, will it get dirty? It will not get dirty because it’s sealed. If you wear it, it will get dirty. If it gets dirty, you’ll wash it. If you wash it, it will become clean again. That’s how I created the Spirit that lives inside your body. Every day by day, wash the Spirit of holiness which is in you so that the evil one will not overpower you. The evil one will always be in your environment, but don’t accept it. Always wash the Spirit of good which is in you. How can you wash it? Through My Word. As a Christian, you cannot work anywhere. As a Christian, you cannot marry just any woman or vice versa. That’s why I asked them to send their wives away in the time of old. Am I a wicked God?

As a Pastor, you knew they gave birth to a woman in an idolatry family, from the sea, the marine kingdom, and you went ahead and married her. You knew she had eggs, and each egg could not produce children until you added your seed to it. Now, your seed of God is added to the egg of a woman from the sea, marine kingdom. Who are you going to blame? You then bring the seed of evil into the world. Later, you’ll be complaining, crying to Me. You have missed it! You missed it through the wife you married. You cannot bring out clean seeds anymore. Imagine a Pastor’s wife telling him that her mother said she needs money to carry out some assignment. Your mother-in-law is worshipping her idol and wants to celebrate a feast with your money. Tell Me the kind of message you want to preach! Whenever your wife dreams, it will be a horror dream. Even your dream will be a disaster because both of you are married. Tell Me the kind of message you want to preach on the pulpit! Satan will begin to control your home. You’ll give birth to asthma. You’ll give birth to a premature baby. You’ll give birth to epilepsy in the household of God. A Pastor’s child is carrying an inhaler around anywhere he goes. People will begin to blame Me. I don’t give an evil blessing. Ask yourself the question, where are you coming from? Who are you blaming? Did you ask Me before you married her? That is the result of what you wanted. My hand is not in the case. Anybody can speak whatever he likes. I Am speaking about Pastors. What about those who haven’t given their lives to Jesus Christ? Hence, you accept an offer from Satan; everything you’ll have will come from him.

Have you heard a flood carried an entire household away during this pandemic? Have you heard about an earthquake? Immediately you put your hand into evil; evil will begin to befall you. That’s why I said this Earth can never be good anymore. Many things will happen, and many people will go with it. If it’s too much, the remaining people will decide whether they will come out and cry to Me. I cannot allow the seed of corruption to overpower this Earth. Tears and sorrow come as a result of the seed of corruption. This Earth is ready to swallow all of you. Those of you who’re prepared to hold on to My holiness should go deeper in holiness so that when this calamity is falling, you’ll not partake in it.

My son, I told you before that some countries have never experienced flooding before, and they will experience it now. Water will swallow them all. The ground you’re matching is dirty, and the spirits are angry. The sins you commit day by day cause them to be angry. You must understand you’re the one that makes the Earth breathe. If the ground is angry, that means you cannot stay here any longer. Your sin is affecting the spirits that control the sea. Whenever you commit sin, it affects them. If they’re angry, they will claim your life. Nothing concerns Me. I cannot come and rescue you when your hand is dirty. The only solution is for all of you to run to My Son Jesus while the calamity hasn’t swallowed you yet. Wash your hands clean.

In everything you’re going to do, let it be of holiness. Any word you want to speak, let it be pure. If somebody does what’s evil around you, tell that person immediately. If you know your words will annoy him, separate yourself from him. Some people, no matter what you say, they cannot change because the seed of evil has a taproot in them. If you’re coworkers, just do your work and go home. Have nothing to do with them. A lot of things are coming. I have told you before. A lot will happen. I have a question for all of you. The spirits that are killing you now, can you see them? They’re invisible! That means it’s a spiritual battle. Then, if I allow physical ones like mosquitoes or bees to come, it will turn into something else. What will you say? What’s killing all of you is spiritual. If I should do it physically, what would you say? If you produce an insecticide, it will also cause another illness for you. Why can’t you respect Me? Why can’t you respect Me who created all these things for the day of My anger? You’re reading in My Word that I divided the Red Sea, and the children of Israel majestically walked through the midst of it. Why do you think I will not use the same water to destroy all of you again? When I made a Covenant with Noah that I would not destroy the Earth with water again, I Am the Owner of the Covenant and I can revoke it. I have the power to revoke it because all of you take Me for granted. I will not open My eyes and allow the Earth to be destroyed because of your sins. Satan is telling all of you that I cannot destroy you with water. Who told you? Are you the ones that control Me or I’m the One that controls you? Everything I do for you is for the Earth to yield her increase for you. Until I see that all of you declare it open that they should reverence the God of Heaven, that’s the only way all of you will have peace. Otherwise, We’re in this battle together, and I will see who gets tired. While you’re in the state of death, you still boast of your evil. Satan should put whatever he likes into your mouth to prophesy that something good will happen tomorrow. All I know is that no one commits sin and sees good. I Am the Almighty God. Anybody can open his mouth that ‘God says, God says’ because different spirit lives inside an individual, the spirit of evil. I Am the same God that shook the Earth before. I Am the same God that sent Prophets for the same thing. I never stop speaking the same Word of holiness right from the beginning. If the spirit speaks through your mouth that something good will happen tomorrow and you hear that many people die, is that spirit from God? Tell Me because I want to know! Some people prophesied that something good will happen this year. How many days into the year now? How many people have died? So I’m not the One using him. You cannot use My name to lie, and something else happened by the end of the day. You’re committing sin. I hear what all of you are saying!

Holiness is the key to success. Holiness is the key to Heaven. Holiness will make your family spread like an umbrella. You will be like a tree planted beside the rivers of water. None of its leaves shall wither. Holiness reigns. Holiness stands. There’s nothing else to compare with holiness. Holiness gives peace. Holiness brings fruitfulness. Holiness brings freedom. Holiness calls down Heaven to come and rule your household. Holiness speaks like thunder, and it goes far. Whatever you started in holiness never ends. Holiness brings good health. Holiness calls men and women to serve you. And after your departure, your holiness will continue. Your legacy will continue. Holiness never lies. Heaven never lies. As many of you speak different tongues about Me, we will see by the end of the day because We shall know them by their fruit.

There is time for everything. When the time comes, you’ll see those who serve Me well and those who serve themselves. You will see it! There is a time I’ll begin to judge everybody, and when I start to judge an individual based on their state or country or wherever they are because you claim you’re serving Me, you’ll see it. The pandemic that’s going on right now in the world is global. The time is coming when I’ll visit the nation I chose; then, the game will change hands. If what should happen to a common man happens to you as the head, that will prove that you’ve been serving yourself all this while. Will you be surprised one day that demons are speaking through the mouths of Pastors? None of you should be surprised because you don’t understand their ways. We shall know them by their fruit! You can only tell somebody what you know. What will you tell people when the Spirit is no longer there with you? The Spirit I sent to follow you, the Spirit of truth, to tidy up the ground for My children is no more there. Then what are you going to tell them? And they look at you as the head. They respect you everywhere because I gave you the honour. You will only give what you have. I Am the Almighty God.

Have you seen somebody who wears a white garment, pulls it and wears a dirty garment and claims God is speaking through him? Who is speaking there? You cannot call yourself a man of God, wear a white garment, exchange it for a dirty garment and still call yourself My servant. The moment you pull off the white garment, My Spirit is departed from you. The spirit of the owner of the dirty garment you wear will live inside you. But My grace is still there for you because you’re a human being, so you can cleanse yourself and take back your white garment. If you wear a dirty garment, all the spirits that will follow you are dirty. But people will still honour you because of the grace of the past. Everyone has his life to live. Satan can’t just kill you like that because you pray as well. Otherwise, those who look up to you as their spiritual father should have died through your sin. But I keep sending different people to you so you can pull off your dirty garment and put on My white garment, but you fail to yield to My Word. I cannot ask you to defile another person’s life so you can have power. I cannot ask you to cut off somebody’s life and use the blood for power. I will never! Whether you do it with your own hand or somebody did it on your behalf, you commit sin. You commit a grievous sin. You exchange your glory for demons. I Am the Almighty God. All of you call yourselves Pastors, yet you’re ignorant of My Word. The very day you die, They will count every member of your church, including the baby in the womb, to judge you. The holiness of that woman who carries the baby in her womb will affect the baby for good. Any percentage They require from you to enter Heaven, if it’s one percent less, you must know you’re in trouble. You’re going to Hellfire. This is My judgement on Pastors. My Word is pure. My Word is righteous. My Word is holy. 

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"Seek the Lord while He may be found, call upon Him while He is near. Let the wicked forsake his way, and the unrighteous man his thoughts; let him return to the Lord, and He will have mercy on him; and to our God, for He will abundantly pardon." Isaiah 55:6-7

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